Andy Decides to Become a Model Pt. 01

Big Tits

The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person, location or situation in particular. All characters engaged in any sexual activity are at least eighteen. This submission is intended to be the start of a short series about a mature man starting to model for an artist, leading to other fun sexual activities. This is my first story so please be kind. I hope you have fun reading it. Nice or constructive comments are very much appreciated.

My first submission of Part 1 was rejected, I made some modifications to this story so hopefully it will be published. However, by doing such and with my corrections, it gave me an additional enhancement and idea for the story. This part, I decided to be non-sexual and leave my readers hanging for hopefully more.

Part 2 has been completed and once the first part is published, I will submit the next chapter. I have a direction I think the readers will enjoy for the 3rd part.


Andy is 45 years old and divorced for 5 years, his 40-year-old wife of 20 years decided she needed to find her new someone special and brought him home one afternoon. After a three-day business trip, Andy decided to come home early and he caught the two in bed. The rest is history. The two live happy ever after and Andy did not have to give anything away in the divorce.

Andy is 6 foot, weighs about 195 lbs. and works out daily, he owns his own IT consulting business so he gets to work from home unless he has to go on the road to a client’s for work that requires his on-site attention.

Onetime bored, Andy decided to go surfing on the web and discovered a want ad:

“Male & Female Models wanted, any shape or size – Must be between 18 years old and 70 years old. Clothing maybe optional – I am working on a special art, photo & video project. Funds will be provided for your time. Contact Kathy – e-mail me with your contact details, description and photo in shorts and shirt. Note – I am located in Scarsdale, NY so driving distance bursa escort to my location is key.”

Andy decided it has been a while since he did anything exciting and about 2 years since he has had any sex – not sure on the clothing optional – posing in the nude but why not. Andy changed into a pair of running shorts and muscle type shirt, taking a couple of pictures to send to Kathy.

Dear Kathy, my name is Andy Hoffman, I live in Rye within driving distance to your location, I am 45 years old 6 ft and as you can see from my pictures attached, in good shape. I am interested in learning more details. My cell phone is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Andy thought about it for a minute or two and hit send.

Andy waited and two days later his phone rang, it was Kathy Vanderman, the artist contacting him about the modeling assignment. They chatted for about 30 minutes and Kathy felt safe enough to provide Andy with her home address with the time and date to start. Of course, Andy googled Kathy Vanderman and it turned out she was a famous Artist, Photographer & Videographer and widow. She is a former model currently 40-years-old, that took to the arts after her husband past at 35 years old of cancer, making great money selling her art and doing special projects for clients.

Andy dressed in a pair of slacks and polo shirt, as Kathy explained that she will provide any outfits for the modeling assignment that he will need, drove to the White Plains, Scarsdale border area and pulled up this massive private driveway to find a beautiful old estate. Must have 6 or more bedrooms he thought.

Kathy greeted him in a long dress, barefoot, her Strawberry Hair pulled back allowing him to view her 5 ft 9-inch frame. He Guessed about 36 C breasts without a bra, as her nipples were poking out a little bit.

They shook hands, with Andy being a little nervous, and Kathy led Andy into a small drawing room off the left side of the front door. She offered him something to drink, but Andy bursa escort bayan passed. They chatted some more and then Kathy decided they should discuss the project or at least the first part for now. Kathy provided Andy with a model release that stated she has the right to use and/or sell any and all pictures, art work- paintings, videos in any form including book. For this right, Andy will get paid $25.00 per hour modeling plus 2% commission on anything sold plus a standard non-disclosure clause was included in his model release that nothing can be discussed outside this house regarding his modeling, photos or art work in the house or the project. Andy reviewed the paperwork – signed both copies and returned one copy to Kathy.

Kathy asked Andy to follow her into her studio room, which turned out to be a large room that was most likely the former dining room. One area contained lights, Several Video Cameras while another area contained several large easels with a camera on a side table. Off to Andy’s right was a large privacy screened in area. Looking around on the walls Andy noted various photos and paintings, some of an 18 or 19 year old teen boy with beautiful blonde hair, in just a speedo type bathing suit with an eye mask, nothing sexual just beautiful, a photo series of a female subject about 55 years old in various state of undress, a painting of a man of 34 with his butt turned sideways and no clothes. He then turns his head some more to another wall and sees a beautiful photo series of an 18 or 19 -years old teen girl turned sideways, in a skimpy purple thong bikini bottom and no top exposing her roughly 32 B breasts, nice nipples with long flowing red hair – model like features with the same type of eye mask on as the teen boy. Another was a painting of the same girl – same mask, totally nude but what enhanced the picture was her beautiful ass and 5 ft 7-inch frame. As she was turned sideways, Andy noted to himself, she has an ass that could görükle escort bayan stop traffic at 90 miles an hour.

Kathy called Andy out of his trance and she explained that her wall photos were special projects for some clients and thus the NDA that was included in the model release. Kathy then explained to Andy her plans for this upcoming first session of his modeling. The hourly rate starts when you start modeling. I plan to have you stand in various poses in different stages of undress. Since you are new to posing nude, I plan to go slow. Since my paintings take time and you are an amateur model, I don’t want you standing or sitting too long for over 45 minutes, so I will first take some photos to finish off the painting but will Charcoal in the basics on each canvas and finish the paintings at a later time.

Andy liked that idea especially that once he goes nude, he won’t be standing there forever. Water was provided by Kathy to Andy and she further explained to him about his first outfit. Please go behind the privacy curtain and change into the clothes provided and come out in the robe. Andy asked Kathy about a bathroom break first and she showed him to this massive restroom.

Andy came back into the room, he didn’t see Kathy so he went behind the screen to change. On the bench was a pair of satin blue men’s shorts, Powder blue T-shirt, slippers and those spa paper blue funny thong underwear. Hanging up on the provided hooks was his robe. Andy undressed placing his shirt and pants on the hooks, underwear and socks in his pockets and proceeded to take the spa underwear out of its plastic wrapper as he tried to figure out how he was going to get it around his 6 inch cock 6.5 when erect. Andy figured out the thong then put on the running shorts and t-shirt then put on the robe. When it stepped back into the studio he was amazed how Kathy was dressed.


That is, it for Part One, as I mentioned I know the direction for Part 2, as it is completed which will include sexual situations and the 3rd part which will include additional sexual situations (even a first time 🙂 – with an interesting ending but we will see how things go as I continue to write that last chapter.

Please vote and hopefully at least 4 stars. Thank you for reading my story.

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