The Anniversary Present Day 03


As usual, Saffy was out of bed before Tom. She found herself contemplating the last two days’ fun and games. It had certainly been very interesting. Tom’s willingness to be led and controlled by her was very exhilarating and her desire to indulge him wasn’t waning. She had realised that her reasons were quite simple – firstly, she was relishing being in control and secondly, it was really turning her. They were both as horny as hell and their sex drives were as high as when they first met.

The realisation that Tom had never really told her about his fantasies interrupted her thoughts. It was time to get everything out in the open. After pouring a coffee she made her way upstairs to cut short Tom’s usual Saturday morning lie-in.

Tom opened his eyes as Saffy gently woke him with a kiss and a hug. He stretched and yawned long and loud before smiling at Saffy and hugging her back.

“You’re up early,” Tom commented as he sat up scratching his head and yawning again.

Saffy looked deep into Tom’s eyes and responded with a slow, deliberate tone.

“You remember I asked you what your fantasies are. Well, you never gave me an answer.”

As usual, Tom became reticent and manoeuvred around the issue.

“I’ve loved everything we’ve done. It’s been fantastic. It still feels like a dream.”

“No,” Saffy said firmly. “That’s not what I asked. I want to know what your fantasies are about. You must trust me. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll find a sexy pair of panties for you to wear today from your new collection if you’ll promise me to get up and write down everything that turns you on. I don’t want one of your usual conservative lists. I want enough detail so that I can turn them into reality. Ok?”

“Ok,” Tom replied with some discomfort.

Saffy picked out a pair of pink sheer panties and held them out to Tom.

“They have a sexy sheen to them don’t you think? I bet your cock will look very sexy and the feel, well that will be soooo nice,” Saffy purred. She dropped the panties on the bed beside Tom and walked out of the room. A faint smile crossed her lips as closed the door behind her. He’s going to do what I tell him, she thought. How satisfying!

Tom sat on the bed for a while drinking coffee and looking at the delicate lingerie Saffy had left for him. He shook his head in wonder that his wife had turned into such a vixen. He felt a moment of regret thinking about all the years he’d buried his dark desires for fear of rejection. If only he’d found a way to express himself before, to tell her what he wanted.

Tom knew when it had started and to some degree, why. He thought back to his sister, how she had made him do things to humiliate and control him. He was sure there was no real malice involved, just a big sister doing what big sisters do sometimes – pick on little brothers to show them who’s the boss.

When Tom was twelve or thirteen, he caught his sixteen year old sister having sex with a boy from their school in the local park. Tom was hiding behind a tree, his eyes wide as he watched the boy play with his sisters’ breasts under her school uniform. He unclipped her bra and cupped and squeezed her boobs whilst they kissed passionately.

Tom’s cock stiffened as the couple canoodled in the bushes. Tonia opened her legs and Tom could see up her skirt. She was wearing white satin panties and Tom could just make out her lips through the skimpy material and saw a small wet patch between them. The boy touched Tonia through her knickers and stroked and rubbed her pussy. She was making small whimpering noises and her hips were twitching. He pulled her panties off and threw them behind him. They were very close to Tom and for reasons he could never explain, he crouched on the floor, stretched his hand out and grabbed them.

Retreating behind the tree, he looked at them, at the wet stain and suddenly felt himself cum. It was the first time he’d ever ejaculated but it had all happened so quickly he didn’t have time to enjoy it properly. He put the panties back on the floor and carefully sneaked away.

What Tom didn’t know was that Tonia had seen him, had noticed him pick her panties up and put them back moments later. She’d make him pay for watching her.

When she got home, she walked into Tom’s bedroom and grabbed him by the hair.

“I saw you watching me,” she hissed angrily. “I saw you playing with my panties. You’re gonna pay for this you little queer.”

Tonia pulled her panties from a pocket and held them very close to Tom’s face.

“Seeing as you like my knickers so much, your going to put them on and if Mum and Dad find out I what I was doing in the park, I’ll tell them you stole my panties and you’ve been wearing them ever since.” Tom looked like a rabbit caught in headlights. He stared at her with a deep flushed look of embarrassment and anguish.

Tonia made Tom take his trousers off and when she saw the sticky mess in his shorts she taunted him and called him panty boy. He wanted to explain it wasn’t the panties that made him cum, that it was olgun porno watching her and the boy having sex that did it but he couldn’t speak.

Tonia pulled his shorts off and grabbed his hair again, making him put her panties on. He pulled them up his legs and quickly followed suit with his trousers. Tonia warned him again not to say anything about what he had seen earlier and then walked out of Tom’s bedroom.

Tom felt shell-shocked. He didn’t quite know what to do. He hadn’t meant to upset Tonia, he was just curious. He lay down on the bed and undid his trousers, intending to take Tonia’s panties off but as his hand touched his cock through the silky material he felt it stir. The smoothness allowed his hand to glide effortlessly over his crotch and his skin felt so sensitive that he just carried on rubbing himself. Moments later he had the second orgasm of his life and it felt wonderful.

He did his best to clean himself up but kept his sister’s panties on for fear that she might check and tell Mum and Dad. At least, that was what he told himself.

Later, Tonia felt a pang of guilt about how she had treated Tom and when she got the chance, she took him into the garden and talked to him. Deep down she knew he was just an adolescent kid who was curious but she was really worried that Tom would blurt out what he had seen and then she would be in big trouble.

She told Tom that she was sorry but he must promise never to tell anyone what he saw. Then she asked if he was still wearing her panties. Embarrassed, he reminded her that she had told him to keep them on.

She told him to show her. He had never been able to refuse Tonia anything and he opened his trousers so she could see. She opened them further and looked down. Much to her surprise and Tom’s distress, his cock was hard. She smiled and looked at him with a slightly teasing look on her face. “Keep them,” she said and walked back into the house.

That night he lay in bed not wearing her panties but holding them. He touched them to his lips and breathed the sweet musky scent of his sister into his lungs. It was a gorgeous odour that yet again awoke his increasingly demanding libido.

Neither the episode nor her panties were ever mentioned again but Tom used to wear them and play with himself in them on many occasions. He would wash them with a bar of soap in the bathroom and hide them behind the radiator in his bedroom until they were dry. Then he’d put them on again. They became his guilty secret and the centre of his sexual world.

Tom thought about the times that followed. It was impossible to explain the exhilaration and sexual excitement that were associated with women’s underwear. In some ways he thought Tonia had cursed him – he knew his fetish made him different from others but at the same time, it was a gift. He was so aroused by it at times that he thought it impossible for anyone else to be as excited with ‘normal’ sex as he was with his obsession.

Somewhere beyond all this was the single thought that this wasn’t his fault. So why had he always felt so scared of being judged?

Tom swung his legs over the side of the bed and slipped his pink panties on. He stood in front of the mirror and stared at his bulge. It was undeniably attractive to him – a really sexy bulge in panties that showed his assets off nicely. His cock stirred as if in appreciation for the attention.

Eventually Tom got dressed and went down stairs to grab another coffee before sitting down at the PC. He powered it up and started writing. Saffy made herself busy elsewhere to give Tom some privacy.

After making the decision to write everything down and be completely honest, he found it quite easy to push his inhibitions to one side and bring his fantasies out. He started with a few headlines; the things that he’d consistently dreamed about. Then more things came to mind, the occasional fantasies on the periphery. Once his ideas were listed, he obeyed Saffy and started to describe them in detail. He was incredibly excited and his cock strained against his panties as the words formed.

Tom was so absorbed in his writing that two hours passed in a flash. When he was finished, he printed the document and deleted it from the PC. He called to Saffy and passed the papers to her when she entered the room. Taking them, Saffy turned her back on Tom and went to the kitchen without saying a word. She sat down and started to read.

Her first observation was that Tom had really made an effort to give a lot of detail just as he had been told to. The second was the pleasant realisation that his fantasies were not selfish; that she should be involved and enjoying herself was a significant plus. He had overcome the first hurdle.

The second test was how Saffy felt about his fantasies. Was there anything he wanted that she wasn’t willing to do? She thought not. One or two might have to be handled very carefully to avoid discomfort but generally, she’d go along with it all. And deep down she knew that most of this porno was going to be very pleasant. The best part of everything Tom had written was the final clause at the bottom – it said “I want you to be in control at all times.”


Saffy walked back to Tom and sat next to him on the sofa.

“Did you put your panties on?” Saffy asked quietly.


“Let me see.”

The feeling of deja vu hit him like a hammer. For a brief moment he was in the garden with Tonia. He opened his trousers and Saffy leaned over to look. She opened his trousers further and there was Tom’s stiff prick. He half expected her to say “Keep them” and walk off but instead she said “Good. It looks sexy.” She smiled at Tom and kissed him. Then she put her hand down the front of his trousers and stroked and fondled his cock.

Shortly, she took her hand out and fastened Tom’s trousers and climbed onto his lap facing him. She ignored the look of disappointment on his face.

“That’s a lot of fantasies you’ve got there, baby,” she cooed. “It might take us a while to get through them all.”

Tom looked at his wife’s beautiful face and her gorgeous smile and said “Well, you’re in charge, honey, so if you want to get started…”

“Oh I do. I’m going to go down your list, one fantasy at a time and tick them all off. And when we’ve finished, we might just start all over again. But first, we need to go shopping if we’re going to make all this happen so get you credit card ready and let’s move.”

Saffy’s second trip to the sex superstore was a far more interesting and relaxed experience. She grabbed two baskets at the door and slowly ambled around the shop chatting to Tom as if they were in an everyday supermarket. She took in just about every aisle on every floor on her quest for their toys and clothes.

Every now and then Tom would point to something that interested him or Saffy would simply choose an item and drop it in a basket. On the second floor, they found ‘specialist’ items; toys, clothes, DVDs and magazines for the more discerning customer. There was a small department that sold body jewellery and Saffy found a few rosebuds on sale. She dropped one into her basket and moved on.

Tom was having great difficulty stopping his eyes from bulging as he looked at all the gear on sale.

A pair of briefs caught Saffy’s eye in the specialist lingerie department. They were made of semi-transparent black satin with an intriguing design. At the front there were two holes with elasticated borders that the man put his penis and balls through. At first glance, the rear looked ruched with a vertical central seam running all the way up. However, there were drawstrings at the top which were intricately woven into the fabric. When pulled, the briefs opened. They not only exposed the anus but pulled the buttocks apart too. Although not strictly feminine, Saffy was pretty sure Tom would like them so she dropped a pair in her basket.

When they arrived at the third floor, Tom decided it was time for him to choose some items for Saffy and bought her a couple of flimsy body stockings, a short purple satin slip, a black ultra-sheer thong, a baby-doll and a sleek black cat suit.

When they had finished, Saffy told Tom to go to the check-out and pay for the items on his own and then to wait for her in the car. He was not very impressed by this but nonetheless agreed. When he was out of the way, Saffy made one final purchase and then left.

When Saffy got in the car, she had a large carrier bag with her.

“What else did you buy?” Tom asked. “Never you mind. You’ll find out later and trust me, you’ll like it,” Saffy beamed.

They chatted in the car, both feeling very excited about all their new toys and clothes. Neither of them knew everything they had bought and it would be fun to rummage through their bags to see what delights were in store.


After Saffy had put her carrier bag in a wardrobe, they unpacked their treats and stared at the huge array of clothes and toys they had bought. They both felt pleased with themselves and they giggled like children as they put everything away.

Next they dined and drank a bottle of wine. As the night drew in, Saffy decided it was time to get ready for the evening’s entertainment.

“Before we do anything else, I’m going to shave your legs. Go to the bedroom and take all your clothes off apart from you panties and run a bath and I’ll join you in a minute.”

When he was in the bedroom, Tom took his clothes off and looked at his bulge. He stroked his already hardening cock as anticipation grew inside him. He tried to distract himself and ran the bath, scenting the water with oils as he did so.

When Saffy heard the bath running she went to the bedroom and picked out the cat suit Tom had chosen for her. She was looking forward wearing it.

She walked into the bathroom as Tom turned the taps off. She knelt Porno izle before Tom and kissed his silky bulge, her head to one side ensuring Tom could see her lips brushing against his cock and balls through his skimpy panties. Reaching behind him, she pulled his knickers down very slowly. Once they were off, Saffy took Tom in her mouth and sucked him gently. Tom groaned as her hot, wet mouth encircled him. She kept a steady pace, not wanting to go too fast and over-excite Tom’s already throbbing cock.

Tom felt Saffy’s tongue fluttering lightly over his tool as she sucked him and he groaned in ecstasy. He wanted to hold her head and ram his cock into her mouth, to fuck her until he was satisfied but he felt unable to, as if Saffy should give him permission first.

Saffy stopped blowing Tom and got to her feet. She kissed him and told him to get in the bath. Grabbing a razor and some foam, she joined him.

Tom watched as Saffy systematically shaved his legs. She shaved to the knee of each leg first and then told Tom to stand so that she could work on his thighs. After washing him down, Saffy foamed his pubic area and shaved around his cock and then his balls. Finally she told him to turn around and bend over. She foamed his arse and ran the razor over his buttocks and then between them so that when she was finished, Tom had no hair below his waist.

He sat back in the bath and looked at his hairless body. If there was any doubt that he had enjoyed the experience, his rigid member dispelled it.

Saffy stood up and sat on the side of the bath before handing Tom the razor and foaming her own pubic hair. She watched Tom as he tentatively shaved her. When he was finished, Saffy turned over and foamed between her cheeks. Looking over her shoulder, she could see Tom’s prick throbbing mercilessly as he carefully shaved the fine wispy hair around her anus. When he was finished, he gave Saffy a friendly smack on her backside and she sat back down in the bath.

They washed each other and got out.

“Rinse the bath out and wait for me to call before you go to the bedroom,” Saffy said as she dried and talced herself.

She put on a bathrobe and walked to the bedroom. Taking the rosebud from the drawer she lightly lubed it and carefully inserted it into her arse. It was made of solid steel and felt heavy in her body but it locked in well and was only going to come out when she wanted it to. This was the first time she’d ever had anything in her butt and it felt good. It wasn’t so large as to be uncomfortable and the combination of the cool metal and the movement as she walked around stimulated her and made her clitoris tingle.

Bending over the bed she looked between he legs in the mirror. The jewel encrusted base looked very sexy between her cheeks.

Next she put the cat suit on. It was amazingly tight and the spandex clung to her body as she pulled it up her legs and then fed her arms in before zipping it up. It felt wonderfully erotic as the taught material squeezed her body and partially flattened her breasts.

When it was on, she admired herself in the mirror. Her erect nipples poked teasingly out under the shiny suit and she shuddered as she stroked them through the tactile material.

Saffy smiled when she saw another zip running between her legs making access possible without taking the suit off.

Finally, Saffy went to the wardrobe and pulled out the carrier bag. She carefully laid the contents on the bed and called Tom.

When Tom saw how sexy Saffy looked in her cat suit it took his breath away.

“Wow!” He said as he walked to her. “You look fantastic.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Saffy replied. “How do you like you outfit?”

On the bed was a pair of black seamed stockings, a black silk suspender belt and a silk maid’s dress and apron. Saffy sat Tom on the bed and rolled the stockings up his hairless legs. She told him to stand and knelt before him. They were both conscious of the closeness of Saffy’s face to Tom’s cock as she fastened the belt around his waist. As she twisted the garter around to position it correctly, she flicked her tongue across Tom’s hairless skin and licked the droplet that was forming from the tip of his shaft.

Once the stockings were connected, Saffy clad Tom with the maid’s dress and tied the white apron around his waist before going to her drawer to grab the briefs she had bought earlier.

Putting them on was easier than Saffy had expected. Once she had fed Tom’s cock through the first hole it was quite simple to stretch the lower hole enough to pull his balls threw. Once she was satisfied that they were on properly she turned Tom around and made sure the rear seam was fully between his cheeks.

Tom stared at himself in the mirror and stroked his chest, belly and sides through the glossy dress. He looked at the white ruffled sleeves, the lace-up chest and the white satin petticoat that peeped out from below the hem.

Unable to resist, he lifted the dress and stroked his buttocks, his hands gliding over the soft satin material. His cock was rigid, held firmly by the stretched elastic ring. The briefs felt not just as if he was wearing them but also as if they were apart of him. His newly shaved skin felt more sensitive than ever before in his life. It was glorious.

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