Switching Places Leads to Better…


“You want to do what?” Sharon looked at my girlfriend in utter amazement as Heather repeated herself, this time more slowly, as though she really hadn’t heard the first time.

“I want to tie you up,” Heather said again, as she shook her head in wonder. See we had been playing around with bondage for year, but I was always the one who’d been bound. Never had Heather shown any interests in switching roles, even when Sharon suggested it. Apparently, I had charged my mind.

“I just wanted to see how it feels,” I continued, “You know the power. Besides, I think you should see what it’s like in my shoes.

Her pussy was starting to get wet at the thought of being tied up and having me fucked with my strap-on, so when she went to the closet to pull out our gear, I stopped her.

“Remember, I’m the one who is in control.” Heather was right, and Sharon waited to see what I would do.

“UNDRESS!” I commented her, and her pussy became wetter at the stern tone of my voice. Then after she stripped of her clothes, I told her to lie on the bed on her back.

Going to our walk-in closet, I rummaged around for a moment of so and finally returned with a shopping bag that was practically bursting at the seams.

She reached out to see what was inside, but I slapped her hands away. “Patience,” I said, and then said with a laugh, “though it’s not like you’ll able to use those hands for long.”

Pulling one of her arms up over her head, I took out some rope and began wrapping it around her wrist.

She was finding it increasing difficult to just watch. “That’s not how…” she started to say, but Heather hushed her. “I just…” She tried again.

“It seems we are going to need this,” I announced, pulling out our ball gag from the bag. I let go of her wrist and had her open her mouth.

Then I placed the rubber ball between her teeth and buckled the straps around her head to silence her. She tried to talk, but the only noise she could make were strangled grunts and groans.

Heather continued with her work, uninterrupted. She finished wrapping the rope around Sharon’s wrist and secured it to the bedpost. Then I did the same with the other arm, as well as both legs.

Even gebze escort without her help, I did a good, thorough job, obviously, I have been practicing my knots. Sharon tested her bonds and found out that they were tight and secure.

Sharon figured that she was now fully restrained, but then Heather pulled out another item from the bag. It was a double penetrator vibrator. Sharon seen them in stores and online, but she never tried one herself.

Where had Heather gotten that? Sharon wondered. How long has Heather been planning this? Her body tensed as Heather put the 9in vibrator in a strap-on and into Sharon’s ass pussy and ass. Not only was Sharon not going anywhere, she was going to be cumming like a river.

Heather took a step back to survey her work. Sharon could tell by the way I was struggling to hold back a smile that I was pleased and extremely proud of what I had gone.

Having been in Heather’s position numerous times, Sharon knew what I was feeling.

Sharon had thought about how I looked in a garter, wearing seamed nylons, positioned on her knees, her arms stretched high above her head and secured to a closet rod. We came up with that scene in a hotel room when we discovered the headboard on the bed was solid wood, thus putting a damper on our romantic weekend.

The way Sharon had spread her legs willingly so I could tach the cuffs to a spreader bar to her ankles. Being restraint really turned me on Sharon on, and I was beginning to understand why.

Heather interrupted my reverie by flicking on the vibrator. It thrilled my pussy in front with a realistic 5 in cock, while in back a separate 4.5″ string of six anal beads massages my deepest backdoor hot spots. She moaned around her gag, though what she wanted to do was beg me to get on with it and fuck her.

Sharon badly needed to cum and probably would have cum at that moment if not for her teasing me and turning the vibrator on and off. Of course, that is why I had bought the vibrator.

It was Heather’s turn to undress, which only worsened Sharon’s agitated state. My ass swayed as I walked to put away my clothes, and my firm breast bounced enticingly göztepe escort on the trip back.

Heather’s blonde hair fell in waves over her shoulders, as Sharon longed to reach out and stoke it but she couldn’t. All she could do was pull at the ropes that held her wrists tight.

This was beginning to frustrate Sharon, and to make matters worse, I stood beside the bed and began running my fingertips over my breast and down to play with my cunt. A soft moan escaped my lips as I continued to tease her, and it soon turned into a highly erotic groan. Sharon groaned, too, but the ball gag muffled the sound.

Sharon watched as Heather reached a small climax that made me her tremble. Now Heather was ready for more, and I climbed onto the bed to straddle Sharon’s bound body and then inch my way down until her pussy was wedged between her pussy lips

Heather thrust her hips downward, trying to slip her clit into Sharon’s wet pussy. Sharon tried to push up to me my wet pussy, so I put my hands on her stomach, pressing her into the mattress.

“I’m in control, remember?” Sharon tried to apologize with a meaningful look, but it didn’t work. “Don’t think those puppy eyes are going to sway me,” I said while reaching into the nightstand draw. A second later the world went black as I placed a blindfold over her eyes.

Sharon was ready to ride. Normally when she’s in control, she holds onto my hips to guide her movement in the rhythm that I like. Obviously, Sharon couldn’t do that now. While she had me tied, I would suck my nipples as her tits would bounce in my face.

Today I was the one in control, all Sharon could to was suck on the rubber ball that was in her mouth. Even her orgasm was at my mercy. She could see what was going on, though she did learn that being blindfold heightened her other sense. She could feel the sponginess of my wet pussy dripping into hers, and my fingers pinching her nipples sending shock waves throughout her body like she never experienced before.

Unable to do anything else, she zeroed in on that, it was amazing how concentrating on the little things can affect the total experience!

The orgasm halkalı escort in her pussy started to boil and she felt ready to explode, but with me stopping each time she was ready to cum I would let that happen until I said so.

I was excited, too, and began riding her faster. My ass slapping against her thighs each time my body crashed down, and she was panting hard.

She could feel as I was pinching her nipples as I rode her pussy, or maybe even while I fingered her clit, anything to bring her closer to an orgasm.

After I was finished rub Sharon’s pussy, I removed the ball gag and then moved up to sit on her face and covered it with my pussy and told her it was my time too cum on her face. Sharon’s tongue lick my pussy as I came all over her mouth and face.

Heather started to mover down Sharon’s body, licking her stomach and down to her pussy. Sharon never felt as much joy as I did and the moment, she was finally able to completely let go.

She came so hard that I thought the spasms might never stop, and I continued to ride her face throughout her orgasm. The load of cum I got from licking her pussy was so huge that I could feel it dripping from my face back around her pussy to from a pool around her.

I climb off Sharon and untied her, she thought the session was over, but she was wrong. The smell of sex grew stronger as she felt the bed shift beneath her, then again, my thighs were pressed up against her ears.

“Eat me'” and lowered my cunt onto her face again.

She stuck out her tongue and made contact with my slippery wet pussy. The taste was familiar because Sharon was no stranger to my tangy juice, but it was strange, now mixed with her own juices.

She licked and sucked with true gusto enjoying ever drop as I squealed and writhed on top of her, my cunt often slipping from her mouth.

She wanted to hold me steady so she could clean my pussy as thoroughly as possible.

Heather soon came, “Oh yes!” she cried as Sharon brought her to another orgasm by sucking her clit between her teeth and chewing at it until I couldn’t take it any more.

Heather got off of Sharon and walked to the bathroom, and Sharon waited for Heather’s return.

Heather eventually asked her how Sharon was feeling.

Sharon told her that I loved her and was that she liked doing things the other way better.

Heather said she felt the same way, though we agreed that it had been fun to switch places for a while.

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