Lessons Learned Ch. 10: Date Night Pt. 01

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Chapters Ten, Eleven and Twelve cover one 18-hour period between Brinna & Zach. The author has requested they be posted over three consecutive days so that the reader doesn’t have to wait any significant amount for of time for the three parts to conclude. Enjoy!

Lessons Learned, Ch. 10: Date Night Part I

Our experiment had been rewarding, and mutually beneficial, I thought, as we neared the end of our final study session. My work study would end this week and, with it, the use of the office. I would be expected to return the key by Friday.

“Brinna?” Zach asked tentatively, “What are you doing next Friday night? You know, to celebrate the end of term?”

“Nothing really. When you graduate mid-year, they don’t hold a graduation ceremony or anything, so it’s just another weekend for me. Why, what’s up?”

“Well, I, uh, you know I’m not going home for another week. I wondered if you might want to go out and have dinner with me next Friday night?” He cleared his throat. “It’s my twenty-first birthday.”

I took so long to consider the idea, that Zach became nervous and began to fidget. With the exam period fast approaching, classes would be done soon, meaning our ban on socializing outside of class would end. Next Tuesday would also be the last time we’d see each other in class. Would there really be any harm in going out and, more importantly, going out to celebrate Zach’s birthday?

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. Just forget I said anything. I’ll see you in class next week, okay?” Jumping to his feet, he moved to grab his backpack. I immediately felt bad for overthinking it instead of simply saying yes, and grabbed his upper arm to stop him.

“Yes. Yes, I’ll go with you.”

“You don’t have to go. I know you didn’t want us to see each other socially. I shouldn’t have asked. ” He wouldn’t look at me.

“I want to go with you. I’m glad you asked me.” I ran my hand up and down his arm as I stepped in to press myself against him. “It’ll be fun.” I kissed his clenched jaw. “I’m sorry you thought I didn’t want to go. You just caught me off guard.”


“Really,” I said firmly. “Where’re we going?”

“Can it be a surprise?” He finally looked at me, a boyish smile on his lips.

“Sure. But if you can’t tell me where we’re going, can you tell me what I should wear? I mean, are we talking taco truck sweatpants, or campus food court jeans, or what?” I teased.

“Wear something pretty. And sexy,” he added, the boyish smile becoming a lot warmer.”And what time should I pick you up?” I chuckled at the look on his face. He still didn’t drive or have a car.

“Ah, yeah, I forgot. How about seven?”

“All right. I’ll need your address though.” It was peculiar, I thought, that Zach and I knew each other so well, intimately, yet we’d never exchanged phone numbers, let alone addresses.

He scribbled the details on a piece of paper, handing it to me. It was fun to see the excited anticipation in him for something unrelated to our little study sessions.

“I’ll see you next Friday?” It came out as more of a question than a statement, signaling the wavering of Zach’s newfound confidence.

“You bet. But you’re going to see me in class Tuesday first.” I grinned, then kissed him lightly on the lips, letting him deepen the kiss. His arm came around my back, hand resting on my ass, pressing me hard against him. After a minute, we broke apart, a little breathlessly.

“It’s going to be a long week without, uh, without studying with you,” he told me.

“You’ll just have to jerk yourself off on your own,” I said with a laugh. “Dream about me.”

“Count on it,” he said. Grinning, he let himself out.

Tuesday arrived, and we blazed through our final exam. I felt extremely confident we had both aced the class, in more ways than one. Dr. B gave our research paper back after we turned in our tests. Zach grumbled about only receiving a ninety-eight. He was an overachiever in every way.

“Are we still on for Friday?” he asked as we stood in the hallway, basking in our academic bliss.

“Yeah, see you at seven, your place. Zach? Good luck with your finals, not that you need it.”

“Thanks, Brinna. See you.” He gave me a last lingering look, while considering whether to kiss me, I thought, but he turned and hurried away instead. I found myself affectionately smiling softly at his retreating back. He could still be so shy at times.

Friday rolled around, at last. Zach’s prediction that, between our exams and missing our meetups, it would seem like a long week, was absolutely correct. Discontinuing our sessions caused an unexpected feeling of emptiness, giving me a taste of life after we went our separate ways.

Now that exams were done, I had more time to think over Zach’s upcoming birthday, along with his request to wear something pretty and sexy. I chose my outfit carefully. After all, it wasn’t everyday a guy turned twenty-one.

I was dressed in a short, black, low-cut dress with a pair of black kitten heels. There’s only so much torture bakırköy escort I will endure in the name of sexy. High heels are where I draw the line. Also, I didn’t want to be taller than Zach tonight. My wavy red hair was reasonably under control, cooperating for once when I styled it. I chose my long wool coat to wear against the cold night.

In addition, I’d carefully chosen my intimate apparel, specifically selecting lingerie that I knew would excite Zach. However, if he wanted to see under my dress, he would need to demonstrate the confidence that we had been developing throughout the semester.

On the drive over, I had time to reflect on my nervousness about the evening. Zach and I had been intimate for the past four months, yet this was our first date. Sure, we’d had an off-campus dinner together, but that included his grandfather. That could hardly be called a date.

Arriving punctually at Zach’s apartment, I knocked on the door, which he opened immediately. That told me I wasn’t the only one feeling anxious about tonight’s date.

“Brinna! You look beautiful, wow.”

Zach was dressed in a button-down jacket, button-down dress shirt, and a pair of black pants. The light blue of his shirt accentuated his attractive eyes. He’d foregone his athletic shoes for a pair of black dress shoes.

“Beautiful? You can only see my coat and my face,” I said, laughing.

“Yeah, and you look beautiful,” he insisted. He fidgeted briefly, seemingly indecisive about something.

“You look great, Zach. Happy birthday.” I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thanks.” He fidgeted some more. “Um, well, yeah, we should head out, right?”


Zach directed me to a steakhouse on the edge of town. As we entered the restaurant, he helped me out of my coat, handing it to the hostess. There was warmth in his eyes as he admired my outfit.

“Beautiful and sexy,” he murmured in my ear as we were led to our table.

Zach treated me to a fine steak dinner. He let the waiter select a wine for our meal, brandishing his ID with all the enthusiasm of a newly minted legal drinker. In honor of his birthday, the waiter surprised Zach with a slice of decadent chocolate cake, which he shared by feeding me bites from his own fork. The setting, and the experience, created a deep intimacy that could never be rivaled in our little office. Our chatter was light and casual, laughing and joking together much of the time.

We fought playfully over the bill. He argued that he should pay, since he had asked me out and I was driving us. I argued that, since it was his birthday, I should at least pay half. He won the argument by paying while I was visiting the restroom.

We left the restaurant arm in arm as we walked to my car.

“Do you wanna go to the club for a while?” he asked as we neared his apartment. “Just for a half hour, maybe?”

“Sure,” I answered, turning left instead of right. I thought there wouldn’t be any harm visiting the local college kid hangout for a bit and, maybe, buying Zach a birthday drink.

The club was more crowded than I’d expected. I thought most people would clear out for the holiday break right after exams ended. There was an excited high-energy mood about the place. We managed to cram ourselves into a small booth, in a dark corner. I asked Zach whether he wanted to try a stronger drink than wine. The noise in the club was so loud, we had to conduct our conversation with our mouths against each other’s ears. Zach confessed that, in his teenage years, he’d rarely had anything stronger than beer. Finally, I went to the bar, ordering two screwdrivers, and asking the bartender to put a little less vodka in Zach’s drink. After all, I didn’t want him getting drunk and puking his steak dinner.

We sipped our drinks, looking around and identifying a few people from our various classes. Between the ice in my drink, the amount of bare skin I was showing, and having left my wool coat in the coat room, I was beginning to shiver just a bit.

“You’re cold,” he observed, taking off his jacket and wrapping it around my shoulders. He followed that with an arm, drawing me carefully against his side. He was so warm. “Maybe I should have asked you to dress warmer. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not sorry. I wanted to wear this for you. For your birthday celebration,” I replied.

“Brinna,” he responded, his voice low and husky. He leaned in to kiss me. I opened my lips to him, tasting the sweetness of the orange juice and vodka on his tongue, as he worked my mouth with a slow thoroughness. His hand dropped to the top of my thigh, stroking lightly. Unconsciously, my thighs parted a few inches to allow him better access. His hand complied, his fingers gently massaging my inner thigh, just below the hemline of my dress.

I put my hand on the back of his neck, running my fingers up into his hair, causing him to moan lightly against my mouth.

He drew back a few inches, the two of us breathing heavily. We found ourselves staring into each other’s eyes.

“I don’t bakırköy escort bayan think I’m cold anymore,” I said. He smiled in response.

“I never feel cold when I’m near you. I think I could stand naked outside in a snowstorm and not feel cold if you were with me.” His eyes dropped to the low-cut neckline of my dress, and he traced a finger over my skin, at the edge of the material, from my shoulder, across the tops of my breasts to my other shoulder. My nipples tingled in response and goosebumps broke out across my exposed skin. “Will you dance with me?”

“Huh?” I said dumbly, still focused on the feel of his hand on my thigh and the fingertip tease across my cleavage. That, and the hot look in his eyes.

“Dance,” he repeated. “With me.”

“Yeah, okay, sure.” He removed his jacket from my shoulders and stood, offering me his hand. I took it and let him lead me toward the dance floor.

While we were still ten steps from the dancefloor, the music changed rhythm, as the DJ switched to a slow song. I hesitated to continue walking, taken off guard by the shift from the pulsing club music. Several people pressed past us as they left the dancefloor, leaving just a few scattered couples. Zach gently tugged my hand, leading me to the middle of the floor, before stopping. He circled his arms around my waist, and I loosely set my hands on his shoulders. There was about a six-inch gap between our bodies.

“I like this song,” he told me, “it always makes me think of you.” In a role-reversal, I blushed, recalling the song’s sexually suggestive lyrics. As Zach and I danced to the song, I felt a familiar warmth between my legs.

We only made it through the first verse before our bodies moved inexorably closer together. He smiled warmly at me before leaning in to kiss me as we swayed gently together.

“You feel so good, Brinna,” he murmured, kissing along my jawline before moving to nibble and suck at my earlobe. I moved my arms up to circle his neck.

“You know what that does to me,” I said accusatorily, as he continued to tease my ear with his tongue and lips.

“I know what you do to me,” he responded, dropping his hands to cup my ass. He squeezed firmly, and I felt his cock stirring as I was pressed against him.

“Oh god,” I whispered.

“Are you getting wet, Brinna?” He was kneading my ass cheeks gently, oblivious of our surroundings. Not waiting for my answer; he simply brought his lips down hungrily on mine. I responded by sliding my tongue into his mouth. Suddenly, his hands on my ass froze. “Shit, are you wearing a garter and thigh highs?” I’d known when I dressed for this date that he would be turned-on by this type of lingerie.

“And lacy black bra and panties,” I answered in a sultry tone. “Happy birthday.”

“Brinna,” he murmured in my ear, “come back to my place. Tyler’s out at a party, it’ll just be us. Come back with me, just for a while. Even if nothing happens with us, I just want to see you out of this dress for even a minute. Please, Brinna. Call it a birthday gift.”

“What if I want something to happen?”

“Anything you want,” he promised, his cock twitching against me relentlessly. He plundered my mouth again. God, I’d taught him so well. “Let’s get out of here. Can we go?” His hands rubbed restlessly over my ass.

“Yes.” Dropping one hand from his neck, I brought it between us, and gave his erection a squeeze. He sucked in a breath. We’d graduated from our protected little fucknest, and we were now standing here in the middle of a club, practically grinding each other. “Stay close and we’ll swing by to get our jackets before we haul ass out of here.”

I took his hand, leading him towards the exit. He gratefully stayed close behind me, using my body to shield the evidence of his massive erection.

Once inside the car, I warned him against renewing his caresses, wanting to concentrate on driving us safely. He ignored me, sliding his hand up my thigh, finding the top of my black hose, and playing with the straps of the garter. His other hand went to my chest. He slipped a finger into the bust of my dress, rubbing a nipple through the lace of my bra, eliciting a moan.

Exploring further, he used his index finger to stroke my damp slit through the lacy panties I wore. I was breathing hard, hands clenched on the steering wheel as we sat at a red light.

“Change!” I demanded of the light, impatient to shed my dress. Suddenly, my clothing felt incredibly restricting. I could barely breathe.

We finally reached his apartment building. Holding hands, we raced from the car to his door. He fumbled with the key. Just for a little payback, I squeezed his hardon through his pants, causing him to drop the keyring and curse loudly. I chuckled and released him so he could get the door unlocked at last.

“My room,” he said, practically dragging me down the hall. He pushed the door partially closed fumbling again as he switched on the bedside lamp. It cast a low, soft light into the room.

I took a moment to scan my surroundings. escort bayan bakırköy It was remarkably clean for college student’s room. He had a pile of copy paper boxes in the corner next to his computer desk. I wondered how much stuff he had crammed in his closet and under his bed.

I glanced at the nightstand, noting a single red rose in a vase.

“Did someone send you a flower for your birthday?” I asked, thinking it was odd to just receive one flower.

“I got it for you,” he answered, clearing his throat. “Then I thought it was stupid, because where would you keep it while we were out? You’d have to worry about it tipping over in your car and all that. I just-I decided it was a dumb idea.”

“You’re taking all the romance out of this flower,” I said, scolding him playfully. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him. “Thank you, Zach. It’s lovely.”

“You don’t know how many nights I’ve dreamed of having you in my bed, Brinna. Not on the floor of that office, or on the desk. In my bed. Will you?”

“Undress,” I commanded, stepping back from him. He wasted no time in attacking the task, eyes on me as he pulled off his clothes and tossed them aside. Before long, he was naked before me, hard shaft jutting straight up, nearly touching his stomach. I licked my lips as I looked him over. “I need you to unzip my dress. Then step back.” He complied. I could tell by the way his hands worked so slowly at it that he was savoring the act.

Turning back to him, I shrugged out of the dress and let it fall in a puddle at my feet. His cock jerked in response to the sight of me wearing on the lingerie. His eyes roved over me hungrily, taking in everything. I reached back to undo the clasp of my lacy half bra, the one that barely concealed my nipples.

“No,” he said in a hoarse voice. “Leave it. Just take the panties off.”

I gave him a sultry smile, pulling the string tie at each hip, and letting the black lace fall to the floor to join my dress.

“You’re a rather naughty birthday boy.”

“Since it’s my birthday, do I get anything I want?”

“I already unwrapped your present,” I pouted.

“I want to bury my tongue in your pussy.” My pussy must have liked the idea, if the responding surge of wetness was any indication. I couldn’t find my voice, so I simply nodded.

Zach crossed to me and dropped to his knees. I spread my legs further apart for him as he dipped his head and kissed me gently at the top of my dripping slit.

“Oh Zach,” I breathed, running the fingers of one hand through his hair. The tip of his tongue slowly made its way down my opening. He used his fingers to gently spread me, then began to lap at my juices. “Zach!” I gasped. I felt a sudden weakness in my legs as he began to expertly work his tongue in and out of me, using the tip to tickle my clit every few strokes.

“You taste so good,” he offered, before burying his tongue as deeply as possible, thumb now toying with my clit. I moaned, grinding my cunt against his mouth. He responded by fucking me with his tongue until I had to grab his shoulder with my free hand to keep my legs from collapsing under me.

I urged him on with soft cries of encouragement that steadily became more urgent, as he worked my sopping hole.

“Mmmmm, you’ve gotten so damn good at that,” I panted, as he increased the pressure on my clit with his thumb. “Oh god, Zach, I’m gonna cum soon. Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” I continued pushing myself against him, my hand fisted in his short hair. I tried not to suffocate him, but he seemed too focused to care, either way.

“Oh god, that’s it,” I cried out, feeling my orgasm was seconds from breaking over me. At my words, Zach withdrew his tongue and replaced it with two fingers, which he began working inside of me. I nearly screamed when he suddenly sucked my clit between his lips. I came hard, wordless cries filling his room as he continued finger fucking me, and using his mouth on my clit. I must have drenched his fingers in juices as my walls clenched and spasmed.

He gathered me against him, bringing me to my knees, then we lay on the floor, while I recovered from the powerful orgasm. He lovingly moved hair from my face, while cradling it in his hands.

“Taste yourself,” he whispered, gently invading my mouth with his tongue. I whimpered and sucked at it, tasting myself on his lips and tongue. He continued kissing me deeply, until both our mouths were coated with the remnants of my juices.

After a few minutes, he helped me to my feet, then led me to his bed. I crawled onto it, stretching out on my side. He followed, settling next to me. We continued to kiss, while he caressed my back and arms. He finally pulled back, just enough, to begin kneading my breasts. He toyed with me, fingers circling my aureole though the fabric of the bra, never touching my nipples. Nevertheless, under his onslaught, they hardened almost painfully, rubbing against the lace.

He pushed me onto my back, hovering over me, while dipping his head to lap his tongue over one lace-covered nipple. He tweaked the other nipple with his fingers, while he flicked the first one with his tongue. He rolled his thumb over one, and he sucked hard on the other. Switching sides, he then lapped and teased the second nipple with his tongue, while palming the other breast.

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