The Mysterious Village of St. Sienna Ch. 04


‘The legend of the village of St. Sienna.’ pt 4

The two women walked down the street into the saloon a cross between a drinking dance hall establishment from out of America’s west and the Moulin Rouge’s ‘joie de vivre’ period during the famed Gay 90’s in Paris that had many demonstrating their ‘joy for living’.

“Bonjour Camille…Bonjour Adelane…the new season is upon us.”

Standing in front of the cowgirls behind the woman were two wall-mounted ornate mirrors that had a 4′ tall metal replica of the Eiffel Tower separating them. The iconic structure often called the world’s most famous phallic symbol represented the peace and prosperity of the ‘Belle Epoque’ period in France. Along with the Paris Metro and the Paris Opera it stood for the century’s progress in what people around the world would call ‘The City of Lights’.

The mid-fifties female barkeep was the owner of ‘Giselle’s Joie de vivre’. A smile on her face she poured two shots of whiskey leaving the bottle on finishing the act.

“Bonjour Giselle…yes we heard tell from Jennifer this morning 3 more dropped in out of the sky over the night.”

“So the hunt is on for my French cowgirl wranglers.”

“Yes indeed…so much more challenging than tracking pheasants from their brush and bushes.”

“As usual keep me in mind….we always could use new ‘Can-can’ dancing chorus girls for our stage revue entertainment.”

Originally termed the ‘Infernal Galop’ from Act ll, Scene 2 of Jacques Offenbach’s 1858 operetta ‘Orpheous in the Underworld’ the rest of the world came to call the high-kicking dancers awash in petticoats simply ‘the Can-can’ girls.

Not terribly large the saloon had its walls adorned with impressionists paintings acquired before many had become world renown artists.

The parachute dangling from the branches Pierre knew he’d been fortunate after the jump from the plane. A bump on the head with a scrape on his leg had him falling asleep easily once on the ground. On waking he didn’t see his partners in crime Jacques or the leader of the art theft crew Jean.

Dusting off the ball-cap pushing his hair back the dirt path ahead seemed the most logical to take. He wasn’t sure what he would find only hoping his two mates would be nearby.

Pierre stopped after walking a good kilometer or so down the road. Turning he thought he’d heard the sound of a horse. The bulky feel of his jacket was enough he took it off tying it around his waist. Something felt odd it didn’t seem like his Nike running shoes fit continuing on down the dirt path surrounded on either side by tall trees.

Once more he turned to look back as he stopped. A shot rang out clipping some bark off the tree. It was enough he took off running with his heart rate accelerating. A glance behind as he ran had him wondering if that really was a cowboy chasing him. His mind said ‘this is France if not Switzerland….they don’t have cowboys here’.

Coming at him from the other end was another cowboy on a horse the rope moving above in a flying circle. The wide gap in the tree line had him shifting to run through it.

Camille smiled a tug to the reins her mare turned to chase. Adeline’s horse did the same as Pierre remained between them not far ahead. Her pistol out not really wanting to hit more trying to scare Adeline shot the six-shooter just so he would hear it.

The sound drew his attention slowing his pace. A look back at the rider and suddenly he felt a rope move round his chest before he fell to the ground from the momentum.

“Je l’ai eu.”

Adeline heard Camille say ‘I got him’ yet still kept coming at the captured male. Pierre did his best to lower the rope when it neared his knees he felt himself being dragged as Camille’s horse backed up on orders.

Camille gave it a toss over the thick branch the rope at Pierre’s ankles he soon was lifting off the ground the rope tight around his legs as the woman secured it to a tree close by. Staring in disbelief he saw that porno the one that had been doing the lasso was a woman cowgirl.

The other one off her horse approached carrying a large knife.

His shirt fell down covering his head while his arms dangled. Yanking it off Camille tied him at the wrists pulling them behind while Adeline cut his jeans off his wallet and keys falling out from the upside down pockets.

It didn’t seem right straining to look back up his tied arms unable to rise he could swear he had a pair of small perky breasts before his head dropped back down from the gravity of it. The ball-cap gone Pierre’s body naked his hair fell straight lower swaying as his arms remained immobile too tired to lift. He couldn’t quite tell yet that too felt odd ….like there was more length there then should be.

Upside down he saw the two pairs of cowboy boots while his body swayed from the push Adeline gave it. Camille took out her kerchief and tied it covering his eyes. Unable to look his legs tied tight together he figured his penis was between them just that he couldn’t see it.

It came out in a feminine lilt.

“He ce qui donne laisse-moi partir.”

It surprised him to hear the soft voice come out from his mouth.

“Let you go?…’fraid not….votre bien trop jolie jeune fille pour faire ca.”

He thought …’what did she mean ‘I’m far too pretty now to do that’. Pierre tried to lift his head yet it was just too hard exhausted as he was. His arms felt tired and weak. Upside down the way he was he wasn’t certain if they seemed like they were smooth skinned free of hair. One thing was for sure they felt smaller and thinner.

The Adeline gave him a push before hopping on her horse ready to pursue the others. Camille a burst of laughter coming out gave Pierre’s body a kick enough to keep him swaying in the breeze until they rode out of sound.

The feminine spirit swooshed in to the bedroom through the open window the look of a beautiful feminine witch it was as though it wanted Claudine to see her presence without the sleeping Yvette knowing.

The woman looked at her without moving as the spirit ran its hands slightly above Yvette’s body from top to bottom yet not touching or disturbing her slumber. Floating in mid-air the spirt and Claudine looked at each other making a connection of the sacred sisterhood as only women can do.

The face a beauty beyond compare gave off a smile with a hint of playful wickedness. The sheen of the moon highlighting her silhouette with its chiffon-like gown floating had the windblown look to her hair giving it a fullness as it swirled about the lovely face.

As quick as it entered it left just as fast leaving a trail of glittering substance in its wake. Claudine knew she’d never go to church again after having seen the vision as powerful as any angel.

The front door of the house open Claudine stood on the porch and looked at Yvette picking fresh flowers. Back when he was her husband Philip would only bring flowers home when he thought he was in trouble.

In the morning shower with tears of joy mingling with sadness at the penis made absent Yvette learned of her new vagina. No longer would she have a swinging dick with a pair of balls between her legs.

The lightweight frock she’d put Yvette in clung to her body the top four buttons undone allowed glimpses of her large breasts as they swayed unfettered. It had only been a week yet the former male was making a smooth adjustment to being a woman. As each day passed on he thought less and less about his life as a man.

Claudine had taken to enjoying making him feel weak and helpless. Yvette turned to look at her domina as the former husband clipped the pretty flower at its end sliding it into her hair above her ear.

Her woman moved out from the front stairs. Lifting the axe up she positioned the piece of wood so it stood up straight on the stump. Left hand gripping the base her right mid-length Claudine swung japon porno it down splitting the wood in half.

Another piece was put to the stump. A swoosh of air could be heard as she brought the axe down with force and accuracy. As each piece of wood fell to the ground split in half Yvette looking on felt a level of physical inferiority rise up.

“Here baby…you try.”

The woman wanted to demonstrate her superiority. She intended for Yvette to learn once again her diminished strength was no match for that of her domina’s.

“Really…it seems so difficult…I mean having to lift …then to let it come down in the right place.”

Yvette put her hands on the axe slowly she raised it up midway before it fell back to the dirt. Claudine wrapped her arms around Yvette the taut muscles firm against the soft skin her hand reached out and moved the axe out of the way.

“There baby…let’s not have you hurt yourself…I think we both know its best if you leave the rough stuff to me.”

The way of an alpha the woman had proved her point as Yvette let her back glide against the body with the stronger arms holding her captive. Claudine ran her hands down and back up again along the flared hips settling them under the sumptuous bosom before giving a playful grasp moving each breast as though toys she could play with at her leisure.

“Baby lift your hem up.”

Claudine slid her hand down as her fingers slipped inside the panties. Slowly moving over the nub of the clit the middle finger gently entered the vagina.

“Yesssss…in and out…sooo soft …..sooo wet…such a good girl.”

The woman nibbled at the neck letting her mouth put light kisses to the erogenous zone. Yvette held still not wanting it to end.

“These lovely pouted pussy lips….why they’re just begging to be penetrated….can my darling picture a thick phallus entering her.”

Her hand started lightly slamming the moist finger in and out her palm landing just right to create a firmness on her Yvette’s mound.

“Is it still there…those memories when you were with a strange woman…you’d climb on top trying to be so macho…pushing inside with that 6″….or maybe was it only 5″ …desperate to come off looking so manly.”

A 2nd finger had slid in both wet with fluid she moved them about inside against the walls of the pussy while pulling them in and out.


The soft moan escaping Yvette tiled her head the single flower near her ear falling to the ground

“Yes in moments like that….only a woman knows how truly important girth and length matter in times of arousal….they need to be ravished…they want to be ravished…to feel a meaty thickness…throbbing ….pulsating.”

The memories of his infidelity returning Yvette started moaning as the woman’s fingers brought her near climaxing.

“Were her nipples hard and excited?….did she have large breasts much like you do now….did you play with them…kiss them touch them…lick at the pouted areoals…make her feel like a woman should”

“eeewwww….eewwwww….yes…Claudine….ohhhh your fingers they feel sooo good.”

“You want it …don’t you?….to feel what she did… need to have a thick cock inside…..letting you experience your womanhood…affirming your femininity………I know how to do it….what to strap-on….just when to push it in….just when to pull it out ….. how to make you squeal with feminine delight. “

Claudine lifting the axe to move it more out of harms-way both turned on hearing the horse carriage pull into the clearing. Yvette took a fright before yanking the hem of the frock down disappointed the climax had only almost been achieved.

“Bonjour Jennifer….such a lovely morning”

“Qui madame Claudine…passing near….thought I’d give you two a ride to town.”

“Darling say hello to Jennifer…always be mindful of respecting your superiors.”

It was a reminder even lezbiyen porno though she had been turned feminine Claudine and Jennifer being genetic women were still more evolved than her.

As way of acknowledging Yvette dipped into a curtsy of sorts.

“Bonjour Madame Renault…I hope you’re having a pleasant day.”

Jennifer smiled condescendingly at Yvette before speaking directly at Claudine.

“Il semble qu’elle sera facile de s’entrainer a la manière d’une soumise feminine.”

Nodding her head Claudine agreed on hearing ‘it seems she’ll be easy to train in the ways of being a femme-submissive’.

Claudine turned to Jennifer and replied.

“Oui et assez agreeable aussi pendant que je le fais.”

Jennifer nodded her head agreeing as Claudine said ‘yes and quite enjoyable too for me while I do it’.

The woman padded the rounded fanny of the man turned womanly that use to be her husband whispering for him to go inside and collect the sun-bonnet and the pair of flats near the front door for a trip to town.

As happy as a young girl discovering she was going to like blossoming into a woman Yvette quickly made her way inside the home.

“Jennifer I would love to have you join us some evening…perhaps dinner and night over…by my way of thinking 3 women under the covers would be a lovely experience especially with one as gentle and pretty……and innocent as Yvette.”

The aroma wafting out between her legs still present filling the air Yvette sat between Claudine and Jennifer. The look of her hard nipples pressing against the frock’s fabric made Yvette feel self-conscious trying her best to hide them. A glance by Jennifer made her realize the effort was futile.

Bustling with activity the wagon drove past Giselle’s ‘Joie de vivre’ the western saloon with the French ‘Gay 90’s’ motif. Claudine noticed the sign near the two swinging doors at the entrance.

‘On Stage….Naughty Nadine and her Can-can girls revue’

Jennifer looked at the woman.

“It’s a fun show…you’ll enjoy its uniqueness.”

She pulled the wagon to a stop in front of ‘Madeline’s house of fashion. Yvette slid her hand through the opening at the crux of the elbow so she could better hold onto Claudine’s arm.

“Look a live mannequin …I bet there’s plenty of pretty dresses in there Ms. Claudine.”

Walking inside the boutique one couldn’t help yet see the iconic image. Her hand keeping the French flag aloft bosom exposed dark clouds of war in the back ground the woman was surrounded by armed patriotic soldiers inspired by her.

Done by Eugene Delacroix the French romantic artist ‘Liberty Leading the People’ spoke to the rise of feminism in a quest for political reform as a by-product of the French revolution of 1830.

Yvette looked at Claudine her domina but thought better than to disturb her listening while standing next to Madeline the proprietor. Adopted as the Republic’s anthem in 1795 the French nationalist song ‘La Marseillaise’ played on the speakers.

The owner turned it up believing if it didn’t touch one’s soul then they weren’t alive.

“Madeline it inspires me every time I hear it….”

The woman nodded her head in agreement as Claudine spoke..

“Look around Yvette…the intimate wear section is over near the books. We’ll have you given a proper bra fitting in a bit….first check out some of the lovely dresses and frocks.”

“Yes Ma’am….thank you…everything looks so delightful.”

In the back of the shop was a section of books entirely devoted to feminism. A picture of a young studious woman in a white frock was sitting atop 5 rows of stacked books placed in a sunlit field of green with lavender bushes in the background.

Yvette lifted up a book by the French author Simon De Beauvoir. ‘The 2nd Sex’ was written in 1949 but in some ways helped promote the first wave of feminism in the years that followed.

Her eyes lifted catching the display. The book back on the table Yvette raised the hanger with the attractive top in royal blue and held it against her chest. Smitten hard as though kissed by cupid she could feel herself falling in love with the world of women’s clothing and lingerie.

End of part 4 …

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