Home Is Where…


I’ve had a long day at work, I’m stressed and my muscles ache. The journey home wasn’t any better and as I walk up the long drive to my house I can’t even raise a smile.

Opening the door and stepping through the hallway I notice a bag on the floor, I don’t recognise it but then I smell a certain alluring perfume – your perfume. The cares of the day evaporate and I automatically stand taller glancing around the hallway for you. The tap tap of high heels upstairs not only gets my attention but grabs it with both hands and wrestles it to the floor!

I smile as I pull my shoes off and loosen my tie, putting my foot on the bottom step I twist my neck to see up the stairs. I see a dark shadow in the master bedroom and I hear the tell-tale swish of nylon. My heart rate starts to rise and I let out a shiver, I walk quicker up the stairs, now taking them two by two.

I hear a giggle and I know you’ve seen me, my heart thumps and I grin like a little boy. I push the bedroom door open fully and look around the room, and then my jaw drops…

You’re on my bed and somehow you’ve managed to tie your wrists to the headboard. I forget to wonder how you did this as my eyes remind me of what you’re wearing. From the feet up, I see black high heels, patent leather with ‘very’ high heels. I see slender ankles with black stockings wrapping your gorgeous legs in nylon.

The slender pants you’re wearing do a poor job of covering you and the smooth skin around them begs for my attention. You giggle again but I’m not ready to look at your eyes just yet. The basque is figure hugging but not tight, it compliments your sensational figure and I let my breath out slowly. Your cleavage holds my eyes for maybe longer than I intended but your soft neck is next and I’m still happy.

Finally Escort bayan I look at your beautiful face like a doe-eyed schoolboy, the make-up is perfect and you grin at my reaction with bright red lips. I take another pace into the room and start to take off layers of my own clothing, off comes my tie and jacket, the trousers and finally my shirt. I stand in only a pair of pants that are quickly getting tighter and tighter all on their own.

I’m now at the side of the bed and I reach down for that first electric touch, my fingertips assume the Michelangelo pose and I touch nylon on warm skin. However many times I touch you it’s like the first time, every time.

I hear your sigh at my first touch and I know you want this as much as me. I drag my fingertips painfully slowly up a smooth shin and round to a slender calf. I can feel my heart thumping like I’m running hard and all I’m doing is standing next to the most beautiful woman I know. Your thigh is warm and soft, the feeling speeds through my fingers straight to my brain.

I pull onto your thigh gently and your legs open for me, those small pants now seem even smaller as my eyes disobey me and glance at your crotch. The black mesh clings to your pussy and my pants get even tighter around my growing cock.

I decide that I want to make you cum first, as you’ve made my day I want to make you happy. Taking the two steps to the end of the bed quickly I lay down while simultaneously pushing your legs wide in front of me. Your eyes are wide as I lean downwards, our eyes are locked together as I push out my tongue and push it against your knickers.

You grunt involuntary and push your hips upwards as I lick slowly up and down the wet nylon. Your legs open of their own accord and I know Bayan Escort you’re enjoying this. I try to smile but it’s not pretty when you’re already pushing your tongue out as far as it will go!

I pull both of my hands down your sides and take hold of the strings of your underwear. I tease them down over your hips and pull the sopping material away from you, dropping them to the floor beside the bed. I lick you again and your eyes roll backwards, sucking your clit gently and you grit your teeth and moan with pleasure.

Sucking your clit between my teeth I flick it gently with my tongue and your legs start to twitch either side of my head. I know this sign; it means you’re close to cumming. I reach underneath my chin and slowly push one finger inside you, the sensation of being penetrated adding to the pleasure.

Your legs become more animated, finally ending up on my back pulling me in deeper. Your heels dig into my back making me gasp as I push my face into your pussy. I look up and see your wrists straining at the ropes holding them. I continue to suck your clit as your wrists pull one final team and you moan loudly as you cum. This time I pull my face back and allow myself to grin properly.

As you start to come down from your first orgasm (yes, I said ‘first’ – there will be more). You open your eyes to see me looking at you, my face is one of wonder as I’ve just watched you cum. You nod to me in agreement, you enjoyed that. I raise my eyebrows and you smile, panting slightly you simply say ‘I want you in my mouth’.

I continue to feel like the kid in the candy store as I steadily get to my feet on the bed. Throwing my pants somewhere over my shoulder I position my feet either side of your hips I bring my groin closer to your face. Escort You lick your lips and glance up at me; all you whisper is ‘closer’.

The scene slows down into a slow motion film as my cock gets closer to bright red lips, you know what these seconds do to me and I can tell you’re watching me closely as you sit there with your mouth open. As I get closer you flick your wet tongue out and lick the tip of my cock and my sharp intake of breath tells you I liked it.

I bite my lip and move my hips forward; the whole tip of my cock disappears into your mouth. The feeling is beyond what I can type here but I’ll give it a go… Your mouth is warm, softly warm, almost tightly warm – if I close my eyes its exquisite – if I open my eyes I see what you’re doing to me and it’s unbelievable!

I feel a tap behind me and I glance behind me, you’re tapping my backside with your shoe to push me further into your mouth! I start to go into sensory overload as I try to concentrate on every sight and feeling and fail miserably. I drag ever dot of concentration I have and start to slowly, really slowly, fuck your mouth.

It seems selfish to do this but then you moan and I know you like this too. I grasp the big headboard and start to thrust my hips back and forth and looking down I amaze how much of my cock disappears into your mouth. The heat builds up and emanates from your mouth into my hardness.

My stomach starts to tighten and I start to panic, not now, not now! I pull back and concentrate on the paint on the wall in front of my face. I can’t cum just yet. But, it’s too late, the sights and sounds have been too much for me. I feel the familiar tightness build and the muscles in my neck tense.

I start to tell you that I’m close but you just look up at me and push your mouth deeper over my cock. I take the hint and let go. It hits me like a train, sensory overload sends fireworks into my brain. My knees shake and I laugh involuntary. I sit on your stockinged legs and know (not think) that I’m the luckiest man alive.

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