Sam and Jan Pt. 01

Big Ass

This is the first of a new mini series, each one will follow the former so they are best read sequentially. I welcome voting and comments and indeed emails.


I have been living in Paris for two years now, my wife died four years ago and I came to realize that I could not longer stay in the home we’d made. So I had the place redecorated and got a agency in to take care of letting and the tenants. That provided a sizeable income which I used to rent a apartment near the Gare du Nord. That was entirely accidental choice but as it turned out very fortuitous for me. I wasn’t wealthy but with two pensions I had more than enough for myself and for my hobbies and interests.

It was wet and windy late September Friday early evening, I’d set a stew on the hob and tidied the lounge then crossed the street for a cognac in the cafe before making my way up to the station and then up the escalators to the Eurostar platforms. I’m 68 years old, 14 stone with grey hair and glasses. At 5′ 8″ I didn’t stand out from the crowd, if fact I found people could look right through me, I was use to that by now, and in truth it could be useful some times.

There was a mass of people up there looking up at the departure boards so I moved back and began to scan the crowd. If you know the signs they are easy to spot. He was a young man about my height but much thinner, cheap coat and a rucsac but what marked him out was that he was going up to the guys in the crowd and clearly begging, and he wasn’t having much luck.

I let him make a full circuit before moving across into his path, he made eye contact then came up to me. Up close his face had a pinched and drawn look and he clearly needed a good feed and a shower.

‘Please sir, I just need a little cash to cross for a job, please sir will you help me,’ I’d heard this stuff many times but he didn’t look like some of the druggies you see up here so I was inclined to believe him, I also thought him rather clever to guess I was English.

Knowing that you could get a overnight fare to London for 65 euro, I asked, ‘What’s the job you’ve got?’

He brightened at that and drew out a rumpled letter and pushed it at me, luckily it was in English and it was a short term job offer for a kitchen and general hand in a hotel in Ashford, where I knew the Eurostar stopped too. ‘Please read, I have job, but only 45 euro left, I’m stuck, please help me,’ The letter looked genuine and as I scanned his face he did too, ‘My name is Jan, I come from Armenia but now I have trouble,’ He did indeed look like he’d spotted something and turning I saw two Gendarmerie looking over at us.

I stepped up closer to him and said, ‘My name is Sam and I can help, I have a flat nearby, I have food and a shower and a warm bed, but you must help me too,’ at the last bit I brushed the back of my hand over his crotch, he flinched at that and his shoulders sank but we both saw that the flics where moving across to us. ‘You help me and I’ll help with the fare, Okay?’ and at that he kaynarca escort straightened up and nodded. ‘Come on, quick then,’ and I led him away from the crowd and the cops.

‘You live nearby Sam, and food yes?’ He clearly hadn’t eaten for a while and I wondered how he came to have so little money.

‘Very close yes,’ as I led him out into the street, I pointed out up the wide boulevard, ‘It just up there, and yes food too, you’ll like it.’ After a short walk we found my apartment and began the long climb up to the second floor, where panting I opened the door. Inside it was lovely and warm and the goulash smelled wonderful. ‘Right you, shower first, then eat, and I’ll wash all of your clothes, so strip!’ He looked a bit shocked at that so I said it again, ‘Strip and I’ll wash the lot,’ So he hung up his back pack and coat, took off his trainers and socks, then the jeans and lastly his T shirt and underpants. He stood there squirming looking embarrassed and coving his genitals with his hands.

‘Go on, in there, the shower and wash everything,’ and I turned him and patted his bottom and he fled into the shower room and locked the door which made me smile. I took his pack and emptied it out in front of the washer/drier. One pair of jeans, four T shirts, four very smelly pairs of socks, four underpants and a dubious and grubby small towel, they all got flung in with a tab and started. Next I found his passport and quickly checked his age, 21, can’t be too careful, then his money in a envelope, 45 euro and some change, then a paper back book and a Armenian-English dictionary, then his phone and charger and lastly his letter and a small picture of him with a pretty young girl, ‘Ah,’ I thought, ‘How sweet.’

Going back into the lounge I lit the apple logs in the wood burning stove and laid the table for two, I checked the stew and cut some fresh bread and brought the wine through. I was enjoying hearing him splash about and even thought I heard him sing. Then the shower stopped and after a while the door clicked open and there he was, looking much better, all wrapped up in one of my huge fluffy white dressing gowns with hair neatly combed and clouds of steam about his head.

I motioned to the table where he sat and I ladled goulash into his bowl and passed the bread, ‘Eat first, talk later,’ but I needn’t have worried as he tore into the stew and stuffed bread into his mouth, I smiled at this and poured out the wine, under the table I patted his thigh and he flinched again.

We ate in comradely silence, I gave him more stew and topped up his wine twice, he had a last bowl of stew and more bread before I went out and got the cheese cake and cream and some cognac and glasses. All this was set before him and he ate but slower this time, finally after finishing his wine I picked up the cognac and glasses and ushered him through to the lounge and the stove that was going nicely, pouring out the spirit I asked.

‘So Jan, Armenia, what’s that like?’

‘It’s very nice, it’s home, but there is no work, everyone has to leave and send money küçükyalı escort back,’ and he nodded and sipped the little glass, ‘Most go to Germany, but I like England, I have been two times, as fruit picker, but my English he get better, so now I have job in hotel, they pay more,’ I nodded at this and sipped too. I could see that he’d do well in England, he was pleasant and likeable and now he was washed was quite good looking in a thin drawn way. ‘Please Mister Sam, what does general duties mean?’

‘It means you’ll do everything they want, kitchen work, carrying bags, unloading coaches, everything they ask, they’ll be tips too, which you’ll keep,’ and he smiled at that so I topped up his glass again but not my own. ‘How did you come to learn English?’

‘I had very nice teacher, she said half learn German, half learn English, and I found English easier, and my Grandpapa he help me too, he learn English just after big war, he very good to me,’

‘How did you come to loose some money?’

‘Bad men on the bus, they made me play at cards, I think they cheat me!’

‘Yes you must avoid people like that, not everyone is kind and honest’ and I topped up his glass again and he sipped away.

‘I wish I could stay here with you Mister Sam, I like the food and the fire and the wine, but my job he start Monday, I wish I could stay,’ and then his voice trailed off so I sat there listening to the stove and the rain on the windows. It did feel very warm in here.

Waiting another half hour I quickly got up and knelt before his legs, he stirred and tried to push me away and said something in Armenian but I carried on and opened the sash and gown, and there it was the most perfect small uncut penis and tight little ball bag, only about 5″ like me but much slimmer. I picked it up and began a slow wanking motion and the glans popped out, stooping to kiss I found he had showered properly. Slowly he stiffened and mumbling something more he gripped my head and brought my mouth to his cock head.

It was easy to take him fully into my mouth and I began the familiar motion of a seasoned cock sucker, up and down and a tongue swirled over the cock head. Fully hard now he pulled me down firmly again again, in the same rhythm I gently squeezed his ball bag.

‘Sona! Fuck! Sona! Suck!’ he mumbled then clutched my head hard as he flooded my mouth with young sweet semen, I swallowed hard but some still escaped down my chin. Three times he ejaculated each time less than the first, then pushed me backwards and snapped his legs shut.

‘Come, it’s my turn now!’ and I led him into the warm bedroom where I quickly stripped, pushing him down before me he let the robe fall away and picked up my penis and brought it to his lips, at first he would only lick so I gripped my self and popped out my angry purple cock head and pushed into his young mouth. ‘Suck, suck now lad!’ and he did and it was clear he had done this before. Gripping him firmly behind the head I began the primeval action of a older man standing and fucking a young boy’s mouth. Pushing forward sancaktepe escort hard he tried to say something but just gagged as my phallus went fully in and his nose touched my pubic hair. He was good and I knew not to take this too far for there was something else I wanted.

So pushing him back I pointed, ‘Up on the bed, belly down, no, higher up, up to the pillows!’ I quickly crawled up behind him and grasped his buttocks and spread them. There is was, the most perfect unblemished anus, just slightly browner than his skin and a delightful balloon knot appearance. Hungrily I licked and found it just slightly musty, he shivered as I made long licking motions from scrotum to anus. This was wonderful and I tried to get my tongue up him but he was too tight for that.

Rising up I coated my hard penis in saliva and settled back down onto his young back and pushed him into the mattress. ‘Now Jan! Push out for me!’ and as he did so my cock head broke through his anal sphincter.

‘Jesu! Oi! Stop! Father Theodore stop! Jesu!’ I rested there as he panted deeply and thought I have no idea who Father Theodore was but clearly he had been here before me. I was grateful to him as he had deflowered the boy and made my way just a little easier. Slowly, inch by painful inch I pushed on into the boy till all of me was in and my balls rested on his and my angry cock head was touching his prostate. I again rested like that to allow him to get his breath back and to grow accustomed to the intrusion, his anal canal was one of the tightest I’d ever felt and he gripped he warmly.

Now for the real show I thought and I started the classic fucking motion, as the sweat ran from us and the bed creaked.

‘Oi! Father you’re fucking me!’

I couldn’t stop myself but snarled in his ear, ‘Take it you little Fuck boy! Take my huge cock up your cunt!’ and trust harder and harder and bed started to bounce. To his credit he didn’t cry as some might, instead he whimpered as each stroke bottomed out, I knew I couldn’t last long as he was so tight and for his part he just surrendered completely to the brutal fucking.

‘Oh Mister Sam, use me! Fuck me! Use me!’ That was too much for me and with a mighty roar I flooded his rectum with semen.

‘Take my fucking load!’ I shouted in his ear and thrust then collapsed onto him. Both of us couldn’t move, my sweat ran into his as I fought to get my breathing under control, ‘Oh you lovely boy, you lovely lovely tight boy!’ and I kissed his neck but he twisted so we could kiss properly.

Eventually my softening penis popped from him followed by a dribble of semen and he turned over so we could embrace each other, he lay within my strong arms and I kissed him again.

‘Oh Jan, just stay a while here with me, I’ll care for you and protect you.’ and he did he layed with his head on my shoulder and I stroked the back of his neck, we stayed like that a long time maybe half a hour. He fell asleep but I needed to rise and pee, so I covered him up and went through to the toilet. I was surprised to see it was just gone midnight, so I closed up the stove, put the dishes away and went back to bed. Jan was gently snoring and I eased in beside him. Maybe he’ll stay another day I thought, I could email the hotel and check. Then I felt immense tiredness and drawing the covers over us both I quickly fell asleep.

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