First Time with Aunt Lisa Ch. 02


When Aunt Lisa and I pulled into my driveway we saw my girlfriend Brittney’s car there. When we got inside I told Aunt Lisa she could have a seat in the living room and I would get us a couple of drinks. Before I went to the kitchen I ran upstairs to see if Britt was up there. Much to my surprise she wasn’t. I knew she had worked a day shift and was probably be tired or having a shower.

Let me tell you about Brittney first. She is 24 years old, 5’9″ and 115lbs. Britt has a 40DD chest and a big butt. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and is nurse. She is always getting hit on at the hospital by the doctors and patients. I am not jealous because I know they got nothing on me. I got an 8inch cock and I know how to use it.

I returned to the kitchen to get the drinks and figured Britt is probably out for a walk or something. When I returned to the living room was I in for the shock of a life time. There was my Aunt Lisa sitting with my girlfriend Brittney and they were kissing. I sat the drinks down and that’s when they realized I was in the room. Brittney got up and came over to me. She put her arms around me like she always does and gave me a kiss. Only though when she kissed me she moved her hand down to my cock and said “I love you so much and thank you for bringing your aunt home. You’re going to need help because I am horny and I don’t think you can handle it all by yourself”

I was not embarrassed that my aunt was seeing this as I had just fucked her brains out on the hood of my car, not more than a half hour ago. “I said what makes you think that Aunt Lisa will want to do that stuff with us?”

“The fact I asked her and she said yes. Oh and the fact that you just fucked her brains out and came in her pussy!”

“I….I am, I don’t know what happened, I am so sorry baby girl” was all I could stammer out.

“Don’t worry; from the way Aunt Lisa described it, it was hot. She was amazed you knew how to use that big penis of yours. I told her you had lots of practice with me. She also knows how tuzla escort freaky you can get.” Britt said.

Boy was I shocked. My jaw was on the floor. I had to look like an idiot. “Wow I don’t know what to say!”

“You can start by saying that you will fuck us both and fuck us hard” Aunt Lisa said. With that Aunt Lisa got up and started kissing me and Brittney. She pulled Britt’s shirt off. Aunt Lisa found that Britt wasn’t wearing a bra; she rarely wore a bra at home. Cupping Brittney’s tits Aunt Lisa started sucking on first the left nipple then the right one. I came up behind Britt and pulled her shorts down. I knew she wasn’t wearing any panties. She never wears underwear. So I got on my knees behind my sexy blonde girlfriend and started eating her pussy. Licking from her clit to her tight little asshole. Her pussy and butt are very delicious tasting. I wish I could bottle it so I could drink it all the time.

Brittney started moaning “Oh yes baby lick my cunt you naughty boy. Aunt Lisa is sucking my tits so good. Bite my nipples hard Auntie Lisa. I love having my nipples played with roughly.”

I stood up and pulled my shorts down and rammed my rock hard 8inch penis in my girlfriend’s tight little asshole. We both started moaning loud. Brittney buried 2 fingers in Aunt Lisa’s tight little twat. She scooped up some of my cum from Aunt Lisa’s pussy and licked it off her fingers. I pulled out of Brittney’s asshole and she laid down. Aunt Lisa sat her pussy down on my girlfriend’s pussy so she could lick it. Lisa pulled Brittney’s legs up and spread them wide so I could butt fuck my girlfriend some more. I guided my cock back into my girlfriend’s tight butt. We could hear muffled moans coming from between Aunt Lisa’s legs. I started ramming Brittney as hard as I could and started sucking on my Aunt’s gigantic tits. It wasn’t long before Aunt Lisa started screaming “Oh god yes, I am going to cum. I am going to fill Brittney’s mouth full of my white hot sticky girl cum, OH GOD YES YES YES, I göztepe escort AM CUMMING!!” Aunt Lisa shook until she stopped cumming.

Lisa moved off of Brittney’s mouth and started kissing her and pinching her nipples hard. Aunt Lisa was pinching and twisting as hard as she could. I told her to tug my naughty girlfriend’s nipples as hard as she could. Aunt Lisa was now pinching, twisting and tugging Brittney’s hard pink little nipples. “How do you like that baby? You like having my slut Aunt tug and twist and pinch your nipples? You like it when someone makes your nipples hurt don’t you? You’re a dirty little slut and I love it!” I said.

“I love having my nipples played with. Oh god baby I am your dirty nasty little slut. I am your fucking anal whore. I love it when you talk dirty like that and call me name’s” Brittney moaned. I kept pounding her tight little bum. I was getting close when all of a sudden “OH GOD STEVE BABY I AM CUMMING” Brittney screamed.

Aunt Lisa started screaming again. I looked up and seen she had her fist in her pussy and Brittney was biting her nipples hard. Then I felt that tingle deep down in my nut sack. I started cumming in Brittney’s asshole before I could warn her. “OH GOD BRITTNEY, I AM FUCKING CUMMING IN YOUR ASS!” I screamed as I filled her tight but full of my white hot sticky cum.

After we all game down, we started making out lying in the middle of the living room floor. I was in the middle with Brittney and Aunt Lisa on either side of me butt naked. Britt leaned up and looked at Aunt Lisa and asked if she enjoyed getting fucked by me earlier. “Oh god Britt I absolutely loved it! I know I am such a slut for wanting to and for actually fucking my nephew but he is so hot and now I know he is such a good fuck. I love that giant piece of man meat he has” Aunt Lisa stated matter of factly.

Brittney said “Wait till he rams it in your asshole. You will think he is going to split you in half. I love it when he rams it up my butt as hard as he can.” üsküdar escort Brittney was playing with her clit ring with one hand and stroking my still erect cock which had not went down. “Why don’t you try it?” Britt said.

“I would love to” Aunt Lisa said beaming with joy. “Why don’t you sit on the couch so I can lick that pretty little twat of yours” Lisa suggested to my horny girlfriend.

“Oh you read my mind” Brittney told Aunt Lisa.

With that the girls got up and moved to the couch where Brittney sat and spread her legs and Aunt Lisa dove into her hairless muff. I got up behind my Aunt and rammed my cock into her tight little asshole as hard as I could. Aunt Lisa started moaning and incoherently babbling words. I started spanking her ass and telling her what a nasty and naughty slut she was for letting her nephew fuck her pussy and her ass. Every time I smacked Aunt Lisa’s ass she would bite down harder on Brittney’s clit causing Britt to gasp louder and louder. Eventually Brittney started cumming. That didn’t stop Aunt Lisa from licking her cunt. She licked from her clit all the way down to Brittney’s now red little puckered asshole.

Aunt Lisa’s ass was now red from me slapping it. When I would ram my cock in she would let her butt relax and when I would pull back she would try to squeeze it as tight as she could so I couldn’t pull it out. This got me so hot and brought me to the edge of orgasm. All of a sudden I heard Brittney start moaning and I knew she was flooding Aunt Lisa’s mouth with her tasty girl cum. Then it felt like my cock was going to be ripped off. Lisa’s ass got so tight and she started screaming “OH GOD I AM CUMMING. OH GOD DON’T STOP FUCKING MY ASS!”

I said “Don’t worry I won’t stop fucking your lovely ass.” Then my balls tightened up and I shot load after load of my white hot sticky cum in her ass. I shot so much cum in her butt it started leaking out. I pulled out and started licking it all up. I was soon joined by my hot girlfriend who helped me lick Aunt Lisa’s ass and pussy. When Brittney started licking her clean, Aunt Lisa came again. After we had licked Aunt Lisa clean the girls pushed me down and attacked my cock. Once they had me clean, they also had me hard. What happened next is another story. So stay tuned.

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