Shakti: Figure Drawing


Sarkopheros Says:

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Shakti’s series. It’s going to focus on the eponymous Shakti and her wanton habits of having her way with nerd-boys and meddling with people’s physiology.

For kinks, expect femdom, lactation, cum inflation, cock/ball growth, hyper cock/balls, and big butts. More notes at the end.


The spotlights cast her voluptuous body in gorgeous shadows. Alan looked at the oversized pad of paper on his easel. His drawing did her no justice at all!

The model’s body was an extreme pear. Her hips were easily over twice as wide as her waist. Her ass cheeks were incredibly smooth and round, but bigger than volleyballs! She reclined there, looking over her shoulder, raven-colored hair trailing down her neck. It was medium-length and framed her heart-shaped face elegantly. The bright jade of her eyes practically glowed in the light. It illuminated the dark caramel of her skin. Her ethnicity was a mystery. Black? Indian? Latina? Mixed? Alan had no idea where the model’s genes came from.

That epic ass quivered as she shifted pose, getting up on her knees. Her heavy tits swung. Shakti wasn’t very tall, but damn was she curvy. Alan wasn’t usually into girls with huge asses, but something about the way she moved was hypnotic … like a cobra.

For many young men, her beauty would cause lamentations of the inability to approach such an intimidating woman. But it didn’t even cross Alan’s mind to approach her. It was a foregone conclusion that he’d do nothing! So for now, he’d have to enjoy Shakti’s company via paper and charcoal.

Another sooty hour passed. The class ended. The students began packing. Zippers growled, latches clinked, pencils clattered. Alan walked to the sink across the studio and began washing the black from his hands.

As he looked down at the flowing water, he heard a voice like molasses. Dark, husky, sweet. “Well, hello there, sugar. My, my! You sure know how to use that stick of yours.”

Alan looked up. Shakti was directly next to him and still stark naked. He couldn’t help but look down at her nude curves, but he managed to tear his eyes away a split-second later. “Ah, sorry! I didn’t mean to stare.”

“Of course you did. You just spent two hours studying my body,” she chuckled.

Someone cleared their throat behind him. He turned around. Michelle was behind him. “Are you gonna block the sink for your whole conversation?” she asked.

“Sorry.” Alan moved to the side.

Shakti jiggled after him. “Not many people know how to properly handle this body,” said Shakti. She pointed a glossy-green nail at his easel. “But you’ve done very well, dear. So why is it you can capture me on paper, but you don’t know what to do with me when I’m in front of you?” she purred up at him.

“It’s … uh … different…?” Alan choked out, feeling the heat in his cheeks as she backed him up against the wall. “You know, I mean, now, you’re not, there, and … in the middle … like, modeling … and … drawing … sorry?”

Shakti laughed and tapped his lips. “Ssshhh,” she cooed, pursing her black-and-green lips. “There’s a sense of detachment when you’re drawing, I get it. But what I’m looking for is a sense of attachment, darling.”

“D-darling?” he stammered, his breath coming more rapidly

Shakti’s eyes rolled down his body. “You’re a lucky little boy, Alan. Shakti’s decided you get to keep her company this evening. Interested? Or should I take this gorgeous ass somewhere else?”

Oh my god. Oh my god. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! Is this happening?! Alan looked around. The class was getting packed and filtering out. Ms. Glenn was turning off the lamps that had illuminated Shakti. He looked down at his hands and back at the girl pinning him to the wall by sheer force of sexuality. “Um … uh … y-yeah?”

“Good boy,” said Shakti. She leaned in, put a hand on his chest, and kissed his cheek. “Where do I find you?”

“M-McGill … 306,” he managed to choke out.

“Mmmh. Good. I hope you don’t have anything important planned this evening.”

“No! Nothing, not like this,” he answered. “My room isn’t much, though … uh … do you want food?”

“We’ll figure that out when I get there, sugar. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what I want.” Shakti winked and sauntered away, her ass bouncing. She looked over her shoulder, smacked her rear, and disappeared around the corner. Alan assumed she was heading for the service closet where she’d undressed and left her clothes. He felt the warmth of her hand on his chest for some time.


On the one hand, he was dreading this. On the other hand … how could he not look forward to it?! Alan had showered twice. He stood in the mirror, combing his dark hair, giving himself a fresh shave. The junior even tidied up his room, made his bed, and rearranged the piles of paper on his desk. He was practically shaking. Much of his agitation suadiye escort was due to the fact that he didn’t know when Shakti would show up. Or if she would show up. What if this was an elaborate prank, like last year?

I can’t handle that. I can’t handle that again. Fuck. Maybe … maybe it’s nothing. Alan inhaled deeply. Okay, I should focus on something else. Distract myself. There was too much adrenaline in his veins to handle homework, so he fired up a game and began shooting moon bandits.

Hours passed. The anticipation was replaced by dread, then anger, then resignedness.

It was after ten at night. No way she was coming.

Alan sighed and leaned back in his chair, looking down at his shirt and tie.

Not again. Had someone taken a video of her coming on to him? Would this end up on YouTube?

Alan groaned, leaned his elbows on his desk, and buried his face in his hands. His hair got messed up, but he couldn’t care less. “So fucking stupid. I cannot handle another fucking Marjory incident,” he growled.

“What’s a Marjory incident, darling?”

“FUCK!” Alan literally fell out of his chair as he whirled around. SHE WAS THERE. Shakti was sitting in the cheap-ass dorm couch, her thick thighs crossed. “Oh my fucking god!” he cried, scrambling to his feet. “Where did you come from?!”

Shakti gave a dark little chuckle. “Wherever I want. The Shakti works in mysterious ways, darling. You didn’t think I was coming, did you?”

Alan’s heart was firing like a machine gun. His veins were exploding. His lungs heaved. He reached down and righted the chair. “Sorry, no….”

Shakti chuckled and wiggled her finger at him. “Sit next to me and tell me about Marjory.”

Alan smoothed his shirt out, finger-combed his hair, and did exactly as Shakti said. He sat down next to her. Fuck. For such a short girl, she had scared the shit out of him. And he was still intimidated by her! He could feel the warmth from her body. Those wide hips and full tits were barely concealed under a tight green dress. A short leather jacket with feathers coming off the shoulders covered her arms. Her calves and feet were hidden by strange green-and-black boots.

And those eyes. Those brilliant green eyes! They gazed at him with intensity. “She hurt you?”

“Marjory … well, this is what happened.” Alan fidgeted with his tie. “Basically, I got a Skype IM from someone I didn’t know. And it was this girl from my class, and, I thought she was really into me.”

Shakti smiled as she listened.

“Well, it wasn’t her. It was some this frat boy named Skylar who … I thought he wanted to be friends, but he needed help in Algebra, which I’m acing pretty easily. Not to brag. But I helped him out, he bought me lunch, said he’d introduce me to his friends. But then he sends me messages, pretending to be this girl. And ‘she’ asks me to meet ‘her’ at this pizza place. And who is there? Skylar and his friends, taking a video of me waiting around before coming to laugh at me and get my reaction. And they acted so casual, like….” Alan balled his hands into fists. “It was like they didn’t understand why I’d be mad. Like I was the asshole for taking the joke too seriously….”

Shakti’s arm draped over his shoulders. “And the girl?”

Alan shook his head. “She laughed and apologized, but she didn’t get it, either. Marjory has always been really friendly. I didn’t think she was into me that way, but … well, Skylar took advantage for his prank.”

“And you thought I was duping you.”

“Yes. Sorry.” Alan sighed.

“I can be a bitch, dear, but I’m not that sort. I’m sorry you went through that. It sounds awful.”

“I was,” agreed Alan. “I mean, maybe to them it’s nothing. If you get laid all the time. But for me…? It’s … it was crushing.”

Shakti nodded. “Forget about that for now. I’m going to crush you too, just in a different way.” She smiled coyly.

After the reverie, his awkwardness returned. “Yeah. Okay. But … uh … what … so what did you want to do?”

“I’m hungry, and you’re going to feed me, cutie.” Her hand rubbed up his soft stomach.

Alan looked down at the hand. He could feel the swell between his legs. “I … uh … I don’t have much food…?”

“I’m going to give you just what it takes to feed a Shakti,” she purred, her hand finding its way to his thigh, her hot breath on his neck.


“Poor baby. Just let little ol’ Shakti take care of everything,” she purred, nipping at his cheek.

Shakti slipped out of her jacket with a. The leather rustled. He could smell it, smell her. The curvaceous girl smelled … exotic. Spiced. A little fruit. And there was definitely a strange, sexual element to her aura … a little something that piqued his interest, his arousal. A scent that made him want her to stay near him. He hoped she wouldn’t leave.

She stood up in front of him and smiled over yakacık escort her shoulder. Her ass swayed back and forth, her body moved with a sinuous wiggle. The painted nails pulled the hem of her dress up. It slipped slowly up her body. Once it was past the outermost curve of her hips, all it took was a little shuffle. Shakti raised her arms above her head, and the dress pulled itself up.

Alan’s eyes grew larger as he watched. Those perfectly rounded mounds of flesh quivered, the ripples drawing him in, captivating. She peeled her dress off her body, revealing luscious brown skin. Then the dress came off, and he realized she had no bra on.

Alan’s lungs pumped slowly, his breath ragged, his fingers clutching handfuls of couch cushion. He gulped. Shakti bent over, pushing her huge ass into his face. He didn’t know whether to touch it or not. So close he could feel her warmth, see the bulge of her fleshy mound in her panties. They looked damp.

“That’s where I’m putting your cock, sugar,” cooed the voluptuous girl.

Alan gulped once more. “I … uh … thanks…?”‘

Shakti turned around, tossed her hair, and straddled him, her ass on his thighs, her hands on his shoulders. “You’re very welcome,” she chuckled, fat tits in his face. Her nipples were a dark brown. “What do you think of my tits?”

“I … uh … they’re nice?” Alan reached up to touch them. His fingertips tentatively brushed them.

“They’re not poisonous, dear, give me a good groping, Alan!” She cooed and ran her fingers through his hair. She pulled his face into her cleavage.

Even though Shakti’s ass was the main attraction, her tits were still very large. His face disappeared into darkness. They were so soft, warm flesh smooth against his cheeks. He did what she said and reached up, grabbing handfuls of her soft tits, fingers sinking into her skin. His hot breath brushed against her stomach.

Shakti cooed. “That’s what I want. Good boy. Mmmh.” She stroked his scalp, her fingertips tickling the edges of his ears, her breath in his hair. Alan had an easy time forgetting about everything else.

Alan didn’t know how long they stayed like that, but it was too short a time. She held his head and shifted her body, pushing her nipple toward his mouth. He took it between his lips. “Now suck and lick,” she told him.

He did just that. Alan moaned as he suckled at that fat teat, his tongue teasing the rubbery nub. It was hard, and about the size of the last joint of his pinky. Hot sweetness rolled across his tongue. He tasted something. Alan looked up at Shakti.

“Drink up, dear. You’ll need your strength,” cooed Shakti, that sultry voice irresistible.

He did what she said, and began to suck. His mouth filled with milk. Her other tit poured it over his shoulder. “Mmph! Mmmh. Mmmh.” Alan closed his eyes and gulped down the steamy-fresh creaminess, filling it flow down his throat and into his belly. Heat radiated from it in his stomach. It felt like it was massaging him from the inside. Who knew that breast milk was so delicious?!

“Aren’t you a thirsty boy? Good. You need your protein,” she chuckled, running her fingertips through his hair. Painted nails scratched gently against the scalp and ears. Shakti trailed them over his neck, raising the hairs on his back.

Her fingers gently guided him to move his mouth to the other nipple. This also had the very useful effect of releasing the one in his mouth and soaking the other side of his shirt.

Alan was becoming full. The milk sat heavily in his belly. It soaked completely through his shirt now. How long had he suckled? It was so strange. It felt like … heat from his belly sinking lower, lower, collecting in his loins. Like someone was rubbing his taint, like something was vibrating inside his testicles and cock.

“That should be enough.” Shakti pulled away.

Alan looked down and gasped. His belly was huge! Several-months-pregnant huge! “Holy shit! How did I drink so much?!”

“Because you wanted to please me, o’course,” she said. Then her agile fingers began undoing his shirt. “You didn’t have to dress up in your Sunday best for me, sugar. I’m the opposite of holy. In fact! You didn’t have to wear anything at all,” she chuckled. “I do appreciate you getting dolled up for little ol’ me, but you don’t usually need a tie to impress a girl. Makes you look stiff. And not in the way you should be. Nicely done on the full Windsor, though.”

“Oh, um. I’ll remember that?” His shirt was gone. Then came the undershirt. He raised his arms to help her.

Shakti then pulled away, standing, putting her hands on her hips. Even though she wore nothing but boots and a black choker, she looked as confident as ever with her bright smile. And she was no less intimidating. Shakti knew she was in charge. She knew how sexy she was. It was like an aura around her!

“I brought you a present,” she said.


Shakti şerifali escort pointed between his legs. “Aren’t you feeling a little overdressed?”

Now that she mentioned it, Alan was feeling uncomfortable. His pants seemed tight. Bending down, he undid his shoes and pulled his socks off. Alan stood up. The belt buckle jingled as he pulled it away.

It felt like someone had given him a wedgie. Cloth dug harshly into his cock and balls. And … wait.

Alan looked down and squinted. His flat pants were bulging. But it wasn’t a tent. In fact, he felt bizarrely flaccid. Plus, the bulge was round, like he’d stuffed a football down there.

He went faster. Alan wildly kicked the pants away, then he pulled down his briefs, and—

FLUMP. “Holy fuck!”

It was gigantic! Between his legs, his cock was the size of an energy drink can! His balls were like softballs!

He looked up at Shakti. She had a Cheshire-cat grin. “It’s real, alright.”

Alan looked down and hefted his new cock. “It’s so heavy! Mmmmmrgh!” He felt the hot milk in his swollen belly gurgling, rolling, like it was boiling. He felt pressure in his balls, in his cock. It was incredible! He moaned loudly and sat down, opening his legs. So much blood and energy radiated into his cock … it was still growing!

Shakti knelt in front of him and began drawing circles on his balls with a feather-light touch. Alan closed his eyes. “Mmmaaaugh! Fuck, it’s … never anything like this! So! Augh! How?!”

“Because you’re a lucky boy,” said Shakti.

Something cool touched his balls. He opened his eyes. They were the size of volleyballs! Bigger than his head! His flaccid cock was half a yard long!

Shakti began pumping her hands up that monstrous organ, her fingertips in the soft surface. Its veins swelled as it began to grow.

“That’s right, grow for me,” she cooed.

“Fuck!” Alan cried, hoping the RA wouldn’t hear. It felt incredible! No fap could compare. It was like … all the nerves on fire. And new nerves, with the extra flesh. It grew bigger, bigger, two feet, growing as big as his thigh. His nuts swelled to the size of watermelons.

“Good boy. You’re going to serve me very well,” she said. He was fully erect, pulsing. Finally, he stopped growing … or at least, that weird sensation had stopped.

But not before his monstrous cock jutted forward, a good yard of flesh as thick as his thigh, the head like a grapefruit.

Shakti turned around and backed up until his cock was sitting between her ass cheeks. He felt precum roll down from the tip, hot marble-sized globs. Squillsch. It smeared up and down her ample rump, lubricating his newly gigantic phallus. Alan looked at her. She glanced down and nodded at her rear. Alan reached forward and grabbed that enormous ass, earning a smile from its owner.

He started to pump his hips, rubbing his yard-long erection between those huge cheeks. They were like medicine balls. His hands were way too small for them! And they actually enveloped much of his titanic erection. Alan could feel shifting in his balls. There was so much sperm inside them that he could actually feel it moving!

“Now, now.” Shakti turned around and shoved her fingers into his cock’s hole!

“Mmmmhh! God!” He gasped. He could feel the fingernails inside … it was incredible.

Shakti smirked and kept her two fingers inside his cock’s mouth. “Don’t you dare waste a drop of that load, stud! We’d better get you inside me.” Shakti turned around, grabbed the head of his cock, and climbed onto the couch. She put her boots on either side of him and shoved her plump, fleshy mound in his face.

It just … it radiated sex. The hot, sweet, feminine musk invaded his nose, sank sweet fingers into his brain, licked the primitive parts of his mind. Alan was already horny, but now he needed to mate!

And Shakti’s pussy was just … it was just such an inviting, puffy mound, engorged with her desire. Steaming-hot nectar dripped out. Sparkly droplets that splattered on his cock. They might as well have been bolts of lightning … they just felt so hot on its surface. They sent shocks down its length.

“You want this pussy, Alan?” she asked, caressing his cheek.


“Come on, Alan, I’m not convinced you’re sincere,” she purred.

Fuck, my cock is going to explode! It bounced with every pulse. He could feel his sperm trying to escape. “F-fuck, Shakti! Please! I need to fuck you!”

She clucked her tongue and shook her head.

Alan let out a needy keening before half-shouting at her. “I’ve never wanted anything m-more in my life! Please, I’m going crazy! My balls are getting ready to blow up! I need you more than air right now! Please, Shakti, please give me your pussy! I need you!”

“Okay. Now I believe you,” she chuckled. Shakti put one foot on the arm of the couch, the other on the back. She grabbed his cock under the head, and asked one last question. “Who do you and this cock belong to, big boy?”

“You, Shakti!” he cried out.

“Right answer, sugar,” she chuckled. Then she dropped her body. Her ass fell. Her hot cunt kissed the tip of his dripping cock. Gllluuursch.

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