Sarah’s Catfight Adventures Pt. 07


Sarah slept in Saturday morning. She had a long and tough week at school. She aced both of her tests and won her volleyball game. Sarah wasn’t one to sleep in, but she wanted to reward herself by staying in bed all morning.

Was Sarah going to be able to relax and finally get the rest she needed?

Short answer: No.

When Sarah checked her phone, she realized that she had slept through several notifications. Her phone had absolutely blown up.

“What could possibly be going on?” Sarah asked herself as she read through the messages.

Britney apparently posted something bad about her. But what could it be?

“Everyone knows Britney is a bitch, how bad could it be?” Sarah thought to herself, as she opened her social media page.

“Oh my god!” Sarah shouted. She was in disbelief. “That bitch!”

Britney had posted pictures of Sarah in her bra and panties. They were photos from the other night when Britney dominated Sarah, and then forced her to finish studying in her underwear. Not only was Sarah in her bra and panties, but you could also see how red her ass was from the spankings.

“I let this slut study at my house, and she decided the take her clothes off,” Britney wrote on the post. “This is how sluts act ladies and gentlemen.”

Sarah became more furious than she had ever been in her entire life. She paced back in forth in her t-shirt and panties as she blasted Britney’s phone with messages.

“Hey what the hell is wrong with you?”

“Why the hell would you post something like that?”

“Answer me bitch!”

“And those are freaking lies!”

Britney finally responded.

“Good morning.”

Sarah messaged Britney back, “What do you mean good morning? How could you post pictures like that of me?”

“I was tired of people talking about how great you are,” responded Britney. “Since they love you so much, I figured they would love seeing you in your underwear.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” asked Sarah. “Are you jealous of me or something?”

“Hell no lol,” responded Britney.

“Then why did you post embarrassing pictures of me just because people were praising me?” asked Sarah.

“Because I’m the top girl at school,” answered Britney. “And you can’t do anything about it.”

“I’m going to kick your ass big time for this,” responded Sarah. “This is the most messed up thing you’ve ever done to me.”

“Lol you’ll just end up getting humiliated again,” responded Britney.

“I’m not letting you get away with this,” messaged Sarah.

“Okay fine, but after I kick your ass, I’m going to post photos for everyone to see,” responded Britney.

“Fine,” responded Sarah. “When and where?” she asked.

The two rivals decided to meet at Sarah’s house that evening, when her parents would be gone. Britney showed up wearing a white tank-top, tied up to show off her belly, and light blue jean short shorts. Britney had her blonde hair tied up in two pig tail buns to prevent Sarah from being able to pull her hair. She knocked on the door as she impatiently waited for Sarah to answer.

Sarah answered the door wearing a tight navy-blue t-shirt, and tight, black, athletic, short shorts. Sarah had her long dark hair in a ponytail.

“You’re in big trouble,” said Britney as she walked into Sarah’s house, confident that she would get the same result as last time.

“I’m not going easy on you this time,” responded Sarah, as she led Britney to her room.

The two 18-year-old rivals were face to face in Sarah’s room. They stood breast to breast as the brown eyed brunette stared into the blue eyes of her blonde rival.

Britney quickly grabbed Sarah by the ponytail, causing her to squeal in pain. Sarah tried grabbing Britney’s hair but was unable to get a good grip since her hair was tied into such tight buns. Britney pulled Sarah’s hair with all her strength and threw her onto the bed.

“This is going to end up the same way our last match did,” said Britney, as she quickly jumped onto the bed with Sarah.

Britney attempted to get on top, but it was short lived as Sarah attempted to reverse by getting on top. The two rivals then started rolling around on top of each other, trying to gain the upper hand.

Britney was able to gain the upper hand and pin Sarah’s wrists down above her head. Sarah countered by wrapping her legs around Britney’s waist and giving her a strong squeeze.

“Owwwww!” squealed Britney, as Sarah squeezed with her strong legs.

Britney was forced to let go of Sarah’s wrists due to the tight squeeze. The blonde tried to use her hands to break free from Sarah’s strong squeeze, but this allowed Sarah to grab the back of her head. Sarah was able to pull Britney’s hair from her tight hair buns. Britney’s long and beautiful blonde hair fell out and the brunette was able to grab a good hold of it.

Britney was able to posture her body up and she gave Sarah a hard smack to the face.

“OWW!” yelped Sarah, from being slapped square in the face.

Sarah Avrupalı porno did not let go of Britney’s hair and used her grip to roll over, getting on top of the blonde. She then pulled Britney’s hair, slamming her head onto the bed several times. Britney screamed as she grabbed Sarah’s ponytail and pulled her head back.

Sarah let go of Britney’s hair and began slapping her in the face several times. Britney screamed in pain as her face was getting smacked. The blonde bitch then let go of Sarah’s ponytail and returned several slaps up to her face.

The two girls continued slapping each other while Sarah was straddling the blonde brat. Sarah eventually got the better of the exchange, causing Britney to cover her face with her hands. She took this opportunity to turn around and straddle Britney’s stomach as she faced her shorts. Sarah unbuttoned Britney’s shorts and attempted so she could pull them off.

“Ah, no you bitch,” screamed Britney, as she kicked her legs.

“Give me these shorts!” yelled Sarah, as she began pulling Britney’s shorts off.

Britney was now on her back, with her legs pointing up towards the ceiling, as her shorts were being pulled off. Sarah then pulled the jean shorts completely off, revealing a cute pair of cheeky soft pink panties. Britney was left screaming as she tried to cover herself up.

Sarah began twirling Britney’s shorts over her head as she giggled at her rival. Britney pushed Sarah in the back, causing her to fall towards Britney’s crotch. The two young ladies began rolling around in a sixty-nine position, trying to gain the upper hand. Sarah and Britney both landed a few smacks on each other’s asses and both girls squealed in pain as their asses were spanked.

Britney, realizing she couldn’t get a clean smack with Sarah’s shorts covering her ass, began to pull her shorts off. Sarah’s shorts came flying off, revealing a pair of lacey, baby blue, cheeky panties. It was not long before both girls were on top of each in a sixty-nine, squeezing each other’s asses.

Sarah began squeezing Britney’s head with her thighs. Britney mumbled in pain as her head was stuck against Sarah’s crotch. Britney returned the favor by squeezing Sarah’s head with her thighs, causing Sarah’s head to be stuck against her crotch.

Both girls did not want to let each other go from their strong grips. Sarah, desperate to break free, started to lick Britney’s crotch, hoping that it would force her to let go.

“Oh!” moaned Britney, as she felt Sarah’s tongue through her panties.

Britney decided to return the favor by licking Sarah through her panties.

“Mmm!” moaned Sarah, as her mouth was pressed against Britney’s crotch.

The two girls continued licking each other and moaning as they tried to gain the upper hand. Sarah then rolled up top of Britney as she continued to lick her pussy through her panties. As Britney let out a big moan, Sarah raised her upper body and was almost completely sitting on Britney’s face.

“MMMM! MMMM!” moaned Britney, from under Sarah.

The blonde was unable to escape. Her head was stuck under her rival’s ass. Britney put both of her hands on Sarah’s ass cheeks and tried to push her off.

Sarah then leaned forward to put her hand between Britney’s legs as she started rubbing her pussy through the front of her panties. Britney moaned and tried to squirm away, but Sarah would not stop rubbing her pussy.

“Oh, you like that don’t you,” said Sarah, as she continued rubbing Britney’s pussy.

Britney continued moaning as Sarah rubbed her up and down. She then tried to roll her body away. As Britney rolled, Sarah let her free, allowing her to completely roll over to her stomach.

Sarah then turned around and straddled Britney’s back. She pulled her rival up to all fours by her hair and rode her like a horse. Sarah grabbed a hold of Britney’s hair and smacked her ass with her other hand.

“Ow!” yipped Britney.

Sarah started spanking Britney’s ass continuously forcing Britney to crawl on her hands and knees. Sarah rode the bitch like a champion bull rider as she continued landing spanks on her ass. Britney crawled as fast as she could before she finally collapsed onto her stomach.

Sarah then got in front of Britney and pulled her shirt over her head. Britney was embarrassed as she rolled around in her soft pink bra and panties. She attempted to crawl away, but Sarah grabbed her by the panties and pulled her back. She was on all fours, and Sarah was on her knees to the side of her. Sarah held Britney by her panties and began rubbing her ass.

“Guess who’s about to receive a spanking,” said Sarah.

“No!” squealed Britney as she tried crawling away again.

Sarah once again pulled Britney back in place by her panties. The blonde bitch was unable to get away. Sarah started rubbing the plump ass that she was about to punish. Britney knew what her fate was and put her head down.

“OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” cried Britney, as the beautiful brunette pounded Video porno her ass with her open palm. She cried in utter embarrassment, being humiliated by Sarah once again.

Sarah landed several more smacks on Britney’s plump ass. Britney screamed in pain as each smack landed on one cheek at a time. The spoiled brat was humiliated and unable to defend herself. Sarah then grabbed a chunk of Britney’s hair and continued to hard spanking on the little bitch. Sarah’s hand was making a loud smack sound with every spank.

“OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OWWWW!” Britney cried out, with every loud smack on her ass.

“Who’s my bitch?” asked Sarah.

“I am,” answered Britney, in a quiet and weak voice.

Sarah was not pleased and gave Britney’s ass a HARD smack.

“OWWWW!” cried out Britney.

“Who’s my little bitch?” asked Sarah, as she raised her hand up, threatening to spank her again.

“I’m your little bitch,” whimpered Britney.

Sarah became upset and dropped her hand. “You think this is a game, don’t you?” she asked

“No!” Britney pleaded. “What do you mean?”

“You don’t really seem sorry,” responded Sarah. She wanted to make sure the bitch really learned her lesson this time.

“I am, I am!” Britney confessed. She just hoped that the brunette would have mercy on her poor little ass.

“I know you,” Sarah said angrily. “You’re going to go right back to being a bitch if I don’t take drastic measures.”

“No, I promise,” pleaded Britney with tears in her eyes.

“I’ve heard this shit before,” said Sarah. “I’m going to really make you my bitch.”

Sarah got up and walked over to Britney’s desk. She started going through Britney’s things until she found a large purple brush with a flat surface. Sarah smacked her open palm with the flat end of the brush before walking back towards the bed.

“What are you going to do with that?” Britney asked, with fear in her voice.

Sarah pulled the chair from Britney’s desk. She used her finger to instruct Britney to come to her. The brat was hesitant at first but knew her fate was inevitable.

“Come here bitch,” said Sarah.

Britney crawled on the floor to Sarah before getting up to her knees.

“Get over my lap,” said Sarah, as she patted her lap.

Britney shook her head no and attempted to lean away. Sarah then grabbed her by the hair and gave her an intimidating stare.

“Either you get over my lap or I’ll put you over my lap!” Sarah shouted.

Tears came down Britney’s face as she realized her place. She decided to be obedient and climbed over Sarah’s lap.

“That’s a good little bitch,” said Sarah, as she began rubbing Britney’s ass with the brush. “Know your place you little blonde bitch.”

Britney cried harder as she realized how inferior she was to her brunette rival.

Sarah landed a really hard SMACK on Britney’s ass with the brush.

“OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!” Britney cried out! “That REALLY hurts!”

Sarah smacked Britney’s ass again and again, harder with every smack. This sent the blonde little bitch kicking and screaming with every smack on her poor little bottom.

As the brunette pounded on the bitch’s red bottom, Britney screamed, “OW OW OW OW OW OWWWWWWWWW OWWWWWWWWWW OWWWWWWWWWW PLEASE STOP OWWWWWWWW OWWWWWWW PLEAAAAAAAASE MOMMY OWWWWWWWWWW!” But no matter how much the blonde screamed, or how much she squirmed, there was no getting away from Sarah.

Sarah then waved the brush in the air and gave it a little kiss before she used it again to spank Britney’s hot ass.

“OWWWWW!” screamed Britney, with tears running down her face.

Sarah then dropped the brush and put her hand in front of Britney’s face.

“Why don’t you give my hand a little kiss before I smack your ass with it,” suggested Sarah.

“This is humiliating,” cried Britney, before kissing Sarah’s palm.

Sarah then used that hand to spank Britney’s ass repeatedly. The blonde cried uncontrollably as the beautiful brunette dominated her tushy.

“You’re crying too much,” said Sarah. “I’m getting tired of you crying so loudly. Why don’t you put this in your mouth to shut you up?”

Sarah placed her finger in front of Britney’s face. Britney immediately put the finger in her mouth and began sucking on it. It was Sarah’s way of getting the little brat to shut her mouth for once.

“That’s a good girl,” said Sarah. “I know sucking is second nature for you.”

Sarah continued spanking Britney’s ass hard. Britney moaned out in pain with every smack on her naughty little bottom but never stopped sucking on Sarah’s finger. Sarah then pushed Britney off of her, causing her to fall to the floor. Britney just lay there crying in pain as she rubbed her red little tushy.

Sarah walked over to Britney’s desk and propped her phone up to record a video. She then ordered her defeated rival to come over to her.

“We’re going to show the world what happened today,” said Sarah.

“No!” cried Britney.

“Come here RIGHT NOW!” demanded Sarah.

Britney began walking slowly towards Sarah. Sarah was not pleased so she grabbed Britney by the hair and pulled her in front of the camera. She then positioned Britney, so her ass was facing the camera. Sarah hit record on her cell phone and kneeled by her rivals red ass.

“Look at this ass,” said Sarah to the camera, as she rubbed Britney’s defeated tushy. “This is what happens when spoiled blonde bitches don’t learn to respect others.”

Sarah then spanked her rival’s bottom as Britney tried to hide her face and cry.

“Little bad girls get spanked, don’t they?” Sarah asked.

“Yes,” Britney said, in a quiet whimper.

Sarah landed another hard spank.

“OWWW!” cried the bitch, as she quickly placed her hands back over her face.

Half Britney’s panties were pulled up in a wedgie, exposing one of her cheeks. Sarah grabbed the panties and gave the blonde a full wedgie, exposing both of her juicy red cheeks. It almost looked like a thong. It was a great sight for the audience of the video.

“AHHHH NO!” cried out Britney, in total humiliation.

“Yeah look at this little tush,” Sarah said, as she continued to rub Britney’s red bottom. “Why don’t you shake your ass for the camera?”

Britney cried as she wiggled her butt slowly in front of the camera.

“What a good girl!” said Sarah. “Now why don’t you show your face to the camera.”

Britney refused to show her face as she cried into her hands. Sarah smacked her ass which forced her to cry out. Britney in complete humiliation took her hands away from her face and turned her head to look at the camera.

Britney started to cry extremely hard as she saw herself in the camera. She never felt so humiliated in her life. The world was going to see how red her ass was from being spanked and dominated by Sarah. The world was going to see how submissive she was to Sarah. The world was going to see the tears running down her humiliated face. “This is my life now,” she thought to herself, as tears ran down her cheeks.

“Introduce yourself to the camera,” said Sarah, as she rubbed Britney’s ass again.

“I’m Brit,” she said quietly.

“Louder and tell them what you are,” ordered Sarah.

“I’m Brit, and I’m Sarah’s bitch!” Britney said, as she began to cry even harder while facing the camera.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Sarah said while rubbing Britney’s hot ass. “Tell the world that you’re my bitch.”

“I’m Sarah’s bitch!” Britney said again.

Sarah then patted Britney on the bottom as she told her, “Good girl! You can go now.”

“Thank you, mommy,” said Britney, as she squirmed away.

Sarah stopped recording and posted the video on Britney’s social media page. The blonde brat cried on her bed like a little baby as the reality of her humiliation was setting in. How could her life get any worse?

“I’m not done with you yet,” said Sarah, as she stood in front of Britney with her arms folded.

“WHAT?!” Britney cried out. “WHAT ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO ME?”

“That was for the world to see,” said Sarah. “Now, there’s something I want to see.”

Britney was curled up on the bed, staring at Sarah with fear in her face.

“Why don’t we start off by removing your bra,” said Sarah.

“WHAT?!” squealed Britney.

“Yeah, I want to see those tits,” said the brunette. “Take off your bra.”

Britney slowly took her soft pink bra off. She held her bra in front of her breasts to cover them up. Sarah crawled over to Britney and pulled her bra away completely. Britney’s perky breasts and pointy nipples were exposed for her rival to see.

The humiliated brat tried to use her hands to cover her nipples, but Sarah calmly convinced her not to by pulling her hands away. Sarah started rubbing and massaging Britney’s breasts with one of her hands. Britney moaned as the stronger woman’s hand touched each of her nipples. As Sarah continued to massage her breasts, Britney stopped trying to cover herself. The blonde began to moan louder and louder as Sarah went from just massaging her breasts to softly pinching her nipples.

“I like your tits,” said Sarah, as she continued to play with Britney’s nipples.

Britney blushed hard. “They’re not as big as yours,” she admitted.

“That’s okay,” said the brunette, with a smile on her face. “They’re not as big but they’re still really pretty. I really love how pointy your nipples are.”

“Thank you,” Britney said, as she blushed even harder.

“Now I have a question,” Sarah said. “And you have to answer me honestly.”

“Okay,” responded the blonde.

“Do you still masturbate to the thought of me?” asked Sarah.

Britney became embarrassed and reluctant to give an answer. Sarah continued to play with Britney’s breasts. She knew that the blonde was enjoying the massage, and that it would help open her up and lead her to the truth.

“I try not to,” Britney finally answered, in shame.

“You try not to, but what happens?” asked Sarah.

“I end up masturbating to you,” answered Britney. She looked away as she was unable to look at Sarah after admitting something so embarrassing. She was humiliated to admit that to anyone, especially the beautiful brunette.

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