Poker Party


One of my first jobs after high school was in an office. I worked as the Administrative Assistant, and essentially served the entire office. Our group consisted of about ten people, and we were headed by an Office Manager and Assistant Office Manager.

I quickly made acquaintance with James, the Assistant Office Manager. He stood 5’8″, 165 lbs., in nice shape. His short brown hair and hazel eyes accentuated a very young, handsome face although he was in his early thirties. I was only 21 at the time, but we had numerous interests in common and took smoke breaks together.

One Friday evening, after everyone had left for the day, I saw James at the copier, running off copies.

“How goes it, James? Burning the midnight oil, I take it?” I asked.

James laughed. “Yeah, unfortunately. At the last minute, Accounting decided they needed extra copies for the budget meeting on Monday morning. And what keepeth you at such a late hour?”

“Sandy wants next year’s revised policies placed in new binders,” I replied.

James sucked in a breath through his teeth and grimaced. “Ouch. Would you like me to feed your pets while your gone?” he laughed.

“Actually, make sure they have a nice burial,” I remarked, and James laughed heartily.

“Hey, before you go,” he began, “I’m having a few friends over to watch the Poker tournament tomorrow night. I recall you mentioning that you’re a fan. Care to join?”

I agreed to, and after getting his address I returned to my desk and set about my work. The next night, I arrived at James’s house. He lead me into his basement, which had been completely redone as a living room. Wall-to-wall carpet, two flat screen t.v.’s, and a fully stocked bar greeted me. He introduced me to his two friends, Ryan and Phil. Ryan was almost my physical twin, standing 5’4″, 145 lbs., with very short brown hair and brown/hazel eyes, depending on the lighting. Phil was the largest of us all, at 6’2″, 225 lbs. and muscular. He worked in construction, and his tanned skin stood out in stark contrast to his shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes.

We tossed back a few beers, and I found myself at home with James’s friends. After the tournament ended, Ryan and Phil said their goodbyes. I stood up to take my leave as well, and teetered right back down onto the couch. James giggled at me.

“I think you’re plastered, my friend. Maybe you should stay here tonight,” he offered.

I grunted some type of inebriated agreement, and quickly drifted off to sleep. My bladder woke me up at some point, and I opened my heavy eyelids slowly. I realized there was a noise coming from my right, and shifted my head a little to see what it was. James was sitting in his recliner; the room was dark, except for one of the t.v.’s. On it, a gorgeous brunette was riding a massive cock, and having a loud and eager go of it. James was nude from the waist down, and he was stroking his beautiful 7″ cut cock with vigor. Having already had several bisexual experiences, I found myself biting my lower lip and watching him intently. My cock quickly forgot about it’s need to empty my bladder, and soon my 6 1/2″ cut cock was throbbing against my jeans. Still laying on the couch, and without thinking, my right hand slid into my jeans and I began to rub my index finger underneath my pink, pulsing cockhead.

I must have made a sound, as James suddenly looked over at me; he paused in mid-stroke, studying my face. His gaze then shifted to my groin, and seeing the action taking place there, he smiled.

“You’re more than welcome to join me, man,” he said.

I sat up, and unzipped my jeans. I pulled my cock out and stroked it quickly, watching both James and the porn. James resumed tugging his sexy cock, and he alternated between the porn and my frenzied jerking. He reached over and grabbed some napkins from an end-table, and let his load go into them. I scrambled to do the same, and barely made it in time. Hot, white cum erupted from my cock, filling the napkin and making it heavy. I excused myself, and hurried to the bathroom upstairs. I cleaned myself off thoroughly, and contemplated what just happened. ısparta escort I made my way downstairs again, slowly. I wasn’t sure what to say or how to act. When I returned, James was gone and the t.v. was off. I collapsed onto the couch and fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to a note on the t.v.. James wrote that there were some microwaveable breakfasts in the freezer, and that he would probably be gone for most of the day. I decided to go straight home, and for the rest of that Sunday I replayed the previous night’s events over and over in my mind. I tried to chalk it up as a dream, but my brain (and cock!) knew better.

Monday rolled around, and James made no mention of Saturday night. I behaved as normally as possible, and Tuesday came and went. James and I acted the same as we always had, and Wednesday passed on the calendar. Thursday found James and I outside the office building, having a smoke.

“Oh, by the way,” he said. “Ryan and Phil wanted me to let you know they enjoyed your company last weekend. They said we should do it again soon.”

I puffed my smoke casually. “Oh yeah?” I replied. “Awesome. I had fun, too. They seem like good guys.”

“You know,” he continued. “The three of us were thinking of getting together tomorrow night at my place again. Maybe have a little poker tournament of our own. No money involved, just chips. Each guy brings his own liquor. We do it every so often. What do you say?”

“Yeah, that sounds good,” I answered, before my brain realized what my tongue had done. James grinned, and something seemed…sly about it.

“Oh,” he finished. “Dress warm. It is supposed to be really cold.” He dropped his smoke, crushing it under his foot. He left me standing there, confused about his last statement.

Friday evening found me in my bedroom, naked and standing in front of the closet. Just as James had mentioned, the temperature outside was below freezing, and I surveyed the clothing in my arsenal. I ended up with a pair of white socks, black boxers, blue jeans, a white t-shirt, a gray t-shirt, and a black sweatshirt. I threw on my coat, grabbed a six-pack of beer from the fridge, and went to James’s house. The first hour went without incident, as we drank and played Texas Hold’em. After hour two, I was feeling the beer and it seemed everyone else was tipsy as well. Ryan and Phil seemed to ask me a lot of questions, though none seemed intrusive or unusual. Hour three began with everyone almost dead even in chips. James looked at the three of us and grinned that sly grin again. “What do you fellows say we decide this with a game of Strip Poker?”

Ryan and Phil cat-called, whistled, and howled laughter. I laughed as well, thinking it a joke. James started dealing cards, and explaining the rules; I found my stomach fluttering with excitement and nerves. “Low hand loses, high hand determines what the loser removes,” James explained. I lit a smoke, and played my hand. Ryan lost, and Phil won. “Lose the shirt,” Phil smiled. Ryan did so, and the next few rounds proceeded along the same lines.

Ten minutes later, and we were all down to boxers and a t-shirt only. I found myself putting it all together; James’s comments about Ryan and Phil liking me, Ryan and Phil buddying up to me all night; James and I masturbating together, and his sly grin after insinuating to layer my clothing. I wasn’t sure how this night was going to turn out, but I knew it was going to prove…stimulating.

James then dealt us each one card, face down. “On the count of three, turn your card over for everyone. Take off your boxers under the table, and then stand up. First guy to get hard before the rest loses, and high card wins. GO!”

I giggled and flipped my card. I shoved my boxers down and stood up, as everyone else did the same. My cock twitched and started to rise, and I surveyed the three sexy dicks around me. James’s sweet 7″ pulsed and rose. Ryan’s cock was about 6″, average thickness, with a heart-shaped pink head; it throbbed upward. I took in Phil, and beheld a tanned, thick, monster. It was a good 8″ cut, and it lumbered to life.

“Damn!” Ryan kastamonu escort laughed, and I studied his cock. It sat fully erect, quivering as the blood flowed through it. I was almost at my 6 1/2″, but not quite. James was just reaching his length, and Phil had about a solid 2 inches left. All of us laughed, and James looked at the cards. Phil won with a King, as the rest of us held number cards.

“You got it, Phil. Your pot.” He looked at me and winked, perhaps noting the look of arousal on my face. “C’mon, Ryan,” Phil said. He grinned as Ryan followed him to the couch; Phil sat down, opening his legs. “Can you suck me, baby?” he asked Ryan, and Ryan knelt down, beginning to stroke and lick the hot, huge cock erecting before him.

“C’mon,” James whispered, and we grabbed our beers and made our way to the couch. We stood on either side of Ryan, and James began to tease his own cock. I followed suit, taking in the scene. Ryan sucked Phil’s large dick beautifully, and with the relish of a porn star. James added his own commentary to Phil’s directions. “Yeah, yeah baby, suck it, suck that huge cock,” James whispered. Phil looked at my cock, and watched me tease it for a minute. “Mmm, yes, that’s it, stroke your dick, hon. Damn it looks so pretty,” he whispered to me, and a thick strand of pre-cum dripped out of my head. Ryan pulled Phil’s swollen cock out of his mouth, stroking it. He looked at my dick and smiled. “Oh yeah, fuck, that’s sexy, sweety,” he smiled. I moaned, feeling my balls shifting within my sac.

Phil looked up at me. “Can Ryan suck your cock too, baby?” he asked. I could only moan and nod my head, and Ryan’s head turned to me. His eyes found mine as his lips kissed/sucked my glistening pink head. With the tips of his fingers, he caressed my balls; I shivered with delight and thrust my hips forward. Ryan received my shaft without missing a beat, and worked 4 inches into his hot, wet mouth. His tongue slid the length of my shaft with each stroke, and he suctioned the head before gobbling me again each time. My knees loosened repeatedly, and I became aware of Phil’s powerful but sensitive hand rubbing my hamstring and asscheeks. Without thinking, I pulled off my t-shirt, and the guys all paused and cheered. They stripped theirs as well, and then James sat on the couch next to Phil. James bent sideways from a sitting position and took Phil’s dick in his mouth. He worked it with long, deliberate strokes, and Phil reached between James’s legs. He fondled and played with James’s cock, and soon they were both moaning.

Ryan moved away from me, kneeling between James’s legs. He began sucking James’s cock; I stood there, my cock harder than I ever recalled it. Ryan sucked James, as James sucked Phil. I knelt down behind Ryan, and reached around his hips. I took his cock in my hand, massaging and caressing it; I felt sensual and dirty all at once. Ryan quickly moaned his approval, and soon my hand was slick from his pre-cum. He spread his knees farther apart, and I looked down at his ass. His pink asshole contracted and expanded as I jerked him, and the urge to lick it struck me hard. I turned and laid on my back, sliding underneath Ryan. I lapped eagerly at his shaved balls, savoring each ridge and bump. Phil noticed the action, and egged me on. “Oh fuck, that’s so hot, yeah, lick his ass, baby.”

I ran my tongue upward, and flicked it against Ryan’s asshole. His scent filled my nose as I tasted his manpussy. I probed his rosebud thoroughly, moaning greedily with each lick. Ryan’s thighs closed around my head, and he bucked his hips back and forth, creating more friction between my tongue and his pussy. I sensed movement above me, and heard James’s voice. “I’ve been waiting all week for this,” he said. I felt contact between my thighs, and pulled my head away from Ryan long enough to see James take my cock in his mouth. He sucked me so sweetly, taking his time and using every tactic I could imagine. Ryan got up and walked around James, then knelt behind him. Phil handed Ryan some lube, and a minute later Ryan was slowly working his cock, now woth a condom, into James’s ass.

James looked kayseri escort at me, sucking me and grunting. Ryan’s pace quickened, and James whimpered around my throbbing dick. I watched Phil as he jerked his amazing 8″. I had never seen anything bigger than 7″ to this point; I always felt my preference lied in the 5-7″ range, but that was quickly out the window. I absolutely loved sucking cock, and the thought of that massive, perfectly sculpted cock in my mouth consumed me. James let go of my dick and surrendered to the hot pounding. I got on my knees and went to Phil; I looked up at him, then down his toned chest and defined stomach. The engorged monster hung before me, twitching and wet. I took it in both of my hands, moaning and taking in its beauty. I found his huge balls with my tongue, and in one lick went up to his head. I sucked it into my mouth, dizzy with the thickness of it. I swirled my tongue all around it, and Phil moaned with desire.

I wanted to take my time and enjoy it, but after several seconds I was sucking 3″ vigorously. I managed 4″, and then his head tickled the back of my throat. I gagged slightly, and Phil immediately pulled out. “It’s ok,” he whispered. “Take it slow, if you want to.” A thick strand of saliva lay on my tongue, and I rubbed Phil’s cockhead on it. I quickly slapped his cock against my tongue several times before taking it again. After several minutes I was sucking half of his cock without too much trouble, and he fed it to me slowly. I stopped, simply gazing at it and stroking it with both hands. I looked over, and James was standing near me. He moved over towards me, and soon his cock was in my mouth. After a minute he pulled out, and Ryan was now in front of me, and I gobbled him hungrily.

Ryan pulled out, and I knelt there; my chin was soaked in saliva and pre-cum, and my jaw was beginning to ache. On countless nights I jerked off to the fantasy of sucking more than one cock, and here it had come to pass. I found Phil again, and sucked his hot cock. I stroked Ryan and James with my hands, and then went to Ryan. He slowly fucked my face, until I was no longer moving my head. Then James lifted his cock, and I took his balls, one at a time and gently, into my mouth. The next few minutes were a blur, and the only sensation I had was of the fire burning in my groin. My cock ached painfully yet deliciously with the anticipation of release. I serviced each cock repeatedly, and then Phil was jerking off as I sucked his head. He announced his orgasm with a yell, and I opened my mouth as wide as I could.

Thick, fiery loads of cum assaulted my throat; I swallowed what I could and let the rest drip from my lips. He backed off, and then Ryan was sliding his sweet cockhead back and forth on my tongue while he jerked. His cum spilled forth, hot and sticky. I swallowed most of it, and the rest he rubbed around my lips and chin. Finally, James came forth, and I took his cock in my hand and masturbated him furiously. He howled, unloading his seed in my mouth. The overflow coursed down my chin, dripping on my chest and stomach. Some of it ran down to my cock and thighs. I was in a frenzy of lust, and moaning and saying raw, dirty things that I cannot remember. When their orgasms were spent, they stood before me, breathing heavily and manipulating their softening cocks.

James took my hands and lead me to the couch. He sat me down, and knelt between my legs. Phil and Ryan sat on either side of me. James licked my cock up and down, and my balls tightened. “I can’t last,” I breathed. Ryan’s hand slid under my ass, and he found my asshole with his thumb, rubbing it. Phil reached under James’s chin, taking my balls and massaging them. James sucked my cock fast and deep. Less than ten seconds later, I yelled, loud and long, “OOOOOHHHH FUUUUUUCCCKKK!”

I felt the orgasm explode throughout my groin; my nerves tingled all the way down to my feet, and my asshole clenched around Ryan’s thumb. My balls tightened and recessed inward. Each blast of my hot cum shot like fire from my cock, and James swallowed it. I moaned, quivered, and shook on the couch, experiencing the most intense orgasm that I have ever felt. Ryan and Phil let go, but James sucked my aching cock until it finally softened in his mouth. Once finished, we all crowded onto the couch, hands, arms, legs and soft, sticky cocks mingling together. We sat there for some time, until we eventually fell asleep.

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