Eva woke after a few hours and to her surprise, she found she was in his lap with her head against his shoulder, His arms were around her and as she realized where she was, she also realized how protected and cherished she felt. At that moment, it hit her how no matter how rough they might get in bed, he would never allow anything to hurt her and would always take care of her. She knew that her comfort, her pleasure, her safety, and her submission were all so very important to him.

“Are you hungry, Little One?” he asked and without waiting for an answer, said, “I think we should get ice cream,”

Thirty minutes later, she was showered and made up, ready to get dressed. On her bed, she found her clothing laid out. The same spike heel shoes she’d worn before were there–of course–but there was also a frilly pink top and a black miniskirt. She knew that he loved watching her walk in those heels and even more, loved the way her bottom and legs looked in the skirt and heels. She knew he was not done with her yet.

In the car, they talked and laughed. She always thought it was so funny how dominant and almost domineering he’d be in private…in bed…but how polite he’d be to her elsewhere. Being treated like a perfect lady in public but an even more perfect slut in private was something she’d always wanted.

It was late, almost ten o’clock when they arrived at the ice cream stand and according to the sign, it was almost closing time.

He handed her a twenty and said, “I’d like vanilla,” and laughed at the joke.

Ahhh, Daddy, there’s nothing vanilla about you,” she joked back and got out of the car.

At the window, a pretty twenty something blond girl smiled to herself at the sexy outfit that Eva wore. “May I take your order?” she asked. After telling the young girl what they wanted, she wondered if he was watching her at the window. “Of course he is,” she thought to herself, “He’s always watching me.”

She tried to be sly and pose for him, knowing that her backside was being watched. She stood hipshot and accentuating her curves, moved from side to side to let him see her shift her weight, and more than once reached down to pretend to adjust something on a heel which made the curves of her bottom stretch the mini skirt and ride up showing more leg. The girl inside the well lit ice cream parlor went about her business and tried not to notice the show that the beautiful lady outside was putting on for the pervert in the car.

As Eva straightened up from her latest pose, she suddenly felt him behind her. She hadn’t heard the car door, no footsteps, nor even his movements as he’d come to claim what he considered his.

“Someone’s being a very good little girl,” he whispered in her ear as both hands gently, but firmly, took hold of her upper arms. His body was behind hers and she was held looking straight ahead into the shop. Eva felt him press against her and realized she’d been successful; his hard cock was pressed against her from behind. “Does ice cream make you horny, Baby Girl?”

“Daddy…no…I just wanted to turn you on,” she answered in mock surprise at the question.

“I know you did, and you’ve done a nice job.” He was rubbing his crotch against her, probably making himself even harder. A hand traced her spine as she stood still for him, slightly nervous that the girl in the shop might look at them and disapprove. “Move your feet…that’s it; shoulder width,” he whispered as her body moved to comply. “Such a good girl…”

The blond scooped ice cream and set one finished cone into a specially designed holder. Moving down the long row of freezers, she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. The pervert had gotten out of the car and was behind the pretty woman. “Better stay out of that,” she thought to herself. “But, man, I wish the tecavüz porno boss would put more lights in the parking lot so people wouldn’t be able to mess around out there…”

Eva felt his hand move slowly across the globe of her right cheek and knew he was savoring that feeling. At the hem of the skirt, his finger teased and played with her upper thigh. There hadn’t been panties set out with the outfit, so naturally, she wasn’t wearing any. If he’d wanted that, he’d have set them out for her to wear. So when his finger dipped down and under, he found that her slit was bare and wet. Freshly shaved, she was even smoother than before and his finger found her hole, and pushed in all the way. She shuddered to be touched so intimately in public and truth be told, she was still a little sore from the hard use she’d received a few hours ago.

Inside, the blue eyed girl realized after opening the fogged over freezer that the vanilla ice cream was nearly empty. She bent down and ran her scoop around the bottom wondering if there could possibly be enough for a full scoop–but knowing full well that there wasn’t. She simply wanted to be able to take a peek at what was happening at the window through the fogged over freezer lid in hopes that she wouldn’t be caught spying.

Outside, his wet finger was withdrawn from Eva’s flowing pussy and brought to her mouth. “Suck,” he’d ordered and Eva’s lovely mouth was opened to accept his finger. She slowly sucked her own pussy off of his finger, making sure to put on a show with her lips as she tasted herself and mimicked the cock sucking that she’d done earlier. “Mmmm,” she moaned in the back of her throat as he pushed in and out of her mouth while he ground his cock into her bottom.

Again the finger was inserted into her pussy and again it was offered to her mouth. Lost in the moment, Eva licked and sucked her own flavor off of his surrogate cock. The finger was thrust deep in her mouth and she knew that he’d far rather be thrusting his cock into her face as she knelt before him. Maybe later…

The blond woman watched this and was surprised at her body’s reaction. The cold inside the shop had long ago made her nipples insensitive to extremes of cold, but they did perk up at the sight of the man’s finger going into the woman’s mouth and more so, the look on the woman’s face was enough to make anyone–man or woman–get aroused. Her face was a mask of happiness, contentment, and complete joy while she acted like a wonton slut in public. It was disconcerting to the blond girl who had been raised to be a lady and didn’t understand her own cravings to be taken in hand by a strong man like she was seeing now. She realized that they might soon wonder where their ice cream was, but for now, they seemed busy and unable to notice the slow service. Squatting down behind the cooler, she blushed and wondered if someday she too might be wanted that badly that she would be touched so intimately in public.

“Eva, you’re such a good girl,” he’d whispered from next to her ear. His head was so close to hers that most of his face was blocked by her voluminous curls; in fact, the blond girl inside the store couldn’t tell that he was watching her while he played with his woman. Eva didn’t answer his comment, because again, her mouth was full of his finger and again, she was tasting her own pussy on it. He watched the blond sneaking her glances from behind the far freezer and knew that they were putting on a show but didn’t care. This was about Eva and him. The blond could do what she wanted with the visual stimulation; she wouldn’t be asked to join them…not this day.

Inside, the young woman moaned softly as she realized that her own pussy had begun to moisten from the sight she was witnessing. It actually shocked her out of her üvey anne porno reverie at wanting to be in the other woman’s position. Slowly, so as not to break the trance, she stood up and went in the back to get a new tub of vanilla ice cream. Once out of sight of the front of the store, she considered briefly, made a hasty decision, and thrust her own hand down the front of her work uniform’s shorts. Long fingers found the waistband of her thong panties. Into the space between them and her abdomen, down into her crotch, and through her slit, she started stroking her pussy furiously as she knew that she may not have much time. This wasn’t the first time she’d masturbated in the cold store room, but it was the first time she’d played with her pussy while being able to watch someone else’s playtime at the window. Moaning incessantly, she worked to bring herself off as quickly as possible as the woman outside was felt up and made to taste herself. Two fingers were thrust into her cunny–as she always called it–and she stretched herself, dreaming of a thick, warm cock being pushed into her.

Outside, Eva had become noisy. She was moaning as he played with her pussy and fed her the liquid that he collected. He was up to two fingers and with each push into her, was playing with her g-spot. Eva by this time had forgotten where she was; all of her was concentrating on the build up going on below, tasting herself when his demanding fingers reached her lips, and allowing him to use her body for his pleasure. She was a sight…if anyone else could have seen. The only light was on her face from inside the shop and this late at night, there were no customers and not much traffic going by on the road.

But to those who could see–if they’d been able to–they would have seen Eva standing with her back to a man, bent forward at the waist, legs straight and feet encased in what men call “come fuck me heels”, and her black skirt flipped up and lying on her lower back. Her bare ass was in the position that he’d once pronounced “her natural stance”, that place where not only did she look the sexiest, but where she was ready and able to be licked, touched, or fucked in the manner of his choosing.

In the back, the blond now had two fingers thrust deep into her cunt and she’d added her other hand which played with her clit. Pinching and rubbing the slippery nub, she’d felt it grow beneath her fingertips and chased it around the upper folds of her pussy. She was close…so close. She moaned aloud again as she saw two fingers being thrust into the other woman’s mouth again and stroked in and out like a cock. She didn’t understand all the feelings that she felt watching this; only that they turned her on. She was not going to last much longer.

Neither was Eva. Her pussy was so wet that she could feel her liquids running down the insides of her bare thighs. Her knees were in danger of failing her and as she staggered a little, she felt his hand come down hard on her bare ass cheek. “Stand up!” he’d commanded. “Legs straight,” he hissed as his hand spanked her again. “Do you understand?”

Before she could answer, his fingers were thrust into her pussy again, taking her breath away. She couldn’t possibly last much longer; she was in danger of cumming right here in public.

The hand, wet with her liquids came down again, harder, on her right ass cheek. The wet slap that it made due to the pussy on his hand was a distinct sound in the dark area around the ice cream shop. Eva fought to remain upright while she was spanked in public and touched so intimately. She didn’t have a chance; any more stimuli and she was going to collapse into a wet puddle of orgasmic girl.

Inside, the young woman watched and fucked herself. Her hands were busy in her shorts, her long pony üvey erkek kardeş porno tail swung back and forth with her movements, and her mouth hung open in a slack “O” as her ragged breathing became labored.

“Oh…oh….oh….Uuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh!” she groaned loudly as her orgasm hit her. The spanking that she was witnessing was what did it. She longed to be spanked and told what a fucking slut she was, and to see it happening here in front of her like her own personal porn movie was too much. Her pussy clutched at her fingers and her entire body tensed up. The girl came in a rush of sensations emanating from her center. She stroked harder as it started, knowing what would come from such an intense orgasm. She looked down just in time to see the first squirt as her cum shot out of her pussy and down her leg, across the cooler top that she was sitting on, and onto the floor. Several clear streams of liquid shot from her cunt as she continued to cum from her own hand. She bit her lip to keep from making so much noise that the couple outside might hear. As she bit down hard enough to feel the pain of her teeth crushing the soft flesh of the back of her hand, she realized that the woman outside was looking right at her.

Outside, Eva’s face was full of his fingers and her own pussy had been rubbed all over her lips and around her mouth. His fingers thrust in and out of her sucking mouth like a small cock and she pursed her lips and flicked her tongue at them, catching every nuance of her scent and flavor. His hand came down repeatedly on her ass cheek, the flesh there was hot and stinging and it was making it impossible for her to hold still. She couldn’t believe that she was acting like this in public; at this point, she didn’t care. He knew best…and as he’d said earlier, “Mine,” she knew he meant it. She was his to be used as he saw fit.

She felt it coming, there was no denying it, she was going to be made to cum right here at the ice cream stand. His insistent fingers in her pussy were driving her, in fact, going to force her to cum. He knew how to press her buttons and exactly where those buttons were. His other hand was now reaching around the front of her and manipulating her clit. She wouldn’t last much longer.

“Who’s?” he asked as his fingers touched her clit.

“Yours, Daddy,” she’d whispered and another smack landed on her beleaguered ass cheek. “I couldn’t hear you, Little Girl,” he said without raising his voice.

“Yours. It’s yours. It’s all yours.”

“Mmmmmm, ‘all,’ huh? That gives me an idea…”

She wondered what he meant, but found she could not concentrate; his fingers at her clit were a blur and she didn’t have a chance of lasting much longer. If he penetrated her pussy again and stroked her g-spot, she would need to be held up or allowed to collapse from the orgasm, she didn’t care which.

His fingers traced the crack of her ass and gently pushed. With a start, she opened her eyes fully, realizing that he was about to touch her anus. Her big, beautiful eyes noticed movement–funny what one sees in the strangest times–and she looked further back into the store to see the blond girl, reclining on a freezer, shorts around her thighs, and both hands in her crotch. Streams of liquid spurted out of her pussy as she masturbated. Their eyes locked and a knowing glance was exchanged.

A gentle finger probed Eva’s crevice and found her asshole. It circled and played at her most sensitive spot as her mind began to reel at the sensation and the idea that he would violate her anally in public.

Both women watched the other while they came. The blond continued to play and squirted her orgasms in the back of the ice cream store and Eva finally succumbed to the fingers on her clit, the finger pushing and teasing her butthole, and the sensations of being stimulated in public. Her knees bent again and she slumped backwards against him as her climax ripped her apart, caused contractions up and down her body, and dimmed her vision. But never did she lose sight of the other woman who was looking with secret longing at what the Eva was being given so freely.

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