Eleanor’s Descent Ch. 06


It was Saturday night, the night of Teresa’s birthday party. I arrived at 8.00 pm, to find the party in full swing and about thirty people present. I squeezed through the crowded kitchen and made my way to the living room, meeting Emma along the way. She kissed me full on the lips and whispered “Still can’t get over the excitement of last Saturday night, it was awesome!”

“Where is Eleanor?” I asked.

“She is in her bedroom!” Emma replied.

So I continued but now heading for Eleanor’s bedroom. In case someone else was in there with her and possibly undressed or doing something private, I knocked, waited then entered. Eleanor was alone. She turned to me and threw her arms round my neck giving me a passionate kiss. Strange I thought she never was this tactile before.

“I thought you were never going to get here, I am really horny tonight and given the chance would fuck you here and now before introducing you to some of our friends!” she purred.

With that she took my hand and pushed it under her dress to reveal her knickerless shaved cunt. She was literally soaked.

“What has got you so sure fired up tonight?” I asked.

“It’s just remembering that one week ago tonight we three girls were your bitches in the park, stark naked.” “Do you know it took three days to stop feeling the effects of those damn nettles!” she said smiling. “Teresa has not stopped talking about that couple and what they did in the bushes!” she added.

“Talking of Teresa, where is the birthday girl!” I asked “I have a special present here for her” I continued.

“She should be in the living room, I think” Eleanor answered. “What did you get her?” she enquired.

“That would be telling!” I insisted “let’s go find her and you can watch her open it!” I added.

We walked out into the hall way and turned right into the living room, Eleanor appeared not to notice but it seemed strange to me. All the men were on one side of the room and all the women on the other. They only opposite sex in the wrong section so to speak was Emma, serving drinks. There was no sign of Teresa.

“Not very well planned your party, I must say” I said.

“Oh why is that, Master” Eleanor enquired.

“What you did not see!” I responded, “All the men on one side of the room all the women on the other, what happened to mixing?” I asked.

“Oh Ray, of course you don’t know, do you?” Eleanor sounded surprised. “You’re about the only heterosexual male we know, all the others in their as bi sexual to say the least if not out and out gay” “Even all the woman in there are lesbians or part way to becoming lesbian” she chuckled.

“Oh I see. What am I supposed to do float on an imaginary middle line” I asked.

“No silly, just go and relax, if a man comes over to talk to you just say it’s not your thing and they will leave you alone” She chided.

She ensest porno pulled out of the living room and we found our way to Teresa’s bedroom. Eleanor pushes straight through the door without knocking.

“Teresa, look who has finally turned up!” Eleanor said.

“Hi Sexy” Teresa shouted, much to the annoyance of George. She came over and planted a large wet kiss on my lips. She whispered “Any more adventures in the pipe line?”

“Wait and See” I replied. “Come into the living room and open the present I bought you” I added.

“Come on George; let’s go see what Ray has bought me!” Teresa called out.

Once in the living room, I produced a largish sized box (about 9 inches by 15 inches), wrapped in gold foil paper and tied with a big red ribbon. I handed it to Teresa, who started ripping the paper away. When the plain cardboard box was fully revealed she tore open its lid. Inside was a slightly smaller box wrapped in silver foil paper. She tossed aside the now empty 1st box, eagerly tearing her way into the new box. Then opening the lid of this new box found yet another wrapped box inside.

“What is this?” Teresa said laughing, “If this continues down to just a pair of panties, you’re in big trouble, pal” she said

I shot her a look which said you would threaten me your Master. Teresa smiled as though to say, you know I don’t mean it. Five more boxes later with a room full of laughter and some genuine intrigue as to what the present would ultimately turn out to be. she started to open the final box, which was about the size of a box of tissues.

I then placed my hands over her eyes and said when you open the lid, turn it upside down and tip it out on to the floor. The tone of my voice meant she knew not to disobey me. As she tipped the contents o the floor the first recognizable item to tumble out was a peek a boo bra, the type that allows your nipple to protrude through, a matching pair of silk crutch less panties fluttered to the floor, along with the clank of something metal.

When She picked up the metal object she saw it was a pair of hand cuffs, She looked startled, until I said “I know who much you like George to be your prisoner, so with these undies and the handcuffs, he can not escape your charms, even if he wanted to”

A male voice at the back said “But who wears the undies” which received a roar of laughter.

A female voice from the other side of the room said “Come on Teresa, go put them on and let’s see if they fit” again to a chorus of laughter and chants of put them on.

Teresa looked at me, I nodded and she left the room, returning 10 minutes later adorned in her new underwear. “George, come here!” I said and George duly obliged. “As she is your pussy, you should be first to taste the cream?” I added

Teresa the interjected “No, asyalı porno Master, you bought then for me, you should be first to taste the cream!” George’s head dropped.

“Your Master I may be? But I still say George should be first to taste the cream after I take you into the kitchen to fill you with fresh cream” I announced.

George meekly stood there waiting to be told what to do. There was a ripple of noise as people whispered, surely George is not going to let him fuck her then eat his cum from her open cunt. “What say you George?” I asked.

“As My Master as well, Sir, yours is the privilege to fuck your sluts cunt, and if it’s your wish to have me clean her out, so be it” He replied.

I led Teresa out into the kitchen, closing the door behind us. No one saw me fill the large syringe with fresh double cream from the fridge, or me inject copious amounts of it into and on her cunt.

“You’re truly wicked, Master” Teresa Whispered.

I then led her back into the living room where a chair had been placed in the centre of the room. I helped Teresa sit with her legs wide apart and ordered her to show George what he would be eating. Teresa faking a breathless state said “George come eat me out, just look how full ray has made me”

George looked around and then dropped to his knees before crawling towards Teresa’s spread legs. Teresa then placed her hand behind his head and pulled his face down to her cunt.

“When you have finished cleaning that amount out I have this to refill it with” I said holding out the tub of double cream and the syringe. Howls of laughter echoed around the room, the only one not to see the joke was of course George who was blinkered between Teresa’s legs.

One of the women stepped forward and said “I bags second go on eating her cunt” To which several more chimed in no me me. Teresa allowed George to pull his head back displaying a moustache and beard of double cream, where upon he saw the container and syringe and burst out laughing.

One of the gay men said “what a great start to the party lets all strip and have some real fun.”

I looked over at Eleanor who was shaking her head as she howled with laughter. I put my foot down by saying “Only the Birthday girl is allowed to be naked, all you others will have to wait till you get home” To a chorus of spoil sport. The music was turned back on and men started dancing with other men and pairs of women began dancing together.

It was a good half hour before George declared her cunt to be finally empty of the cream, although by my reckoning, Teresa had more than double the volume during her three orgasms. In fact every time she let out a moan of another oncoming orgasm the music stopped till she quieted down. A very Adult game of musical chairs indeed.

By Eleven o’clock, the guests gizli çekim porno started to break away and leave. But for the whole time of the dancing Teresa wore only her new underwear. She proved a popular dance partner with most of the women there, I more than suspect more than one or two had their fingers up her cunt or their mouth on a nipple as they danced.

Funnily enough, it was about 10.30pm when I last saw George. It was Eleanor who pulled me aside and asked me to follow her; we went out into the hallway and then straight into Teresa’s bedroom. There was George on his hands and knees with a thin white guy sucking his cock and a large black gut burying his thick slab of black meat into George’s bare arse. I pulled Eleanor back out of the room and said “At least those two have had a happy party.”

She corrected me by pointing out that at this very minute three male guest were enjoying the party and nearly all the females in the living room had enjoyed the taste or feel of Teresa at her party.

Just then, Emma came out of the bathroom followed by a sheepish looking man. Emma was naked with large amounts of fresh spunk hanging around her face and in her hair. I suggested that she see George about licking it off, after all his mouth was still free.

Eleanor dragged me into her room and locked the door. “Remember our first night together, you said your fantasy was two women in the same bed, well if you look in that wardrobe there is my gift to you” she said.

I replied “Yes but I have gone one better, I have three subs in one house and a fourth male sub to call on when I want”. I opened the wardrobe door to find a young lady stood there. She was 5’2″ tall short cropped blonde hair and as naked as the day she was born with a 36 – 24 -28 frame.

Eleanor introduced her as Sammy, a sub bi female she has known for years. Eleanor Said “Master, as her Mistress I give her to you mind. Body and soul, if she displeases you she displeases me and will be punished for it” “she will do without question anything you demand of her, She has a passion for anal, loves anything you can think of stuck up her arse” she added.

“If it please you master to fuck her arse, she will gladly accept your offering bare back!” She insisted.

I turned to Sammy, “Is This true, anything I want from you, you will do without question?” I asked. Sammy nodded. “Right you can start by paddling Eleanor arse till I tell you to stop!” I demand.

“Why master?” Eleanor quizzed.

“Because I select my own slaves, I do not accept other peoples cast off’s” I responded.

I let Sammy paddle Eleanor’s arse till it was rosy pink and warm to the touch, then I had her lick Eleanor’s anal ring till Eleanor had cum twice. Finally I slipped my prick into Eleanor’s cunt and as I fucked her I had Sammy bathe my balls with her tongue.

We must have dropped off to sleep, because when I awoke, the flat was empty and everyone was in bed. I nudged Sammy and told her to sit on Eleanor’s face while I gave her cunt a forceful slap. Eleanor tried to spring up in shock but only

managed to get herself a mouth full of slave cunt.

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