The Librarian


“Excuse me, Mr. Calan, Ian Calan. I do believe you have an overdue book. Do you have it with you?” I ask, looking up over my wire-rimmed glasses, to the boy in the middle of a pack of sophomores.

“Oiy, I have it, just not on me. Can I get an extension or something?” Ian replies, walking over to the desk and away from his whistling, obnoxious mates.

I blush slightly. Ian is cute and when he speaks, he just captures my attention.

“Yes, I just need you to swipe your card and I can take off the fine manually,” I reply.

“Anything for you, Miss,” Ian replies quietly as he leans on the wooden counter closer to me.

I do not see him swipe his card, making the computer chirp behind me. “OH,” I gasp, surprised and blushing. “It seems your card is demagnetized. I can help you, but you will have to come with me into the back,” I say, looking down at the wooden counter top to avoid making eye contact.

“Yes, Miss, um miss, what did you say your name was?” he asks, walking right behind the desk and joining me at the door to the back offices.

Oh god, he was doing something. He was so charming, so attentive and engaging. Was I so lonely that he could play me so easily? Did he know I was completely falling for it? I was just blushing and breathing faster. He was right next to me, following me into the empty offices. If I fell, he could have caught me. I was so lightheaded; something about him was driving my body mad. His scent, a mixture of a morning application of Old Spice, an active teen, and beer breath was more than I could handle. I walked with him closely behind until we reached the magnetizing machine. I stopped short just in front of it and he almost walked into me. I turned around quickly as he slipped his arm behind my back. I was facing him.

“And your name? I want to know what name to whisper in your ear as I make you cum for me,” he said, making me shiver.

“My name is Jessica,” I said as I gasped in, almost swallowing my words.

“Mmm, Miss Jessica, I sure like the way that sounds,” Ian says as he pulls my fast towards him. I can feel his hard stomach and the bulge of his pants against me.

“But,” I try to say… “here,” I just say through a roughly pressed, beer-flavored kiss. I can barely stand up at how powerful his is over me. I just want him, I just want so much more of him. I am unable to control myself and throw my arms around his incredible chiseled waist. His body is so hard and scent is so powerful, I was helpless.

I felt him grinding into my small waist, his cock was swelling in his pants and I liked how hard he was pinning me against the slide-copying machine. His other hand was massaging my breast through my shirt while his hips had me pinned tight. With both hands now, he rubs and presses at my pink-tipped breasts. As if he could read my mind, he starts unbuttoning my blouse, pulling it off of my shoulders along with my nude camisole top.

“Oh yes,” I murmur within a sea of needy kisses and tightly pinned bodies.

“Yes, Jessica, I want you to beg me,” Ian says before kissing and suckling my bottom lip into his mouth.

He is so forward, so confident. How is he doing this to me? I am twice his age, but I can’t say no to how he is making my body feel.

“Ahhhh, yes,” I groan as his bursa otele gelen eskort mouth cups my soft nipple and flicker it with his tongue. He bobs and presses my round globes, the amazing sensation sending shocks of electricity through my body, as my sensitive nipples become long and hard.

“You like that, Miss Jessica?” he breaks to ask. “Tell me how much you like it.”

“Oh yes, I like that very much, very much, Ian, ” I squeak out as his teeth tug on my protruding red tips. I feel my legs shaking under me as he reaches down and hoists me up onto the machine.

“Now what do you have on under that skirt?” Ian asks as he slides up the fabric of my lined woolen skirt. “Oh, you have thigh-high stockings and a garter, just what I like on my older librarians,” he slips his hands up on the inside of my thighs, pressing them open as my skirt slips all the way up to my hips.

“You do this often, seducing librarians almost twice your age?” I ask back with shallow breath in a teasing tone.

“No, but I am thinking about taking it up as a serious hobby, considering how much I am enjoying this,” he teases, licking my ear after whispering his reply.

I arch forward into his strong, tall body as he slips a finger under my garter and snaps it, playfully. I gasp and moan into this young man and feel his fingers tickling at my panties. I lift my leg up carefully into his crotch and rub at his bulging cock through his jeans with my stocking-covered foot. I stroke back between his legs and feel his balls with the top of my foot. His light moan pleases me greatly. His thumb grazes my little button and I gasp in sharply. He rubs at my lips and I try to not move.

“Are you going to get wet for me, Miss Jessica? I want to make a wet spot in your panties. Would you like that?” he asks rubbing in a circle, spreading my lips open to his eager thumb.

“Oh yes, please… I think I am…” I whine in response as I feel my pearl of cum slip down from inside me and soak into my panties under his aggressive thumb.

“You are such a good girl, Jessica, cumming in your panties for me,” he complimented as he presses my warm wet cloth in between my swollen, pink lips.

I moan, my body overcome with unbelievable pleasure at the aggressive, knowledgeable touches of this young man.

Without a word, he grabs my legs and lifts them up spreading them open, lowering my back onto the flat tabletop section of the copy machine as he bends over seeking my honeypot. I feel his lips rubbing onto my cum-moistened panties, my foot still rubbing at his large, twitching cock. He opens his mouth and I feel his teeth scratching at my sensitive cunny through the soaked cloth. I manage to unbutton the top of his jeans with my foot and ease the zipper down, his bulge so fucking huge in his boxer briefs.

“Miss Jessica, are you going for my cock?” he asks rubbing his throbbing member into my foot.

“Yes I am. It’s so big,” I gasp, using both feet to push his jeans down over his hips. His cock is driving me wild as he scratches and rubs my swollen pussy through my panties. He gathers the crotch together and pulls it up between my lips, hammocking my clit as he jerks up on my taught underwear.

I moan loudly and work bursa eve gelen escort bayan my sticking-covered feet under the waistband of his briefs, then tug them down to release his cock. Rocking my hips forward, I feel the burn of the tight panties jammed between my splayed lips. My abused, hard clit are enjoying every touch, pull and bite.

As his cock bounces out, huge and pointing slightly to the right, he lifts my hips and rips off my cum covered panties. He brings them to his face and inhales deeply, smiling as he takes them away.

“Open up, Miss Jessica. We need to keep you quiet as I fuck that sweet pussy of yours,” he teases.

I open my mouth, unsure of his intentions. Quickly, he balls up my wet panties and stuffs it into my gaped mouth. I grunt in surprise.

“You look so hot like that, Miss Jessica. Now I want to see you with my dick in your pussy,” he says in almost a whisper as he rotates his hips, bringing his cock head to my pink, puffy lips. He rubs up and down my slit with his girthy cock. I had never seen a cock so thick and long. He holds it at my hole and asks for something odd,

“Give me your ID card from around your neck,” he asks cock still almost like if I didn’t agree he might stop. I quickly bend my head forward and slip the lanyard off over my head and hand it to him.

He takes the card and smiles, “You are a very beautiful woman, Miss Jessica.” He begins to take off the plastic ID card, laying it to the side and clicks the metal clip with a very naughty smile on his face.

“Wha re you goin to do with tha,” I ask nervously through my panty-stuffed mouth.

“You will love it, I promise,” he chortles back.

Ian leans over and slaps my clit and slit hard, then spits right on my clit, I feel it slip down his cock head there to rub it around my hole. He spreads open my taut lips and aims his cock inside of me.

I moan loudly as his cock head expands my pussy hole. I moan again as he presses the fattest part of his cap into me, gaping me… I whine with every short breath, knowing this is the biggest cock I have ever had. Laying my head back and arching into him, I feel his fingers working my little button up and down. I jerk around at this amazing and powerful feeling, then I feel him holding the clip over my clit and in one second, he works my clit from its hood and snaps the clip onto my throbbing button. I then feel his cock thrust inside me deep. I scream loudly, muffled by the panties. The intense pain feeling like pleasure as he fucks my pussy very strong and holds the lanyard-clip like reigns.

I scream again as he fucks his entire length into my tight pussy and pulls up on my clit sharply.

“You like my cock inside you Miss Jessica, do you like me abusing your clitty too? ” He bends over to whisper, “Now cum on my cock. Release your pussy juice and soak me. Do it now.” He pulls up sharply on my clit making me kick my legs which he quickly pins under his arms.

“Cum now, librarian slut… ” Ian says sternly as he pulls my clit and fucks his cock into me balls-deep.

As commanded I gasp for shallow breaths as I cum hard. I feel my hot sex cover his cock and slip out of my gaped hole. As I cum, he releases the clip and rubs at my sore, now purple clit as he rides my spasming pussy. Splayed back over the machine, he grabs my tits firmly and ruts himself into me harder. Our slapping bodies and gaspy breathing is all I can hear over my drawn-out orgasm. He reaches up and pulls the panties out of my mouth as he begins to cum inside my flailing cunny. I feel his cock swell larger as he cums, stretching my thin lips even wider. I whine as my pussy spasms open and closed around his thick fuck stick. His cum, hot as fire, fills me from my cervix to my hole. He pulls out and I spray our cum out of my hole, just before he rams it back in with one push all the way inside me. My skin is so hot, his cock so large inside of me, I just continue to cum. As he slows, I whisper, “Thank you, too, Ian.”

“Mmmm Miss Jessica, thank you. The most sexy librarian I have ever met,” he says, letting his cock slip out of my red, swollen cunny. I push myself up onto my shoulders, still gasping for breath. He rubs his hand up and down my warm, wet slit then leans up and feeds me his hand. I lick our mixed cum off his fingers, then he kisses me, licking my lips and chin clean. I shiver in delight and then feel myself blush. I smile and start to look around for my clothes. My panties are still in his hand. He notices me looking.

“I am going to have to take these,” he says rubbing the cotton on my satisfied cunt. I moan again and he fucks he slowly with the matted ball. I rub myself onto him, feeling more wetness spurt from inside of me.

“Yes, good girl. I am going to have to keep these. I hope you understand,” he says bending down to retrieve his briefs and jeans from the floor around his ankles.

I nod, too shocked to reply in any other way. I would have to work for the rest of the day without panties on. Could I do that? He picks up my id tag and reattaches it to the clip on my lanyard and slips it back around my neck.

“I know you will never forget this. And neither will I,” he says smiling and licking my soaked panties that he then stuffs into his front pocket. He leans over and kisses me passionately, his tongue fucking my mouth.

I hear the door open from the main library and hear, “Jessica are you back here?” from my boss. I sit up quickly and call back, “Just reformatting an ID card. I will be right out.”

“Thank you, I have some books that need to be re-shelved as soon as you are finished,” my boss replies.

I scramble to get off the machine as Ian buttons and zippers his jeans. I push my skirt down, slip into my shoes and re-button my shirt all at once, feeling slightly panicked.

Ian hands me his ID card and I fumblingly swipe it through the reader. I do it again and again. Finally I look up and say, “You card is fine. I am not sure why it wouldn’t read up front, but it is working now.”

I hand the card back to Ian, who kisses my hand and pockets his ID.

“Thank you Miss Jessica, and I will get that overdue book back very soon,” he says as he turns and walks the book-lined hallway back to the main door. I follow him and right before he opens the door he turns around suddenly, puts his hand up my skirt and grabs my swollen, warm cunt.

“I will be back soon, I promise you,” Ian whispers as he releases me and opens the door.

I scurry back to the main desk and take my seat in the tall chair facing the book return. I watch Ian make his way to the lounge area and I hear his friends cheer as he returns. I try to focus on my job, but I found that very difficult, as I just wanted to sit back and daydream about how amazing it was to be fucked by Ian.

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