The Beauty Parlour


This is a true story about my second meeting with another man.

I met “P” on a website for cross dressers and we had exchanged e-mails for a few weeks before we arranged a meeting, the wife works most weekends so the only time I could meet was either a Saturday or Sunday.

The only trouble was that P worked as a decorator weekends and was doing some work for a friend at his beauty parlour, which was not too far from where I lived, so he suggested that we meet there on a Sunday morning.

The day arrived and as discussed with P, I would arrive partially dressed. So as soon as the wife went out I got up and gave myself an enema, hoping that I was going to get the fucking I wanted so badly. After the enema I inserted a tampon to collect the last of the water and ran a bath, I washed with my wife’s bath soap so that I smelt feminine and shaved my legs and clit smooth. After I got out of the bath and dried myself I put on a temporary tattoo of a rose just on my bikini line and admired myself in the mirror.

Next step was to get dressed, I got out a black suspender belt and a new pair of black stockings, a black bra and G string. I also packed a bag with my short black velvet skirt 4″ heels and a white blouse. I added a pair of socks (for the return journey) a bottle of lube and a packet of condoms, hoping they would be used.

I went back to the bedroom and put on the suspender belt, slipped on my ankle chain and nylons, they felt good against üvey kız kardeş porno my legs, new stockings always do, I then put on my G string and bra sprayed on some perfume and slipped on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and put on my trainers. Outwardly male, underneath female.

I arrived at the parlour twenty minutes early, very nervous wondering if I was doing the right thing, but I called P’s phone and he came and opened the door.

A man appeared at the door he was older than me by five years but looked as if he kept himself in shape. He showed me upstairs to the massage rooms and I started to change, removing my jeans and sweatshirt and putting on my skirt, blouse and heels. I went to the toilet and removed my tampon, returned to the massage room to find P naked.

He told me to lay on the table and started to run his hands up and down my legs, gradually getting higher until he was reaching over the top of my stockings and starting to stroke my clitty, I lifted myself of the bed and let him push my skirt up and as he did so his cock got close to my face, already semi hard and I could not resist leaning sideways and taking it into my eager mouth, cupping his balls in my hand at the same time.

Then I felt something warm and moist around my clitty and I knew it was his mouth, his hands had now found something new to play with, my nipples, he was rubbing and pinching them through my bra and I responded xnxx porno by taking his cock deeper into my mouth and sucking for all I was worth.

My legs wrapped themselves around his head trying to get all of my clitty into his mouth, but this left something else open to assault, my pussy. He pulled my G string to one side and started to run his tongue around my pouting ring and probing me with it, sending me wild with excitement, now he’s got my bra pushed up and is pulling and pinching my nipples, God I want him to fuck me, and I tell him so in between sucks and slurps.

He said that he won’t fuck me on a first date, but will if we meet again. So I know now that I will have to wait for the fucking that I so desperately want. So I now redouble my efforts with his cock sucking harder and harder. He sucks me hard, now I feel something penetrating me, Oh God I want to cum, but he must cum first I know that, because I am here to please him. He climbs onto the table on top of me, his dick still in my mouth, I let it go for a little while so I can taste his anus, running my tongue around the brown eye and pushing it in as far as I can.

I can feel him stiffen on top of me as I do this and know he likes it, so I do it all the more, wanking him with my hand at the same time. There are groans from my clitty and I know he is getting close, he steps down from the bed and grabs my head, thrusting his cock deep into my mouth, he says he zenci porno is cumming and where do I want his load, I don’t answer instead I just take his cock as deep into my mouth as I can. He has his hands on the back of my head and is fucking my mouth as hard as he can.

I’m rubbing his balls and fingering his arse as I suck for all I’m worth feeling his balls start to tighten I know my desert is on its way, sure enough A few more thrusts onto my mouth and he is pulling me to him, balls on my chin as he fires his first salvo into my eager throat, its salty taste as it slides down is fantastic three more times he fires into me I drink every drop and waste none.

Now he tells me it’s my turn, and starts to stroke my clitty, as he does so his mouth descends onto my left nipple and he starts to suck and nibble at it, in no time my clitty starts to stiffen, he then sucks and nibbles my right nipple, starts to kiss his way down my body and ends up with his mouth over my clitty.

He descends onto it and starts to suck, he now has a finger in my pussy and is finger fucking me at the same time , he wants me to stroke myself so he can watch me cum, I have begged him to fuck me, but he won’t, so I tell him to put another finger in me, then another the feeling is getting so intense now I can’t stop myself from cumming even if I wanted to, my legs involuntarily shut, gripping his hand, his fingers still inside me, then I cum, cum very hard, so hard that I can’t let his hand go for a few minutes while I calm down, I realise that I am actually trembling with the aftershock of my climax, it was that intense.

When I eventually let him go, we kissed and I had to rest before changing. We will have to meet up again soon, I want him in me so bad.


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