My Friend’s Lonely Mom


My friend Jeff and I were high school friends. Jeff went off to the university and I ended up staying at home after we graduated. I was taking some courses at the local community college and was working at a grocery store. One day Jeff’s Mom, Natalie came into the store. She saw me and told me I should stop over some night for dinner. I couldn’t pass that up. Natalie was probably in her mid forties and I always thought she was hot looking.

Natalie had long curly dark hair and she was shapely. The best part was that she had big tits that I always liked. I told her I was free Friday evening if that was okay. She said she would look for me then. Friday came rolling around and I told my Mom I might be staying over at a friend’s house. I really didn’t want my Mom to know I might be spending time with Natalie. I was nineteen and Natalie was over twice my age. My Mom wouldn’t understand me spending time with my friend’s mother.

I didn’t really think anything would happen other than dinner but it was best to keep my Mom in the dark. I drove over to Natalie’s house that evening. Jeff’s parents had split up some time ago. It was just Jeff and his Mom living there when Jeff was home from school. Natalie answered the door in a bathrobe. I guess my eyes went wide. I could see some cleavage and that robe was so short.

She showed me in and we sat down on the couch. Natalie said she was sorry, she was running late and she hadn’t begun dinner. Would I like something to drink. I said that water would be fine and she brought me a bottle from the refrigerator. When Natalie sat down her robe started hiking up her body. I tried not to stare but I couldn’t help it.

I could see she wasn’t wearing panties and I could swear I could see some of her bush. Natalie began to ask me what I was doing now that I had graduated high school. I told her about taking classes and about working at the grocery store. Natalie said that since Jeff was at college it was lonely around the house. She was happy to have some company. I got the feeling that we wouldn’t be having dinner that night.

Natalie then told me she wished she was back in her twenties. She said that there were so many handsome men around and she wished she was back to starting over. I could swear she was trying to make a play for me but I wasn’t sure. Natalie moved closer to where I was sitting. As she talked she tekirdağ escort reached out and put a hand on my thigh. I can tell you that my cock was starting to twitch in my pants.

“Do you find older women attractive Matt?”

I told her I find most women attractive. She asked if I was seeing anyone right now. I told her that I wasn’t seeing anyone. That brought a smile to Natalie’s face. Natalie did something that made me get very horny. She loosened the belt on her robe and she pulled it free. I think my jaw dropped as I was now looking at her big tits and her pussy. Natalie’s hand went to my bulge. She started to pull the zipper down on my pants.

She reached in and worked my cock free. I was already half hard.

“Very nice.”

Natalie lowered her face and she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. She was soon bobbing up and down my shaft. My seven inches of cock was soon standing erect. All I could think of was not to shoot my load. It didn’t come to that. Natalie pulled off of my dick and she stood up. Her robe fell to the floor.

“Maybe we would be more comfortable back in the bedroom,” she said to me.

Just like that we walked back to Natalie’s bed. I stripped out of my clothes and I joined Natalie on her large bed. I was soon on top of Natalie and she pulled my face down to her breasts. I guess I just went crazy. I had only been with two girls until that time. This was something completely different. I took each of her big nipples into my mouth. I was sucking and biting each of them. Natalie was moaning loudly.

I was between Natalie’s thighs and my cock was rubbing across her crease.

“I need you to fuck me Matt.”

Natalie then reached down and took hold of my hardness. She brought the tip of my cock to her opening and I sunk into Natalie’s pussy. I wish you could have heard Natalie. She let out this squeal as I buried my dick deep inside her body. Natalie brought her legs up around my back and we began to fuck. My balls were slapping against her cheeks as I fed her every inch of my cock. I could barely believe my good luck.

Here was my friend’s Mom letting me fuck her. I want to make it last so I started out slowly. It was almost too much to bear. I began to speed up as Natalie gripped my rod with her pussy muscles. Her pussy was so tight. I thought I might blow my load right then. A few minutes of fucking her in this position and Natalie told me to pull out. For a second I thought we were done. That wasn’t the case.

Natalie had me get on my back and then she climbed over top of me. She reached back and took hold my my wet dick. She brought it to her pussy lips and then she sunk down on me. Natalie was riding my cock and I had my hands firmly on her ass cheeks.

“Fuck me as hard as you can Matt!” She cried out.

I brought my ass up off the bed as I gave it to Natalie as hard as I could. Natalie reached back and loosened my hands from her ass. She had me cup her big tits. My hands were rubbing across her hard nipples. Natalie was groaning as I buried my prick deep in her wet quim. I only wished I could have recorded our sex together. Natalie’s ass was slamming down hard onto my midsection. I just wanted to fill her with every inch of my cock.

I have no idea how long we went at it there in Natalie’s bed. I was surprised that I lasted as long as I did. I did finally feel my balls starting to pinch. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. Natalie said nothing about pulling out. I doubt that I could have made myself do that. I fucked Natalie a few minutes more and then I exploded inside her pussy. Natalie’s face said it all when she felt my cum entering her tight pussy.

“Oh fuck!” She blurted out.

I kept spraying my sticky seed inside Natalie’s hole. Natalie clamped down hard on my rod. It was like she needed to get every hot drop of my cream from my hard dick. We went at for some long minutes. I must have been full. I kept squirting my load inside Natalie’s tummy. Eventually I felt like I was empty. Natalie fell down onto my chest and she kissed me hard on my mouth.

“That was so hot Matt, I hadn’t had sex in such a long time,” she told me.

I left my cock inside Natalie for as long as I could. My dick finally slid out of Natalie’s pussy. Natalie was holding me tight. Her body was shaking from the fucking she just took. Natalie did get up and she walked to the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and Natalie came back to her bed.

“Thank you Matt,” she told me.

She got onto the bed with me and she took my dick in her hand. She cleaned my spent cock with her mouth and she swallowed the remaining cum from my prick. It was a good thing I told my Mom I wouldn’t be coming home that night. I slept with Natalie that evening. When we woke up the next morning I had Natalie again. This time Natalie got on all fours and I took her from behind. My hands were on her hips as I pushed my cock into her still wet pussy.

Natalie’s tits almost touched the bed as I pounded her hard that morning. Her big melons were swaying as I fucked her again. I didn’t worry about cumming quickly because I didn’t think I had anything left inside me. Natalie was even more vocal that morning if it was even possible.

“Your cock feels so big Matt!” She cried out.

This was almost too good to be true. I drove my rod into her belly as far as it would go. I would pull out just leaving my mushroom in her passage. I pushed in hard and I kept taking her like this for the longest time. Natalie’s pussy was convulsing around my hard dick. I knew she had to be having multiple orgasms. To my surprise I did manage to shoot a little more cum into her pussy. Natalie milked the small amount of cum I had left in me.

I wish I could have stayed the whole day but I had to go into work that afternoon. Natalie begged me to stop back after I had finished my shift at the grocery store. I went home and showered and then changed my clothes. I told my mother one more time I wouldn’t be coming home that evening.

“Who’s the lucky girl?” She asked me.

I think my face went red. If only she knew. Late that night I showed up at Natalie’s door. She was naked when she opened for me. We kissed and then we went straight to bed. I made Natalie my lover that weekend. I had Natalie on her back and I brought her legs up onto my shoulders. I pressed her legs back to her tits and I entered her hard with my erect cock. She cried out for me to use her pussy and that is just what I did.

I told her that I was going to fuck her whenever I wanted to.

“Yes, yes, I need to have your cock Matt,” she told me.

Once that was settled I ground my dick all the way inside Natalie’s deep hole. I reached out and squeezed each of her round tits with my hands. Natalie told me she had numerous orgasms that night. I also gave her more of my hot baby seed. We fucked twice and I squirted two loads into her greedy belly. I am now seeing Natalie on a regular basis. She says she can’t be without my cock. There is just one problem. Jeff is due home soon for a school break.

I don’t know how it will work out but I know I have to find out a way to be inside Natalie’s pussy when my friend gets home.

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