Master Juan and the Hucows


Master Juan could be found at the storehouse of Antonio Perez daily in the city of Laramid. He was Antonio’s best customer and friend. Every morning Antonio knew that Master Juan would need two large vessels filled with sweetest breast milk and that he would want to drink fresh breast milk directly from the tit upon arrival. As Master Juan nursed at the breast of his favorite Milk Maid named Sara Delores age 30, a male servant would load Master Juan’s cart with two vessels of breast milk.

Even though Sara Delores had given birth to eight daughters ages 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1- and even though she was once again with child, she remained beautiful. Her breast were large but not oversized. Her belly had just begun to show small signs that she might be with child but could easily be mistaken for an over indulgence in a large feast. Her nipples were the size of the tip of Master Juan’s thumb and very meaty. It gave Master Juan great pleasure to nurse on one side and roll her nipple between his fingers on the other side. He sometimes took her breast and pretended to slap his face with her breast as if he had been defeated in the war of her mammaries. Everyone was amuzed and happy to see Master Juan. Especially when he pretended to make cow sounds. “Moo! Mooo!”, he cried. and then everyone would sing out in laughter. Even with all his play, he made time to kiss his favorite Milk Maid and rub her belly. His habit went beyond nursing Sara Delores, he was genuinely concerned for her well being and the well being of the other Milk Maids. Because he was a wealthy man, he would bring nice gifts for Sara Delores, her daughters and all of the other Milk Maids daily. But Sara Delores was indeed Master Juan’s favorite and important for the wealth of Antonio. Antonio pampered her with good foods so that her milk would be sweet for Master Juan daily. He also ordered that the servants wash her properly and rub her down with premium oils and give special attention to her nipples and breast so that she smelled sweet for Master Juan.

If Master Juan was behind his age in dress, he was in advance of it in sentiment. In his breast- the milk of human kindness never curdled, and his intelligent mind was ever actively employed in devising ways and means to alleviate the sufferings of humanity, and to change the hearts of evil doers. His comprehensive kindness included the brute creation of hucows as well as a different mind, in the circle of his active sympathy.

There was an instance of his sympathy for women and cows. Occasionally, Antonio would lend Sara Delores to Master Juan during his travels and they had been making an excursion into the country. Master Juan was free to be himself when he and Sara were away from the storehouse. As they traveled on the roadside, Master Juan suckled on Sara Delores tit and with his hand, part her thighs wide, take two fingers, insert them into her vagina and quickly move his fingers in and out of her vagina in repetition until she wiggled in orgasm. With an orgasm came milk from the other tit that would spray. Master Juan would open his mouth wide near her other tit and collect the milk as it sprayed into his mouth. When her milk stopped spraying and if his cock was stiff from excitement, he would order her to sit on his lap with his cock inside her as he sucked the last drops from her breast. He didn’t have to pump his cock inside her because suckling at her breast alone would be a guarantee for him to spill his manly yoke Avrupalı porno inside of her cunt. They both lay limp under a bush like the slain until they could compose themselves and move on. And they would do this over and over again as they traveled along the roadside.

It was high noon of a sultry summer day; eggs were cooking in the sun, and the mercury in the thermometer stood at the top of the tube. Passing out of a small village, they passed a young lady lost and wandering, being clear olive of her fine complexion. She was sitting on the roadside and appeared to be suffering of thirst. Even though it was time for Master Juan to nurse at Sara Delores’ tit, he gave up that opportunity so that the strange lady might have a drink. Master Juan came closer and offered this strange lady a drink from Sara Delores tit and she accepted. It was a pleasurable sight for Master Juan to see the strange lady nursing from Sara Delores tit. His member grew hard and began to throb. “Do you care if I nurse on the other side?” he cried. And so the strange lady nursed on one side while Master Juan nursed on the other side each nursing slowly so that they could enjoy their time at Sara’s breast. After they nursed, Master Juan questioned the lady and he learned that she was a runaway and didn’t have any place to go. He offered that she come with him and give of breast and he would care for her needs. She agreed and so he ordered Sara Delores to teach the strange lady what she would need to know in order to induce lactation.

“She must forever remove her covering above her waist and will need to be dry nursed every four hours!” said Sara Delores; and Sara began pulling and stretching the strange lady’s tits. The lady was experiencing a large amount of discomfort. Sara explained that pulling and stretching will make her nipples larger, toughen them up and mold them in the shape of cow udders. Then Sara Delores leaned over towards the strange lady and began sucking on her left tit and then her right.

“What is your name?” said Sara Delores; as she stopped for a moment to gather this important information.

“My name is Isabella Florentina”, she said.

Sara went back to sucking on one side and drew Master Juan in closer so that he could suck on the other side. They sucked more and more at Isabella Florentina’s breast.

When Sara and Master Juan grew tired of dry sucking at Isabella Florentina’s breast, Sara reached to the ground and picked up two small stones the size of a large walnut and tore two small strips of cloth from the bottom of her garment that she was wearing and made two homemade weights that she tied to Isabella Florentina’s nipples. As Isabella Florentina walked, her nipples stretched and was swayed from one side to the other. Every now and then Sara Delores would reach over and massage Isabella Florentina’s breast. When it became time for Master Juan to nurse at Sara Delores breast, they also would remove the weights and give special attention to Isabella Florentina’s sore and reddened breast as well.

Later down the road Master Juan wanted to stop and watched a cow with udders. Master Juan was fond of cows—grateful to them—always spoke of them with respect. He approached another group of cows as he traveled. One cow stood out and this particular cow inhabited a small paddock by the roadside, which was enclosed by a Virginia fence, and contained very little grass, and no provision for shade Video porno and shelter. So the cow stood in the sunshine, with her head resting on the fence, and her tongue lolling out of her mouth, and her large, intelligent eyes fixed on the far distance, where a herd of kine were feasting knee-deep in a field of clover, beside a running brook, overshadowed by magnificent walnut trees.

“Poor thing!” said Master Juan ; and he stopped short and looked at the cow.

The cow looked at Master Juan . One had evidently magnetically influenced the other.

“She is a female, like the two of you,” said Master Juan, “but,” added he, with a burst of feeling, “I have a mission to accomplish that I do not fully understand yet but Isabella Florentina will lactate!” He rubbed her painfully swollen, sore and red breast and smiled. “It will get better, the soreness will go away one day soon and your tits will flow with milk just like Sara Delores”, he said. He reached between her legs with his index finger and felt wetness between her legs. “This is good that you have wetness between your thighs”, he said. The two walked ahead of Sara as she watched from a distance. Then Master Juan put the same finger to his mouth to taste the sweet juices from between Isabella Florentina thighs. It was sweet and he guided her under a bush near the pasture and lay her on the grass as he parted her legs even wider and began to lick her clit and labia with fast licking strokes. Her back arched as she moaned with pleasure in the heat. He continued as she could take no more and felt her thoughts about to crash and lose control for a moment. He ordered her to Moo like a cow when it was time for her to have an orgasm. He licked her clit even faster until she violently wiggled with orgasm.”Mooooo! Mooo! Mooooo!”, she cried. He left her to lay in the grass for a moment so that she could gather herself.

Their travels ended. Master Juan did not want their travels to end but he had an important task waiting at his residence. With a hug and a kiss, he returned Sara to Antonio’s storehouse as promised and Isabella followed him to her new home. Milk Maids were expected to go topless and so Master Juan couldn’t see any reason why Isabella couldn’t become completely nude in his residence. The law did not forbid Milk Maids from nudity and so it was ordered that Isabella would not wear any garments and that she would make herself available to Master Juan at all times for suckling and satisfying his manly pleasures. He hired personal servants to help care for her personal needs, to prepare special teas to induce lactation, to suckle her tits when he could not, massage her breast with oils and to pull and stretch her nipples because he wanted her nipples to be in the shape of cow udder nipples. Even though he now had Isabella, he continued to visit the storehouse, purchase breast milk there and suckle fresh breast milk from Sara’s tits.

Antonio was worried that he may someday lose Master Juan once Isabella began to lactate, but Master Juan assured Antonio that he planned to continue coming there everyday as usual and nothing would change.

After a few months with Master Juan Isabella’s tits grew larger and larger. Her nipples were shaped just like cow tits. Master Juan even had her trained to make sounds just like a cow and get down on all fours. He would pet her on the head and tell her that she was a good girl. As she managed to go around on all fours like a cow, her breast would sway from side to side and drip a few drops of milk onto the floor. It pleasured Master Juan as he inserted two and three fingers in Isabella’s anus. Often he would stuff a ball of cloth into her anus with a rope tied at the end and let the end hang out like a cow’s tail. It was very uncomfortable for Isabella to move around with cloth ball stuffed in her rump. As she tried to move, he would hold the end of the rope and guide her around often checking with his fingers to see if her cunt was wet.

Master Juan was also angry the females could be put to death. He could not understand just how close Magdalena came close to being executed and so he proposed a substitute for the capital punishment of women. His proposal was a place where female prisoners would be chained by their ankles and milked like cows all day everyday, where, remote from the world, they might converse with nature, be treated like cows and in the cultivation of the earth, or the pursuit of botany, might become gradually softened and humanized. He proposed to never restore them to society but convert them to cows that would provide milk in large vessels daily to Antonio’s storehouse and provide the citizens of Laramid with more breast milk.

The object of punishment is reformation, and not vengeance. Hence, Master Juan proposed to supply female prisoners with teachers who will teach them to walk on all fours, Moo like a cow, submit to continuous milking and graze on the pasture. Every prison should have staff trained to milk the female prisoners on a continuous basis and mold their breast in the shape of cow tits. Occasionally, accompanied by proper officers, the female convicts should be taken to graze on a pasture for a short period of time and then returned to milking. The object would be so to refine their tastes that they should only know the life of a lactating human cow or hucow.

The officials approved Master Juan’s proposal and it was decreed that all female prisoners that face capital punishment would be sent a facility where hucows are kept and there they will live the rest of their lives. Prisoners will be completely nude. The female prisioner’s bodies except their breast & nipples will be painted in a harmless and indelible white paint with black spots which was invented by Master Juan, to be used in changing the complexion of the female prisoners to resemble white cows with black spots. Large cloth balls with a rope that resembles a cow’s tail will be occasionally inserted into the rectum of every female prisioner during visiting hours and removed when necessary. Guards will be allowed to insert fingers in their vaginas and rectums. They will be given special teas to induce lactation and submit to regular nipple stretching and pulling in order to mold their nipples to resemble cow tits. Scientist and inventors with special gadgets and new inventions that induce lactation or can be used for nipples, breast, vagina, anus and mouth may be tested on the female prisoners.

Master Juan had started on the building a year before he submitted his proposal and so the building was ready to be occupied. The city’s officials were impressed with his progress.

He sent proposals to neighboring cities who were willing to sell their female prisoners which would be owned by Master Juan. And so he waited for the female prisioners to arrive. He also offered a way for Antonio to expand his business since he quickly sold out of breast milk by the days end and that was to sell Antonio breast milk at such a rate where Antonio could not refuse. It was agreed that Antonio would buy breast milk cheaply from Master Juan and make a huge profit.

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