Sally’s Sr. Sex – Jose’


I guess in one way I am blessed! I no longer need to be concerned about getting pregnant. I am no longer working, so I can have sex morning, noon, or night – whenever the head pokes out. I have been released from my vow of the past 30 years of only having sex with my husband – we have been in a sexless marriage for the past 10 years due to his prostate cancer surgery – and I have saved up a lot of lust.

Tgg recognized that I was still a viable, sensual woman in my mid-60’s body. I have loose skin because I lost a lot of weight that I had gained while in the satisfaction of a loving marriage with a man who loved me for who I am, not how I looked. I have been going to the gym, swimming regularly, eating healthy, and reading for fun and my continuing education in healthy living.

I don’t lubricate like I used to, my breasts hang lower on my chest, and I am wrinkled, but I still love the feel of a hard, spurting cock in my vagina. I love to have my breasts loved, and I am much more open to anal sex than when I was younger. I guess the muscles are more relaxed.

When tgg told me that he wanted me to be free to have sex whenever the occasion arose as long as he watched or I told him all about it, I didn’t think it would change my life. I wasn’t looking for sex and I had gotten used to just kissing and hugging tgg as the only expression of our love for each other. I didn’t think of myself as a cougar or whatever, I was more of a mother bear. Furthermore, I knew watching another man fuck me was not very high on tgg’s list of desired things to see and do.

Who would have thought I would find sex in the produce section of my favorite food store? I have been shopping there for the past several years, since I first started my healthy living routine following my heart scare. Jose’, who is a Hispanic man in his 40’s, taught me, in his broken English, how to choose a ripe melon. Whenever I am in the store, and that is several times each week, I consult with him and he helps me select the freshest produce. It wasn’t until recently that I became aware that often we selected produce hand over hand or that our bodies often brushed against each other while I was in his presence. I had never thought of him as a man; just as, Jose’, the produce guy.

All that changed several weeks ago when Jose’ casually let me know that he had noticed a big difference in me. He complemented me on my weight loss and asked how I had done it. He referred to me as a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

I realized then that I was enjoying the feel I got when my usually unfettered breasts erzincan escort brushed against the back of his arm, or that my nipples hardened when he took me back into the cooler to select an especially fresh piece of produce and were still poking out through the material of my top when we returned to the sales floor. I was beginning to feel sexual again.

Imagine my surprise when I literally ran into him in Wal-Mart as I came out of a blind aisle too quickly. My cart broadsided his cart. We had a laugh together, then sat on one of the benches and actually talked as friends for a few minutes. When we got up to continue on our separate ways, he actually took my hand and kissed it. He said that he enjoyed spending time with me and hoped that our friendship would not cause a problem at the produce market. I kissed him on the cheek and told him that I would see him at the market tomorrow.

Over the next few weeks we got to know each other even better. We would meet casually on his day off and really began to feel comfortable with each other. I found out that he was in this country on a work visa and lived alone in a rented room. I invited him to come to our house for lunch on his next day off so he could meet tgg.

Tgg and Jose’ really hit it off and he began to come over each day off at tgg’s invitation and to help tgg in the yard with things he could not do alone. Last week it was really hot and after they had worked for awhile, they took a break in some yard chairs and I brought them some cold water. Tgg must have noticed the way Jose’ watched me as I came and went, because he told me later that they had a really intimate conversation.

Tgg commented on how good I looked and Jose’ agreed very enthusiastically. Tgg went on to tell Jose’ about his sexual limitations and how sexually active we had been until his cancer and even how active I had been in college and the years before we married. He told Jose’ that I was a sexual dynamo under my loose skin and wrinkles and he was hoping to someday soon find a man who could provide me with the sexual release that he could no longer provide.

They talked for a long time and while tgg was putting his yard tools away, Jose’ came into the house. He took both my hands, looked me in the eye and thanked me for introducing him to my very special husband who loved me very much. He gently kissed me on the lips and told me he was looking forward to seeing me again. I kissed him back, gave him a full-body hug and told him I would see him tomorrow when I came to get my produce. When I hugged him I noticed erzurum escort a hardness poking into my leg, but gave no indication in recognition of what I felt.

When tgg came in he told me that Jose’ had not been laid in over a year and that he would find some excuse to not be home when Jose’ came over next week on his day off. Just in case something came up between the two of us.

Each time I shopped during the following week, I made it a point to touch Jose’ in some innocent way and to accidently drag an unfettered breast across his arm as I reached for a cabbage or an onion. When Jose’ came to the house, I was bra-less in the thinnest T-shirt I owned and commando in a pair of shorts with roomy leg openings and a very loose elastic waist band.

I kissed him gently on the lips and invited him in for breakfast. As we ate I told him that tgg was off looking at plants and that it would just be the two of us today. We just talked, washed dishes, and talked some more until he finally got the courage to hold my hand while we talked. I took his hand and gave him a tour of the house, still no move on his part. When we got to the master bedroom, I ask him if he would take a shower with me. I pulled my T-shirt over my head, exposing my droopy breasts and he seemed to get the idea. He began loving my breasts with his hands, fingers, mouth, lips, and tongue.

He was so gentle, like he was handling a ripe tomato. I backed up to the bed and let him go. He was on a roll now. My nipples popped up like small acorns and he nibbled them with his teeth and suckled on them one at a time. He kissed his way down and slowly lowered my shorts as he reached my neatly groomed pubes. I keep my hair short there, about ¼ inch long. So that it is smooth and not stubbly, but short enough that my lover will not end up with a short and curly in his mouth from me.

His tongue explored the length and breadth of my vagina. I think he found every crevice. When he found my clit, I moaned and opened my legs to him. He felt so good and knew just what to do. While he loved me with his mouth, he must have taken off his pants, because after he took his mouth off of me, I felt a smooth, hard presence at my vaginal opening. I had no idea the shape or size of his equipment, but he was there and pressing in. I was too dry. “Jose’ stop for a minute. I want you in me, but I am too dry. Let me get something – I will be right back.”

I ran naked, breasts bouncing, to the kitchen. I knew we had no KY. What could I use? My eye fell on the jar of coconut oil. I reached in, bursa escort pulled out several heaping fingers full and put it directly in my vagina. I ran back to the bedroom, kissed Jose’, and pulled him back over me. He was still hard and with the aid of lubrication, slid in – and out – and in – and out. I met his rhythm thrust for thrust. When he was fully inserted he filled me and touched my cervix. I luxuriated in the feel of his cock and nearly passed out when my first orgasm hit. “Yes, yes. Don’t stop.”

Jose’ was going strong. I could tell he really wanted to cum and was not surprised when he asked me to roll over and get on my knees. He stood on the floor and really began pounding into me doggy style. My shoulders were down, my ass was up, and he was fucking me with all he had to give. I could feel him swell, then just thrust deep and hold it there as his balls emptied ropes of hot, creamy cum deep into my vagina. He lay on top of me as he slowly began to go flaccid.

When he was fully deflated and started to slide out of me, he lifted himself off and lay down beside me. I rolled over and cuddled with him. We were both wet with perspiration and I had cum leaking out of my pussy. After a few minutes of post-coital bliss, I kissed him with an open mouth and an active tongue. I went down, took his limp cock in my mouth, tasting our combined juices, looked at him and said, “Now we really need that shower.”

We showered together, explored and enjoyed each other’s bodies, cuddled, and kissed.

I led him back to the bed where we continued our intimate explorations. Jose’ has a nice, smooth, uncircumcised cock about 7 inches long and 2 inches wide when flaccid. A nice fit for both my vagina and my mouth.

As we played with each other, Jose’s cock status changed. The head reemerged and a few drops of slippery moisture began seeping out. I bounced out to the kitchen for another couple of fingers full of coconut oil – you know it is a solid at room temperature, but liquid at body temperature – for vaginal lubrication, and bounced back to bed and Jose’s beautiful love rod.

Jose’ slid into me again, like a greased peg, and I said, “On your days off, you can help tgg part of the time, but I want you to have sex with me every time if you want to.”

He kissed me and in his broken English told me that he would like that very much and would want to do it even more often if it could happen.

With that said, we began moving sensuously together with the purpose of coordinated climax. We did. We came together and napped for a couple of hours before doing it again, and again, and again. Tgg got home just as the sun was setting and walked into the bedroom just as we came together that one last time today.

Jose’ greeted him with a “Buenos” and I gave him a sexually satisfied smile and mouthed, “I love you.”

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