Last Time You Fucked


He knew this question was coming, as it usually did when he hung out with his single friends. Once the guys were several beers deep, the topic of his hot wife usually came up, and they weren’t shy asking for details. Because he was usually drunk himself at this point, he had shared several dirty stories in the past. Ever since then, the others were relentless.

“So Joe. Since you’re the only one getting any on the regular, why don’t you tell us about the last time you fucked that hot little wife of yours?”

He considered the truth, taking a moment to select which details to divulge:

He had made it home from work early, because traffic had been surprisingly light. His wife’s car was already in the driveway. He was hopeful that she had started dinner already. When he walked in the door and was not greeted with the smell of food cooking, he had been disappointed. Then he became curious. She was not in the living room either, where she usually napped or watched tv in the evening. He went to the bedroom and slowly cracked the door.

He noticed the steam heat coming from the open bathroom door – then he saw her.

She was still soaking wet from the shower. But she wasn’t standing at the closet, or drying her hair like she normally did after a shower. No, today, instead, she lay sprawled across the bed on top of her towel. Her legs were spread wide and he got a perfect porno shot of her glistening wet pussy. She was touching herself. One hand was rubbing her swollen little clit, and the other was fondling one of her breasts. Beads of water were still dripping down her tits and thighs. He took a moment just to take in the sight of her enjoying herself, still not realizing she was being watched. His big cock was starting to swell and press hard against his zipper.


The sound of his voice startled her. She jumped to cover herself. He smiled.

“I can’t believe I caught you masturbating,” he said with a huge grin. “Come here.”

She sheepishly got on all fours, and began to crawl across the bed, to where he had sat down on the edge.

“Come here.”

He grabbed a fist full of her wet hair with one hand, and put the other between her legs, and threw her over his lap.

“You were a bad girl. You should have waited for me to get home.” He gave her fat ass a good hard slap, leaving a perfect red handprint.

“Oo!” She squealed.

“Did you hear me?” Another hard SLAP!

“Ahhh, I’m sorry!” She moaned.

“You’re SORRY??” *SLAP*


“No. I don’t think so,” he said playfully “I think I’m gonna have to punish you with this cock.”

Her face lit up and she bit her lip in anticipation.

“Oh God,” she groaned.

He porno izle picked her up by the hips and threw her down on the bed. He grabbed her by the hips again and pulled her ass close to him.

“Get ready baby.”

He teased the opening of her swollen pussy, rubbing his tip against her wetness. Then he plunged his thick, throbbing 8 inches into her tight little asshole.

“AAAAHHHH!!” She screamed with pleasure at the top of her lungs. He gave her ass a few good pumps before sticking two fingers in her dripping wet cunt.

“Ohh, baby. I love it when I feel myself inside you.” He moaned and pressed harder against the back of her pussy, feeling his cock fill and stretch her ass.

“Does that feel good?” He laughed as she winced in pain while he plunged deeper inside her, but she continued to moan in pleasure and beg for more.

“Do you want more?”

Her face was pressed down into the pillow, but he saw her nod and buck her hips harder up and down on his dick. He pulled out of her ass and suddenly buried his huge dick in her throbbing, dripping pussy. She screamed in delight as he slowly fucked her and rubbed her wet clit.

He fucked her slowly and deeply until she was screaming that she couldn’t take it any more.

“I can’t! I’m gonna cum!” She sceamed, and her legs began to shake.

“No you aren’t. Not yet.” He pulled out sex izle and shoved his soaked cock back in her ass. She screamed again and rode his dick hard, switching back and forth between her ass and her pussy, always keeping her just on the edge of orgasm. Finally he asked, “Are you ready to cum?”

She nodded violently and was able to whimper a “yes”.

“Alright baby,” he dipped a finger in her wetness and then in her mouth. “You can cum now.”

He pounded her pussy deeper than ever and rubbed her clit in tight little circles. She screamed and screamed, her legs shook violently and her juices dripped down her legs. Her body went limp but he still pumped in and out of her slowly.

“Did that feel good?” He smiled, with a laugh.

She groaned happily, unable to really speak.

“I’m not done.”

He thrust his huge dick back in her ass for one final time, pumping deeply, steadily, until his cum was oozing out her ass around him, dripping down her legs. He let out a satisfied sigh.


He let out a sigh. He wasn’t going to share any of this with the guys. It was his own to remember fondly. He did however, pull out his phone.

“The other day, while I was asleep, she stole my phone and took these…”

They gathered around and looked at the pictures. One was from right under her ass, showing just a sliver of glistening pussy, and all of her perfect bubble butt. The other was a frontal view, her tits pushed together, a drop of her juices running down her thigh. They let out groans of envy, while he smirked. The pictures said more than he ever could.

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