Looking for an Excuse


You’re sitting next to me on the tram, which is pretty much taking its sweet time to get anywhere. Anywhere being back to a private room. You’re holding my hand and you start stroking my palm, making my legs twitch. I glare at you.

“What?” you say, starting to run your fingers along the inside of my forearm.

I keep glaring, but the effect is somewhat ruined by the shuddering, and I can’t help smiling too. I reach across and kiss you, feeling the warmth of your mouth on mine. Your hands keep wandering around every part of exposed skin you can find. And you find a lot, between my skirt and my top, under my scarf, my face… I break away and smile.

“I can see I’m going to have to tie you up, so you’ll stop touching me,” I say.

“But you don’t want me to stop touching you,” you reply.

“Maybe I’m just looking for an excuse.”


I blush a little, but I nod. You look at me a little to see if I’m really serious.

“All right,” you say.

“All right,” I echo, before melting back into your mouth once more.

When we get back to the room, I lead you by the hand to the bed, stumbling a little along the way as you stroke my palm, the resulting shiver of lust incapacitating my legs. I take off your shirt and you look at me with raised eyebrows.

“What? I can’t tie you up and then take your shirt off, that doesn’t work.”

“Oh you want to tie me up right away then?”

In answer I lie you down on the bed, remove your shoes and take off my scarf. I loop in around your wrists and knot them to the bedhead. I’m pretty sure you’re biting back some sailor-related knot joke about how Kartal Escort I’m doing it all wrong, but you don’t say anything. I go down to your pants and unbuckle your belt.

“What’s with you taking off my clothes while you’re still fully dressed?” you ask me, mock-indignantly.

“I just don’t think you need pants either right now.”

“Well you are the boss, seeing as I’m the one who’s tied up, I suppose.”

“Well, exactly.”

I unzip your pants and pull them off with your underwear too. Then I step away from the bed. I can see you’re looking at me, and I’m looking at you too. I put one foot on the edge of the bed, and slowly unstrap my sandal, take it off and do the same with the other one. I pull my skirt up my thigh and unhook my suspender strap, then little by little roll my stocking down my leg. One side then the other. I’m pretty sure I have your attention now, and when I look up, your eyes are on me. I turn around, and unzip my skirt letting it fall to the floor. I ease my suspender belt over my underwear until it hits the floor too. I turn back to face you, and start unbuttoning my shirt from the bottom, taking my time, before pulling it over my shoulders and letting it fall. I unhook my bra, and turn, looking over my shoulder as I remove it. Then I hook my fingers into my underwear, and slowly, slowly pull them down, holding your gaze. I turn back to you and start putting my hands where I know you want to put yours. Running then from my knee, up my inner thigh, and back down the other side. I can feel myself pleasurably swelling as you watch me. I run my nails over my belly and up to my breasts. I pinch my Kartal Escort Bayan nipples between my thumb and forefinger, and I smile because I can see you’re getting harder. I can feel a small trickle on my upper thigh too.

I walk towards you and kiss you, holding my body away from you. Then I reach for the eye mask on the bedside table. I hold it out in front of you.

“OK?” I ask.

“No fair!” you say, “but also yes.”

I put it on over your eyes, then straddle you, still holding myself off you. I bring my chin towards my chest, then lean over you, letting my hair fall onto your face, then trail it down your body. I reach your lower belly and start kissing your skin. I gently bite and kiss your belly, hips, chest and thighs, enjoying the reactions I’m getting from you. I teasingly make my way to your dick, licking, kissing, nipping, while I touch your legs, body and arms with my hands. I slowly lick up one side of your dick and then the other, licking all over, tasting your skin. Just before I take you in my mouth, I take a sip of cold water, and you jump and exhale as you feel the change in temperature. The water warms in my mouth as I move up and down, and I use my hands as well, gently pulling on your balls, stroking behind them. I can hear your breath getting louder.

I stop and lean myself over you, touching my breasts to your chest, nipping up your neck from shoulder to ear.

“Do you want to be inside me?” I ask.

“Yes,” you breathe, “god yes.”

I roll a condom onto you, and slide myself down your cock. I stop at the bottom, enjoying the sensation of having you in me as far as I can. Escort Kartal I kiss you and start to move up and down. I pull away a little and touch my breasts to your face, and you find my nipples with your mouth, making me gasp. I pull the eye mask off and sit up so you can see me better. I close my eyes and move with a gentle rhythm. I lean foward untie one of your wrists, and you put your hand on my hip guiding me gradually faster, your mouth on my nipples again, my body shaking with pleasure. I untie your other wrist and you grip both of my hips and flip me onto my back. Then you’re inside me again, your hands on mine, holding me down as I writhe in enjoyment beneath you. Then you lift my ankles up onto your shoulders, and sit back. The pleasure is so intense I can’t move, my whole body tenses still, all I’m aware of is you inside me and how good it feels.

“Fuck that feels amazing,” I say, “I can’t move, don’t stop…”

As you start to move faster and deeper, I feel like I won’t be able to take it much longer. I can hear your breath getting ragged, and to hear your pleasure intensifies my own even more. You hold my legs to your chest and groan as you come inside me. You gently move my legs down onto the bed, and lie down beside me. You tease my nipples with your fingers and chuckle when I jump. You move your hand down my body, my hips bucking up, wanting, needing your fingers inside my pussy. You tease my clit gently with your fingertips and I groan and sigh. You put two fingers inside me and gently press then up with a slow rhythm. Then you move down to rest your head on my thigh, and gently lick my clit while your fingers keep their rhythm. It’s not long before I’m coming shuddering, gasping, moaning. I stroke your hair as my breathing slows, then I pull you up so I can kiss you and hold you. Touch your nose with mine, wrap my legs through yours, feel your skin on mine.

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