Donna’s Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 13


Author’s Note

Chapters 12 through 17 are the final chapters to “Donna’s Ultra High Heels – Book 2” and will be sequentially submitted in both the Fetish and BDSM categories in the following order: Chapters 12, 14 and 17 in the Fetish category and chapters 13, 15, and 16 in the BDSM category.


Chapter 13

Ken and Donna arrived at the den from their upstairs room just before the half hour “room break” ended and about the same time as Linda and Paul entered, and again warmly greeted them. Linda asked if they were enjoying the evening so far and both Donna and Ken gushed about how they loved it and how friendly everyone was that they talked too personally. Linda said that at dinner everyone would become more personal about their fetishes and fantasies and they should be prepared to tell the entire group what theirs’s were in detail. Linda also said that since Donna had signed up Ken for the semen contest, she needed the exhibits to be placed on the dinner table before the meal was served. Donna opened her small clutch and showed the clear glass bottle with the red rubber band. Linda, who briefly glanced at it, told Donna to be sure and bring it with her when they went to the dining room.

The other couples started arriving and Linda directed everyone to gather in the dining room and stand behind the chair where their place card was on the table. She then told all the men to seat their partner’s first and not wait for her or Paul. As the men were doing what Linda directed, she returned to the foot of table where Paul helped her sit down before he went to the head of the table and indicated that all the men should be seated as well.

Linda took charge again, and asked all the women to place the semen samples or contest exhibits under their partner’s place card! The specialty designed engraved place card was essentially a cube with the bottom side open so it could visually hide the contents under it; in this case the semen bottles. All the women did as directed by reaching into their clutches and quickly putting the glass vials under the place card before returning the small purses to their laps.

The partners of Steve, Scott, Jason, John and, Ken had signed them up to be in the contest and Linda had placed a red dot after the names, from the signup sheet, for those that were participants. Paul asked Linda to bring the five bottles to him for measuring, one at a time, and record the amount of fluid in the same note book that she had recorded all the other information on each couple. Paul held each individual bottle in such a way that only he and Linda could see the graduated scale while taking the measurements. After Linda made the five individual trips to Paul with each bottle for measurement, she silently recorded that volume amount in the notebook and returned it to the proper cubical place card where it again was hidden from everyone’s view!

Linda set back down with the notebook in her hand and asked the partners of the other men that had not entered the contest to show that they had at least, brought their man to a climax. The women of the other four men, including Linda, lifted the their partners place card and held up the bottles to show that there was some semen in the bottle, but that most of it had been deposited elsewhere! Linda had placed Paul’s bottle under her place card since she was at the opposite end of the long eighteen place table. She then indicated that they should place them back under the cards and that they could retrieve after the meal.

At this point Linda said that before the meal was served she was going to announce the two winners of the stair step contest as well as the winner the semen contest. She stated they all knew that Gina Taylor was the winner with 6 steps and Donna Scott was the consolation looser/winner at 3-1/2 steps! Linda went on to say that Gina won a sterling silver butt plug with Phillip’s name engraved on it and it would be made to the exact dimensions of his fully aroused penis! Paul would have it made up at the one jewelry store that had a private adult specialty jewelry section in the basement! Everyone applauded and smiled, but Gina showed no sign of embarrassment.

Linda went on to say that Donna won a custom made set of gold plated nipple clamps with several different attachments, all engraved with her name and L for left and R for right indicating which nipple they were made to fit for her exact dimensions! Again, these would be custom made in Paul’s specialty jewelry shop. Donna smiled and was slightly embarrassed but also intrigued since Ken had not bought her any nipple clamps since their relationship began and had concentrated on the gentler forms of nipple stimulation. She had wondered how nipple clamps would feel or how her sensitive buds would react to a different type of stimulation; Donna now figured that she would soon get the chance to find out for sure. She turned from her own thoughts to Linda when she continued with the final winner.

Linda declared the winner of the semen contest to be Ken Fowler with an amount of 1-1/4 fluid ounces which was far and away the largest bayrampaşa escort quantity by anyone! Ken smiled and was a little embarrassed by the applause he got when she announced that he was the winner. Linda went on to say that Donna could pick out the device of her choice from those that Paul’s shop made for men. Donna beamed with pride that her man could produce so much semen and that she hadn’t even milked him dry for this contest! Donna was also thrilled that she could pick out what adult toy that she wanted for Ken.

Linda then pressed a button under the table and the lead maid entered the room to which she said that the meal could be served. The maid turned and left the room and in a minute or two all three maids began serving the meal. The appetizers were served first by the maids, which consisted of two different types depending on which of the two meals each guest had previously selected for the evening. They complemented the choice of either French Seafood or Italian entrées. Soup proceeded the main course and then was followed the desert and after diner drinks. It was after the liquors had been served that Linda called the informal gathering to order by tapping her water glass.

Linda then announced, “Now that we have had a chance to get to know Donna and Ken, I think it’s time for every couple to state publically what their main fetish or fantasy consists of and how you act it out. Also, the women should state the highest heel height that they have mastered successfully walking in for their particular shoe size, but they should state it the equivalent of the arch angle for a 6-1/2 size shoe. The women should be the spokesperson for each couple starting with Doris.”

Doris then confidently stated that she and Frank were prominently into various consensual BDSM activities with her primarily, but not always, the submissive. Of course per the club’s urging she was into corsets, stockings and garters, and now she was now getting back into vintage bras although she had already worn them in the Fifties, but they were not as extremely pointed as the cone bras that Linda had required for this weekend party! Fetish clothing and costumes as well as roll playing were also a part of their private lives. Her highest equivalent 6-1/2 size heel height that she could walk in was 6 inches.

It was then Gina’s turn to speak for her and Philip and she said that they were also into consensual BDSM with her being primarily the submissive. Again, much like Doris and Frank Reed, she said that she was starting to wear some corsets, stockings, garters, and now pointy bras. She also said that role playing and fetish clothing was also involved at times in their relationship. Gina said that the highest heels that she was comfortable wearing in the equivalent of a size 6-1/2 was also the 6 inch height.

Mary, Lisa, Pamela, Susan, Jane, as well as Linda also stated that along with their significant others, they were all pretty much had the same type of fetishes that had already been identified by Doris and Gena. They all said that the highest heels that they could currently walk in ranged from a low of 5-5/8 inches for Susan to a vertical arch high of 6-5/16 inches for Mary and Lisa, leaving Pamela, Jane, and Linda at the full 6 inch height. Linda noted that she had bought some vertical arched 6-5/16 inch stilettos at Ken’s shop last week, but didn’t count them as the highest that she could walk in since she had not 100 percent mastered them in all street-type conditions; but it wouldn’t be long before she could.

Now it was Donna’s turn to speak for her and Ken. She was a little nervous, but tried to hide that fact as she proudly stated that they also were pretty much into the same things that everyone else had listed, although they both had talked about different role play scenarios, neither of them had actually participated in acting out a full blown one. Donna also said that she pretty much was, but not always, the submissive one of the two. She further stated that most of her time, up until recently, had been spent on intensive ultra high heel training along with wearing some fetish outfits at home. Of course, thigh stockings, garter belts, and corsets were also part of her fetish activities. Donna noted that she was also into figure training with the help of Gwendoline-style corsets and lace up bras.

She then dropped the bomb and said that most of their BDSM activity involved her being strapped up in a helpless manner while Ken milked her each evening. Donna said that she had started a self-induced lactation program and that she and Ken were having fabulously intense and intimate sexual gratifications with this whole concept! She also said that her induced lactation was also a part of her nipple and areola training as well! Finally, Donna stated that because of her intense ultra high heel training over the last couple of months, she could actually now walk in 11-5/8 inch past the vehicle arched ballet heels!

After Donna’s surprise announcement about her induced lactation and ballet heels, there was a noticeable gasp from some in the group. escort bayan istanbul After a short pause, Linda was the first to speak and gushed, “Oh my God, Donna, that is fantastic. I had no idea that you were into induced lactation! I’ve heard and read about it, but to my knowledge you are the first one of the group to actually do it. Do you care to share with us how you got into such a sexy fetish?”

Donna went on to explain that she had read about it in a sex book that she had bought at an adult shop in town when she was there to buy a vibrator after she split up with her previous boyfriend and before meeting Ken. She said that the idea of induced lactation seemed to intrigue her from the very beginning, but since she didn’t have a partner at the time, she put the whole idea aside until after meeting Ken. Donna said that from the first time she saw Ken in the shoe shop, her nipples became so sensitive and stiffened whenever she was around him. Later, when they became more intimate in their relationship, he was very resourceful when it came to nipple play and led me to suggesting induced lactation. Ken was very helpful from the first day I mentioned it to him since he would be a part of the process by massaging my breasts and nipples on a daily basis! Along with taking some supplements and his expert nipple stimulation, Donna said that she began to lactate in a relatively short period of time. At this point, she said that Ken combined her daily milking with the submissive side of her personality by generally strapping her up in a milking/lacing stand while she was being milked and eventually having an orgasm after she was dry! Donna paused at this point and the room was dead silent and everyone was intently listening to every word she had said.

Again, Linda came to her rescue and said, “That’s a great story. I know that it beats anything that I’ve heard so far to night, so after dinner you and Ken will have the first choice of the rooms on the fourth floor that we showed you last weekend and I think I know which one it will be. And you will have the choice of leaving the viewing windows open or closed for your milking session”

Donna thought back to last weekend when they had visited and toured the Chatsworth mansion and were shown the BDSM rooms on the top floor of the estate. The one that she thought of was the first room with the adjustable metal lacing stand which would be useful if Ken wanted to strap her into it and milk her by hand or by the milking bra, which was her favorite method. The thought of others viewing her while she was be milked stirred the exhibitionist side in her much like when she had gone out in public shopping for a bikini in 5-5/8 inch stiletto heels and a tight fitting sweater over a cone bra with no jacket for the first time! Donna also thought of the spanking bench in the second room where she could lie down with her breasts protruding through the padded leather holes for Ken to manually milk her. She decided that bench would be better used by Ken to perform other ministrations on her areolas and nipples; like using suction tubes or maybe working them over with his famous feathers! Both thoughts sent chills down her back while at the same time causing her nipples to further stiffen against her already tight cone bra.

While these thoughts raced through her mind, Linda continued by saying that that after Donna made her choice of rooms, the other couples could sign up for the other rooms in half hour increments. Donna then looked at Ken and suggested the first room with lacing stand to which he quickly agreed. She continued by telling Linda that after they were prepared to start the milking procedure she would let everyone view the session if they so desired.

Everyone at the table signaled their approval by politely applauding with Donna’s announcement. Linda then sent the signup sheet for the rooms around the table so that they could all pick out a half hour slot for the room of their choice. Several of the couples did not sign up as they wanted some private time in their rooms and no one signed up for the other rooms in the time slot where Donna was going to be milked in Room 1 since they all definitely wanted to view that session!

Linda made another announcement about this weekend’s activities by saying that both sweater girl contests, previously scheduled before Sunday’s brunch would be changed to late Saturday afternoon after the cone bikini competition, making the last morning of the party much more relaxing. She also said that everyone could now go back to their rooms and freshen up and change in to the clothes or costumes of their choice and meet in the main lounge on the fourth floor in half an hour. She also indicated that cone bras were required for the women with the exception of Donna, for obvious reasons when she wore the milking bra. Linda further announced that in addition to the cone bras, no less than thong panties, stockings, garter belts, and ultra high heels were required for the women and no less than the kid leather jock straps for the men were proper attire for the rest of the evening, taksim vip escort but that full clothing or costumes were also acceptable.

At this point everyone got up and mingled while they waited for the elevator to take them up to their respective rooms. Linda, Doris, Pamela, and Susan came over to Donna as they waited for the second trip of the elevator and said that they were excitedly intrigued with the idea of induced lactation and couldn’t wait to witness her nightly milking. Pamela and Susan were particularly giddy and had never thought about that concept before this evening, but now it sounded really sexy!

When Ken and Donna finally reached their third floor suite, they instantly entered into a passionate French kiss that lasted for over a minute with Donna rubbing her hard cone breast points into his chest while he did the same with his fully erect penis.

After they broke apart, Ken said, “I was really proud of you when you publically announced your induced lactation program and particularly when you said that you would let everyone see the results of it tonight. You really have become quite self-confident in your entire figure and ultra high heel training as well as your induced lactation development. I’m so thrilled at the progress you’ve made in all of them.”

Donna kissed Ken to thank him for his confidence in her training progress as well as for going public with this group and talking about her lactation program and their other erotic fetishes of the past few months. It was now time to prepare for the milking session in Room 1 on the fourth floor. Donna had thought about wearing her hobble skirt, but decided to wear a short white pleated skirt that was hemmed to just above the knees and her white Fifties blouse with the turned up collar, with a four inch wide red patent belt and a pair of 5-5/8 inch heel red patent needle toed pumps that still met the minimum heel height requirement for the weekend party. The belt and pumps were the same ones that she had worn the day she went bikini shopping. The red belt and pumps was a contrast to her white pleated skirt and Fifties-style blouse. Donna didn’t change her makeup from what she worn at dinner so she was not like the bitch-look she had when going shopping, and together with her white pleated skirt, appeared much more submissive than that look.

Ken changed into an outfit that consisted of the standard tight leather jock strap under a tight fitting black leather pants, black shirt, black leather vest, and black shoes which gave him the dominate look as compared Donna’s white and red ensemble. He picked up a suitcase that he had separately packed for Donna’s vacuum milking; it also contained the milking bra itself as well other leather training bras.

They left their room and went directly to the elevator. After reaching the fourth floor they proceeded through the empty main lounge, and went directly to the room with the lacing stand. Since Linda had said that they could either be viewed or have privacy in the room, they did a closer inspection of the inside wall facing the hallway. That’s when they noticed there were two large sections on each side of the entrance door with some sort of a covered rectangular opening approximately two feet high and eight feet wide, the vertical center of which was located about five and a half feet from the floor.

Ken went to the one on the right side of the door and discovered that there was a covering over that apparent opening that was made from the same material as the wall paper on that side of the room. Neither of them had noticed that fact the prior weekend since it blended in so well and was flesh with the wall itself, but they had been concentrating on the contents in the room itself. He then discovered that the covering was essentially a standard pull down blind. After finding the edge of the blind, Ken released the spring loaded mechanism and let it roll up to the top of a glass window. He also noticed that there was a similar blind on the outside of the window that could be released from the hallway. Therefore the view to the room could be controlled by the persons on either side!

They both marveled at the ingenuity involved in the blinds and with a person standing behind one another, each window could accommodate up to four couples, or sixteen people in total, which would be the size of the group without Donna and Ken! Ken then pulled the blind back down and started to prepare Donna for the upcoming lactation show.

Ken had Donna walk over to the adjustable height lacing bar and raise her hands up to get an idea how to high to raise the motorized bar when she was strapped up in the contrivance and adjusted it accordingly by pressing a two way rocker switch on the side panel. He then unbuttoned and removed her white blouse exposing her black cone bra that she had worn all evening. It was a direct contrast to her white pleated skirt leaving her re-tightened red patent belt to match her red patent stilettos. He hung the blouse on a hanger on a nearby coat tree. Ken strapped Donna’s wrists in the cuffs on the horizontal bar and further raised it so that she was standing with her stiletto heels exactly 11/16 of an inch off the floor thereby raising her insteps to a virtual 6-5/16 inches, or to the vertically arched height! Ken never missed an opportunity to have Donna enhance her ultra high heel training program.

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