Dylan’s Solo Trip Ch. 04


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Chapter 3 in brief:

[I feel disgusted – enough to sneak out the next morning to continue my trip. I’m on my way thinking all that is past me. The happiness takes no time to turn into anxiety when I realize cannot resist the temptation: the temptation of being under her dominance. I run back to her. She takes me back on condition that I never leave, if I promise to be her 24*7 cum bucket. I give her my word and show her how much I yearn for her maltreatment and she could use me, throat me, fuck me, slap me, smack me, drill me, throw me aside at the corner of the room and pick me up later when she needs me. I continue expressing my gratitude by taking the clouts of pain, pleasure, and shame. She rams me mercilessly, while I mewl in tears like a luckless fuck. She finally twists me around as I stroke her with my sloppy hands until she blesses every spot on my face. With a sore anus, I stand up and turn to leave when her hand pulls me back for another round. And I stand there letting her molest me while I get a hazy glimpse of her from the corner of my cum-covered eye.]

Day 4:

She came in my mouth again and went for a smoke. I gathered my clothes one by one from all around the living area and holding them close to my chest, walked upstairs.

I had her filth adhering to my face. Her fresh cum still tasted in my mouth. As I walked bare naked holding clothes close to my body, face covered in someone’s cum, mouth filled with someone’s cum, I just pitied myself. I thought to myself what kind of disgusting treatment I had just undergone. It was not just demeaning; It was inhumane.

I entered the room and sat on the squeaky bed with the clothes in my lap. What am I doing? What kind of choices have I been making in my life! Why would I agree to stay here and undergo this everyday. Everyday! EVERYDAY. Day by Day. Day after Day.

As the word ‘everyday’ echoed in my head, the feeling of regret started turning into sexual anxiety. Every disgusting memory of the day turned into a privileged treatment. The memory of her ravaging me felt so wrong and hence so right. I moved around my tongue for the taste of her cum while I stroked myself. I rubbed my palm on my face and licked all the cum off my fingers while I continued stroking faster, and finally let all out. I woke up at the middle of the night horny and started jerking off again. The sexual excitement could not be contained; I longed for her cum. I even walked downstairs to the living area to the same place where she had shot her loads on me to feed my appetite. I smelled and licked the floor, which seemed intensely gratifying. I finally slept after masturbating thrice.

I’d slept with kocaeli escort the burning anus that night. She knocked on my door at some point at night and slipped an ointment.

“Get that asshole ready for tomorrow,” the slip said.

I slept for more than 20 hrs.

The next day seemed pretty smooth with her just being busy with work and me hanging around doing nothing. I hadn’t expected an uneventful day.

But I guess my inner body parts needed that rest.

Next morning I see her at my door.

“Wanna join me for breakfast?” she asked with lusty eyes.

She wore a satin red and black lace-hem robe. Her classy milky white thighs could not be sexier.

I came down and sat next to her.

“You sure you should be sitting next to me?” She flipped the hanging tablecloth of the dining table cuing with her eyes to go down. I bent to look under the table and saw a plate. I crawled under the table and sat next to that.

The white linen blocked my view above her knees. I saw her impeccable legs: the creamy thighs, the toned calves. I could just kiss them all day.

She dropped two slices of bread on the floor and slid them by her foot. And then slid a spread knife.

I looked around for spread.

“Now, honey, if you’re looking for spread, you’re gonna have to work for it.” She flipped the linen uncovering a little more of her sexy legs.

Her silky tanned legs were a few inches away from me. My eyes scanned her feet wandering up her loosely draped robe which revealed her delicious thighs that were a perfect combination of muscular with just a tiny bit extra to round out those curves.

I tried to look higher up her robe, but it was quite dark under the table and even darker under her robe. I wish I could see just a little more of her.

She put her feet on my plate and threw two slices of bread on the floor.

“I might have just the right spread for you.”

With these words, She let the lace of her robe hang loose as she untied.

She uncrossed her legs while my eyes glazed over in a hypnotic daze at the perfection immediately before me.

It was dangling out over the chair seat, throbbing with her heart beat, and continuing to harden.

“You know what to do. Help yourself”

Her cock was still one foot away from my mouth. I stroked her cock gently to see the gelatinous bead on her tip. I took the slice of my bread and tapped the slice on it and let the goo slide on. I quickly spread it with a knife and ate that portion of the bread while I stroked her. That scrumptious bit hit my taste buds, having my penis throbbing aggressively. The food has never been more flavorous. I continued stroking her eagerly waiting for the next drop to come to light. I stroked and kocaeli escort bayan spread and the cum-drops onto my bread.

Soon the bread was glistening with her jam and weighed significantly heavy.

“Go ahead. Show me how hungry you’re”

I crawled outside of the table. Sitting on my heals, I took the knife and spread her syrup evenly and got it closer to my face. I couldn’t stop my urge to smell her thick paste on my morning breakfast. I couldn’t believe I was going to ingest something so gross in my body in a moment. Unsavory yet so savory. Unappetizing yet so appetizing.

“This is what you’d be eating everyday, my dear. You should be thankful” She smirked.

I took a bite letting my upper lip touch the layer of her cum and my internal organs quivered in exhilaration. I chewed to feel her all inside my mouth and when I gulped, I felt her cum pass through my throat bit by bit; I let out a soft moan.

I found a whole new meaning in food. I continued feasting, sensing every bite inside my mouth and my throat, apprehending the fact that this would be my everyday meal.

Once I was done, I crawled back under the table for the second slice.

I continued dripping her precum on to my bread slices until I was done.

I finished eating when she said, “You still look hungry, honey” and threw another slice on the floor.

I crawled to fetch the slice in my mouth and got back to business. I never had such a satisfying meal. She withdrew her cock to my dismay.

“Use something else”

As if it were a natural instinct, I picked her feet up, soaked the last slice of bread in the sweat of the sole of her feet and munched on it with.

The sensations every bite of these slices made inside my mouth, at the back of my throat were out of the ordinary.

“Clean them”

I licked her feet from bottom to the toes. A few grains of bread had transferred from my tongue to her feet. I spit on her foot and then mopped it clean diligently.

“you need something to drink?”


She spread her legs.

In my head I argued, “God, let it not be that. Let it be that.”

I did not want it but boy, my body needed it.

I closed my eyes in anticipation, my heart beating faster.

She was about to unload her nectar on my face.

It felt so wrong and hence so right.

I had no doubt in my mind that I was letting her piss on me, inside me. Her pee was going to touch all my internal organs.

The anxiety, the anticipation made me shiver. I felt my heart race with the waiting game of when it would land on my face. My tongue wandered like a player’s hands while catching the ball. It started as a dribble while my tongue wandered restlessly to catch the shiny pearls. escort kocaeli And as I struggled to catch, I was bombarded with the golden discharge of her filth as I allowed it to touch my forehead as a sign of worship.

I kept my mouth open to welcome her offering. Hot shower went straight on my tongue. The hiss continued as her golden filth showered me. I coughed and sputtered and gagged. I swallowed again and again and again to keep up with her flow, but most of it just dribbled out of my mouth and streamed down through my neck.

As much as I thought I was going to be grossed out by the fact Eva had just pissed on me, I wasn’t. In fact, I was so turned on my erection wanted to be handled so badly it hurt.

After I realized I was having hard time keeping up with the flow, I surrendered and thought to just adore the golden geyser. I closed my mouth and let it fall on my lips, then moved my face to have it sprinkle on my eyes, my nose, my chin, my forehead. Multiple streams formed and ran down my neck to chest. I loosened my shorts to feel her urine on my cock and my balls. I loved how a girl’s urine was running down my body and I could feel it on every part. The tickling sensation of someone piss on my testicles continued increasing my arousal.

After she was done bathing me, she shook her cock to get rid of the last drop when I said,

“Let me get that for you”

I sucked her tip to get the last few drops as she patted my head saying “Awww! good boy”

“You know you need to drink all of that.”

“Lemme clean your legs first so you can go get ready” I said

There were a few drops on her calves and ankle. I ran my tongue down her toned calves and sucked them clean and moved on to her feet. I lifted and licked them a couple of times. Licking between her toes, I sucked on each of them diligently to make sure there’s no pee stain left on her foot. I could taste the salty pee and sweat intermittently. For me both were elixir. After I was done, I looked at her with my hands carrying her feet. She smiled and headed to get ready for work.

She did her hair as I went down and mopped the slosh with my tongue to impress her; she watched in amusement.

She proceeded to get ready for work while I finished cleaning myself. After a while she came back dressed in a black suit and pencil skirt. Her high heels echoed in the living area.

“Oops! I almost forgot.” She grabbed a wine glass and went inside.

After a minute, she was back with a glass.

“There you go,” She said with a mischievous grin.

It just looked like the sparkling wine. The glass was warm, though I knew she used to keep her wine in the fridge. Though, I guessed what was going on, I sort of couldn’t believe. I held the glass close to my nose and met with an unmistakable aroma of fresh urine.

“Relish it when you miss me later today,” She winked, turned and left me with my heart and my element throbbing.


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