Susan’s First Time Ch. 04


The shadows of late afternoon crept across the city when Susan paid the cabbie off. Why had ‘he’ wanted her to come down to this neighborhood? She looked around with apprehension at the garish lights of bars and adult bookstores flashing in the growing darkness. One or two streetlights flickered on and off trying to light up in the darkening shadows. A warm midsummer breeze shuffled bits of garbage and paper in the gutters along the sidewalk. Homeless men and women sat or sprawled in boarded up doorways. This area is ripe for reclamation the business side of her mind noted.

She walked purposefully down the sidewalk holding her shoulder bag close to her side. Susan avoided passers by as much as possible. As she walked most of the men looked at her stripped her naked with lust filled eyes. It was exciting and terrifying at the same time. She could almost feel their hands pawing her slim lush body. As she walked, she placed each foot directly in front of the other causing her hips to move with an ageless rhythm that beckoned men for eons.

She spotted the place she was looking for two doors ahead of her. ‘Ramon’s’ the neon sign blinked at her as she entered the nearly empty bar room. She was pleasantly surprised. The floor was swept and the bar was clean. The bar stools even appeared to have new upholstery. The bartender had a neatly trimmed full grey beard his head was shaved. He at the bar and a lone customer in the corner watched her with interest as Susan took a stool facing the door.

“What’s your poison?” he asked. “I’ll have a lit draft.” She said, smiling.

He poured the glass full with a small head setting the bottle next to it. “I’m Ramon the owner of this place.” He said introducing himself. “For you pretty lady the first ones on house. ‘He’ said you would stop by.” He grinned.

Susan grimaced at that. She had given up being surprised buy ‘his’ reach she realized by now that his tentacles touched most of the city. “Pleased to meet you Ramon, I think.”She said. “Why am I here?”

Ramon managed to look a little embarrassed. He leaned back against the cooler and crossed his arms on his chest. “I…I hope you don’t take this wrong…you’re on loan so to speak… a present. Not for keeps just for a little bit.” Even though she felt totally humiliated a little flutter of desire slipped through her body. She shifted uneasily on the bar stool acutely aware of how much thigh she was showing and the nearly transparent panties she wore.

“Oh really, and how long is a…little bit. You know I’m not a ‘real’ girl.” She said bitterly.

Ramon looked rueful his eyes downcast. “I saved his life one night when he was here. It was only a fluke. Since then every once and a while he sends one of his girls down to see me. I swear to God I though you knew!” He paused then continued, “I couldn’t believe how pretty you are when you walked in the door!”

Susan looked at him for a minute considering her options. He was very good looking and looked clean. Also, it was possible that he was well endowed. She felt that familiar itch again and squirmed on the barstool crossing and uncrossing her legs. Sue gave him a brilliant smile.

“I think we can work this out Ramon to the satisfaction of both of us. I could use another beer. This one is empty.” When Susan learned that, his regular girl had called in sick. She volunteered to be his waitress for the night. “For tips only.” She ginned.

Ramon readily agreed. Then she vanished into the restroom for a few minutes to remove her bra letting her small conical tits free to bounce and sway as she walked. She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her thin blouse it hid little after that. Her areolas peeked out now and then, as she walked. This was going to be fun. Teasing a room full of men had always been a fantasy. It took a few more minutes to tie on an apron give her a tray and with change. Always a quick study she memorized kağıthane escort the prices in another few. Then Sue was ready. Already a few customers had started to filter in as the evening approached. Smiling and joking with the customers, she took their orders and hurried back with them.

“They’re extra thirsty tonight,” Ramon chuckled, over the jukebox, mixing drinks. “I think their eyes bounce up and down as you walk by. Are you having fun?”

“Oh yes,” Susan giggled, “every time I bend over I expect a few eyeballs to bounce on a table.” She pulled a five-dollar bill from between her breasts. “And the tips aren’t bad at all.” She giggled again.

Ramon winked at her. “If this keeps up tonight will be the best night this month. You’re a natural Sue It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a crowd of rowdies like these respond this way to a pretty woman like you. Not one fight so far. Thank you so much.”

Susan stood on her toes to kiss his cheek. “No, Thank you Ramon for allowing me to have more fun than I’ve had in years.” She looked a little guilty then asked. “They do know I’m not really a female don’t they?”

He chuckled patting her on the butt. “This crowd, most of them do for sure. If they don’t it’s their first time in this joint. The collage bunch tends to slum down here. In their PC minds, it’s doing their bit against bigotry. Heaven forbid me or one of you girls even walk down the street they live on.” He said bitterly.”

Susan nodded in understanding. Then dashed off with a full tray of drinks and returned with empty glasses and bottles. She paused to wiped sweat from her face while retrieving yet another fiver from between her tits. She glanced in the mirror and saw that nipples stood out in high relief under her sweat soaked blouse. Sue smiled at the reflection as she brushed back a few strands of her dark hair.

“Getting a little frazzled Honey?” Said a familiar voice it was May a tall Asian girl Sue knew from her visit to ‘His’ estate. “We’re here to rescue you.” A red haired man with deep voice added. Both of them worked for Ramon on the late shift.

The two of them had been called in to help. It took about twenty minutes with the help of a short lull to sort things out. Then the dynamic of the customers in the bar changed slightly slowing things down. It was still a big but mixed crowd, regulars, T-girls, and men instead in them, straight man and women who just liked the bar. Plus a few oddballs. Ramon and Susan took a break in his office. They sat on a bench next to one wall.

“How are you doing?” Ramon asked sipping a tall glass of ice water. “My feet and legs hurt.” Susan said. “These shoes weren’t made for this. I’ll be Ok though.” She paused and laughed. “And it feels as if we have a bar full of Italians. I think half of them pinched my butt. Even with that I’m having the time of my life.”

Ramon watched intently as she massaged her calves and ankles. “Here let me do that.” He said taking her leg laying it on his knee. With her shoes on the floor, he began kneading one foot with his thumbs. His hands crept higher past the ankle to her calve, to her knee, then higher to her smooth thigh. When he reached the hem of her skirt, she pulled it up to give him better access to her upper thigh. Susan seemingly paid no attention to where his hands moved even when he pulled the other leg to his lap to massage the other leg she didn’t care. His touch soothed her too much and she wanted what was coming. She lifted her ass helping him to tug her skirt and panties off. Now she knelt before him and tugged his shoes. His pants and boxers then she knelt, on the bench, knees to either side of his hips.

“I’ll suck you off some other time,” she whispered in his ear. “Right now I want your dick in me. In me as deep and you can fuck me.” Their lips locked together tongues probing deep. Susan didn’t flinch as the cold lube elit escort istanbul was applied to her asshole. She cooed with pleasure as he slid his cock up and down the crack of her ass. She reached back and rubbed his cock up and down. Then massaged the smooth bulbous head while she kissed his neck and bearded face.

“Oh baby, he murmured clutching and rubbing the checks of her ass.” I’ve wanted you from the moment I first saw you.”

Sue rose up a little and pressed the tip of his cock against her pussyass. “Give it to me baby. Please give it to me! I beg you! Please put it in meeee!” With a short sharp jab, Ramon thrust through her sphincter about two inches. Mewling with need Susan sank down as Ramon pushed up. She shuddered with pleasure when the thick mat of his pubic hair touched her distended asshole.

Ramon began fucked her with slow measured strokes. Susan bounced on the invading cock . She pulled her blouse off and threw it on the floor. Her breasts bounced each time their hips slammed together. “You’re so hot baby!” He exclaimed. He was gripping her ass tight as he sucked on her nipples. Susan kissed his shaven head and nibbled on his ears. Each time his shaft drove home, she rotated her hips around his cock.

“Oh God!” she squealed. “Fuck me harder you nasty bastard…faster! Make me feel it like the dirty girl I am! Susan whimpered in the throes of an orgasm. When she felt Ramon, shooting into her pussyass her body shuddered through another. In a tiny isolated part of her dazed mind, she knew she shouldn’t be able to cum again so quickly but she had. And the evidence of that dribbled out of her clit a second time.

Ramon lifted her off his deflating cock and set her down on the bench. “We have time for a quick shower,” he said looking at the clock. He opened the shower door and pulled her in with him.

A little more than four hours later Susan leaned against the railing of the delivery platform fanning her face. The sounds of the city murmured in the darkness around her. A single bulb glared above the back door. A casually dressed man of average height stepped out of the deep shadows near her. She started at his sudden appearance out of the darkness. She squeaked in fear as she pressed back against the corner of the railing. She was trapped; he stood between her and the safety of the door.

“What do you want?” she gasped in a shaky voice.

“Don’t use that little girl voice on me panty boy,” he growled with contempt at her. “I know what kind of pervert you are. I’m going to teach you a lesson you fucking pile of shit.” He flashed a knife in her face. “If you scream I’ll cut your throat understand?”

Susan nodded her eyes wide with terror. “Lift the skirt panty slut!” With trembling hands, she pulled her short skirt to her waist. “Just as I thought.” He growled. “You’ve got a little dickey in your panties!” She flinched at the touch of cold steel on her skin when he cut her panties off. Quickly he stuffed them in her mouth and tied them in place with a bandana. Satisfied with that he spun her around and bent her over the rail.

Susan cringed as she felt his hands lifting her skirt. He was going to rape her! And God alone knew what after that. There was a sound like a hammer on a coconut and his hands were gone. She didn’t move trembling with fear and terror. The seconds ticked by for millennia

“Miss are you hurt?” Someone asked. She jumped and looked around. A man in uniform stood next to her. “Here let me help you with that.” He said reaching for the gag. Susan pushed the hands away shaking her head. She jerked the bandana, ruined panties off, and threw them down. Another uniformed man asked, “Are you alright?”

She looked at them with disbelief “Am I alright?” She screeched, “No I’m not alright! He tried to rape me!” Then she sank to her knees sobbing into her shaking hands.

Paula was there fatih escort her arm around Susan’s trembling shoulders as Susan sobbed against her neck. “Come with me dear,” she said. “That creep will never hurt you or anyone else again!” She half-carried Susan through the door up the stairs and into one of Ramon’s empty apartments. On the sofa, Susan clung to the tall T-girl still crying. Paula tears running from her fiercely shinning eyes rocked Susan back and forth trying to sooth her.

“She needs this.” ‘He’ said pressing a tubular device to Susan’s neck. A hissing sound came from the device then he handed it to a man standing nearby. Slowly she slipped off into a peaceful sleep.

The late morning sun shinning through the window woke her slowly. At first, she thought she was in her won bed. Realizing it wasn’t her bed Susan sat up with a start. She looked around puzzled. The bedroom wasn’t hers but it was clean and neat she felt safe. Why should she feel safe? A terrible something gnawed at the back of her mind. What had happened?

May stood at the bedroom door smiling. “The sleeper wakes I see. How do you feel?” Susan was still puzzled and bit confused.

“How did I get here?” May shrugged, “it was the best thing we could do at the time. You slept all day and through the night until now. Do you remember anything?”

Susan shivered and hugged herself. “Too much but it seems so far away now. I’m going to have nightmares. I feel so dirty! He was going to kill me I think. They caught him didn’t they?”

May sat on the bed and patted Susan’s knee. “Yes they caught him. He raped and killed two girls about three months ago on the other side of the city. ‘He’ was sure the asshole had moved on. Otherwise, you would have never been sent down here. No more for now Susan take a shower I’ll have some clothes laid out for you on the bed when you’re finished. When you’re dressed come to the apartment next door and we’ll feed you. ‘He’ has things to tell you. “May kissed her forehead and left.

The apartment next door was as neat and clean as the one Susan had slept in. The smell of food coming from the kitchen was wonderful. The kitchen itself was bright and airy. ‘He’ sat in one corner at a round table. Paula and surprisingly Susan’s maid served up a plentiful breakfast.

After taking a sip of coffee, he pointed to a chair and said. “You where almost late girl. Have a seat next to me. We’ll talk while we eat. He raised an eye at her. “Why the strange look girl?” Susan tasted her food then waved a fork at him.

“This is only the second time I’ve seen you in something besides skin. Very tasteful jacket even without a tie.”

He chuckled, “you have advanced to the point where I don’t need to use you anymore. Don’t ask me why. You’re not ready for that information yet. Eat now and I will answer what questions I can.

Susan took a bite of the eggs tasting her maid’s hand in them. “You act like a bastard indifferent to what I want.” She said with a frown. “But in spite of what has happened to me these last few months I’m more alive than I’ve ever been. So I guess you are not a bastard. At lest not all of the time.” Sue looked around the table shaking her head. “You are pushing me and everybody here toward something.” She sighed then took another sip of coffee. “I’m not frightened any more but I do hope more ‘fun’ will be included along the way. And I don’t think you’re going to sell me after all.” She smiled glancing at Ramon and Samuel, the red haired bartender.

“You are much more intelligent than I gave you credit for girl.” He said smiling broadly “I will be in the area for a day of so. If any thing comes to mind let me know. And could I get you to work here for a few weeks? I’m sure Ramon and Sam could use the extra help. And all the clothing in the next-door apartment will fit you perfectly. You will look like the trashy cocktail waitress I want you to be. I’m sure you’ll take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way.”

Susan took another bite of her breakfast it looked like another phase of her training was in motion. To what end she didn’t know. Somehow, she thought smiling, that did not matter at all.

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