His Ch.11


At exactly one pm, she knocked on his door. He opened it, took her hand and led her into his favorite room. She was very familiar with it. He motioned for her to sit and he excused himself and left the room. She sat quietly and waited.

Five minutes passed, then ten, then fifteen. She was becoming anxious, but she stayed seated and continued to wait. He came into the room carrying a box, which He set on the table near his chair.

“What do you want to drink?”

“Do you have tea?”

“Hot or cold?”

“Hot please.”

He left the room again, and returned a few minutes later.

“I hope you don’t mind green tea?”

“That’s what i prefer, actually. Thank you.”

“We have had a rocky start, but yesterday you proved to me that you wanted to continue with your training. And you are here now. But I want you to tell me if you want to continue, and then why, and lastly, how do you perceive that it will change your life. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

She took a sip of tea and then a deep breath. She crossed her legs and began.

“i do want to be Yours completely, not just a submissive or a pet or a toy. i want to be Yours in every way, and i know that to be worthy of Your consideration, i must learn how to serve You and i must learn many things that i do not pretend to even know what they are.”

She looked at him and continued.

“i want to learn from you, so that i may be acceptable to You when i have met all of Your expectations and requirements. i do want to be Yours, Sir.”

She took another deep breath as she formed the answer to his final question.

“When you accept me as Yours, i will have the direction i have been lacking. i will have the purpose i have needed. i will have the feeling of belonging. i will have the outlet for the love i have to give. i will have Your wisdom to draw from. i will have the excitement of being used for Your pleasure. i will have Your strength to overcome my weaknesses.”

“i will be yours. my life, as it has been, will end and i will be reborn as my Master’s.”

He sat silently as he pondered her answer.

“Well that all sounds well and good, but we shall see if your actions back up your words. It sounds as if you have been reading too many stories in Literotica. This is the real world. It’s really much simpler. I take pleasure. You give pleasure.”

He rose and went to the box and placed items on the table. She couldn’t see what he was doing as his body blocked her view.

“Take your clothes off.”

She stood up and removed them and stood naked, waiting for his next instructions.

“Go to that bench.”

She went to the bench and he pushed her down so that she was lying on the length of it on her belly. Her arms hung down the sides and her ass was up at the end of the bench. It was the perfect length to support her torso. He pulled her feet into position against two stops and secured her ankles with two looped cords. He pulled the loop of the cords kuşadası escort at the opposite end and slipped them over her wrists and pulled them tight. She lay on the cushions with her arms and legs hanging down and spread apart.

He brought his box over and set it down near her and began to feel her ass, soon running his rough hands between her legs and across the face of her labis. She felt her stomach start to churn. His fingers felt between her lips and then pushed into her and probed and stirred.

She felt his fingers fucking her and then his fingers pulled her lips apart and pulled and stretched on as far as he could. She felt pressure as he placed a clamp on it. He pulled the other lip out and clamped it also. The clamps were connected to a light chain, and when he pulled it, her flaps were lifted up and stretched into points where the clamps were fastened.

Pain surged through her sensitive tissue as he pulled and tugged at the chain. She could hear him snorting with pleasure as he played. The pain and pressure eased a little as she became accustomed to the feel, but she was very aware of the presence of the clamps through it all.

He pulled the chain back and pulled her lips out at least an inch and a half and fastened the chain to a bracket on the end of the bench. Her lips were held rigidly there, pulled apart and out. Her pussy gaped open in that position.

He went into the box again and removed a few items and walked to the other end of the bench. He reached under her and felt her tits which hung down on both sides of the bench. He cupped them in his hands and squeezed and pinched her nipples. He pulled them between his fingers and stretched them out from her chest. She moaned from the pain as he pinched them hard between his fingers.

He opened a clamp and placed it on her stiff nipple, and released it. The spring on the clamp was tight and she felt as if the clamp might shear her nipple off.

“Oooooooooowwwwwwww,” she moaned in agony.

He ignored her and proceeded to place a similar clamp on her other nipple. The pain shot through her chest and she fought to control her impulse to scream and cry. She stayed as calm as she could, hoping that she would become numb so she would not have to bear the pain.

He moved away from her and left the room. She tried to look back but was restrained too tightly at her wrists to raise up enough to turn her head very far. She lay there with her nipples and labia throbbing in pain and wondered what he planned next for her.

She didn’t have to wonder long. He returned and she listened for some indication of what he was doing. Sharp stings shot into her buttocks as he whipped her with a cat-o-nine. She flinched under the lashes as he slapped them against her ass over and over and over. The leather snapped as it hit her flesh.

She grimaced as he flogged her ass. She could hear him humming along with the symphony that played through the stereo. He whipped her ass kuşadası escort bayan in time with the music. That struck her as particularily deviant, but she was helpless to complain as she realized the music was building up to a cressendo. She braced herself for the inevitable race to the end.

He soon tired of this when the movement ended, and she could barely feel his hands feeling across her swollen buttocks. She had tried to focus her mind away and she now was reconnecting to her situation. She felt dull aching pain in her flesh where he had whipped her, and his hands felt heavy and pressing as he caressed her.

She lay as relaxed as she could, and suddenly was aware that during the flailing he had given her, the pain in her labia and nipples had gone into the background of her mind. She had been so fixated on the pain in her ass that she had forgot the pain that previously had been almost tearing.

He felt her raised whelts gently and tenderly. She relaxed more under his hands.

He moved away again and within a few seconds she felt something cold and hard being pushed into her open pussy. He pushed harder and it sank deeper into her, stretching and invading her. It felt enormous in her tight cunt. He continued to push until she felt she could take no more and then she felt him turn it. The curve stirred inside her and filled and stretched her even more.

He withdrew the toy about half way and then reinserted it, pushing it in faster than the first time. And again he pulled at almost out and pushed back all the way in a little faster.

She felt the toy sucking back out again and this time it shot deep into her in one rapid stroke. And it was pulled back and thrust in again. On and on, he fucked her with the toy until she had lost all sense of her aching ass and buttocks, and could only think about the plastic cock that plunged unceasingly into her cunt.

She closed her eyes under the pleasure and allowed herself to imagine his expression as he fucked her on and on. Sighs and moans flew from her mouth and she felt weak and lost as he kept ramming her cunt with that wonderous cock toy. All else was forgotten as he plyed her and plowed her and rammed and thrust it in and fucked her hard and fast and deep.

She shook as orgasms swept up from her stomach and washed through her chest and up through her throat and into her mouth. She swallowed that sensation and her head swam, dizzy in pleasure and she was overtaken by her climaxes

She felt her cunt throbbing under his assaults and she shook and vibrated and soon collapsed down on the bench, limp and spent, her cunt a mass of red swollen sensitivity.

He removed the toy and went to her face, and she looked up to see him standing in front of her with his swollen cock in his hand. The head was dark pinkish purple and the shaft was engorged with the veins raised. It looked like some evil member of a wild animal. He stroked it slowly, taunting her. She knew he would escort kuşadası soon fuck her mouth with that hard throbbing meat.

She was ready.

He grabbed a rug and folded it over and laid it down on the floor and knelt on it so that his cock was lowered down to the level of her head.

“Suck my cock for me, and if you get the reward my balls have brewed up for you, I will give you a surprise. If you don’t please me, I will whip your ass with that paddle. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master,”

She opened her mouth eagerly and he feed his cock all the way back against her throat, and held it there as she pulled her lips tight around it. He took her head in his hands and started to fuck her mouth like he had fucked her cunt with the toy. Long smooth strokes all the way back and almost out then back in and out.

She gagged on his big cock, but he didn’t stop. His cock filled her mouth and she could barely get a breath as he speeded up and was soon ramming his cock hard. His balls slapped her chin as he held her head and fucked her mouth.

She looked up with wet, helpless eyes as he continued ravaging her. She felt like a piece of meat as he used her face for his pleasure. He grunted on as his cock plowed into her relentlessly. His grip on her head was tight and it hurt. She was not sucking his cock as she liked to, but simply holding her mouth open as he fucked it. She had absolutely no control or influence in the matter.

She felt him stiffen and she heard moans as he pushed his cock back against her throat again and stopped. She felt him pulsing and then she felt the hot stream of cum shooting into and down her throat. She gulped hard trying to keep from drowning and another spurt shot into her, and another, and another. She swallowed and gulped as he unloaded and emptied his balls in her.

She felt the spurts diminish and then drops formed on his cock head and they ozzed out. He pulled his cock back and allowed her to milk out the last cum. She washed his cock with her tongue and kissed it clean with her lips in the most loving manner.

He took his cock away and stood and walked away without a word. After a few minutes, she felt him releasing her ankles and then he came to her wrists and released them. She tried to move them but was stiff and sore. It took a few moments to move from her forced position. FInally she was able to roll over and then sit up.

“You may remove your clamps now.”

“Thank you Master.”

“You pleased me today with your submission and your lack of complaint. I want you to go bathe now and rest for a few hours until eight o’clock. Then I will take you to “The Rack” tonight. We are going to create a scene for the others. You will wear a costume that I have prepared for you.”

“Yes Master. Thank you Master.”

She went to the bath and as she sat in the tub, she wondered about the night and what he had planned. She had never been to the club, but had heard a lot about it. It was notorious as a very heavy place where anything could happen. The public area was set up for Masters and Doms to show off their pets and subs for the other guests. She had heard there was a private area where the action was much more violent and sexual. She shivered as she wondered what the night would bring.

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