Airport Adventure


Behave or not set aside.

We meet, it is at the airport. You’ve worn a skirt and no panties, a top with buttons and a soft bra. We chat and you get wet and wetter.

After a bit we finish coffee and you’re close. My hand is on your leg and you hitch your skirt. You look in my eyes as my fingers slip to your pussy. Slowly I pet, and caress. You just watch my face, trembling slightly.

One by one I start to dip my fingers into you. In and out, curving up inside as your thighs spread and a soft moan comes from your lips. Now I begin to rub your clit, two finger tips pass over and tenderly around it.

You watch my eyes, my lips part and you look down, my tongue slowly rubs my upper lip and I rub you just a little more firmly. Your hips rock a bit, you notice and take a deep breath realizing it is going to be hard and fast and you press your hand to my arm.

I take the cue and press in deeply, lifting your pussy from the chair. You bite your lip now, holding your moans in as I finger faster, lifting and pulling as my fingers slip over your clit again and again. You shake, your nipples are burning hard. You start to come looking into my eyes, your lids drop, your focus fades and your orgasm rocks in a hard crashing wave.

You hold my arm tight now, your nails digging and pull my hand away. The gasp as you let your teeth free from your lip is lovely and I smile wide.

I glance around to be sure nobody is watching and pull my hand to my lips to lick your juices from my fingers before having more coffee.

As I do your hand has moved to my cock, you find it hard and full as you caress and seek my zipper.

But I pull back, standing and take you to the Elevator. We go down, making out passionately as the doors close. Your fingers are gripping my cock again, tugging as the car stops and the doors open. A couple is standing there and they smile and tell us to use the stairs in the parking area.

We laugh and wander in the direction of their pointing arms. Your hand is in mine squeezes tight. I smile as we find our way and climb up to the mid floor landing to flights up. Nobody is around and you kneel, taking my cock in your lips through the pants and then you unzip me and pull it out.

First you kiss and then part your lips, sucking me in. Then as you hold the head in your mouth you massage my balls and squeeze the base tightly, pulling evenly so the head pushes into your mouth as your tongue dances at the dripping precome. I moan, my hands on your head, my fingers teasing your hair. The head gets full, defined in your mouth. Your finger tighten on the vein of my cock, pulling more firmly and it swells even more. I shudder and moan. Every movement you make drives me crazy and I tell you I’m going to come soon.

You stop then and tell me you want it in your pussy.

Pulling you up I kiss your lips and finger you, then turn you around so we move to the steps, you get on your knees and I slip my cock in from behind. You feel me deep, so hard as I rock in and out, pounding your hot cunt. My hands hold tightly on your hips, my nails drag a little and I fuck harder.

You’re telling me to come now, rocking on your hands and knees, my cock shuddering inside. Then I grunt hard, gasping and pounding I come in you. My legs shake, my cock throbs, and I rock in and out spurting all my hot come in you.

After a moment I pull out and slap your clit with the head. You gasp, and I keep going. You’re hot and horny again wanting another orgasm so I start to fuck your clit with my cock head over and over.

Just then we hear someone moving down the steps a flight above us. Shoes click clack click clack. Quickly you stand and straighten your skirt. I put my cock away and we hear voices.

We move up slowly, to make it look like we’re just waking up the stairs. A couple of women are moving down past us. One has a very open top on, her nipples hard as can be. She stops, smells the air and smiles.

“You were fucking,” she says. “I would have liked to watch.”

Her and her girlfriend stand there looking at us.

You smile and without a word get down on your knees and pull my cock out again. I’m just watching as they look on and you suck me. The head gets bigger again, filling your mouth.

“I want to see you fuck,” the woman says.

You lean back, jacking my hard cock fast with your hand and then you stand up and pull me toward the wall. you turn around and lift your skirt. Arching your back you pull my cock to your ass.

“Oh god, yes!” the woman says and squats down to sit on the steps and watch.

You put your hands on the wall now and push back onto my cock. The head slips inside your ass a little, then more as you fuck back onto me.

“God that’s hot,” she says.

I’m holding your shoulders now, holding on and fucking back into you. Our bodies rock in place as the two women watch us fucking.

“Fuck,” the one says. “Damn that looks good, give it to her deeper.”

Still you haven’t said a word fatih escort and my cock is all the way up your ass. Just then the woman reaches over and starts to finger you as I fuck.

“God I love this,” she says. “I’m so wet.”

Your face feels flush, almost swollen as my cock pounds in and out of your ass. It hurts some, but you’re so turned on you can’t believe it. Her fingers are spinning on your clit, round and round as my cock slows.

I hold still, shuddering and pulling your shoulders down.

“That’s it,” she says. “God, come in her.”

You clench your ass on me, very slowly grinding on my cock as she fingers your pussy. I’m moaning and trying to hold it, trying to let you feel it longer but her other hand moves to my balls, rubbing them as she rubs your clit.

“Come, baby!” she says.

Just then her friend starts to caress your tits. Long nails drag softly on your flesh as I shudder. You clench your ass over and over as you too start to come.

You’re shaking now.

“God yes!” she says. “Oh god that is so hot.”

You’re coming and coming as I slowly slip from your ass. She keeps fingering, her friend still feeling your tits as I kneel down and turn you to your back.

I press my mouth to you, licking and sucking your pussy.

“I’m going to fucking come,” she says.

Just then a man yells out, “fuck yeah!”

You glance over and this tall Hispanic guy is peering at us from above. At first you think to move but the woman turns and wags a finger for him to come down.

“Let me help you with that baby,” she says pulling his cock out.

I’m eating you, licking slowly as she starts to suck his full long cock.

Her friend watches too, holding your tits as I lick your clit.

“I’m next,” she says.

Just then, as we’re all totally into it in the stairwell an alarm goes off and we all quickly stop. We’re shocked at first wondering if some security camera got the whole thing and we’re about to be whisked off to the pokey. We all tend to our clothes, lick our lips, dab come from cheeks and share a bit with our new unknown friends when a nun comes prancing down the steps.

“They’re after me,” she yells and we all join her as she runs down the steps.

“Who’s after you?” we ask.

“These porno film makers I used to work for,” she says. “Before I found god.”

You and I exchange a knowing glance. We all rush out at the next doorway and my rental car pickup is right there in front of us. The gals from the stair way and the Hispanic guy take off in another direction with waves and thanks as you and I head for the rental counter with the Nun in tow.

“Can I ride with you?” she asks.

“You want to go to the church?” I ask.

“Oh god no,” she says with her face turning red. “The whole story came out today, I couldn’t.”

We quickly move through the express counter and hop into my mid-size. You sit beside me and the nun climbs in the back.

“Where do you want to go?” you ask as you lean over and run your hand along my cock.

“Where ever you’re going,” she says. “I just need a drink.”

I smile and look into your eyes a moment. “We were going to get a room and fuck for a few hours.”

“Oh,” she says. “Hours?”

“The next couple days,” you say. “Probably.”

“Dear lord,” she says. “Newlyweds?”

Your hand is unzipping my pants now, pulling out my cock. You stop talking and lean down to suck me as the nun looks on over the back seat. You figure she’s seen it all before in her stint in the porn industry.

“God that looks good,” she says. “But I can’t.”

You keep sucking, torturing her with it. Moaning and stroking my cock as we drive out of the parking area and onto the main concourse. I drive along, people are walking by crossing the street and a few look in and point at the nun watching you give me head.

“What the fuck?” someone calls out.

“Jesus,” the nun whispers. “Help me.”

You look up at her with a shit eating grin. “I’ll let you suck him if you give me your outfit.”

She’s eyeballing my cock as you stroke the hard full head with your fingers. Her mouth opens in awe of seeing something she hasn’t had in years. So swollen and ready to burst.

“Okay, but not here.” She says.

We make it to the hotel, the whole while you’re just slowly masturbating my cock and talking to the nun about fucking and sucking, anal sex, oral sex, gay sex and all kinds of sex. You’re soaking wet and she’s beside herself with expectation.

The three of us are shaking and wide eyed at the counter and a young man comes out to help with our bags. The only thing is we totally forgot them and laugh. Not missing a beat the manager puts in a call to the airport to find the lost items and we wander off with the young man talking to the nun and into the elevator.

“I want to fuck you right now,” the nun says. The young man’s draw drops.

“You can only give him head,” you say. “But I think çapa escort you can fuck the bellboy.”

Without even a hint of hesitation the nun leans against the elevator wall and hitches up her habit. “Fuck me,” she says.

The bellboy is amazed and freezes, his lips move. “You shave?”

I nod and you undo the young man’s pants and pull out his cock. The nun is fingering herself in anticipation as you pump his cock and kneel to suck him hard. She’s urging you on the whole time.

Moments later the doors open and the nun is on the floor with her legs spread fucking the bellboy and you and I wander out to our room with her garments in hand. The bellboy says he’ll get her a maid’s outfit and send her our way later.

“What a crazy day,” I say as we enter our room.

“No shit,” you laugh.

I pull you into my arms and kick the door shut. We’re kissing deeply, my hands slip along your body and slowly pull at your clothing. You stop me suddenly.

“Hang on,” you say and rush off to the bathroom.

As you’re in there I strip and sit in one of the chairs beside the motel room table. I start pulling on my cock thinking of you, figuring you’re taking a piss or something. Then you come out of the bathroom in the nun’s outfit. I smile and sort of laugh as you come over and sit on the table with your legs spread.

In a very somber voice, but with a naughty smile you say, “Eat me, my son…”

There you are all hunched up with your knees in your hands, you’re wearing the nun’s outfit with your pussy wide open and my mouth pressed to you. I hear you laughing and moaning in some odd rhythm as I lick and suck your hot wet clit. My mouth is pressed to you hard now as I lean up and off my chair pressing my weight down on your mound with my lips, sucking your clit.

Suddenly I feel your hands on my head yanking at my hair. Something intense is rippling through you and your h “Fuck!” I plunge in again and my whole body shudders it is so intense. “Oh god yes.”

Then I stop, pulling my swollen cock out I move around the table and put the huge bell shaped head to your lips, “suck it.”

You open your mouth wide and I slip it in, the head is burning hot. You taste yourself, rich and smell the pungent odor as you suck and I reach down to play with your pussy as you do. Fingering your depths as you swallow against the fullness of my head. I watch, seeing how you love making me tremble.

You stop a moment and look up into my eyes, “I want you in my ass.”

“You sure?” I ask.

“Yes, give it to me.” Your face is bright and you start to turn.

“No,” I say. “Don’t move.”

You start to wonder what I’m about to do, but I move slowly to the mini-bar and back. I have a small bottle of champagne I am just about to pour it all over your pussy and ass with my cock head pressed to your anus when the motel room door crashes open.

“Don’t move, you fucking NUN!” A big man steps into the room.

“Hey, listen buddy.” I say and almost without thinking slip my cock into your ass to hid it from the guy’s stare. You gasp, but it sounds like a really good gasp so I shove in further. I feel your hand brush my wrist, a wanton needing pet as champagne spills down your pussy and over our coupling onto the table and down to the rug.

“I knew you weren’t fucking done,” the big man says. “What is it? Five thousand a day?”

“Look,” I say. “The nun split with the bell boy man, this is my girlfriend.”

“Shut the fuck up, asshole.” The big guy says and just then I really start to notice the three other guys.

“Hey look, I…” I look around. “Maybe we should get dressed and…”

“Fuck that, asshole.” He yells then, “Bring the gear, man.”

“What?” You ask, my cock throbbing in your ass.

“Hey Bitch,” the big guy yells. “You owe us another fucking movie. It was in your god damn contract.”

“A movie?” You are strangely turned on by the whole thing. Four men watching as I’m hard in your ass, the idea of a film, you start to wet even more.

He walks over to us as a nerd of a guy walks in with a huge video camera with this six inch wide lens on the front. He sets up a light right near us and moves the lense within a foot of your cunt. Just then the big guy grabs me by the balls. “Let’s see, is this fucker worth filming or do I have to fuck this bitch,” he yanks at my balls causing me to gasp. “Fuck yeah, you’ll do.”

“Hey, fuck you,” I say. “What’s in it for me?”

He laughs, “her tight ass jerk. You in or do I ball her?”

I am torn between not wanting to give up a good fuck, not wanting to participate in taking you and not wanting him to do it if you’re not up for the whole thing.

I look down and ask you, “me or him?”

You look up at the big guy, just to be sure you know what you’re choosing he undoes his fly and pulls out this huge fucking cock. Bigger than you’ve ever had. You’re dazed just looking at it.

“Here, let’s give her a feel.” He says.

I see the look of sarıyer escort glee in your eyes and move back a moment as he slips his big cock to your cunt.

“Oh my GOD!” You arch your back and try to pull away instinctively as that huge member pushes into your soaking wet pussy.

The camera guy gets closer, you look over seeing he’s filming and moan without any control. Your eyes open wide and close again as the big guy is fucking you deep and slow with his huge cock. Your eyes are almost rolling back and your cheeks flushed as the other guys are circled around watching, the film guy filming, me still hard and wet, big guy fucking you deeper slowly deeper and deeper.

“But the contract is for Anal, you fucking nun,” he says and your eyes pop wide open as he slips his huge cock out and presses the head to your ass.

“NO!” You call out as he presses hard to your ass, it hurts intensely as he tries to get the huge cock into your butt. “Get the fuck off me, NO!”

He stops then, and moves his cock back to your hot cunt slipping it in deep. “So you’ll ass fuck him and no bullshit right?”

You gasp as he pounds so deep in you, your mouth opens, “Oh god, YES!”

He keeps fucking you. I move closer, holding your legs as he balls your hot cunt. I can see you’re loving every second. The film guy is getting closer, a tight shot of your pussy being spread as his huge cock enters over and over. I move around the table and slip my cock to your mouth.

“That’s it,” says one of the other guys. “Fuck this chick is hot,” says another. “Damn, watch her take that fucking cock and blow that guy.”

You’re totally full now, gasping around my cock as he balls you deep and then you feel his cock throb, it is so huge the pulse burns in drum beats up your body. He’s breathing hard and rocking his whole huge cock in and out. Another of the guys comes over and helps hold your other leg as you suck my cock.

“Give her more cock,” the big guy says.

You look up at him and over as the other guy opens his fly and one of the others moves close. The camera man is watching, filming and moves to get a wider view as you have a cock in both hands now and are jacking me as you suck the other guy.

“That’s it,” the big guy says. “This is the shit here, hell yes. Suck that cock, baby. Nuns, fucking nuns can give head man.”

You’re worried now, so much cock and you’re horny, you’ve always wanted to gang bang but never thought you would. His cock pulls out then, just as you stop sucking the other guy and are about to turn to suck me the huge guy gushes come all over your tits and pussy.

“Oh god!” He yells and jacks the base of his big cock. “Quick!”

He waves me in without even waiting to finish his load. I move over and one of the other guys moves beside you. Another cock in your hand and you take it into your lips as I slip my cock into your soaked come covered pussy.

“Her ass, man!” The big guy says, “the contract is for anal.”

I see you nod as you suck the strange guys’ cock. Your eyes glance to mine with a nasty smile and I slip in. I see your eyes wink and hear you moan. I love that when I’m in you the sounds are different and I start to really carefully find the rhythm to fuck your ass as the other guys hold your legs wide and enjoy your hands an mouth.

“That’s it, give it to her deep,” the big guy says and I do as my fingers massage your pussy. “That’s it fuck yes finger that cunt, faster driver her fucking crazy.”

I see your eyes roll a bit but I do finger faster, making a quick pass with each finger tip over your clit as I ball your ass harder and deeper. You gasp as you twist your head from side to side seeking the other cock, “fuck my ass! God, fuck my ASS!” You scream.

I’m pounding away as you start to tremble, your stomach is hard, your legs are shaking and you can’t help but arch and pull harder on the cocks, sucking desperately. “God, oh god! I can’t believe you’re doing this.” You moan and suck the other cock, taking it deep into your lips as I finger your clit faster with each finger tip and then the big guy comes close slipping two of his large fingers into your pussy.

“Christ!” you yell out and start to shake as the big guy starts thumbing your clit as I fuck your ass and his fingers fill your pussy. A cock in each hand you gasp and suck one after the other as I undulate in and out of your ass and you’re coming hard. Screaming.

After a moment, your orgasm begins to ease and you feel the guy you’ve been sucking come in your mouth. You swallow without even thinking as my cock is pulling from your ass and the big guy is still fingering your hot pussy. Then he pulls his hand away and the camera man gets a good image of your dripping fluids and you turn your head to take the other guy’s cock in your mouth as I lean down and start eating you.

Your pussy lips are shoving against my mouth as your pussy twitches and you let go of the guy’s cocks and reach to my head again. I feel you yank harder in my hair calling out that you’re coming again right away. I’m a not at all surprised now, you’ve been having the sexiest day so far with all the sexual tension from our meeting and the strange people in the stair well, the nun, the bell boy, enjoying being the center of a porn movie with multiple men coming for you..

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