Dom Perspective Ch. 01


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“Yes, my sweet Christy… you are indeed beautiful…” and oh how beautiful she was, kneeling there in front of the St. Andrew’s Cross. The candlelight reflected off her auburn hair, and the bone-colored chemise that blended with her skin. Candlelight that flickered and danced, sending invitations to partake of that which was already mine to enjoy. “It’s time,” I said, gently placing the burgundy leather scene collar on her neck, taking full possession of my loving submissive wife. “You are now my Christy-cat, here to serve and please me.” Most times when I did this, I mentally took a second, marveling at my luck at finding this lovely and loving creature in my life. Tonight was different, though. She had been withdrawn the last two days, as though something serious was on her mind. It was time to find out what was going on.

“I serve and obey, Sir Douglas,” she replied. The formality told me the unspoken words of her mind were important. Normally she called me “my sir” or “my love” at this point, and no reference to my name was ever necessary. “You are my love, my pleasure, my Dominant. I am completely yours.” Then her eyes closed, a wisp of a smile on her face as it lowered. I stepped closer and gently caressed her face. Then I lifted up on the spaghetti straps of her chemise, removing the last shell and revealing all of her physical beauty.

“Turn around, little cat, and face the cross.” She slowly wiggled, and was soon kneeling on her same small pillow, facing the large wooden “X” that had seen many lusty and loving moments between us over three years of marriage and four years of sensual play. I then moved a much larger pillow behind her, 30 inches square, dark brown and very thick. Taking my flogger in one hand, I gently ran the leather falls up her spine, from the small of her back to the base of her neck. Very, very slowly, I pulled it over her right shoulder, letting each individual fall of leather drop to her supple B-cup breast. Back up and over the shoulder, slowly behind her neck, then over the left shoulder, again slowly falling onto her breast. I heard my little cat relaxing, literally purring at the feel of the leather on her skin. Soon, I told myself, soon.

Now, to start low. I took a blade of leather in each hand, running one up the inside of each leg to the edge of her pleasure portal. I knew some Dominants and Masters who had pierced and even locked this entry to their subs/slaves. They called it a sign of love, or a sign of devotion. I refused to do this, partly because I disliked piercings, but even more, because I knew my Christy-cat. She needed no outside lock to keep anyone else out; mecidiyeköy escort I was the only one she would allow to enter there. I twirled the leather tips on the outside edges of her doorway, seeing and feeling her shudder and sigh. It won’t be much longer, I told myself.

Chapter 02

I let go of the leather tips and took the flogger in one hand. I gently let the leather tresses sway, tapping against her womanhood. “Now, my little slut, lie back.” With my other arm behind her, she slowly lay down on the large brown pillow, the flogger falls covering her gateway. I slowly pulled the flogger up her body, the fingertips of my left hand gliding over her right breast. Soon the leather was gliding through the valley between her supple mountains. Before I could do my next enticement, she spoke.

“Sir, I need your hands, please”. This was the signal I was expecting… but not this soon. I knew she was ready and earnest…. but not to this degree. I put the flogger aside, put my left hand flat on her forehead, and my right hand between her breasts. “Sir… my mind… my heart… everything they control and contain… are fully yours.”

“Your mind and heart are fully mine, Christy-Cat… my wife… my sub… my slut. Everything they contain and control now belongs to me. All the barriers are gone. I am your Dominant, you are my sub.” I leaned down and sealed the pact with a soft, sensuous kiss on her lips. It was earlier than I expected, but now I knew — there would be no holding back of whatever secrets she had. I reached down with my right hand and caressed her womanhood, running my fingers through her fur.

“Tell me,” I whispered in her ear, “tell me what is on your mind. Remember, there is nothing to fear from Truth.” I increased my actions on her vulva, rubbing a little harder and gently pulling on some pubic hairs. “And now, there is nothing between us… but Truth.”

“Sir… Oh God… I don’t know how to tell you. Last week, when I met Marjorie… for lunch… that wasn’t completely true.”

“Tell me, Christy-cat, what you did not tell me then. Did you meet someone besides Marjorie?”

“No, no, sir, nothing like that. Marjorie and I met for lunch, that’s true. But the reason Marjorie met me… I had to go to the doctor, and I needed some support, but I couldn’t take you away from work.” I was pained at hearing this; pained enough to stop fondling my love. Yes, my work is important to me and to many others; being a Physical Therapist impacts a lot of people. But Christy knew (I thought) that she came far ahead of that in my life. That she might not know this now, after three years of marriage, began to sadden me greatly.

“My sir,” she said, putting her hand vip escort istanbul on my neck, “please don’t be angry with me. Its not bad news per se, but I wasn’t sure how you would take this. It’s not something we expected. If it was what I thought it was, I wanted to surprise you. But… with my family history… I didn’t want to scare you, and I didn’t want to tell you until I was sure.”

“Your family history?” She had long ago insisted on telling me, because she feared it might limit our time together. “Christy… my God… do you have cancer?”

“That,” she replied, with a tear coming to her eye, “was what I was fearing. I told you before we married… that two of my sisters had fought cancer. I was afraid… afraid I was next.”

“Christy-cat, were you afraid I would shun you? Have I given you reason to doubt my love?”

“No, NO!! Heavens no, sir. I know you would stay… maybe even stay too long. I know your love would never let you leave me in such a situation. It’s one of the reasons I can give myself to you so easily. No, I was afraid if it was cancer… that I might run away if you were there. You deserve better.”

“Christy-cat, my love… I deserve you.” I gently kissed her on the forehead. “I also deserve the whole truth. Tell me now, what did you learn? Are you ill?”

“Not now, sir. But over the next several months,” she said, a gleam coming to her eye and joy creeping into her voice, “there may be several bouts of sickness, and our play will have to change. I will still serve you, but it wont be as easy after a while.”

“Just how long are we talking about here?”

“The normal amount of time is nine months, sir.”

Leaning over my lovely submissive, it took a few seconds for everything to sink in. Then I pulled her up into a bear hug. “My God, honey… you’re PREGNANT?” She smiled and nodded vigorously, which caused me to pull her tight and kiss her deeply. Then, despite our being in a windowless and soundproofed basement room, I’m certain our neighbors heard me when I yelled, “I’M GONNA BE A DADDY!!!!” We hugged and cradled each other for several more minutes as I came down from my exultation high. “Christy, honey… why were you afraid to tell me?”

“Because we talked about holding off longer. Look, Sir, I know we have good health insurance. I also know our finances as well as you do, and that you wanted us to be in a better financial position before having children.” She was right; while our financial situation was okay, but I would l have liked it better to raise a family. But now, that seemed trivial. I knew we’d manage. “I didn’t want to upset you. I also knew it would change and limit our kinky play, and I didn’t want to upset sarıyer escort you there either. I love you dearly, Sir, and I wanted to protect you.”

“Lie back, Christy-cat.” She did as I bade, and soon I was again stroking her luscious, supple body. Now, though, I was spending extra time gently rubbing her tummy, absorbing the fact that a little ways under my fingertips was my future son or daughter… or both. We’d both had twins in our families, so the chance of it happening to us was there. Then I caressed her nipples, squeezing them, pinching them. “Who am I, Christy-cat?”

“My sir, my Dominant.”

“And who are you?” I asked, increasing my various ministrations.

“Your pregnant… ohhhh… pregnant Christy-Cat, sir!!” she breathed.

“Then arise and walk to the cross.” With help, she was soon standing in front of the St. Andrew’s Cross that dominated the room. I stopped her as she reached up to the hand restraints. “Turn around, face me, and step back.” My lovely sub did as she was told, and soon her arms were tied above her head, her naked pregnant (PREGNANT!! YES!!!) body facing me. I then took the flogger and started at her right ankle. I dragged the leather up her right leg, over her womanhood, and back down her left leg. I then landed a few soft swats of the flogger on her breasts before putting it aside. Next, I took four clothespins. Two went on each breast, one each just above and below the nipple. Then I couldn’t stop myself; her left nipple was in my mouth, my tongue playing over the raised part of the nipple. My Christy-cat purred and moaned in response to each flick of my tongue. I gave the right nipple the same treatment, then reached down and massaged her Pleasure Portal. Without my bidding, she spread her legs, opening herself to me as she had many times before. I immediately stroked her clitoris, then put a finger inside and probed her G-spot.

“Who are you? I asked as I fingered her.”

“Your Christy-cat sub slut, sir!!”

“Have you given me good news tonight, my fine little slut?”

“Yes!! Ohh… yes…” she breathed.

“Then we need celebrate, Christy-slut. Now how do we celebrate things in our life, my little slut? What do I have you do sometimes?”

“Oh god… I serve you, sir!!!”

“That’s right. You serve me as a way of celebrating good news. And that’s what you’re going to do tonight Christy-Cat.”

“I’m yours… ohh… all yours to… ohhhh God!! I’m yours to command, sir!”

“Then serve me now, little slut… Cum for me NOW!!” To emphasize the point I bent over and bit her right nipple as I squeezed her clit into her pubic bone. Suddenly, my fingers were covered in Christy-nectar as she yelled in orgasm, her entire body shaking with sexual ecstasy. As I felt her come down, I released the bonds on her hands and guided her back onto the large pillow. Then I covered her with a blanket, and crawled in to snuggle with her (and our future child… WOW!) as she slowly glided back to Earth.

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