Guess Who – Daughter’s Sleep Over


On his way to bed, he stopped by his daughter’s room to say goodnight to her and her friends.

“Okay sweetie, I’m going to bed now. You girls try and keep it down.”

Victoria jumped up and said, “Wait, Mr. Griff. Do you want to play a game with us?”

Without giving him a chance to answer, Elie, walked over, gave her dad a kiss on the cheek, said, “have fun Daddy”, and walked out of the bedroom.

Victoria started up again and explained, “The four of us have been talking and we really want to play a game with you. Your daughter is fine with it and she said she will just watch T.V. out in the living room until we are done with the game. Will you come play with us?”

Not entirely certain where this was going, he agreed and asked what the game was.

Victoria started going over the rules:

“The game is called, ‘guess who’. Each round, the four of us girls will draw a card out of this deck of cards. The one with the lowest card will sit out that round. The other three will be up. For each round, you will touch something like our nose or our elbow or we will touch or do something on you. Whomever picks the high card will pick what the action is and the other two girls will do the same. You have to guest what you are touching and who you are touching or who is doing it to you. If you get it wrong three times in a row, then you have to do a dare. If you get it right even once, then you can ask us to do a dare. And of course for this game, you will need to wear a blindfold.”

He hesitantly agreed to the rules, put on the blindfold, and sat down on the chair.

The girls started off easy. They grabbed the deck of cards and started picking. Lily got a “10”; Victoria got a “3”; Amy got a “9”; and Jenny got an “8”. Lily got the highest, so she started.

Victoria asked, “Mr. Griff. Are you ready?” At his confirmation, Lily went over, took his finger and placed it on her ear. Then Amy and Jenny did the same.

Lily then asked him to guess who and what he was touching.

He quickly guessed that he was touching an ear, but he had no idea who he was touching. He started guessing at random and said, “Lily, Victoria, and Amy”. The girls all started laughing and said, “Nope!”

They started the next round and this time Amy went first. She grabbed his finger and touched it to her collar bone. Jenny and Victoria went next.

This time he had no idea what he was touching or who he was doing it to. He guessed that it was their wrist and that it was Victoria, Amy, and Lily. They all laughed again. Amy told him it was their collar bone.

Lily snuck out of the room for a moment and the other girls went on to the next round.

For the next round, first Victoria, then the other two, went and kissed him on the cheek.

This time Mr. Griff, laughing, guessed Lily, Jenny and Amy.

Getting it wrong again, they told him he needed to do a dare. He agreed and asked what the dare was. They all started giggling and Jenny said, we dare you to strip down to your underwear.

Shocked at this, he quickly refused. They started in on him. “But you promised you would do the dare. You lied! If you guessed right we would have done your dare. I don’t want to play with him if he’s not going to keep his part.”

“Okay! Okay. I’ll do it, but that’s it.”

They all started cheering and he started taking off this shirt and jeans.

At this time, Lily came back into the room and Elie quietly snuck in afterwards.

For the next round, Amy went first again. This time, she pulled up her shirt and placed his finger on her belly çekmeköy escort button. The girls all started giggling. Lily and Jenny both went next.

He correctly guessed that it was their belly buttons, but again, couldn’t guest who they were.

On the next round, Jenny drew the high card and she wanted to move up the fun. She took his whole hand and stuck it on her inner thigh. She had on pretty short pajama pants. She stuck his hands directly on her skin and slid it up most of the length of her leg stopping millimeters from her crotch.

Mr. Griff realizing what had just happened began to protest. “We can’t be doing this. You girls are my daughter’s best friends.”

With his hand still on her thigh, Jenny replied, “It’s fine. She knows what we are playing and she doesn’t mind. Do you want to keep playing?”

Jenny looked at Elie and smiled, because she was up next.

Elie slowly walked up to him. Taking her dad’s hand, she placed it on her smooth inner thigh. Slowly, she guided it up towards her pussy and stopped just before. As she did this a small shutter shot through her body. She started to blush and tried to hide it. She jumped up and gave Victoria her turn.

Mr. Griff guessed that he had just touched their inner thigh and because Jenny had given herself away, he was able to guess her as well. Not knowing his daughter had joined the game, he had thought that maybe it was Amy. He did also guess Victoria correctly but just by luck.

The next round, Lily went first. She grabbed both of his hands and placed them on her breasts over her bra and pajamas. Of all of the girls, her breasts were the smallest being just barely a B-cup, but with the padded bra, it added a little to the appearance.

As she did this, a huge grin shot across Mr. Griff’s face. After about 10 seconds, Amy demanded it was time for the next girl.

Jenny walked up and did the same. Jenny’s breasts were only a little larger than Lily’s, but she had on a much thinner bra.

Last up was Amy. Amy has noticeably large breasts, especially seeing how she is Korean. When she placed his hands on her, Mr. Griff jumped a little when he realized she did not have a bra on. When she saw his reaction, she became very aroused.

It was time for him to guess. He guessed that he was touching their breasts. He also knew that Lily and Jenny had the smallest breasts of the four girls and he assumed that the last one was Amy.

Having guessed correctly, the girls told him he needed to give them a dare. He thought about it for a minute and told them to kiss each other.

The girls started to boo him. “Come on Mr. Griff. That’s so boring. Give us a better one.”

“I can’t think of a better one.”

“Come on. You have a bunch of young, beautiful girls here that are willing to do ANYTHING, and the best you can come up with is kiss each other?”


The girls start to giggle again.


“I dare you girls to strip off all of your clothes for the rest of the game.”

“Okay. But remember. You have to keep your blindfold on.”

All of the girls start to strip off all of their clothes.

For the next round. Elie was first up. She shyly walked over and kissed her dad on the lips. She had kissed him on the cheeks a million times and never thought anything of it, but this was different. Actually, she had never kissed anyone on the mouth before.

Victoria rolls her eyes at Elie as she walks over to Mr. Griff. She began kissing him passionately. She then slowly moves down to his neck. Then down his cevizli escort chest.

Amy is next in line and she does the same only she lingers on his neck for much longer.

Mr. Griff was not able to guess the girls and they move to the next round.

This one was led by Jenny. She took his hand and cupped it firmly on her naked right butt cheek. Victoria then did the same.

Then Lily was next. As she placed Mr. Griff’s hand on her butt cheek, he took some liberties and pushed his pinky up. She was not expecting it and he managed to push it up her ass quite a bit. He actually managed to pick her up off the ground a little bit. She gave a small yelp as he did so but made no effort to stop the action nor did she call him on it.

Mr. Griff again got all three of the girls wrong.

On the next round, Lily started. She walks up to him, takes his head and brings his mouth to her now fully erect nipples. He starts to suck on it. After about a minute, Victoria walked up and moved him onto her breast. Victoria and Elie both have very nice C-cup breasts. As he frantically moves from one breast to the other, he starts to move his hands up to assist in the groping. Victoria quickly slaps his hands away and ends her turn.

Elie has the last turn. She looks to her friends as if to ask if she has to go through with it and they all give her a unanimous look indicating she does. As she starts to touch the back of his head, he jolts his head down and right into the bosom of his beautiful young daughter. He starts sucking on her perky nipples in a way that was much more vigorous then he did with the other two. He even started to use his teeth to bite down a little as he pulled at his daughter’s teat. As he did this, another shock of ecstasy shot through her body.

After a minute of this, a little jealous she didn’t get to go that round, Amy stepped in and said it was time for him to make his guess. He was luckily able to guess Lily was the first one, and knew that Victoria was one of the other two, but wasn’t able to guess the last girl.

Amy happily reminded him that he had lost another three in a row and that it was time for another dare. Immediately, Lily, Amy, Jenny and Victoria all shouted in unison, “Take off the boxers!” This time without any protest he stood up and dropped the boxers. His already erect rod sticking out for all the girls to see.

In shock they all just looked at him for a moment. Victoria and Amy were the only ones that had ever seen a cock before, but those were not nearly this big.

As she sat there ogling this massive dick, for a brief second, Elie had forgotten that this was attached to her father.

He stood there for a moment as the room was in silence before laying down on the bed.

The next round had begun. Victoria had gone first. She went over and grabbed the shaft. Without waiting for their turns Jenny and Lily came over and joined in fondling both the shaft and the balls.

After about a minute, Lily remembered what Mr. Griff had done to her and she thought that this was a good time to take her revenge. With an evil grin on her face, she licked her pinky and quickly forced it up his hole. She managed to get it in up to the second knuckle before Mr. Griff had a chance to react. He shot up and quickly ended that round. He got the message.

Amy started the next round. She laid down on the bed. Took Mr. Griff by the head and forced him between her legs. Instinctively, he knew what to do. He started licking her pussy and she quickly started to cum.

Next it was Jenny’s turn. erenköy escort She laid down next to Amy and he started in on her. It took her a little longer but eventually she came as well.

Last up was Elie. Realizing she wasn’t going to get out of it, she took her position between the other two. She watched as her daddy’s head moved down. As soon as his tongue touched her, those same shots of ecstasy flowed through her. Each time Mr. Griff pushed his tongue deep inside of his daughter’s pussy, she would convulse and push him down deeper. After five minutes of this, her body finally gave out.

After he was able to catch his breath, the next round began.

Amy started this round as well. As a small thank-you, she went over and started sucking on this now throbbing cock. She didn’t want the fun to end just yet, so she stopped herself from being too grateful.

Jenny then also was able to show her gratitude and lastly, Victoria took her turn.

Realizing the game would be over soon, Victoria announced, “For the final challenge, instead of us taking turns, you will take turns with us. Again, there will be three players. You must fuck all three of us and you cannot cum until you have been inside of all three. Whichever you felt was the best fuck is the one you can cum inside of. Any questions?”

“Do you girls have a condom?”


“Are you girls at least on birth control?”

“Half of us are, the other half are not.”

“And you want me to cum inside your pussy?”

“Pussy or ass. That is up to you.”

“Okay. I think I got it.”

The girls all draw their cards. Victoria got the “K”; Amy got the “2”; Jenny got the “5”; Lily got the “7”; and Elie got the “Q”.

Victoria got down on her hands and knees with her ass up facing Mr. Griff. Lily got down in position as well. Elie then took her place between her two friends.

As Mr. Griff moved towards the girls, he started off by feeling each of the girls. He felt their thighs. He fondled each of their pussies and their ass holes. He then took his position behind Victoria. He slowly pushed his cock into her. He moved in and out several times. Knowing he still had two more girls to go, he took it slow.

He then moved to Lily. While grabbing her ass, he realized that was the same one that he had taken liberties with earlier and was probably the one that got him back. He decided it was time to finish what he had started. His dick being well lubricated from his first fuck he placed the head of his cock on the brim of her ass hole. Realizing what was about to happen her eyes opened wide. She tried to flex her anus to stop him from pushing in, but it wasn’t enough. He pushed himself into her as deep as he could. It was a good thing that she was so tight because it stopped him from unloading right then and there.

Then was the last girl. He moved his way to the middle. He felt her pussy and made sure it was ready to go. As he started to slide in, he could feel the warmth of his daughter’s pussy closing in around him. It was the best feeling he had ever felt. His daughter felt the same way. She never wanted her father to exit her. He reached down and started fingering the other two girls, but he knew this was where he was going to end the game. He moved in and out of his daughter several more times before blasting his load in her pussy.

When he was done. They all just collapsed onto the bed. Elie quickly got up, grabbed her clothes, and snuck out of the room. The other girls got dressed and Mr. Griff was finally allowed to remove his blindfold.

“So which one of you girls did I cum in?”

The girls all started laughing.

“You will never know.” Victoria said.


This is a fictional story. All characters within the story should be considered to be 18 years old or older and are consenting adults.

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