Escapades of Eva Ch. 09


Eva literally bounced into work that afternoon. She had taken her hair down from the severe knot she kept it in and had left it long and held back at the neck by a single large barrette. She had taken the time to put on makeup and was humming to herself. She pranced into the women’s lingerie department with a smile and a pleasant greeting for everyone. “Its amazing,” she thought, “how much difference some good sex with the right man can change a woman’s whole perspective.”

As she glided into the break room she got her first glimpse of Sir Dan since she had said goodnight the evening of their fun. He was so handsome and the kindness that she loved to see in his eyes suddenly took on a real mischief that disappeared almost as fast as it came. She couldn’t help blushing a little as she said good morning. There were other employees in the break room as she said, “Why good morning Sir.” She caught his eye and unknown to others in the room she shyly lowered her eyes. “I hope you had a good night.”

“I did,” he said in a very business like manner. “And I hope you did as well.”

“Yes Sir, it was a good night. Do you want me to finish unpacking those boxes of stockings Sir?”

“Yes,” he said, “And when you finish that come and get me. I have a special assignment for you.”

“Yes Sir,” she said as she put her things in her locker.

The porno indir rest of the afternoon Eva unpacked, priced merchandise, and put the stockings on display. She caught herself humming now and then. And occasionally, she found herself feeling twinges in her body of the delicious feelings she had the night before. She stayed wet all afternoon thinking about Sir playing with her cunt. When she was finished she went in to take her break.

As she sat there munching on a bag of trail mix Sir Dan came into the room. He stopped to buy a soda from the machine. They were alone in the break room. He sat down across the table from her. Suddenly, she felt self-conscious. Keeping her eyes lowered she peeked up over her eyelashes to see him grinning evilly. “Take your panties off,” he said simply. She was startled, but as a good submissive she stood up and started toward the rest room. “No,” he said, “Take them off right here.” She was taken aback and her mouth dropped open a little. Looking up at her with passion in his eyes he said, “You had better hurry. Someone may come in before you get them off.” Eva blushed again and with eyes still lowered she quickly slipped her panties off. “Give them to me,” he said. He took the panties that she handed him and suddenly she felt as naked as if he had just asked her to strip. rokettube Chuckling, he stuffed her panties into his shirt pocket. “Very good pet, you may sit back down.”

Eva could still feel the blush hot on her face. She had been sitting with her back to the door and he was facing it. A little nervous she closed her legs tight. He motioned for her to sit again directly across from him. Eva knew that she would not be able to see if anyone came into the room and she began to fidget. She could also see that he was enjoying her discomfort very much. She ventured a glance at him as she pursed her lips. He laughed heartily at that.

“Pet I want you to sit directly in front of me. Spread your legs and pull your skirt up to thigh level.” As she did he added, “Pull it up further and spread wider. I want to see your naked cunt.”

“Yes Sir,” she said as she spread her legs. She knew that her face must be a bright shade of red.

“And pet?”

“Yes Sir?”

“Every time you are in this break room with me I want you to sit like this whether I am close to you or across the room. Is that clear?”

“Yes Sir” she murmured. She was feeling a little embarrassed even though no one was around. “This is silly,” she thought. “I should never feel embarrassed around Sir, but I do.”

As if he were reading seks filmi her mind he said, “It is called private humiliation. Only you and I know it is happening. Does it turn you one pet?”

“Why yes it does Sir,” she said amazed at herself. Mostly she was shocked at how much it had turned her on. She added, “And, I love it Sir.” Suddenly she felt the little tingle of feeling humiliated and she had a massive rush of sexual feelings. Knowing that her Sir had told her to do something that was normally thought of as taboo turned her on tremendously. Not only was it taboo, but her Sir had insisted, taking away any responsibility she had for being naughty. Sir had taken all of her sexual hang-ups away from her as simply as that.

“Good,” Sir Dan laughed, “Now that I am thinking of it pet, every time you sit down today I want that skirt pulled up high and your legs spread.” As he spoke he reached down below the break table and stuck two fingers up in her pussy. He pushed back and forth on her pussy until she spread her legs further and positioned her bottom where he could have better access to her. He slid his fingers all the way into her cunt and finger fucked her for a moment. She was starting to breath heavily and her eyes were beginning to glaze over. Sir Dan pulled his fingers out and when Eva looked up in astonishment he stuck one wet finger into his mouth taking a long moment to lick it suggestively. “Now go back to work and meet me back here in one hour.”

“Yes Sir,” she giggled as she stood up a little unsteadily. With a huge grin on her own face this time Eva looked up at Sir Dan and squealed, “Sir I love this.”

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