Dressed in White Ch. 02


“Go slow.” She pleaded, her body quivering beneath him readying herself for her first real taste of womanhood.

“Slow?” Lionel thought. She had an excuse. She was young and inexperienced but he knew better. Taking it slow would only prolong her discomfort. He wanted the loss of her virtue to be over quickly so that she could experience the exquisite pleasures of sex, of intimacy, and love. He would have been lying to himself if he said he didn’t feel some perverse excitement in knowing he would be the first (the only) man to fill her up with his cock and seed. Knowing that he was the one to conquer the untouched innocence of this incredibly beautiful creature beneath him made him feel more like a man than anything he could imagine. The last thing he could fathom doing at this point was taking it slow. He had waited so long to be with this woman and if there was anything he was sure of, it was that his wait was over and there was going to be nothing ‘slow’ about what he’d planned to do next. He’d spent the last year being a saint in his mind. Holding hands with Amanda, kissing her on the cheek and maintaining a decent courting distance. She was his now and, as far as he was concerned, the waiting was over.

He turned her over on her belly and let her hips rest on the edge of the bed; her pussy served up to him like a fine meal. He ran his hands across her luscious bottom, spreading her cheeks and inhaling the intoxicating scent of her arousal. His cock throbbed and twitched with readiness. He let one finger slide along her moist slickness. It briefly peeked through her outer folds soaking it with her juices. Lionel removed his finger and eagerly suckled at it, tasting her for the first of many times. He closed his eyes and groaned. It was exquisite. He’d never loved the taste of anything so much in his life.

Lionel quickly bent down behind Amanda and buried his face in her pussy. His tongue darted expertly between her soft lips as he tried his best to consume every drop of wetness that wept from her body. He spread her cheeks wide and flattened his tongue out along her clit all the way up to the puckered rose button of her ass.

Amanda was writhing in ecstasy. Her moans grew louder as the backward grinding of her hips intensified. She never would have believed she could experience such pleasure in her life. Every time Lionel made one long sweep of his tongue from stem to stern and back, Amanda felt as if her entire body was floating off to heaven.


Heaven had nothing on this.

There were no words, no metaphors, and no imaginings to describe where her body was taking her at that moment. All she could do was lay back and enjoy.

Lionel, knowing that he was sending his new bride to the brink of the abyss with every lick of his skilled tongue, didn’t want her to come like this for the first time. He wanted her first real orgasm to be a proper one. It should come from him filling her up completely. His male muscle pulsing deep inside her claiming its territory and allowing her a feeling that she would beg for the rest of her life. He rested this tip of his cock at her opening then leaned forward and used his weight to hold her hands down at the wrists in front of her. He readied himself and closed his eyes tight.

With that, Lionel quickly and violently 1080 porno pierced through her folds, his massive cock stretching her in ways she’d never felt before. The silky smooth wetness clenched his member like a vice, her vaginal walls straining profusely to accommodate his incredible girth.

Amanda shrieked at the sudden ravaging. He tore into her so quickly she had no time to prepare for the intensity of his thrust. Lionel had impaled her to the edge of the bed and held her there. She lay with her wrists twisting beneath his hands as he tried to hold her still. Her fingers grasped at the bed sheets. It was a feeling so unfamiliar and yet so natural at the same time. The feeling of being filled up completely ‘down there’ was unlike anything she’d ever felt before.

He held himself still inside her while she grunted and wiggled her bottom beneath him in an effort to remove him from her body. It felt like it was too much, like he was tearing her up inside. Having something that big invade her body so quickly was unthinkable. She thought that she would never be able to do this regularly. She thought she couldn’t take the pain.

Lionel kept her writhing in check by pushing himself even further into her wetness. This way, Amanda was barely able to move beneath him. He knew it would take a few minutes for her body to adjust to him.

“Shhh,” he whispered as he leaned down to her ear and nibbled on its lobe.

“Don’t move, baby. It’ll feel better soon, I promise.”

His warm lips left her ear and began a light nibble on the back of her neck while Amanda closed her eyes and gasped roughly beneath him.

Minutes had passed with his hips pressed tightly against her bottom and Lionel had waited long enough. The muscles straining within her depths were as forgiving as they were going to get – never mind the fact that his balls felt like they were nearly numb with anticipation.

It was time to fuck her. It was time to fuck her like a man should. Time to fuck her like a woman deserved to be fucked.

Amanda had settled down now, her hands were motionless beneath his as beads of sweat popped up along her shoulders and the small of her back. He felt the moistness of her body against his naked skin. Her previous shrieks had withered into nearly inaudible whimpers and that’s when he knew she was ready as well.

Lionel made his first withdrawal from the woman he had finally made his. He took one long backward stroke and pulled out of her pussy completely. He looked down at his cock wholly soaked in her juices. The head of his member hovered just outside her newly christened hole as the raging heat emanating from her folds beckoned for his reentry.

On the upthrust, he pushed himself all the way inside her once again, feeling her furnace envelope his manhood in the tight grip that made him shudder with pleasure. Amanda shrieked once more at the sudden intrusion.

But this time, for Amanda, it wasn’t as harsh as his initial invasion. No, this time it was different. She bit her bottom lip at the tightness of his body filling up hers once again, but the pain had eased considerably. She felt the initial sparks of what would be the first of countless climaxes she would receive from her new husband’s body. Amanda panted beneath 2 k porno him, she pulled in her breath in short gasps as she held tight to the crumpled sheets beneath her fingers. Lionel’s hands still clasped at her wrists with no sign of letting go. He made another brief withdrawal from her body before he crashed his hips into her again. Amanda accepted it all, her eyes closed tight as she felt the new and intense sensations spiral throughout her body.

Lionel was starting to pick up his pace, surrendering what little restraint he had mustered from the start. He finally released her hands, leaving red cuff marks around her wrists. His hands grasped toward the curvature of her hips and found a new home there. He gripped at the soft, yet taut flesh and hiked her ass upwards toward him, giving him better access to the task at hand. Amanda slid toward him on the bed as he made plunge after plunge into her tight, drenched heat.

Lionel felt himself on the verge on his second orgasm of the night. He let his right hand snake around to the front to Amanda’s mound as his fingers wrestled with her clit. This was all that was needed to send her violently over the edge. Her muscles spasmed within her and clenched like a fist around Lionel’s tool, releasing the initial bursts of his seed deep within her. Her screams of pleasure seemed to rocket her body to the stars taking his with her on this wondrous journey. They both came in unison as they panted and gasped for breath, their bodies soaked in sweat and each other’s juices.

Lionel’s cock still convulsed inside her, as it spilled as much seed into her as it could. He looked down and watched as he slipped softly in and out of her, each withdrawal allowing semen to drip from her folds and on to the floor beneath them.

His final exit made a subdued popping noise as his limp manhood unsuctioned itself from her hole. His cock fell limp at his upper thigh and streams of cum flowed from her opening and made an even larger puddle on the floor by her feet. Amanda lay quivering on the bed, barely able to move and feeling suddenly empty without her man taking his rightful place between her legs. Lionel stood tall on his feet and watched the scene before him in awe. Her pussy lips were still spread open from his girth widening her to fit him, her vulva was red, almost raw with his fucking and her cunt was filled to the brim and dripping with his cum. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

There were so many things he wanted to do to this woman that his head felt dizzy just thinking about it all. There were so many dimensions he wanted to take her to sexually, so many positions, locations – the things he would teach her – and the many ways he wanted to make her body feel so much pleasure that she wouldn’t be able to stand up or walk straight most of the time. Oh, if she only knew. She would surely think he was a dirty old man. Well, he was. And he was okay with that. He was also going to make damn sure she was okay with it, too.

Lionel walked back over to Amanda and stroked her long, silky hair. He gracefully turned her over and kissed her deeply thrusting his tongue deep inside her mouth again, mimicking what his resurrected cock wanted to do to all the different orifices of her body. Amanda allowed his tongue 3 k porno in and suckled it as he lifted her higher onto the bed. He placed her in the center right between the pillows and spread her legs wide. He had to take her again. Right now. His cock was nearly rock hard again as he nestled himself between her legs and held her thighs down with his hands as he prepared himself to enter her again. This time he would get to see her face as he filled her up with his massive tool.

She was his wife and he was her man. She was his to do with as he pleased and she would know and understand this by the end of the night. Her body was his and he was going to use every bit of it in any way that pleased him most. Over the coming weeks, she would learn this well. Just the mere thought of it excited Lionel even more.

Lionel grunted as he poised himself at the opening of her tunnel and he took her.

His cock forced its way back into its own personal heaven again and Amanda’s eyes bulged feeling it stretch her to the max for the second time. Lionel groaned and Amanda moaned at his reentry. Lionel lifted her legs over her head letting her knees rest beside her ears and looked her in the eyes.

He violently pounded himself into her body demanding she knew who was in charge here. He was the dominant man and she was his submissive woman. He could see in her eyes that she understood completely and that she needed him to be in control. It gave her comfort and it gave him strength. It was symbiotic and that was the way it was to be.

He took her this night. He sometimes took her roughly and others softly. Again and again. Him on top, her on top. He fucked her from the side, from behind, up against the wall and even on the floor. He took her in so many unimaginable ways all through the night and into the morning. He fucked her to the point of pure and utter exhaustion for both of them.


The next morning had left them both weary and sore. Lionel had awaken first and looked over at the still sleeping Amanda and smiled. His gaze fell to the floor where her wedding dress still lay in the center of the rug by the fireplace. Right beside them were the white silk panties she had worn with it at their wedding.

Lionel leaned over and clasped one of Amanda’s bare nipples in his lips then playfully rolled his tongue around the stiffening bulb. She shifted in her sleep, but didn’t wake. Lionel grinned again and lifted his nude frame from the bed. He walked over to the pair of panties on the floor, lifted them to his face and inhaled deeply. He loved the smell of her pussy. He thought he could die in that scent. He held them up to the morning sunlight as it glistened from the window then quickly bunched them up and threw them in the trash bin by the dresser. He liked them. But it was such a shame that she wouldn’t be allowed to wear underpants around him anymore.

He had decided last night that he wanted her to be as accessible to him as possible and all panties were, were an additional and unnecessary barrier. He wanted her available when he needed her and if that also meant anywhere and everywhere other people may be, then so be it. He knew he wouldn’t be able to control when he needed to have her. And why should he? Her pussy was his and that was all either of them needed to know. She would eventually get used to it – and even come to expect and enjoy it. Even eventually beg for it. But she still had a lot to learn.

Lionel looked back at the sleeping Amanda then quietly walked his naked body to the bathroom across the hall.

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