My Job as a Tester Ch. 02


Denise, Rachael and I all pull into the parking lot at the same time. Once we are out of our respective vehicles. Denise asks me why I showed up so early. Rachael says it’s because I enjoy product testing so much. I smile at that and say, “Well I thought I’d check the backup and make sure everything went alright, because I really don’t want to input everything on the server.”

Once Denise gets the door unlocked I go in after them and head for the server room to check on the backup I started. I’m sitting there when Denise and Rachael walks in. “Before everyone starts working today we are going to have a meeting so everyone is on the same page and we don’t freak out the guys coming in today to work for us.”

“I could see where that would be a good thing.” I say. “After all we don’t want them running out the doors screaming like some girly girl.” Rachael laughs at the image that creates in her mind.

“Oh yeah, they’d have the cops here in a heartbeat freaking out that way.” Rachael says. “It could only be worst is if we grabbed one of them and diapered him before he hit the door.” She adds laughing at the image.

“When do you think everyone will show up?” I inquire.

“They’ll start straggling in any minute now. So how did the backup go?” Denise asks.

“It went fine, smooth as glass. Everything is saved and I’ve got the system setup to do an incremental at about nine o’clock tonight. It will also download any upgrades our systems may need.” I reply. I hear the door open and the ladies start coming in and heading for their desks.

“Mac, can you create a new website for us to use? We need one that is user friendly and a little more like us. You know personalized for us that will show our items we have available.” Denise says.

“I’m really not that good at it but, I’ll see what I can do for you.” I reply. I need to discuss a few thing of a design nature with you later when you have more time.”

As it nears nine in the morning Denise asks everyone to step into the break room and have a seat. When everyone has gotten their coffee and sat down Denise starts the meeting. “Okay just a few thing and some reminders. We are going hold off on most of the product testing and because we are going to have gentlemen working today in the break room and the new training room. So all training will be done in Rachael’s area and if someone needs changing take them to the changing room and for god sakes close the door when you’re changing someone also when you’re done! Rachael’s door will be closed during training sessions so please knock before you go inside, the same with the changing room. Now for something fun! Mac still needs changing who hasn’t changed him yet?” Denise says.

Also immediately two hands went up. One was Carol and the other was Cindy. “Well that makes three of us who hasn’t Changed him yet! I’ll be nice and wait, so which one shall it be? I think the ones who have changed him already should decide but, it must be unanimous! “

Sarah, Debbie, Rachael and Rosa all get together at another table and talk. When they return to the table they smile and state that they have reached a decision. Denise asks “Who it is?”

They laugh and say “It’s Cindy; we think she deserves a shot at him.”

“Alright Cindy it is, sorry Carol you’ll have to wait till later. Cindy you can’t make him cum, you can get him to the edge but that’s it, understand?” Denise says. “Have you changed very many men in diapers Cindy?”

“No ma’am.” Cindy replies

“Okay then Rosa will tell you what to do but, she won’t do it for you!” Denise says. “Well that’s it ladies, let’s all get to work.”

Cindy and Rosa walk over to me. “Okay let’s go little one.” Rosa says. “Cindy you can either take his hand or grab hold of the top of his pants and lead him to the changing room.”

Cindy starts to grab hold of my pants then changes her mind and takes hold of the front of my shirt. “Let’s get you ready for work sweetheart!” she says.

When we get to the changing room Rosa tells her to remove my shoes, pants and underwear. Cindy gets my shoes and pants off. When she pulls down my underwear my penis is semi erect and points straight out into her face. Cindy is a little startled as it pops out and almost hits her nose. “Well it looks like little one has already got a good start to his day!” Rosa says. “Okay, put him on the table and place a changing pad under him just in case.”

As I get on the table Cindy helps me put my legs over the stirrups and places a pad under me. Then Rosa has her get a set of latex gloves on and the tube of KY jelly. She places some in her hand and rubs two fingers in it. Cindy asks why she is doing that. “You may decide that you don’t want to be a mommy but it’s nice to know how to make a diaper change more enjoyable for the person you’re changing. Little one here likes having his bottom penetrated and massaged. Don’t worry I’ll tell you what to do that way he’ll enjoy it and maybe you will also!”

Cindy looks at me from between my legs. tekirdağ escort “It’s alright, Rosa is right. I’ll let you know if I get close to climaxing. I’ll let you know how I feel and if you start to hurt me. Which I’m positive you won’t though”.

Cindy smacks my bottom with the back of her hand. “That’s not the word my little sweetheart uses, now say it right for mommy.” She says unsure if she is saying the right thing.

“I’ll let you know if I get close to Cumming mommy.” I reply as I see Rosa smile behind her and raise an eyebrow.

Cindy places her finger on my puckered hole and starts making circles like Rosa directs her to do then she slowly slides a finger inside once I loosen up a little. “There you go sweetheart does that feel good going into your little bottom?” She asks.

There is a knock on the door and Rosa answers it. Denise walks in and stands back observing Cindy. “Little one, mommy Rosa is going to explain to mommy Cindy where she should touch on the inside of your naughty little bottom so you can enjoy yourself better.”

Denise smiles when I respond, “Okay mommy Rosa.”

Rosa steps up beside Cindy and says, “Mommy Cindy, if you feel around inside little one’s bottom you’ll feel something about the size of a walnut.” Cindy feels around for a moment but doesn’t find it. “If you turn your palm upward and feel towards little one’s belly button slightly then bring your finger down rubbing the top side you’ll find it.”

As she does what she is told she hits the spot Rosa was directing her to I take in a sharp breath. “Are you okay little sweetheart, mommy’s not hurting you is she?” Cindy asks a little startled by my reaction.

“No mommy I’m fine. It just felt really good for a second there!” I answer.

Cindy looks at Rosa who is smiling. “I can feel it. You’re right it does kind of feel like a walnut.” She says as she pushes a little against it. “Now that I know where it is give me just a moment and I’ll see if I can make my little sweetheart feel better.” She says as she continues to work her one finger in and out of my bottom. After a few moments she slowly adds her second finger into my bottom. “Sweetheart you need to relax a little more for mommy.” I relax a little and she starts making circles with both her fingers on my prostrate sending waves of sensation up and down my spine driving me a little crazy.

My whole body starts shaking and Cindy gets a little scared and starts to remove her fingers but, I reach between my legs and hold them there. Rosa whispers to Cindy that it is alright I’m just having an anal orgasm. She gets a really big smile on her face and slowly pushes her fingers back inside. After a few moments my shaking starts to slow down along with my breathing. When I open my eyes I see Denise standing there with a shocked look on her face.

“Rosa you didn’t tell me that it was like that! ” Denise says. “And he hasn’t even cum yet!”

“How does my little sweetheart feel now? Be honest with mommy!” Cindy asks. I tell her I feel really good but extremely horny right now. This is obvious to everyone by my still hard penis. “Well that’s how mommy wants her little sweetheart to feel.” She says as she starts to pull out her fingers. I place my hand on hers trying to keep them in there a little while longer. “Sweetheart mommy needs to diaper you. Then my little sweetheart can get to work.” Cindy says as she removes my hand and slowly withdraws her fingers. She turns and gets a wet nap and cleans me up being very careful not to touch my penis. She then diapers me, removes her gloves and helps me in to the plastic and regular pants that Denise brought with her.

I look at Cindy and ask if her fingers are okay. I say, “When that hits I kind of lose control of back there and I’m unaware of how hard I may be clinching.”

Cindy smiles at me and says, “You were a good little sweetheart and I enjoyed watching your face it was amazing! I’ve never seen that look on a man’s face before. Thank you.” She looks at Denise, “I better get to work now.” Then walks out of the changing room’s door grinning.

Denise looks at Rosa, “I think you and I need to talk about descriptions and how you describe something to me.” She states. Rosa tells her that she has never seen a man have an orgasm like that and not cum at the same time from it. Denise laughs then looks at me. “You are truly a one of a kind Mac I’ll say that for you! Rosa is going to be with you on and off all day telling you about some of the products we need to test and the procedures involved. Ask as many questions you want to because I want you to feel comfortable about them. If you have any concerns or you find that we have found a boundary you don’t want to cross please let us know right away.” She says.

“Denise I basically made you a promise that if I was uncomfortable with something I’d let you know so don’t worry I will.” I stated.

“Since I’m here and I’ve got you two cornered! How did Cindy do changing the diaper? I think I know how Mac feels about it but what about you Rosa?” Denise asks.

“She was a little shy when we got started but she warmed up nicely and she took on a mommy role fairly easily.” Rosa explains. “She does need some more exposure to a man’s anatomy and how a man reacts to certain stimulations. Other than that I think she did a good job at it this being her first time in a more dominate role.”

Denise looks at me, “Well, I might as well hear your review also!” She says with a grin.

“I won’t say I didn’t enjoy it but I still feel strangely dissatisfied with the results.” I say. “I’ll have to agree with Rosa. She is very unsure of herself as a top, although she has no problem as a bottom. Getting more exposure I’m sure will help with that.”

“Now that I know that I can see about maybe getting her a little more out of her shell. Rosa, you and Mac need to get to the server room so he gets to work on our new website!” Denise says.

Rosa looks at me, “So Mac, are you ready to get to work and hear what I got to tell you?” She asks.

I laugh, “Sure mommy Rosa, let’s go before I get in trouble.” She just grins at me and we all leave the changing room closing the door behind us.

We see Carol escorting three young men towards us. “Denise these gentlemen are here to install the window for us.” Carol says as she gets close.

“I’m sorry Mac, could you show these gentlemen to the break room for me. I just remembered something I need to talk to Rosa about. Then I’ll catch up with you.”

“I need some more coffee anyway so, it’s not a problem.” I reply. Then I look at the young men. “Follow me and I show you to the break room. Even though I’m sure you would prefer to follow Carol!” They all smile and follow me to the break room.

When we enter the break room they ask me, “What’s it like working with so many beautiful women? We bet it must be fun!”

“You have got no idea!” I say with a knowing smile. Then I add, “It’s an experience that I would have never believed possible if I wasn’t experiencing it myself!” At about that time Denise walks in.

“Thank you Mac, did they have any questions for you?” She asks.

“Oh the usual ones that is to be expected. You know, what it’s like to work to with so many beautiful women.” I told her. “I told them the truth that it’s an experience they couldn’t possible believe!”

“From a very special man’s view point I’ll bet it is!” Denise says. “Rosa has got a few things to do so you need to get with Sarah and work on her project for a little while.” She turns to the three young men and says, “Mac is our computer guy here but he helps out with a lot of other things as well!”

“Alright that won’t be a problem.” I say as I start to leave and get Sarah. I hear one of them say ‘I don’t know what the other things are but it might be worth it!’ “Oh it is quite worth it I assure you.” I say in response as I step out the door. I hear Denise laugh at my response. I go to Sarah’s desk, “Are you busy?” I ask.

“I’m ready little man. I don’t suppose I can lead you around like yesterday can I?” Sarah asks.

“I don’t think Denise would like that, then there would be questions from the men working in the break room.” I state. “Those would be very interesting to hear!”

“I’d rather hear the answers.” Sarah says with a grin. “But I wouldn’t like the lecture I get after Denise got done!”

“I agree with that one. It would be a loaded situation. So I guess we better get going!” I say.

“Okay little man it’s off to Rachael’s room.” Sarah says as she stands and pats me on the butt. This brings a smile to the other ladies in the room. As we walk by the break room we can see Denise is still talking to the young men. Sarah smiles at them as she leads the way to Rachael’s room.

Rachael is waiting for us at the door when we walk up. “I was wondering what was taking you two so long! It’s not that far from the office to my room.” She says as we step inside.

The futon is placed against the far wall which allows Rachael a clear view of everything that is going on without really trying. There is a knock on the door and Rachael answers it. Denise steps inside and closes the door. “Mac, that was a little mean. You should have seen the looks on their face when you said that only to see you following Sarah down the hall moments later.” Denise says. “Okay back to business, Sarah he needs to lose the shoes and pants! I want this to be as close as possible to what you’re going to see with clients instead of just nursing. We’ll do everything but the product testing!”

Sarah smiles as she turns to me and grabs the front of my pants and diapers and walks to the futon. “It won’t be as much fun without the restraints but I can work with that.”

Rachael rolls over a small portable cabinet that has several drawers in it. As Sarah looks through each one she can see everything she is going to need. She pulls out a set of latex gloves and puts them on. Then she removes a thermometer and a tube of KY Jelly. She checks my diaper and finds it’s wet. “Well we’ll just have to change that after I get your temperature.” Sarah says.

I take a step back away from Sarah and shake my head, “I don’t want to mommy!” I say acting like a little boy being scolded.

“Now little man you know mommy needs to do this now come here.” Sarah says. With that she starts undoing my shoes and removes them. She reaches up and opens my belt so she can undo my pants. When she gets the zipper lowered. She takes off my pants leaving me standing there in a pair of plastic pants and a wet diaper. She lets me stand there a minute while she gets everything arranged on the portable cabinet she moved to the one end of the futon. “Okay come here little man, come here and let mommy take off that wet diaper.” Sarah says.

I take a step closer and let her remove the plastic pants and the diaper which exposes my erection. “Will mommy take care of baby’s problem?” I ask.

“Mommy will make baby feel good that is all mommy is promising.” Sarah replies as she lays me across her lap. She applies some KY Jelly to her finger and starts to spread my butt checks.

I quickly clinch and say, “No mommy I don’t want that nasty thermometer in my bottom!” as I try to keep them clinched.

Sarah raises her skirt and repositions me so my erect penis is sandwiched between her stocking covered legs then squeezes them together trapping me. She lands eight good swats, four on each butt cheek turning them red almost instantly. “I thought we were past you being a bad baby but, since you must be a bad baby! Mommy will just make sure she doesn’t have any more problems with taking your temperature.” Sarah says with a disgusted mommy voice.

She looks around, “Rachael would you be a dear and hand me a couple of those straps over there.” Sarah says pointing at the wall. “I know what mommy Denise said but I’m not going to deal with a squirmy baby!”

Rachael hands her the straps and asks if she needs any help. Sarah says that she does and instructs Rachael to use the straps to connect my ankles to my wrists. When she has done that she steps back and looks at her handy work.

“There that should keep baby from squirming around while mommy does what she has to!” Sarah says as she places a finger on my puckered little hole I’m trying to keep closed. She starts making circles around my puckered little hole. “Baby you know you like this so you might as well relax and let mommy take your temperature.”

As I slowly relax Sarah keeps telling me that I’m being a good baby. When I raise my head and look I see a full length mirror in front of me. I see both Rachael and Denise standing behind me watching Sarah slowly penetrating my puckered little hole. When I see that I forget all able clinching and her finger slides all the way in.

“That’s a good baby.” Sarah says when her finger slides inside. She starts moving it in a rhythmic motion in and out of my bottom. “That’s a good baby just relax and enjoy the feeling of mommy preparing her baby to get his temperature taken.” She says with a calming voice.

I close my eyes and start to enjoy the feeling as I try to rock back and get her finger deeper into my bottom. I find that I can’t push my bottom back very far at all. Then I hear Rachael say, “Looks like your baby really likes that and he can take your lovely dark finger in him pretty far!” I look into the mirror and see that Denise has left and it’s only Rachael standing behind me. I watch as she places her hands on my butt cheeks and holds them apart for Sarah as she pulls her finger out.

“Okay baby you need to behave so I can insert the thermometer into your naughty little bottom. Then when we’re done with that I might let mommy Rachael help you relax for a little while longer.” Sarah says. “Would baby like that?”

“Yes mommy baby would like that. ” I reply. “Mommy please hurry up please baby just wants to get it over.”

Sarah slides the thermometer into my bottom and moves it in and out with Rachael still holding my cheeks apart. When it beeps she tells me that my temperature is fine. “Rachael, go ahead and get a set of gloves and get some KY jelly.”

I can hear Rachael put on the gloves, a few seconds after that I feel a finger slide inside me. Sarah reaches down and undoes one of the straps. Then she undoes the other allowing me to move quite a bit but, she is still restricting some of my movement with her legs.

Rachael starts sliding her finger a little further in and I start to moan a little. “Does the baby enjoy it when mommy Rachael pushes deeper into your naughty bottom?” Sarah asks.

“Yes mommy it makes baby’s bottom feel really good!” I say between moans. My breathing increases and I start pushing as much as I can. Suddenly my body starts to shake and my bottom starts to spasm.

Sarah stops Rachael’s hand moving and holds it in place until I stop shaking. “Baby you better not cum if you do mommy Sarah will spank baby for not telling her you were close!” She says. She waits until I stop shaking but I’m still breathing fairly hard. She tells Rachael to very slowly pull her finger out of my bottom.

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