The Magic of a Kiss

Big Tits

It had all started innocently enough. A group of friends, colleagues, relaxing in the pub after a hard day’s work trying to cram some knowledge into the unreceptive minds of young people more concerned with the rapidly approaching festive season.

Jenny had joined the staff that September, fresh from training and was still coming to grips with the reality of teaching in a large comprehensive school, trying to remember everyone’s name, working out who was who, where she should be at any given time, why she’d ever thought that teaching was a good idea in the first place! It was getting easier by the day and she’d found all the more experienced staff only too willing to help with little tips and hints, supporting her when she had trouble, reassuring her that it wasn’t bad all the time! But there were still times, particularly when she was at home in her small flat at night, alone, far from family and friends, that she felt lonely and insecure. Times when she longed for someone to hold her, to comfort her, to cuddle her as she drifted off to sleep. Celibacy had become the norm, not that she was ever the promiscuous type and masturbation was her only relief.

No one would have called her a stunner. She wasn’t one of those girls that turned heads in the street, wasn’t the sultry temptress that one often reads about in stories like this, didn’t have the perfect figure with huge breasts bursting out of everything she wore, in fact, she was average. Yes. Average summed Jenny up rather well. Average height, average body size, average bra size. Average. But, she did have three assets that marked her out from the crowd. Her eyes were one of her best features. Dark brown, almost black in some lights, sparklingly clear and with a direct gaze that some had described as a “come to bed” look. Her smile had the power to transform her ordinary face.

Dazzling is an over worked word but it did come close to describing the effect it had on people. It even worked on the pupils. When she turned it on she found that she could defuse a difficult situation çekmeköy escort and transform anger into calmness. And, last, but by no means least, was her wickedly dry sense of humour. She was able to find something witty to say about almost any subject and often had the crowd in the staffroom hooting with laughter as she made some cutting observation about the day’s events. Sexually, she was relatively inexperienced, having had few lovers and those, in the main, also inexperienced, so that she was left with the sense that somewhere out there was the one who could transform her, bring out the swan hiding behind the ugly duckling. No one at school had really caught her attention, although one or two of the younger males had tried to entice her. No one. Except, perhaps, one.

She had found herself drawn to Wendy, one of the PE teachers. Tall, slim, with the athletic frame one would expect, short blonde hair, freckles and blue eyes. She’d heard the rumours, heard the kids calling her “lezzy”, but she’d shut them out of her mind, preferring to concentrate on the fact that Wendy was kind, considerate, seemed to care how she got on. Wendy had never made any suggestion, either overt or hidden, that they should be more than friends, yet there was something about her that intrigued Jenny, excited her. She found herself looking for her in the staffroom, at lunch, during her free time.

She watched her walk along the corridors, her short PE skirt swinging, her long, tanned legs striding purposefully. Yes, she’d sometimes fantasised about how it would feel to kiss her, much as Ally McBeal did. And, after all, no harm had come of that kiss! But that was TV, not real life and Jenny had never had any intention of pursuing the matter further. But the thoughts lingered, teasing her mind, somehow making her feel warm inside. And, as she sat in the pub the thoughts returned. She imagined the way it would be. Wendy would take her face in her hands and softly kiss her, her tongue drifting along her mouth. She would respond, her mouth cevizli escort opening to the thrust of Wendy’s tongue and the kiss would become deeper, more intense as..

The sound of Wendy’s voice dragged her back to reality.

“Sorry! I was miles away!”

“Yes, you were!” Wendy smiled, almost knowingly. “I’d like to know what you were thinking about!”

Jenny felt her face blush, felt a strange tingling feeling inside her and almost ran to the ladies where she splashed some cool water in her face.

“For Christ’s sake, girl! Pull yourself together!”

She scowled at herself in the mirror. What the hell was happening? Why was she feeling like this, like a silly schoolgirl suffering her first crush?

“This is silly!” she murmured to herself. “Now get back in there and start behaving like a sensible, mature person!”

She returned to the table, grateful to see that Wendy was deep in conversation with one of the males, arguing passionately about the merits of mixed ability teaching as opposed to streaming, and she seemed oblivious to Jenny’s return. The evening continued; the drinks came and went, the conversation became silly and the laughter grew. Jenny was having a great time and felt at home with these people. Gradually the party thinned out and Jenny found herself sitting next to Wendy, their chairs close together, their legs almost touching under the table. She was conscious of the closeness, aware of the almost intimate nearness. Her body tensed, her muscles tightening so that there would be no danger of any contact. Why she felt that to be necessary she couldn’t explain but it had to be. Try as she may she couldn’t relax and finally she said,

“Well, it’s time for me to go.”

She heard her voice trembling. Heard the nervousness, the strange discomfort she felt.

“How are you getting home, Jenny?” Wendy asked.

“Train, I guess. I haven’t got a car and anyway, I couldn’t drive after all that I’ve had to drink!”

“Let me take you. I’m sober, I’ve only been erenköy escort drinking coke and I don’t like the idea of you going on the train alone at this time of night.”

Jenny thought for a moment. She knew that somehow this was a defining moment in their relationship. On the rational level what Wendy said made sense, but in her soul Jenny knew that there was a hidden message, another agenda.

She heard herself say, “OK. Thanks. That would be nice of you, if you’re sure.”

“Never been more sure of anything, my sweet.”

A look, a smile, a flicker of the tongue across the lips and Jenny knew. Knew and welcomed the knowledge. This was the time, the place, the moment that she had thought of. Her dream was about to become reality.

They walked to the car in silence; each wrapped in her own thoughts, each knowing the other’s thoughts, each feeling the tension, the electricity between them. As she climbed into the car in the dimly lit car park Jenny felt the lightest of touches on her hair, turned and saw Wendy’s face close to hers. She gazed, mesmerised, trapped in the glow of the eyes burning into hers and sensed the slow movement of Wendy’s head as her lips closed in on her own willing, waiting, wanting mouth. The shock of the first contact was followed immediately by a warm glow rushing through her and she opened her mouth, closed her eyes and gave herself up to the sensation of a woman’s mouth on hers.

The kiss seemed to last an eternity yet be over in a second and, as they parted to catch their breath, Jenny felt as though she were floating above herself, looking down at herself, watching the scene as if it were a movie. She watched as she tangled her hands in Wendy’s hair and pulled her in for another, deeper, longer kiss. She felt the strangeness within her, felt the flowing of something nameless through her very being, heard herself softly moaning against the girl’s mouth. As each kiss ended they spent moments caressing each other’s face, stroking cheeks, lips, temples, hair, fingers tracing kisses along the jaw line, around the eyes. Wendy finally broke the spell.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that!”

“No longer than me, my dear! Now, I think you’d better take me home, don’t you? We have a lot to talk about.”

To Be Continued…

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