Election (not Erection) Anxiety

Asian Anal

Emma washes away election anxiety with incestuous sex

This little story explores the idea of having sex with your brother to relieve anxiety. Before you scream at me, trust me, it works! Names were changed to protect the guilty.

I hope it doesn’t come too late for your own anxiety. It was written on November 2, and writing it helped me, at least. Good luck!


It’s the day before the election – you know the one: THE ELECTION, the one to end all elections. It could be the end of the horror, or the beginning of a new, even worse chapter of it. I was a bundle of nerves, all four of us were! Dad was rapidly getting drunk, using bourbon as his main engine, and Mom was already as high as a kite on pot. They’d soon be passed out.

I was done with Zooming for the day, having attended all of my Monday classes (remotely), and I closed my computer.

That left Kevin awake and alert in the house, and me. I don’t smoke, and we both don’t drink when we’re at home, and Xanax was not to be had anywhere in our home, for love or money. I think Mom took them by the handful, these days. I was a wreck. We all were. Both Kevin and I were home from college, it having gone online only (due to the virus, of course). Kevin is a senior, and I of course am a freshman, or maybe I should say freshwoman? Freshperson? Let’s just say I’m fresh.

“Hi Kevin,” I said, as I entered his room. “How are you dealing with your nerves?”

“Okay, I guess. Do you have your usual diarrhea?” he replied, in loving, brotherly fashion.

“Kevin! That only happened once! Will you ever let me forget about it?” I said.

“You know the price. It’s the same as always,” Kevin said. My brother is evil.

“I’m not giving you a blowjob, Kevin,” I said. “Not now, not ever.”

“Why not? You give them to every other guy in town, and more, too, from what I hear,” he said. “Why not me? I’m your fucking brother, for Pete’s sake. Harry – fucking Harry? – he gets a blowjob, but not me?”

“Who told you I blew Harry?” I asked.

“Mike did. He has a video of the two of you going at it. You should be more discreet, Emma,” Kevin said.

“Oh,” I said. I had forgot. “Uh…did he show it to you?” I cringed. Talk about humiliation! Not only did I suck that horrible excuse for a guy, Harry, but now my brother had seen me doing it? Was I clothed? Let me think – oh shit, I don’t know! I can’t remember. How drunk was I? Did I fuck him, too? How could it be that I couldn’t remember?

“Did he, uh, did he show, I mean, uh, did he…” I tried again. I couldn’t get the words out.

“He tried; I refused to look,” Kevin said.

“Oh, Kevin! Thank you!” I said, and I threw my arms around him and hugged him, inadvertently pressing my boobs against his chest. I wasn’t wearing a bra either. Actually, I wasn’t even wearing panties. I had on a shift, and nothing else. After all, I was at home, and nobody cared how I dressed.

It was cold, too, and my nipples pointed out, right through the dress. A cold November 2 in Northern Indiana. What else is new?

I suppose that was my first mistake: Spontaneously hugging my brother. Hey, why can’t a girl hug her own brother? There’s nothing wrong with a sibling hug; that is, nothing wrong unless your brother is named Kevin.

The next thing I knew we were kissing. Kevin had lifted the back of my dress, and he was fondling my bare ass, consequently knowing I wasn’t wearing any panties. We just kept kissing, but when Kevin went to pull off my dress, I objected and stepped away from him.

“If you’re worried sick, sex is a good distraction,” Kevin said.

“Yes, I guess it is,” I agreed. “Want me to invite Helen over?” Helen was my best friend, and also a major slut, plus she had a thing for Kevin.

“You’d do that for me? Hand me Helen on a silver platter?” Kevin asked. He’d always thought Helen was sexy, but my friends were off limits to him. He knew that. Kevin is three years older. All of my friends wanted a chance with him. Yeah, everyone found him as hot as hell. It was annoying.

“What will you do for me?” I asked Kevin.

“George?” Kevin had always said George would fuck anything that moved. His dog, a German Shepard bitch, was always nervous, he’d said. He also lived on a farm that had hogs, and more significantly, sheep. This was deep Indiana.

“George might give me syphilis. How about Steve?” Steve was a hunk, but he had a girlfriend, and would he cheat on her for a little hanky-panky with me? I’d be another sexy conquest on the down low?

“Steve is in Arizona. How about Philip?” Kevin suggested.

“Isn’t he gay?” I asked. beyliikdüzü escort

“Oh, yeah, I forgot.” Right, like Kevin had forgotten that little fact. Philip wasn’t just gay, he was flamingly gay. “How about David?”

“No offense, Kevin, since I know David is your best friend, but I don’t want to have to teach him about sex. At least not today,” I said. Everyone knew David had never enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh with a woman. He was a bona fide incel.

“You’re making it hard, Emma. I’d love to fool around with Helen. Who do you want? Name your man,” Kevin said.

I went through every man in town in my head. I sure as hell did not want Harry, nor Mike; not again. I could think of nobody; well, nobody except …

“I’ll get you Helen, I really will, if you don’t freak out and get me the guy I’m about to name, okay? Deal?”

“Emma, we already had that deal. Now who is this unobtainable man? You’re so sexy and desirable, I can get any man on Earth to have some no-strings-attached sex with you today, to relieve your election anxiety. Hey, you can trade it in for erection anxiety, okay?” Kevin teased. Dammit all, I giggled at his crude and obvious joke. “So, what’s his name? Name him, and your wish is my command.”

“Kevin. Kevin Sabine,” I said.

Kevin looked at me. I couldn’t look him in the eye. He closed the door to his room, and he locked it. He pulled down the shades. Then he stood in front of me, and he looked me up and down. “You really are a sexy devil, Sis,” he said. “Such a dirty, filthy mind. I love it.”

“Thanks, Kevin,” I said.

“Take off your dress,” he said.

“Just like that? No kissing, no sweet nothings in my ear, no foreplay?” I asked, my anxiety was showing.

“Just like that. You’ll feel better after I drive you to a screaming climax, babe,” Kevin declared. “Take off your dress.”

“Pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you?” I said.

“Everyone knows you climax easily. My friends tease me about it. How many of them have you fucked, anyway?” Kevin asked. “Oh, and take off your dress, you sexy woman.”

“None of them, Kevin. They’re all bullshitting you,” I said. I was only 18, almost 19, actually, so anything was believable, from me being a total slut who gave it away like candy, to me being an uptight virgin. Well, I’m not sure Kevin would believe I was an uptight virgin, but other men would.

“Take your dress off, Emma. You’re not a virgin, are you?”

I laughed. “No, far from it. No worries on that score,” I said.

“Take your dress off, woman. Who are the lucky guys who have dipped into your honeypot?” Kevin asked.

“You don’t get that kind of info until after. You know how the game works, don’t you?” I said.

“Take off your dress,” Kevin said.

“You’re a broken record,” I complained. I lowered and crossed my arms and lifted my dress, slowly. Up, up, and up it went, exposing my upper thighs, right up to my crotch. I paused for effect and to garner my courage, and then I continued. My pussy was uncovered, then slowly up above my belly button ring, up some more, then over my boobs, exposing my erect nipples, and then finally, over my head and off. I was naked in front of my own brother, for the first time in our lives.

I noticed for the first time that he was naked too; when did that happen? Oooh, a nice erection, too. Kevin was as hard as a rock. There’s something about a naked woman that makes men hard, I guess. One thing is sure: A naked Emma always makes men hard. I know that from happy experience. I figure Kevin and our Dad are the limit cases. I’ll have to try out Dad some other time. With Dad it would have to be accidental. With Kevin, at least so far, it’s easy.

“You don’t mind that it’s incest?” Kevin said, much too late. There was no going back now.

“Shut up, Kevin. I’m naked before you. Do your thing. I want to see if Christina was right, okay?” I said.

“What did Christina say?” Kevin was suddenly insecure. Wow! Good to know for future use.

“After. I’ll tell you later,” I teased. “I may need a little foreplay. I’m not sure if I’m wet, or not.”

Kevin came up to me. He kissed me, played with my tits as we kissed, and his hand wandered down to my snatch. He stuck it in, and it felt wonderful, and even I could hear the sloshing in my cunt. “It’s like the Wabash River inside you, Emma. I want a taste!”

Kevin placed me on the bed, on my back, he spread my legs, and his head went between my thighs. I had heard all about cunnilingus, of course, seen it done on Internet porn, read about it in Cosmo, and it had been all bodrum escort the talk of the schoolyard that one time when Brian ate out Alexis, and Mike caught them in flagrante delicto, took some cell phone pictures, and showed them to every other guy at the school. Nobody, however, had ever eaten me out before. My first time was right then, with my brother. With Kevin. Kevin Sabine.

Oh my! This was as good as fucking, but very different. Wow! Now I understand why men always want blowjobs. Kevin put a finger in me. OMG my brother’s finger now knows the inside of my kitten. This is sooo bad and sooo hot! So, so, so very hot! Mmmm.

I climaxed, of course. To hell with the four-minute mile; I broke the three-minute climax. Unfortunately, my climaxes are loud, too, as I always, inevitably, scream. I scream loud, too. Neither of us thought about Mom and Dad, stoned and drunk, and just downstairs!

While I was lying on my back, in the afterglow of my climax from Heaven, I was vaguely aware that Kevin was moving around above me. I couldn’t care about anything; I was just floating. I became suddenly even more aware, a heightened awareness if you will, I guess totally aware, when my brother, my very own brother, Kevin Sabine himself, thrust his gorgeous cock, full of brotherly love, right up inside me!

“God, Emma, you’re so wet,” Kevin said, as I moaned in reply. Okay, I’ve been around the block a few times; I’m sure you’ve figured that out from my earlier hints (as well as Kevin’s!), but none of those experiences compared to doing it with Kevin. I think I must have been the wettest I’ve ever been. Can a girl be even wetter than the Wabash River?

The feel of Kevin’s cock inside me was like nothing else. I had some examples to compare it to, I’m no blushing flower waiting to be plucked, but this feeling was like no other. It had to be psychological: the perverse thrill that somehow, I knew, I just knew, unbridled incest with my very own brother would bring. Not only would it bring, it was bringing, delivering forth the goods. I had never, in all of my long eighteen, almost nineteen, years, been this turned on before.

I tied the three-minute climax record, but Kevin didn’t stop. No, he didn’t even slow down! I loved the way he was fucking me. It wasn’t tender or loving, no, it was rough. It was rough the way I like it, just rough enough, but not too much. Kevin was fucking away his aggression, perhaps his own election anxiety, on my poor, cute, curvy and most of all, little feminine body. He began to pull at my nipples, hard, as he plowed away inside me. The pain turned me on, all the more!

When Kevin saw how over the top I got from the nipple pain, he had a sudden epiphany. He knew, even before I did, that I was a pain slut. He tossed me onto my stomach, and he slapped my ass, really hard, as he fucked me from behind. Nobody had done that before – not that there had been that many, I was only eighteen, after all – and his slaps stunned me with their effect; with their power over my erotic center. I screamed, but it was a good scream.

Kevin kept slapping me as his cock went in and out, in and out, in and out, harder and harder. Maybe he was testing my limits as to how hard to slap. If so, he found I had no limits. Finally, he delivered the coup de grace: He slapped my clit! Boy did that sting, but it was a hopelessly erotic sting, and that coupled with his forceful fucking, sent me over the top, and over the moon. My scream of ecstasy probably could be heard in the next county over.

Kevin picked up the pace even more, and I was trying to catch my breath, as I tried to match him, thrust for thrust, barely succeeding and then finally, he came. His cock penetrated me maximally (Kevin’s cock was the smallest I’d experienced, but definitely the best!) and shot his load deep inside me, at least three times. I’m on the pill, I’m on the pill, I’m on the pill, I kept repeating to myself, over and over and over again. It was awesome. It gave new dimensions to the word awesome. It was magnificent. Spectacular. My vocabulary fails me.

Kevin’s body collapsed on top of mine, his cock still hard inside me. Men’s cocks deflate at different speeds, I guess, and Kevin stayed hard after his explosion longer than the others had. Finally, alas, his cock slipped out, and he rolled off me. I rolled over onto my back, my boobs sagging to my sides a bit (yeah, my boobs are a bit on the large end of the boob spectrum for 18-year-old girls), with my nipples as hard as could be, and pointing up. My toes were curled, and I was glad they were painted iridescent orange (left over from Halloween, bolu escort of course). It’s important always to be well groomed; a girl never knows when she’ll be naked in front of a guy, right?

Nobody spoke. It’s always the girl’s role to break the ice, so finally I did. “You’re right. Sex helps. I’m less anxious, now.”

“Do you think a second time will help even more?” Kevin asked.

“Pretty transparent, Bro. You’re a good fuck. If you can give me a fuck as good as that one, sure, why not? You’re soft, though. Having erection anxiety?” I replied. He is my brother, after all. I’m not just entitled, but duty bound, to tease him.

“Nothing one of your famous blowjobs won’t fix, Emma. Use your succulent mouth to get me good and hard and I’ll give you a fuck like you wouldn’t believe, especially now that I know your secret,” Kevin said.

“My secret? What’s my secret?” I asked.

“Pain and submission. Wait here, while I get some props from the garage,” he said.

“You’re going down to the garage while naked? Your pubic hair is a cum covered mess, Kevin,” I said. “You’ll be parading right in front of Mom and Dad!”

“You screamed to the high heavens and neither Mom nor Dad came rushing upstairs to see what was wrong. They’re obviously both passed out. No worries. Now stay here, I’ll be right back.”

I did as I was told. I knew Kevin would give me hell if I disobeyed. Five minutes was all it took. He came back with a long coil of rope. My eyes got big. Kevin overpowered me (my resistance was only symbolic; I was curious what he was planning). He used the rope to tie me up, securing me to the legs of the bed. I was tied, spread eagle, naked, with a thoroughly used pussy on wide open view.

“Smile,” Kevin said, as he took pictures, using his cell phone. I smiled.

“If anyone sees those pictures, Kevin, I will castrate you. I’m serious,” I said.

“I’ll delete them after my blowjob,” he said, and he positioned himself next to my barely mobile head.

I kissed the top of his cock. “Remember, if I blow you, you’ll delete the pictures, and give me the fuck of my life, right?”

“My pleasure. Do you like anal?” he asked, as I took his cock into my mouth. He tasted great. Or maybe I was tasting my own juices? I’d never blown a guy after he’d fucked me, before. I liked it.

“I don’t know. I’ve never done it,” I said. “Why do anal, when you can use my pussy?”

“You still have a lot to learn, Emma.”

“Well, I am only 18. You’re the old man, here,” I replied.

“Your two months short of being nineteen. And twenty makes me an old man?” Kevin replied. He was sniggering.

“Mmmm,” I said, since I had couldn’t speak, due to having a cock in my mouth, and some of it down my throat.

“Oh, you are good, Sis. So deliciously talented. And you’re my sister, all mine!” Kevin said, as he pushed me away. He was already hard as a rock, and he was going to fuck his bound and willing sister. He was going to fuck me to smithereens.

“She’s not all yours, Kevin. Mom and I taught you to share, remember?” Dad said, as he stood in the doorway. Kevin had forgotten to lock the door when he returned with the rope. Our drunk Dad stumbled over and positioned his cock at my head. It was bigger than Kevin’s was, even soft. I guess Kevin was a case of regression towards the mean (that’s AP Statistics talking). I immediately began giving Dad a blowjob, while Kevin climbed aboard and fucked me. Yes, he fucked me to smithereens, even as I blew my Dad.

Let me tell you: Sex with your brother and your Dad, together, totally removed election anxiety. The election was the farthest thing from my mind.

I was left wondering if Dad was going to fuck me, too, in the future? Well, it’s good to have some mystery in a family, right? After it all, I took a shower, put on my nightgown (I chose the sexy one, that gives peeks of my boobs if I move the wrong way), and went downstairs to check on Mom. I ended up making brownies for everyone.

After we all ate brownies, and acted as if nothing had happened, and discussed the pandemic ad infinitum, Kevin took a few brownies and he took me up to his room. He tied me up, put a couple of brownies in my pussy, and ate them out of me. Meanwhile, I heard Mom’s signature moans drifting up the stairs to the bedrooms. I idly wondered if Dad was fucking her on the couch, on the floor, or with her bent over the stairs? I made a mental note to ask her in the morrow. I’d likely forget, because Kevin was complimenting me on my baking skills, as he mounted my bound and willing body, for round three of his glorious cock.


Professor Sorensen: You asked each of us to write about how we dealt with our election anxiety. Well, that’s how I dealt with my own election anxiety, the night before election day, 2020. What can I say? It worked.

Respectfully submitted, Government 101, Emma Sabine, ID# 47892001

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