The Man Who would be Queen Ch. 12


“Coping With Reality”

It was a difficult evening for Dexter after standing fully dressed as a young lady in front of his brother and sister professing his desires to become a real woman. He had stripped nude when he got to the bedroom and Angela helped him remove all signs of his make up.

“Better?” she asked as she finished removing the eye makeup.

“I felt so foolish in there Angela. The way they looked at me. I mean, I don’t have those deep rooted desires. If I did maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I would feel like a woman or something, but I feel like a man being made a fool.”

Dexter hung his head.

Angela wished he were more determined somehow. How she didn’t know, but seeing her man hang his head and pity himself wasn’t working for her.

Dexter finally fell asleep. He needed the rest because he knew tomorrow was going to be a very eventful day though he didn’t know what.

Dexter squirmed for a moment. A wonderful feeling of satisfaction began to overwhelm him as he slowly became aware as he awoke. He gripped the sheets tightly with both hands and his legs began shaking as his toes with their bright red painted toenails strained and separated then quivered in spasmodic enjoyment.

“I’m having a wet dream,” he thought as he woke his body gave into the pleasurable feelings. As his orgasm began and his eyes opened and awareness now was all around he saw Angela’s head moving up and down under the sheet. He had just released his semen into her mouth. She had never allowed that or done this to him before. It was a wonderful experience.

She choked slightly and then turned her head and coughed once as he finished up. She never emerged from under the sheets. She just rolled him over on his side and gently ran her fngertips over the back of his legs, butt, and back in a very soothing manner till he once again fell asleep.

She sat up on the side of the bed and thought about the next day. Dexter didn’t know what was planned. It was better that way. He would have never gone to sleep if he did. His hair was going to be permed. Angela hated the idea but it had to be done. She preferred a large body perm to him wearing hair ornaments. She would help him through it. She always did, she just wished there was someone to help her through all this too.

They were going to do this to him. She just knew it. This was no joke. How could she keep the tie between them over the years when he was going to be a woman like she was. Girlfriends? She sat up all night thinking about a decision she had made a few days earlier. It might be crazy but it made sense to her.

“I’ve got to do it. It’s the only way,” she said softly to herself biting her lower lip.

Early the next morning Dexter awoke to Angela laying on her side her head propped up on one arm as she gently stroked his morning erection. He opened his eyes and looked at her. She gave him a warm smile. She looked very tired since she had been up all night making an important decision that would affect them both.

“Do you truly love me Dexter?” she asked as she continued to fondle his penis.

“You know I do Angela,” he said looking at her feeling her soothing manipulations.

“I want to have a baby. Your baby?,” she said without a change of emotion, just a warm look in her eyes.

“What?” he said surprised.

“Make me pregnant Dexter,” she said again softly.

“Why? I mean have you thought about this Angela?”

“More than you know honey,” she said without any change in her demeanor.

“We have to discuss the future of how we would live and are we getting married?” he said now sitting up in the bed. Even though he sat up she continued her manipulations that gave him great pleasure.

She hesitated for a moment and looked at what her hand was doing to him, then she looked back up at him. Things had to be said.

“No, we are not getting married. At least not because of the baby.”

“What?” Dexter was very flustered by this waking conversation. “What are you saying Angela.”

“Consider this Dexter. If things can’t be stopped, in six months you will be without your penis and balls. You will be a woman. Anatomically and legally, like it or not. You won’t be able to ever father a child as a male again.”

“That is not assured at this point Angela,” he argued. “We are still xhamster porno early in this.”

“Stop it Dexter. The Queen will make you a woman next week if you even think of veering from the plan. They told you that. Do you really think they are not going to do this to you in the end?”

Dexter looked stunned at her statement. His world was unraveling and now it seemed Angela was having trouble coping.

“Listen baby, I love you. I would love to be Mrs. Ferguson and that may still happen,” she said softly kissing his cheek. “You are starting female hormones this week, I mean think about it, we have to have a baby together as man and woman soon. It will tie us together for life as parents regardless of what the future events brings for your gender and I like that,” she said.

“Are you really serious about this,” he asked looking at her.

“I want you on top of me each morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep until I am pregnant. It can be mechanical in nature if the mood isn’t right or if you or I are too tired, but it has to be done. I want it done.”

Angela pulled off her panties and lay on her back then spread her feet and opened her legs wide for him. She reached down and spread her vagina lips with two fingers.

“Come on honey, let’s get started.”

Dexter slowly crawled on top of her. He entered her slowly. Oncehe was inside, she wrapped her legs around his lower back and held his head firmly in the crook of her neck not allowing him to lift his head.

“OK baby, cum inside me,” she said as he began. “That’s it.”

Angela stared at the ceiling as she held his head firmly. Her mind was far from the sex they were sharing right now. The thoughts of taking him to get his nails done and polished like a woman or have his hair perm at a salon while she waited or had to watch caused a tear to fall from the side of her eye.

Dexter was going out to a local mall today to purchase a new wardrobe. All women’s clothes and accessories. Of course their would be many more trips like this one as it would be impossible to do all the shopping in a single day. He knew nothing of the agenda for the day but Angela did. He was only told at the last moment to keep his stress levels down and the resistance time to a minimum.

Dexter would be in a dress and high heels today. Angela felt it was more to expose him in public to people he knew that he wanted to be a woman than to achieve anything practical. A dress and heels was a little excessive for a shopping trip in Angela’s eyes. Girls his age didn’t normally appear that dressy for shopping. She felt so sorry for him, but she wanted to share something bigger in life with him. She now closed her eyes and hung on tight while Dexter continued.

There was no passionate kissing or soft wordsof affection, just the groanns of Dexter as he had an orgasm inside Angela as she held him tight in her grip.

“That was nice babe,” she said releasing her grip and reaching down to pull his now spent erection out of her pussy, then sitting up on the edge of the bed.

Angela got out of bed and Dexter felt the uneasy feelings of mechanical sex for a reason.

“Angela,” he said softly.

“We have a lot to do today Dexter. You need to get up now,” she said slipping on her robe.

Dexter felt a sudden emptiness inside that was greater than wearing a dress.


Sarah closed the door and opened the specially delivered message from Queen Jewel.

“Damn it,” Sarah said throwing the message on her desk.

“Bad news?” Clarence asked looking up from what he was doing.

“The Queen has cancelled Dexter’s request for an audience with her. I have to submit another request and they say it will be at least three weeks before an audience will even be considered.”

“What do you make of that?” Clarence asked.

“I don’t know. I mean she wasn’t going to grant him any concessions at the one we had scheduled anyway. I just wanted to see her body language and see if there would be a slip of the tongue,” she said walking over to her desk.

There was a knock at the door.

“We expecting someone?” Clarence asked as Sarah walked to the door.

“I am,” Sarah said looking back at him as she opened the door.

She yaşlı porno opened the door an there stood Lynn Ferguson.

“Come on in Lynn. It’s good to see you,” Sarah said looking now at Clarence.

“Clarence was just leaving. He has some follow up research to do at the mall. I want to know more about the employees there, especially the custodians.”

“Oh…yes… right. I was just headed out. It so good to see you again Mrs. Ferguson. “You look very nice today.”

Clarence gathered his things together and hurried to the door.

“I was curious as to why you were so dressed up this morning,” he said under his breath as he reached for the door.

“Get out,” she said softly but aggressively hurrying him along.

“Hussy,” said in a joking parting shot.

“Please have a seat Lynn. I want to know how Dexter is handling everything after talking to the siblings.”

“Well, he doesn’t seem to be any worse. I guess that’s all I can say about that. Aaron is handling things OK it seems but Michelle is having a hard time coping with all this.”

“Well, actually that’s better than I expected at this stage of the game.” Sarah said.


“Most men in Dexter’s situation would be in deep despair right now. Probably would have run at every opportunity, and would probably anatomically be women by the end of this week. Yes he is doing remarkably well.”

“Why do you think that is?” she asked after hearing Sarah’s assessment that Dexter’s resistance was less than the average man’s somehow.

“I don’t know really. Maybe because he thinks it will not happen? But then again if that was the case why cooperate and demoralize yourself in front of everyone you know?”

Sarah sat down next to Lynn and opened a folder.

“Sarah are you familiar with any of the EKG’s people from when your husband was there?”

“Not really. As you know they weren’t to socialize privately outside the kings security areas.”

“I know. Did you ever find it odd that a small faction of them escorted you to the kings chambers on your wedding night and your husband knew nothing about it nor did those guards seem to care what was happening. They had to at least know who you were.”

Lynn had never tried to analyze that night in her mind before. She tried to forget it. That would be strange though.

“What are you saying,” she asked as if he had all the answers.

“Oh Lynn honey,” Sarah said taking her hand. “I don’t have the answers. I just have a lot of questions that don’t make sense right now. I was hoping you could shed some light. Anything that you remember. You’d be surprised at how the tiniest things can pull it all together.”

“It was a very traumatic night for me,” she said firmly.

“Lynn, I had a very traumatizing, tragic event happen in my past. It was very difficult for me to even carry on with my life much less become a successful attorney. Somehow I was directed to handle this case. It was pushed my direction by forces from the past neither of us understand.”

“I don’t understand,” Lynn said gently pulling her hand back feeling a little uncomfortable now with the way Sarah was holding it still.

“Somehow our pasts have crossed paths or are both somehow a part of a larger issue or some sort of conspiracy that I have no idea what it is…yet.”

“What does it have to do with my son becoming a woman?”

“I am known for fighting for the rights of those male prisoners who face sex change as part of their life sentence. I personally talk to the Queen on behalf of each one. Other than that, I haven’t a clue as to why I was chosen.”

Lynn lowered her eyes.

“I see,” she said. “I am taking Dexter out in public today to purchase some women’s clothes for himself. He needs something to wear for this evil game the Queen is playing,” she said almost hissing the last part.

“And I’m sure this will be very difficult for him and you.”

“Sarah will you give me your honest opinion on this? What are our chances of changing the Queen’s mind about the decree?”

Sarah looked to her with sympathetic eyes.

“Zero,” she said in a very professional manner.


“It is going to happen I’m sure of it, the Queen wants it. I just don’t know why.”

Sarah was little aldatma porno surprised by Lynn’s reaction. She just shook her head as if she were already totally aware of the fact.

“Listen Lynn, I know today will be difficult. I’m sure Angela will be spending some alone time with Dexter afterwards trying to console and support him. You need some support too. Why don’t you put on a nice dress this evening and allow me to take you out for dinner.”

Lynn looked at her for a moment and thought.

“I haven’t been out with anyone since my husband died. I have been asked many times. And now my first date is going to be with a girl. Hmmm…” she chuckled at the quip as she stood. “OK Sarah, I’ll have dinner with you this evening.” she said offering her hand for Sarah to shake.

“Great, how’s seven sound.”


Lynn left the building and Sara reflected on the last part of their conversation.

“You didn’t date anyone for ten years because you weren’t allowed or it was dangerous. You are not being completely forthcoming with me about your past Lynn Ferguson,” she thought to herself. “That’s OK, I’ll take my time.”

Sarah knew there was more to this and Lynn wasn’t telling her the whole story, but then again Sarah wasn’t telling her entire story yet either.


Olivia stood faced his husband the Duke. Olivia had spent three hours dressing and preparing for his husbands visit. Rarely did he see the Duke twice in such a short span.

Olivia was wearing a full length sapphire evening gown with a low cut bodice to expose the maximum cleavage. The top of the gown adorned in sequins and the skirt was pure satin. The high heels were difficult enough, but he was hobbled between the knees to prevent him from suddenly doing anything. His hair up as usual and sprayed stiff, laquered so not a single hair could stray out of place.

“Hello Olivia,” the Duke said as he approached.

“Hello darling. So wonderful to see you again so soon,” Olivia gushed in fake praise returning his husbands kiss with full simulated enthusiasm.

“Where’s Marie? I always so look forward to meeting her. She is such a wonderful woman and a pleasure to be around.” Olivia had a large smile in her face.

“She won’t be able to visit anymore I’m afraid. “I’m sorry, I know you enjoyed her company,” the Duke said knowing how Olivia really hated the woman.

“Oh darling,” Olivia said sounding alarmed placing his hand on his chest. “I’m sure she was just making an idle statement last time when she called me highness. I really don’t think she was aware that we were actually married. Just a slip of the tongue you know.”

“Well things happen,” the Duke said stepping back to make a drink.

“Darling, did you send her away, or did you make her disappear?” Olivia enquired.

“Don’t you worry about those things,” he said turning to face him.

Olivia had a slight smile on her face. He hoped for the worse and was probably right.

“Oh well she’s gone I guess,” Olivia said sounding disappointed.

“You are being circumcised on Friday. We’re still going to do that,” the Duke said as if it that yielded power. “Maybe more in the future.”

“Of course we are darling. I can’t wait. I wouldn’t have it and other way,” Olivia said with a smile stunned at the maybe more comment.

The Duke finished his drink and took Olivia by the arm forcing the hobbled man to the chair where he was sat down rather roughly and forced to turn his head to the side to face the Duke. Olivia sat with his hands folded daintily in his lap waiting patiently while the Duke unzipped his pants. He held that pose and opened his lips wide. Twenty minutes later the Duke was done and left the room.

Olivia just sat there still with his hands folded in is his lap with his head turned to the side. He had not moved even after the Duke had left. His hair was a mess from being used to grip and control his head. His lipstick in need of repair with just the slightest shine of semen on his cheek from where his husband had bumped his face when he removed his dick from his mouth, and a long strand of hair in back was a hanging lose where his husband had taken a hand full of hair pulled it free from it’s styling and wiped the cum off his dick before putting it back in his pants.

To the reader i will be writing chapter 14 and I plan on it being a longer and more fulfilling chapter. I would like to hear your questions about what you see or wonder like, “Why can’t the siblings know why he is having to do this.” I will be answering that in the chapter.

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