Taste of True Friendship Ch. 18

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The “C & M” plan sounded like a good one and it worked well for a couple of months, that is until Dana showed up.

Dana breezed in to town right in the middle of Tanya’s push to finish up her quarter at school, not difficult but time consuming; to put the finishing touches on the fall line at work, difficult but not time consuming given Tanya’s expertise; and, to monitor her mother’s situation, very difficult for Ayisha had finally disclosed that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

Dana arrived literally at a moment’s notice. She was in town to work out the details of a partnership agreement between her New York company and Tanya’s local garment shop. Dana needed a place to stay an Tanya naturally agreed to let Dana stay with her- -after all, Tanya’s apartment was Dana’s old place.

Dana was barely inside the door when she threw herself at Tanya. The embrace was so passionate that it made Tanya wince, her new breasts still being tender. But Dana’s kisses were long, deep and sweet. They triggered a flow of endorphins that blunted any discomfort that Tanya was feeling, though Tanya did breathlessly tell Dana to take it easy on her new chest. Dana, having been through the same process, understood and eased up on the crushing hugs substituting instead tongue play up and down her neck and shoulders.

Dana summarily disrobed Tanya, stood back to admire Tanya’s now luscious “C” cup boobs, and then knelt down and went straight to work swallowing Tanya’s cock. Other than jacking off, Tanya hadn’t had any real sex for months and Dana’s warm moist mouth and hyperactive tongue brought Tanya to the brink of orgasm in just a few minutes. Tanya held back and relished the sublime tension that her urge to come produced. She felt as if her feet were leaving the ground and her body floating in air buoyed up by the energy of her impending orgasm. Tanya played to control this sensation, and then finally decided to let her load go into Dana’s welcoming mouth. Tanya could visualize the gush of semen flooding across Dana’s tongue and down Dana’s throat. Dana, for her part, gulped down Tanya’s jizz and milked Tanya’s cock until the last drops had been squeezed out.

Dana stood up, licking her lips, and motioned Tanya to turn around. Tanya dutifully complied and then, like a dance partner, followed Dana’s lead. Leaning forward, Tanya put her hands out and supported herself on the arm of the couch while Dana stripped off her clothes behind her. Then Dana knelt down behind her. Tanya could feel Dana’s tongue walk its way down the small of her back, pause at he top of the crack in her ass, and then , as Dana spread Tanya’s cheeks apart, flick its way around Tanya’s ass hole. Tanya’s sphincter tightened as she felt the tip of Dana’s tongue begin to press against the opening but then relaxed as the warmth and slickness of it began its probing. Soon, Tanya could feel that Dana had completely penetrated her and was tonguing in, out and around Tanya’s ass hole. Tanya shivered with the pleasure of this.

Dana stood up, stroked her cock to final erection, and gently but firmly pressed the head against Tanya’s now lubricated ass. It slipped into Tanya easily who, not having had decent anal sex in eons, emitted a long sigh at the thrill of again feeling a cock inside her. Dana began to slowly pump her stiff prick in and out of Tayna’s ass, picking up speed and force with each cycle. In no time, Dana’s tummy and balls were slapping against Tanya’s butt as her slick rod thrust deeper and deeper. Tanya emitted grunts of pleasure with each stroke.

Dana began chanting to Tanya, “Oh, yeah…yes, Honey…It’s good….So gooood…..Mmmmm, Baby….Yessssss….I…haven’t…..fucked…..anyone….like this….since I can’t remember…..Ohhh…yessss….Do you love it?…I love it…Do you?…..Ohhh….Ohhh….Ohhhh….”

Tanya’s tightened her sphincter around Dana’s cock giving more resistance to Dana’s thrusting. This produced extreme pleasure in Tanya and propelled Dana further into her ecstasy. Tanya got that feeling again that her feet were leaving the ground as that indefinable electric sensation began to flow from her rectum into her stomach, into her chest, and into her head. She was almost crying at the intensity of the feeling and then went limp at its crescendo when Dana suddenly pulled her cock out of Tanya’s ass. The release was heavenly.

Tanya immediately turned around, went to her knees and hungrily took Dana’s cock into her mouth. Tanya reached out, grasped Dana’s butt cheeks in both hands and pulled Dana close to her so that her cock was entirely inside Tanya’s mouth with her testicles resting against her chin. It took only an instant for Dana to discharge her wad into Tanya. Dana thrust her hips forward as Tanya swallowed her cock whole letting Dana’s warm cum pour down her throat. She held it there until Dana’s last spasm of orgasm subsided and her erect organ began to go limp.

Dana wilted too, flopping herself down on the couch. Tanya nestled beside her and caressed her chest, gently tweaking her erect sensitive nipples, beşiktaş escort reveling in Dana’s post orgasmic shuddering. They kissed, knowingly exchanging the residual cum that rested on their tongues. How delicious!


They cleaned up, dressed up, and went out to dinner at a restaurants that was one of their favorites in the “old” days.

Dana filled in Tanya on life in New York: it was fast paced, stimulating, and extremely profitable. Dana had moved up quickly in her design house and was now in charge of acquisitions as well as taking a hand in the on going creative process. No, she hadn’t gotten hooked up with anyone, though she was “seeing” some men on a fairly regular basis. There was an investment banker, a very “generous man”, a lawyer, who was fairly high up in local politics, and a fashion photographer who swung both ways. She loved the “gifts” from the banker, loved the excitement of the politician, especially keeping their affair a secret- -he was married, you know, and loved the easy glitz of the photographer but wasn’t crazy about his promiscuity- -with him she used condoms, always. They all knew that Dana was a transsexual and that for them was excitement enough.

But Dana’s real passion was the fashion business. She was good at it and was making lots of money. It was a cutthroat business and she knew that she would need to strike out on her own sooner or later. For now, however, she was content to get to know the business, work her way up, and take advantage of whatever opportunities presented themselves.

That was why she was here in town. Her design house was interested in acquiring Tanya’s company, or at least a share of it. Dana’s firm could provide capital, contacts and outlets and Tanya’s company could provide fresh ideas- -especially useful for the west coast tastes.

Tanya felt that Dana was obliquely making a pitch for her to come along with Dana to New York. Tanya didn’t delve any further into this. Given her mother’s situation, she wasn’t ready to make a change let alone a commitment. Besides, she had one more full quarter to go in school and had a feeling of loyalty to her company- -after all they had stuck with her through some very challenging times.

After dinner, they went home and went to bed. They snuggled close as they slept. Tanya realized she missed that close contact. In fact she longed for it but knew that it wasn’t going to be with Dana.

Early in the next morning, Tanya became aware that Dana was not in bed with her. She saw the light in the living room shining under the bedroom door, got out of bed and went over to open the door just a crack. She could see Dana on the couch leafing through Tanya’s portfolio- -all those wonderful drawings. Tanya didn’t say a word and quietly closed the door. She was grateful that most of the material in that portfolio was old and that her new work was either stored in her closet or under lock and key at the office.

Dana never mentioned to Tanya that she had gone through Tanya’s drawings. Yes, the fashion business could be cutthroat.

Ultimately, Tanya’s garment company decided not to consummate a relationship with the Dana’s New York design house. They never asked for Tanya’s input. Had they asked, she would have given them a “thumbs down” down.

In her opinion, their little shop was doing just fine, didn’t need the complications of oversight from a New York “mega-house”, and, in fact, would be wise to not allow the “camel’s nose in the tent” which would likely lead to a complete take over. Yes, the fashion business could be cutthroat.

After a week of fun, including daily sex, Dana left town. Their relationship had changed–Tanya knew that. She would always have the good memories but knew that if they remained friends, she would be more distant and less trusting.

Dana was glad that she had set up her video cameras throughout her apartment and managed to capture most of their conversations and sexual escapades of the rest of the week on tape. Who knows what might happen.


The school quarter ended with Tanya achieving stellar success in her projects. Once again, she had done all of the set design for the theater arts department production. And she had done a mural for one wall of the Student Union which blended depictions of the struggle and progress of Civil Rights, with an emphasis on racial and gender equality. The images were compelling. It was so good that the school offered to pay her for her work. She declined saying that she was grateful to have been allowed to make a contribution and that her grade was reward enough.

Her designs at the garment company received equally good acceptance. In fact, the company even agreed to give Tanya a label designation. They let her pick her own logo. She created a stylized script “DaynatO” ©. She knew where it came from- -DanillO with a reversed Tanya in the middle. The company not only gave her a raise but guaranteed her a percentage of the net profits from the line and an agreement istanbul escort that she could take the brand with her if she left the company in exchange for her agreement that she would give them sole production and distribution rights for any garments she created under the label. For a fledgling designer, this was a coup. Tanya trusted the principals in the company and, as it turned out, justifiably so. It was to turn into a favorable arrangement for both of them. Sometimes the fashion business ISN’T so cutthroat.

But Ayisha was getting worse. Her cancer was non-operable and She had started her rounds of radiation and chemo-therapy. They took their toll on her. She aged twenty years in a few months. Tanya was forever grateful to Candy for sticking with Ayisha throughout all of these tough times.

Tanya spend more and more time at home. Her last quarter at school was duck soup. In fact she had finished most of her work by the middle of the quarter. The only thing left was the final exams and graduation. Her company allowed her to work remote which freed Tanya up to spend large amounts of time with her mother. Tanya did her projects and shipped them to her company for review, approval, and production. She did have to make personal appearances to work out the final details with the pattern makers and cutters but, by and large, she was free to be away from the “plant” as much as she needed.

On some of the days that Tanya was home, Ludmilla would make her now accustomed nighttime visits. To be sure, there was sex involved- -wonderfully passionate sex- -but Ludmilla also provided comfort to Tanya, a mature and understanding person with whom to share pain and grief. It provided balance. Tanya found that she could channel her emotions into giving Ludmilla colossal orgasms to speak nothing of achieving relief from her own feelings. And this gave Tanya a feeling of control when she was faced with situation wherein she had absolutely no control.

One night, with the lights in the room blazing, Ludmilla achieved her own orgasm sitting astride Tanya’s body, then withdrewTanya’s penis from insider her, and proceeded to jack off Tanya until she came. The semen spurted in pearly strands onto Tanya’s stomach halfway up to her breasts. Ludmilla was fascinated at the pattern the streams and drops it formed.

As she leaned over and began to lick Tanya’s cum off of her, she said in between swallows, “I see triumph come from your pain, my Tanya.” She licked away more of the warm semen. “You will be stronger, my dear.” Her tongue captured more of the slick white liquid. “Yes, Tanya, you shall overcome this grief and become a person of whom your mother would be proud.” She kissed more droplets into her mouth. “You life will flow as easily as your seed.” Her tongue traced a rivulet of semen up from the middle of Tanya’s stomach to her right breast. “Your life will be as sweet as that which I now consume.” She finished by returning to Tanya’s penis and teasing the last of the drops from it into her mouth. “You will live your life to the fullest- -taste it to the last drop.” She stopped, leaned up and kissed Tanya on the lips, her soft tongue caressing them from side to side leaving behind the saltiness of cum. She caressed Tanya’s forehead and gently kissed it as her breasts brushed against Tanya’s chest. “You shall….you shall….you shall….” Then, as was her wont, she got up, dressed, and left without saying another word.


Tanya spent a lot of time just sitting with her mother. Ayisha didn’t have a lot of energy and was often in pain but her mind was sharp. She went over with Tanya all of the details of her heritage, reinforcing that she was from a line of strong willed people who were able to take adversity and turn it into assets. Tanya sensed that Ayisha, while she acknowledged that there were precidents for recovery from her cancer, knew she was dying. Ayisha made sure Tanya had full medical information, knew what do if Ayisha might become incapable of making her own medical decisions, and understood what arrangements were to be made when the end came. Ayisha also got Tanya and Candy together so that there was a clear understanding between them of the protocols. Tanya had the lead and, Tanya were unavailable, Candy would have the capacity to make decisions. She made sure that her will was up to date and that both Candy and Tanya knew where it was.

Beyond this, the all tried to have as good a time as possible. When Ayisha was feeling up to it, they would all go out for an afternoon of shopping and dining or take in a movie. Tanya would spend evenings playing music for them. She did her best to keep the tunes lively and cheerful, not tearful and melancholy as many violin pieces seemed to be.

Tanya generally slept in her room and Candy spent the nights with Ayisha. Clearly, sex was not happening between the two lovers. Candy seemed accepting of this but Tanya could tell that the stress was taking its toll on Candy.

One evening after Ayisha had gone to bed, taken her meds, bakırköy escort and was fast asleep, Candy and Tanya were in the family room having some “decompression” time sharing a brandy. Candy seemed tired but, paradoxically, a little giddy. They were laughing about something silly that had happened that afternoon. Ayisha’s hat had blown off while they were out in the local park

Candy was quick to chide her. “Better get that hat back on or the wind will mess up your hair.”

Ayisha, who had lost virtually all of her hair to her chemo-therapy, shot back, “Excuse me? Do you mean ‘hair’ plural or ‘hair’ singular?”

With that, Candy, Tanya and Ayisha all dissolved into laughter. It took then ten minutes to regain their composure. It was cathartic.

Candy was having an after-effect chuckle- -it still struck her funny. But after a minute, her eyes filled up with tears and she broke down sobbing.

Tanya did her best to comfort her. She sat down next to her and put her arms around her and hugged her like a sister. Words weren’t sufficient to cure any of the feelings that she knew Candy was having. She just held her close and stroked her hair. Like a child, Candy calmed down and with droopy eyes leaned back on the couch and fell asleep. Tanya kissed her cheek still salty from her tears and let her rest. And then Tanya went off to her bedroom.

Early in the morning, before the sun came up, Tanya woke up to the sound of her bedroom door opening. She thought at first that it might be Ludmilla but this was much later than was Ludmilla’s custom. There was light coming from the hallway and she could make out the form of Candy in the doorway.

“Tanya?” It was Candy’s voice. “Are you awake?”

“I am now, Candy.” Tanya answered sounding half asleep. “What’s up?”

“I woke up on the couch and couldn’t get back too sleep.” Candy seemed almost apologetic. “I didn’t want to go into our room and wake up Ayisha. Can I sleep in here until morning?”

“Sure, Candy.” Ayisha said soothingly. “Come on up in to bed with me.”

Candy climbed up on the bed and snuggled in next to Tanya. It was an odd feeling for Tanya. She felt like she was being a mother figure to an adult woman many years her senior but she understood Candy’s need and let her take comfort in their closeness. Within minutes, Candy was asleep and Tanya herself drifted off again.

The following night, earlier though, Candy repeated her behavior. And Tanya complied. She and Candy talked a little before they both fell asleep. It was like sisters talking about their mother but Tanya knew Candy was lonely and afraid. She was losing her friend and lover. What was to become of her after Ayisha passed?

And again the next night Candy came into Tanya’s room and, without comment, slipped into bed with her. But Candy seemed restless. She seemed to drift off but woke up with a start only to doze again. She repeated this three or four times when Tanya finally asked her, “Candy? Is there something I can do?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Candy seemed in distress. “I am just restless. I don’t know!”

“I think I understand.” Tanya said gently. “Here, let me try to settle you down.”

With that, Tanya hiked up Candy’s nightgown and peeled it off over her head. Candy did not resist and, in fact, seemed to relax as Tanya completed the process. Slowly, Tanya began caress Candy’s face and neck. Her touch was feather light, just short of being a tickle, but there was enough firmness to bespeak care rather than play. As Tanya’s hand moved down to Candy’s breasts, she leaned in and kissed her on the cheek- -again a soft but firm kiss. She brushed her hand over Candy’s small, firm breasts feeling her nipples rise to the touch. She inched her hand over until it cupped Candy’s left breast and slowly kneaded it meanwhile moving her lips from Candy’s cheek to Candy’s lips. As she pressed her mouth to Candy’s, she massaged Candy’s breast capturing her nipple between her thumb and forefinger giving it an increasingly firm pinch. Candy’s body responded with a shiver that started from her loins and moved up to her throat. Candy’s started to breathe rapidly through her nose as Tanya pressed her lips more firmly against hers and increased in tempo more as Tanya’s tongue began to probe between Candy’s lips.

Candy’s hand came up and began to caress the back of Tanya’s hair and then slowly pressed the back of Tanya’s head causing their kiss to become more passionate. In an instant, their tongues were in each other’s mouths and the fire was lit. Candy seemed as if she wanted to devour Tanya’s tongue, swallow it whole. Tanya reciprocated even though she didn’t feel the passion. She knew that it was her place to be of service. Yes! That was it! It was Tanya’s function to be of service to Candy- -to service Candy, so to speak.

Tanya broke away from the kiss and kissed her way down Candy’s face, chin, and neck until she arrived at her breasts. They were small and firm, less than an “A” cup. Tanya had seen larger breasts on many men. But Candy’s nipples were sensitive and responded to Tanya’s licking and sucking by becoming even more erect. Tanya even felt that she tasted some liquid exuding from one of them. All of this started Candy to writhing with her head thrown back and the sounds of pleasure in her throat.

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