Making Love to the Earth


June turned the wheel of her car swiftly with one hand, guiding her modest car around the last bend of the winding mountain road she’d been climbing for the past half hour. As the scenery caught up with her eyes, the girl pulled her car’s gear into park without noticing the trained movement of her arm. Everything was green and glistening bright with condensation. She breathed in ever so slowly, as if to allow her smog-ridden lungs a moment to adjust to real, life-giving air for the first time. It was all so much at once, an instant realization that this is what she should always be breathing in.

In a fluidity never before known to her, June’s fingers brought the driver door open. Her left leg floated out and landed her foot effortlessly upon the yielding soil. As it came down, a slight glimmer of smooth skin shone from under her long yellow skirt. Without a thought as to why, June pushed off one shoe and then the other by pressing her toes down on the backs of the heels. She reached down and shed each sock as well, tossing them back onto the gritty carpeted floor of her car. This place had taught her wordlessly that it was not one for well-tied shoes and thick soles to guard one’s skin from the naked earth. Today was a day to go barefoot. Today was a day, the first day in June’s plastered and painted life, to feel firsthand.

Her big toes pale from a lifetime of scrubbing and shade, were glowing amongst Uzun porno the deep, dark humus. They formed small impressions beneath her feet. She dug all her toes down into the coolness, and it was far more comfortable than the most expensive shoes in her closet. This feeling was lovely. It felt.. freeing. She had to feel more.

Suddenly, before her “civilized” mind could grab at control, June’s hand had tugged at her skirt’s drawstring, and the waistband was gliding on down to her ankles. A tingle traveled up the backs of her knees. She was drawn downward, and her bending knees were instantly cupped in perfect unison as they tapped down. They found their home in little burrows in the earth.

The sun shone evenly and unobtrusively from the sky and lighted June’s soft skin in an afternoon tint far more real than her orange self-tanning spray. The tag at the back of her neck was irritating as usual, and all the cells on the girl’s skin were yearning for exposure. All at once, her loose flowing shirt with sleeves falling just past her elbows was peeled from its mannequin and the fitted white tank top beneath was tossed off as well. There was no need to worry about the stains the mud might bring to them. Any stain the earth could muster was now more beautiful than any machine-printed pattern constructed of petals and purple spots could possibly be.

June’s body could Öğrenci porno resist no longer. It threw itself down passionately against the ground, and June felt a surge diffuse through her and fill her with an otherworldly energy. Yet, this was not some alien force. It was the truest embodiment of our own ripe planet. It felt beyond the caress of a thousand expertly tested department store bottles of rejuvenating lotion being spread across her skin by the solid fingers of lusting hands. The girl’s warm sap was seeping right through her underwear as water does through the soil. And both do so for the purpose of priming their recipients to be fruitful. June pulled fiercely at the cotton material holding her in and ripped it out from between her legs. It all had to go.

Her hands moved even more swiftly to pull the cruel shape-inducing cage from around her breasts, ignoring that there were any metal hooks to undo. The watch was next to go and be downed in the same place as the rest. Time was not to be measured in little ticking lines behind a glass casing. This was only the absurdity of a species trying to forget its roots. But a plant that does so is forsaking the very source of nutrients that keep it alive and thriving, and is thereby dooming itself to dormancy.

Now that she is completely physically naked, June has no remaining barriers. She begins to move around in the soil, back and forth and in and out and over every little bit of her all at once. She pulls up clumps of earth with her hands and rubs it fervently over her breasts and her abdomen and her shoulders and uses all the muscles in her legs to smear the thick mud between her ankles and thighs and across her swelling vagina. Her nipples rise to meet her palms as her hands return to these most inviting of lovers upon her chest. Her pelvis begins its steady, animalistic heaving as she rolls over and presses her all into the ground. Her head and chest lift to the sky for a moment, and all is bared for the world to see if it only could, that tiny insignificant world far down in the valleys below.

June is no longer just a human of 21 years. She is no longer a mere brunette with clear, inquisitive brown eyes. She cannot now remember that obedient college student clothed in structure and society. This is her singing through her skin. The earth is caked all over her legs and arms and back and kneaded all through her hair, merged with her at last.

In the same automatic and graceful way her body has moved since arriving on this mountaintop, June summons forth each and every amazing feeling her female form has to give. Love flows from her and treats her skin, the earth, and her needing tongue with its savory embodiment. Her legs continue to revolve vigorously in the true time of nature, her eyes roll up to the pure blue sky, and a sudden earthquake of violent magnitude builds and releases its vibrations all around. June presses her body as far as it will go down into the earth and becomes liquid, flowing on infinitely.

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