He Came For Me!


It’s a warm summer morning and the children have left for the day. i find myself walking around in just my thong trying to keep cool. i feel some what anxious as the tightness of the thong against my clit arouses me some. This leads to thoughts of HIM.

i continue about my morning routine, radio blasting to spur me on to finish. As i work at the sink washing dishes i find my mind wandering to thoughts of Him, which in turn helps to increase the growing moisture between my thighs. As i know now as i write this, He has entered my house quietly as to not alert me to His presence. Seems funny now that i look back that my body must have known He was coming to me, as i was so wet and ready for HIM.

He has come in behind me as i quickly work away at washing the dishes. He grabs me from behind around the waist and says in a somewhat devilish tone,

“Come slut, I have other plans for you today”.

As i hear His voice and feel His touch i am only frightened at the surprise for a brief moment as my fear turns to pure joy. He has a robe in His hands, i feel Him up against me as He wraps it around me. The mere touch of His hands sends shivers up my spine. He grabs my arm and leads me towards the door. i am half naked and protest some, as i am not sure where this journey will take me.

He stops abruptly and asks,

“Do you trust me, slut?”

As i know i trust Him completely i smile and offer an apology.

My answer comes quickly, “yes Master, i trust only YOU”.

He reaches into my open robe and grabs His nipples and says “yes… you are a good slut, now come with me”.

He brings me to His car and places me in the back seat. This surprises me some as i long to be close to Him. The leather seats feel cool and inviting to my skin. Before i realize it W/we are driving along with me half naked in the back seat. He’s driving with such a smile that i can see in the rear view mirror.

i see Him reach into the passenger seat next to Him. As He raises his hand i see that he has picked up His belt. i feel the warmth grow in His pussy and smile at the site of it. He tosses the belt over to the back seat. i look at it and He knows that i want to touch it, but i do not move an inch as i wait for His instructions. He says nothing for what seems like an hour as i just look at it laying there next to me. Not even knowing He is watching me all along. Finally the silence is broken.

“Are u my little slut?” He asks.

my heart races as He knows my answer is “Yes Master, i am Your slut, i belong to You, mind, body and soul”.

He smiles and responds, “remove that soaked thong and present My sweet pussy to Me, slut… spread your legs wide so that I can see all of it”.

Quickly i slip off the thong and lift my legs, placing my feet on the tops of both the front seats. My legs are spread so wide i feel i may split open. With my hands i open the lips of His pussy for inspection. i can feel the air on the opening to my now completely drenched pussy. It is gaped open, almost begging for something to be crammed inside. i watch Him readjust the mirror to get a better look. i stay still and enjoy his gaze and enjoy being the wanton slut that He has allowed me to become.

“No touching slut”

He barks in a harsh tone as He knows i ache to touch it.

i must have blushed pure red as He laughs out loud at me. i kuşadası escort smile softly because W/we both know He is right. He instructs me to pick up His belt and i do so lovingly. Again He tells me to inhale the aroma of it, which sends me to a place i so long to be. The leather smells sweet and causes me to moan softly.

“Take My belt, make a small loop with your right hand, slut” he commands.

i do so quickly, awaiting further instructions. “Since you hesitated to come with me willingly you will be punished, slut” he says.

i know that He is right and happily apologize for hesitating for one second at His commands. He smiles widely at me, turns His head to see me, and says, “slap My pussy 10 times with my belt slut so that u will remember to always trust Me”.

In my mind i know i smiled as i reached up slightly with my hand to quickly swat at what is His.

i feel the leather touch His pussy, teasingly with the first blow, i hear Him chuckle, “this is punishment slut… please, a little harder”.

With that i close my eyes reach back and bring a second blow down upon myself. i feel a slight sting as the cool leather reaches His clit each time. i continue swatting, counting out loud, 3, 4, 5, by the time i reach 6 His clit is swollen with desire for Him. i ache to have Him. i feel His eyes on me knowing that He desires me too, as i continue 7, 8, 9 and land the final blow… 10. i breathe deep, smile, and raise my eyes to the rear view mirror. There i am greeted with his huge smile.

“You are such a good slut”, He says with pride and loving in His voice.

“Thank You Master, i am sorry for doubting You”, i respond softly.

Again He smiles and continues driving. His pussy is dripping wet, like the morning dew as it dances its way off the sweet petal of a rose. i feel as though i am floating, sitting there feeling the intensity of how much i need Him, crave Him, want Him. My body cries out to Him giving itself to Him.

i know the grin on my face is huge but feel as though i cannot move nor do i feel the movement of the car. i am snapped back to reality for a brief moment and realize we are no longer moving.

Master is standing outside the car looking in at me. The back door opens, He reaches in, helps to bring me to a seated position and slides into the seat next to me. i feel such closeness to Him, like nothing i’ve ever felt before. My heart feels as though it will burst when i look into His eyes. He moves closer to me, places one hand on my thigh and i sigh at His touch. With the other hand He gently grabs my chin, pulling my face to meet His. He kisses me with such passion that my entire body quivers and falls completely under His spell.

In one swift movement He is out of the car again, His hand outstretched reaching for me. It is difficult to move but i manage to reach out to Him. The feel of my hand in His, such a perfect fit, almost as if they were made for each other.

“Come, my sweet slut, into the front seat with Me”, He says in such a way to let me know that i am treasured by Him.

i swiftly move to Him, He leads me to the door of the car and opens it.

“On your knees slut facing My seat, wait for me there”.

It is hard to kneel on the seat but i do as i am told. i hear His footsteps getting further away from the car. i am unsure where He is going kuşadası escort bayan or what He is doing. i sit patiently waiting, full of excitement as i hear Him approaching again. His pussy throbs in rhythm with each footstep as He approaches. As He gets in the car, a rush of air hits me. i inhale deeply taking in His scent. i am ready to explode for Him, totally release myself to Him, offer myself to Him to use as He sees fit.

He turns towards me “present yourself to Me slut”, he says.

i eagerly offer myself completely. His tits, His pussy and His ass are presented to Him as He has taught me.

He smiles, “What a good slut you are, i am so proud of you. Look at you, so beautiful, so fragile, I love you!”

With that i kneel up proudly before Him, feeling happy knowing that i have made Him happy. He devilishly grins reaching to the back seat for His belt; all the while our eyes are locked on each other. He brings the belt to His pussy, presses it up against His clit, feeling the wetness on His fingers as i moan with such passion for Him.

“My slut is ready to cum, isn’t she?” he asks.

Knowing that He only has to say the word and my body will respond with the full force of orgasm for Him.

“Cum now slut… cum on Masters belt.”

The intensity of the motion on His clit quickens, my body starts to shake, and the force of my orgasms sends juices flowing down onto His belt. He smiles rubbing the length of His belt as to soak it with His juices. My orgasm is long, hard, and extremely intense, my body is weak but in such a state of pleasure that i am able to hold my position. Quickly He turns starts the car and we are off again.

“Sit down kajira” he states as we drive away.

At this point i am able to see where we are. We have driven a long way as the setting is rural. As He drives, His hands reach for me, grabbing, squeezing and playing with all that belongs to Him.

He tastes the juices from His pussy on His fingers,

“My pussy is so sweet”, he says. i smile and giggle at His playfulness.

“Undo my pants,” he orders.

i do so quickly to expose the fullness of His perfect cock. He arches up.

“Pull them off,” he orders.

His perfect cock is fully exposed to me now. My eyes widen at the site of it, so wanting to engulf every beautiful inch.

“Be patient slut” he says as He knows how much i need it.

“Sit back”, and i do so quickly. The whole time my eyes are fixed on the fullness of His lovely erection. I realize that my mouth is watering.

“Put all your fingers in My pussy slut, gather up all My sweet cum and rub it on My cock,” he says.

Selfishly with one handful after another i bring the sweet juices to His cock, rubbing them into the head, shaft and balls.

“Now clean it off slut,” he says and i eagerly rush to it licking and cleaning every inch of it, lapping up every drop of cum.

His right hand is on my back as i lean in to engulf His perfect cock. He is spanking and rubbing His ass as i continue to work with my mouth, enjoying licking and rubbing His cock all over my mouth and face. i lay my head in His lap, nuzzle up to His balls, and look up at Him with a huge smile so hoping that i have pleased Him.

As i look up at Him i notice we have stopped moving again.

“Suck Masters cock escort kuşadası until He cums on your beautiful face slut,” he orders.

With that i thrust my mouth down onto His cock. Licking the head, teasing it with my tongue, and then taking every inch deep into my mouth. Sucking and teasing as fast as i can, i feel His hand on the back of my neck, grabbing a handful of hair pushing me further onto His cock. i rub and massage His balls, not forgetting to lick and suck them as well. Listening to Him moan and speak to me pushes me to work harder and faster to feel His cum.

“Good slut, fuck Masters cock with your mouth… are u hungry for My cum, slut?” he asks.

i do not answer as He knows that i am a hungry slut for Him. Sucking harder and faster i feel His body begin to move and know that His orgasm is close. He is holding my head with both hands now, fucking my face from underneath me, and pushing the full force of His cock into my mouth.

“Suck the cum out of me slut, i know you are starved for it,” he says.

As He says this His back arches up, and with one last push of my head on His cock i feel His body shake. i feel the sweet taste of His cum beginning to fill my mouth, His cum is such a treat for His slut.

“get every drop slut” he tells me with a sweetness in His voice, as He knows His cum is what i live for.

i eagerly gulp down every drop, looking up at Him seeing Him smile down to me gives me such pleasure. i lay my head in His lap, looking at His cock, i still long for it, i clean it for Him, i nuzzle up to it.

This is where i remain for the long drive home. The whole time I watch His face, seeing Him look down upon me on occasion as He drives. As the journey to where

we had been seemed like hours the ride home felt so short laying in His lap where i long to be. We reach home.

He gently strokes my hair looks down to me, “We are home my sweet one,” he says lovingly.

He helps me out of the car and into the house and leads me upstairs. To my surprise and delight the bed is covered in rose petals. He removes my thong and robe, lays me down on the bed and begins to undress himself. My body feels exhausted but the feel of the rose petals on my skin and the delightful fragrance in my nose rejuvenates me some. i smile at the site of Him standing above me. He lies down next to me, holds me close, and kisses my neck and back while He strokes my hair.

God i can feel the love He has for me in every inch of my body. I feel it so deeply that my soul is truly touched by it. He brings me back to reality with such an intense love and tenderness that is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. He kisses my mouth, such sweet kisses from a man that i love so much. i feel complete, whole, in a way that i never knew existed.

i turn and look into His eyes deeply saying, “Master, i love you with all of me”. i continue by telling Him, “thank You for today, for allowing me to cum and letting me please You… i belong to You, Master, i am Yours, mind, body and soul.”

i know these are all things he knows to be true, but i so long to say them to Him; i need to say them to Him.

He speaks softly in my ear, “I love you, my sweet… you have made me very proud and happy today.”

His words only make me love Him more if that is even possible. W/we make passionate love on a bed of roses for the remainder of the day and into the night. i fall asleep nuzzling my face up to his beautiful spent cock. i realize that this is where i belong… nuzzled here. He has taken me places that i have only dreamed of before. i am His, i belong to Him and i know this is what is meant to be.

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