The Clothes Shop… Pt. 01


I looked at my watch, “Fuck it…nearly six, …I bet they will be closed!”

I parked the car and walked towards the shop. It was raining, it was cold, a typical January Saturday. “Bradley will fucking kill me if I forget my suit!” I smiled to myself. “The man’s a dick for getting married anyway!”

I walked towards the door, ‘Fuck, is it open?’ The lights were on. I opened the door, and like in a horror movie, did a mini scream as I saw someone “Fuck!” I shouted.

A lady appeared “Oh, it’s OK…we were closing! Do you have something to pick up?”

The lady smiled, I recognised her from the week before.

“Yes!” I said as I sheepishly walked into the shop.

“Sorry?” she smiled. “Oh, I remember dear…you came in last week for a wedding suit! Take a seat!”

I wanted to say ‘No, just give me the suit!’, but felt I was being rather rude, so I obeyed.

The lady stepped away from me. “Cath…” shouted the lady “…customer dear!”

Cath appeared; she was around 35, very pretty face.

“Hi-ya! Do you want a coffee?”

‘No’ seemed to be the right thing, but it almost seemed a part of them, a kind of part of their service, so I said “White coffee please…no sugar!”

Cath disappeared. The problem was, the lady didn’t seem to be rushing to get my suit. It soon became one of those awkward moments where you find your hands interesting and you sing those songs to yourself that you think you could get recorded and make a fortune.

I had viewed all the suits, shirts and ties from a sitting position 20 times over when the lady appeared and said “It’s in the dressing room, Dear! Drink your coffee first though!”

The lovely Cath appeared; she smiled as she handed me the coffee.

“Thank you!” I said.

I drank the warm creamy coffee, obviously made with warm milk, hence the time it took to make. You know, a bit like your aunty would make you when you were small! I put the cup down and walked out to the dressing room. Outside the dressing rooms was a rail with some dresses on – one dress really stood out – clearly something a bride would wear in the evening – it was powder blue, heavy liquid, satin material, long sleeves, the dress was just down below the knee – it was stunning! I opened the door to the changing room, looked back at the dress – it was divine! There on a hook was my suit – it was fucking amazing suit – total class, with a pink shirt and matching tie. It looked the bollocks. I held the suit up towards me.

‘That will do!’ I thought. I opened the door and saw the dress again, ‘Fuck me…that was gorgeous!’ I really wanted to touch it. I leaned forward – it felt fucking amazing. I looked round – nobody could see me. ‘Oh, fuck, I wish I owned this dress!’ then suddenly, I don’t know what came over me, I grabbed the dress and took it into the dressing room. Nobody would ever know, would they? Fuck me, this was horny. Only a few people knew about my crossdressing. I had kept my secrets to myself and just a few girlfriends – or rather, ex-girlfriends – for so long. I took my jeans down – I always wore stockings and suspenders, tan coloured, at the weekend – it helped me to remember who I was. I took my t-shirt off, then slid the dress on. It was fucking orgasmic as it passed over my nipples! I couldn’t believe it was a near perfect fit! I did the zip up and turned to look at myself in the mirror.

I was beside myself – it looked amazing! I looked and felt amazing! My cock was rock hard, which did spoil the bit at the front, but that was to be expected – I was feeling so horny.

When the door opened and I heard the lady say “Does it fit, Darling?”

I think I wanted to faint! How could I have forgotten where I was? How could I be so stupid to not think about the circumstances and what the implications were going to be? The silence was like nothing I had ever experienced. I turned to see the lady and Cath both smiling at me.

“Glad we got you the right size, you fucking Sissy! We were not sure you would like it! Let’s have a proper look at the dirty slut! Oh my…quite a Sissy, aren’t you?”

Did I actually hear what she just said? My horror was becoming a nightmare! I had no defence, no words – I was completely numb.

The mood then suddenly changed.

The lady looked at me and said “Step outside, you dirty BITCH…I want to see what you look like…”

I wanted to speak, but felt that no words were going to explain what was happening. I stepped out and started to open my mouth.

“Not a word, you fucking sissy BITCH, till I tell you to speak! Do you understand?”

I nodded.

The lady looked at Cath and said “Get the shoes and that tight pantie girdle! Let’s get this fucking BITCH prepared!”

My head was going round and round and around – I was getting dizzy.

“Sit down, BITCH! Look, the roofies are starting to work on you properly now, aren’t they? We’ve spiked your coffee!” The lady laughed out loud, as I had no choice, but to sit on a chair before I fell over in the foyer for guests. I felt my eyes starting to close.

When I woke up I knew something was wrong, my mind altyazı porno was whirring around and around, my mouth was so dry. Was I waking from a hangover? Jesus, my head was thumping! Was I in bed having a bad dream? My memory was scrambled!

‘OH MY GOD…something’s not right! I can’t move! My eyes won’t open! Am I dreaming? I can hear noises…have I been in an accident? OH, MY, GOD!”


I woke up hearing a woman’s voice screaming at me – this is a fucking nightmare, or hangover! ‘Shit…what’s going on inside my head?’

As I open my eyes, I realised it’s not a nightmare or a hangover – it’s actually happening right now! My eyes start to focus and I see the women from the shop.

“At last…the BITCH has woken!” I hear a muffled laugh. “Don’t laugh at Simone…that’s not nice! Cath is laughing at you, Simone! That’s not nice, is it?”

The lady from the shop was standing over me peering down at me on a chair.

“Well who’s a naughty girl? Who likes to dress in women’s clothes? Let’s see…what’s this say? Mr. Simon Dyer! That’s what it says on the credit card! Shouldn’t that be…SIMONE? Yes…that’s what we will call you…SIMONE the Sissy!” the lady bursts out laughing. “What a night we have for you, Darling…you couldn’t have picked a better night! It’s the grand opening of the bridal dress shop tonight, Darling! Champagne…food…you’ll love it, won’t you? Dressed the part as well, aren’t you? You stupid BITCH…didn’t notice the sign next door when you came in the men’s wear department, did you? Two shops, Darling…I own them both! Oh, Simone Sissy…you don’t remember who I am, do you? Well you soon will, you fucking sissy bitch!

My whole body was completely numb – I couldn’t even speak – my mouth was so dry – I couldn’t feel my teeth! What was happening to me? My breathing was so difficult.

“You’re going to be quite the centre of attraction, Darling…so glad you came in tonight! You see, we ran out of mannequins to show all our new dresses off…then you turn up, Darling! What a stroke of luck! Get the mirror, Cath…show SIMONE Sissy how pretty she looks! We are going to make you a sissy fuckdoll!”

Cath appeared with a large mirror on wheels and pointed it straight at me. The image was just so confusing – it couldn’t be happening! Nothing looked real! Where was I in the mirror? Then the woman appeared in the image.

“Look, Darling…you look amazing, you dirty BITCH!”

The image made me feel ill – it was not me! She was standing next to a doll, sitting at a table, in the dress that I had put on.

“Oh Cath, she’s confused! Look…she does not know that she’s completely under our control, does she? Remember that coffee, Darling…the one with the sedative in? You stupid BITCH! Then we hypnotised you…so you’re now under our control! You have a lovely ball gag in your mouth, and a rubber Dolly face mask on, with a wig like all the other mannequins…except you are our real sissy fuckdoll, aren’t you? So, the plan is, we open the new shop at 9pm tonight…you will sit in the window like you were at a wedding dinner, showing off that beautiful dress, and wearing your own stockings and my tight girdle! What a bonus…everyone will see you when they arrive! I’m going to make them queue right in front of you! You’re going to love the humiliation of it all, Darling…everyone waiting to come in for drinks, and you’re the first thing they will see!”

She laughed nonstop like a witch. I simply couldn’t move. The sheer humiliation of what she was doing to me was killing me.

Cath walked over to me and said “SLEEP!”

I don’t remember what happened after that. When I woke, I had bright lights which were in my face from below, and I could hear violin music playing in the background. As I looked out through my rubber mask, all I could see was pretty girls queuing right in front of me – staring directly at me – laughing and pointing at me in my satin dress unable to move!

“It’s eight fifty-five, Simone…time for some surprises, Darling!” the lady laughed out loudly as she approached me in the window. “I wonder who’s on the guest list tonight? Oh look…maybe you know her? Stacey Drew and Emma White! Oh, I think they know you, Darling…they were your girlfriends…weren’t they, you sissy BITCH? Two gorgeous girls…but you prefer to wear a dress, you sissy BITCH! Don’t you? You stupid BITCH! Oh yes…and one more surprise…my silent partner…Vivian White! Does that name ring a bell? Of course, it does! It’s the mother of Emma, isn’t it? The poor girl who’s heart you broke when you told her you like to wear dresses! Yes! She’s my silent partner in the business, aren’t you Vivian?”

A very tall, smartly dressed lady appeared into my vision. She was wearing a crisp pink silk suit, pink satin blouse, knee-length skirt, white stockings, and very expensive shoes.

“Well done, Doreen…you really have made Simone look quite a fucking sissy! Hasn’t she, you FUCKING BITCH? I will deal with you later, you filthy dirty FUCKDOLL! Look at him…what a amatör porno fucking sissy! Thank God, Emma didn’t marry that BITCH!” Then she suddenly walked back again towards me. “You thought your secrets were safe, didn’t you? What you don’t know is, I taped everything, you fucking sick sissy bitch! You thought when no one was in the house, including Emma, you could go into my room and wear my dresses and underwear, you fucking sissy? Well now you’re going to pay for that tonight! Oh yes, you fucking sissy!”

The music got louder and suddenly the doors were open. Lots of female cheers were heard as they all came in to the shop. Champagne was being served by waitresses, and people were laughing as they checked out all the wedding dresses. As the women arrived, more women outside queued in front of me – they were all laughing at me. When everyone was in the party, the whole window area began to revolve slowly. I was now right in front of everyone, slowly revolving around for them all to admire! I constantly saw Vivian bring women over to stare at me as I revolved around – each time they all cheered and laughed as I appeared. She also kept standing with Emma and Stacey near me, laughing loudly.

It seemed to last forever, but eventually people started to leave. Vivian came over several times and whispered “Sissy fuckdoll! Everyone’s going to be told who you are!” laughing loudly. She was very dominant.

Cath walked over to me and said “It’s time for the party…go to sleep!”

Everything seemed very calm when I woke; well it seemed to be calm, except my eyes would not open. Strangely though, it didn’t seem to matter – I felt very peaceful within myself. I felt good and healthy – it was a very strange feeling, but I didn’t seem to care about anything! I didn’t move because I didn’t want to – life was actually really good. My breathing was heavy, but calm. A strange medical smell filled my nostrils, but it felt good. The more I sniffed the smell, the better and more relaxed I seemed to feel.

“Seven, Eight, nine and ten…wake up, you fucking BITCH!”

I heard the words and startled awake – all the good feelings suddenly left me.

“Hello, sissy BITCH…it’s time for you to party, isn’t it?”

I couldn’t resist this urge to nod, but inside me I knew I shouldn’t – my head nodded up and down.

“Good, sissy BITCH!” said the voice. I felt that I knew the voice…

Suddenly everything came back to me in one massive wave of information! The dress shop – being caught dressed – the party – everything all at once! It was very overwhelming – everything was racing through my mind! I could picture every single moment like a haunting photograph. The humiliation of every single detail was embedded in my mind. The fact that all those women had seen me dressed like a sissy, and I hadn’t been able to do anything about it. All those women from the town pointing and laughing at me, and seeing Stacey and Emma again, and seeing how amazing they both looked.

“The town is quite small, SIMONE…you don’t realise that when you run a business! Then you get to know what everyone does…what everyone likes…and what everyone wants! If you piss someone off in this town, then you should either leave, or wait for the debt to be collected by your enemy! You don’t remember me, do you SIMONE? Well, let me remind you! 5 years ago, you rang a sissy dressing service and said you ‘were a crossdresser sissy slut and needed to get dressed up’! You remember Darling, don’t you? All those urges running through your blood…you said you ‘had just broken up with your girlfriend and needed to dress’! You remember that, don’t you?”

My mind went straight back to what the voice of the lady was referring to at the time! Jesus, was it 5 years?

“Well you eventually came along to see me, didn’t you? After all those phone calls you made to me…Oh, you wouldn’t have recognised me then, Darling, because I was running a different part of my business in those days! A service for sissy’s like you! Do you remember? You came in and we talked for ages, didn’t we? Then we went off and you got dressed in your maid’s uniform like a good sissy, didn’t you Darling? Oh so pretty in your maid’s uniform! You still have it, don’t you Darling? You still wear it on Sunday to do your housework in like I trained you! You’re such a fucking loser? Good, sissy girl!”

Everything was becoming so much clearer. Why couldn’t I stop wearing my maid’s uniform on a Sunday to do the washing and the ironing in? Now I understood – it was because of this woman that I had visited!

“You were so easy to dominate and capture…all I had to do was leave simple subliminal messages for you to find at home! That was easy! I had all your information in your wallet, and I made moulds of your keys when you visited, so I could get in your house and start the process! So tonight, part of your punishment, you fucking loser, is to find out everything that has been going on! This is so you understand that I OWN YOU NOW! Do you understand that?”

My mind was racing – everything made sense, but didn’t! I was amatör porno lost and confused, but full of so much information that felt so real! My heart was thumping.

“The power of hypnotism has made me so much money from losers like you, SIMONE…little sissy BITCH losers like you! Now you know why you dress in stockings and suspenders at the weekend…because I demand that you do it! Now you know why you dress in your maid’s uniform on a Sunday…because I demand you do it! Now you know why you wear a nightdress every night when you go to bed…because I demand you do! Now you know why you paint your toe nails every Sunday…because I demand you do! Because I own you, SIMONE…have done for the last 5 years! Every Friday at 7pm, you call me for your instructions! You go in a trance, and I tell you what you’re going to do…because you’re so weak! You’re so pathetic! You’re such a loser, aren’t you? You’re just a fucking sissy faggot fuckdoll, aren’t you SIMONE? And we are going to prove that tonight, at the special party, aren’t we sweetie?”

“Now it’s time for my Masterplan to start! 5 long years, SIMONE…planning and preparing you…getting you down in dress sizes from an 18 – 20, to a sassier 14 – 16! You really owe me, SIMONE, so much…all that hard work in the gym…all those special exercises you do to ensure your femme body stays fit. Despite that rib cage, we have managed to get you down to a more girly size, haven’t we, you sissy BITCH? So, tonight has been a great success! We have a book of orders to keep us going into the end of the year! You looked so pretty tonight…Vivian loved your dress, Darling…said it really suited you!”

My mind was awash of thoughts, trying to work out why this was happening. How I was going to escape? The problem was, I couldn’t move – I couldn’t see – I had no idea where I was! The biggest problem of all was, as much as I was fighting it in my mind, I was really loving what was happening to me! I couldn’t work out why it felt so good, because it was demeaning and so humiliating! The whole evening had been shameful, but I really felt that it was what I deserved! Where were these thought’s coming from? Why would I bring on such a shaming spectacle of myself? Or was it really what I wanted?

My heart sank as mad thoughts raced through my mind. ‘Oh, my, God…no, no, no!’ My mind was remembering stuff from years before. I started to remember when I visited the dressing service. I was very stressed, I told the lady that I needed to dress as a woman. I told her I needed to calm down and de-stress. I explained that ‘like all crossdressers, the only way to de-stress was to get dressed as a female’. Then I handed the letter over to her with what I wanted to happen. JESUS, why? Why was I so stupid to share such personal stuff with a professional dominatrix? The letter read as follows. Jesus, I remember the exact words.

Dear Mistress,

I need to be owned and punished by you. I have done some awful things and need to be humiliated and owned starting from today. I have broken up with my girlfriend; I told her about my crossdressing fantasies. She is heartbroken and said we cannot continue the wedding plans. I have been wearing her Mum’s clothes in secret, nobody knows, and I need to be punished for this by you.

I beg that you please own me and humiliate me and control me.

Simon, your new devoted slave

Jesus, admitting to wearing her mum’s clothes was a really stupid thing to admit to Emma, let anyone! Telling a dominatrix all that detail – I was leaving myself open to ridicule and bribery as soon as I handed over the letter! It was all coming together now – fucking bad timing by about 5 years actually! That’s why she had invited Vivian to the party. When I met Emma, her mother, Vivian, was a well-established business woman in the community. She wore amazing clothes! If you mentioned her name, everyone knew her. She had made her fortune in property – she had a keen eye for a bargain – it was just instinctive. Her husband allowed her to dabble in property because he had his own career in money markets, but Vivian was smart, she started renting out properties, then the proceeds paid for further investments. By the time Simon met Emma, she was worth twice what her husband was worth. A very clever lady; she also looked really good for her age as well! When he met Emma, she was just getting over a breakup with a guy who was older than her – a very skinny guy called Steve. The relationship didn’t really start, let alone end, but Mummy’s daughter Emma was devastated when it did. All Simon heard from Vivian was ‘Don’t muck my daughter around, Simon, or you will pay’. I heard someone breathing close to me – they touched my head.

“Tonight, at the old Dungeon, is Lesbian night, and you, sweetie, are everything we hate! A so-called male trying to be a female! You’re pathetic, you fucking sissy bitch! I’m having some friends over, and you are going to entertain us because you are a fucking sissy BITCH! You will learn why it’s taken 5 years to prepare you…5 long years…and tonight has been so much fun! Not for you, but oh, such a relief that the grand opening went so well, Darling! Now I have the two shops running with successful accounts, and I have done it all in 5 years! Oh, I keep saying, that, don’t I? 5 years! Oh we have both had such a different 5 years, haven’t we? Now let’s get you ready, Darling…It’s party time!”

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