Hey Professor! Ch. 03


She walked in, looked around and clutched her bag a little tighter. I waved her over to the table, the chair pulled out and inviting. I pressed the trigger before she’d finished sitting down.

“No problem finding the place?”

She shook her head and looked around. “This place okay? It looks pretty sketchy.” She had a leather jacket over her regular costume.

I smiled and waved over at Shirley. “Perfectly. That guy over there?” I pointed to a dude who looked like he hadn’t showered in weeks. “A multi-millionaire.”

“Yeah right,” she grunted, looking to see if her purse would get permanently glued to the floor.

“There’s a hook,” I pointed under the table. “Near your side.”

She hung up the purse and looked me. “Seriously dude. What is this place?”

I barely twitched my head and shoulders. “Been coming here 20 years. I haven’t had a problem, or even seen a problem, in all that time.”

She remained unconvinced.

“What’ll you have darling?” Shirley looked down at us, winking at me. “I need to see your ID too.” Bigger wink.

“Seven and seven. Here you go.”

“Another of these, Shirl. Thanks.

“I’m sorry, Tee. I’ve gotten a head start and need to use the restroom. You feeling okay by yourself or should I wait a little bit.”

She looked nervously and shook her head.

“Let me get Shirley. Hold on.” I waved Shirley over and asked her if she’d just hang nearer the table while I used the men’s room. She smiled and shrugged, looking at Tee and nodding that it would be okay.

Larry met me at the back door. “I’ll text you when I’m in. Keep it above board until then.”

I nodded and took my time returning to my seat.

“Thanks,” I looked at her as I sat down. “No problems while I was gone?”

I made small talk, asking about her day, and what time she needed to leave to do her homework. She just looked at me like I was stupid, like she needed me to help her with her time management skills. I kept the patter going until we both sat quietly. My phone buzzed. Larry was in.

Tee looked at me with that attitude. “So, what are we doing here, Prof?”

I smiled, finishing the last of my cocktail. “I think we’re following through on what you started when you first flashed your breasts at me, then sent me that picture, and now having your girlfriend play matchmaker.”

Her face flushed and she looked away, and then down. “I…”

I interrupted. Time to take a little more control. “Maybe it’s time to be more honest with each other, Tee.” I slid my phone across, showing a video of her tied up, hands over her head, Car slapping her chest, Tee moaning and begging to cum. “I think you need more than that. You’re with Car because she gives you what she can, but face it, and think hard before you answer, she isn’t giving you what you crave.”

Shirley came by with the drinks. I took a drink and waited, leaving the video looping. Shirley couldn’t have missed it. How embarrassed would Tee be?

“Noooo,” she tried to deflect, hiding behind the low-ball, staring at the phone and watching Shirley walk away.

I nodded and took my phone back, swiping to another image. “And this. Why is Car sending me this?” I turned the phone back to show her an image of her spread open, clips pulling her cunt lips wide and stretched. They were naturally dark, but stretched, the golden undertones came through, the blood vessels painting them a darker pink. I wouldn’t have done it quite the same way, but I didn’t doubt it was effective.

“Nooo!” She turned away. “What the fuck,” she hissed.

“No?” I pulled the phone back. “Why would Car text me this?” I turned it back again. Larry had sent a short note suggesting Car had done everything she knew how, but that she felt she was holding Tee back, and as one Domme to another Dom, she thought I might be able to help.

“No.” She covered her mouth and closed her eyes, tears flowing now.

“See. Here’s the deal, Tee. When you threw yourself at me, you thought it was in fun, but Car knew what I am. She must have picked up on some kind of signal, because I never let this side of me show up at school. She knew. And she knows she’s not able to get you what you need: three cocks.” I smiled, waiting for her to look up at me. Waiting for her to accept what was happening.

She looked around, starting to panic, her body vibrating a little. Scared. Nervous. She shivers when she’s nervous. I couldn’t wait to make her shiver.

“Here’s the way this is going to play out, Tee. First: take a deep breath and work with me here. You’re safe. Nobody’s going to harm you. Your girlfriend is just trying to help.”

She looked down to her lap and finished her drink in one swallow, shivering so hard her jacket was flapping.

“Second: you’re in excellent hands. Ask around and you’ll find I’m one of the best in town. Third: stop denying your nature, Tee. You want this. You’ve always wanted this, and now it’s being handed to you. I can arrange a silver platter.” kuşadası escort I stopped and smiled as disarmingly as I could, waiting for her to look up.

“You’ve. Got. To. Be. Kidding.” She didn’t move, though. “Best?” She screwed up her face, confused. “Best what?”

“If I reached over there and pressed my fingers between your legs, Tee, I’m betting I’d feel a sopping wet spot on your jeans.” I nodded to her. “And your nipples. Could they get any more erect?” I took another swig and waited.

Her expressions flashed across her face: confusion, anger (looking at my phone), defeat, lust (checking down her blouse), submission. They all moved so quickly it was hard to tell them apart.

“Fuuucckkkk…” she exhaled, looking at me with fear and resignation. “Are you for fucking real, Professor?”

I looked at the phone and shrugged. Did I really need to say any more?

She shook her head. “i…why won’t Car talk to me?”

I shrugged again and suggested she text her. I waved to Shirley, indicating another round, while Tee furiously typed and read and typed. “Motherfucker! She says she can’t talk because the hospital has rules and she doesn’t have any bars anyway. Fuck! What the fuck is she doing???”

“I just ordered the last round, Tee. When we’re finished with these, you’re going to make a decision: either take advantage of the situation and my insanely great expertise in helping you achieve your heart’s desire, or we part ways and never speak of this again. In the second case, I absolutely mean, never again. If you breathe a word of this conversation, you will be expelled, Car will be expelled, and I’ll press criminal charges. Tell me you understand.”

She looked up and saw the expression on my face. It wasn’t something she’d ever seen before and she pulled back a little, unconsciously looking down and hunching her shoulders. The shivering increased.

“Tell me. I won’t ask a second time.”

She licked her lips, looked at her phone and back up to me. “I understand, Professor.”


“You need a lot more training, Tee. That’s obvious. And from what I’ve seen,” I nodded slightly to my phone, “Car has started off okay, but it’s also obvious Car can’t take you where you need to go.” I was using a slightly sterner tone of voice and she stared at me, waiting. “She’s told me how long you’ve wanted to have your holes filled.” I stopped when she looked around the room hissing at me to not talk so loudly about it. “And how it just hasn’t happened for whatever reason,” I continued more loudly. “But if you really want this, you’re going to have to earn it.” I waited until she looked up at me. “For example, you will sit with proper posture. Back straight, neck up, breasts pushing against your blouse.” I nodded as if expecting her to comply. Not surprisingly, she started to, hesitated, put her phone down and stared at me, half-way there.

“I haven’t agreed yet.”

Bingo. And you stopped protesting. I smiled a little softer. “Indeed. Thanks Shirley!” I took the drink, lifted my glass and touched it to hers before taking a sip. “Humor me. Straighten your back, push your breasts out to offer them to me and straighten your neck.”

She shook her head, took a drink and did as I asked.

“There. You’re already showing how talented you can be taking direction. Imagine how it will feel, stripped bare, hands tied behind you, your holes offered to me.” I raised an eyebrow just slightly. “But, of course, I can personally only fill one of your holes. So there will be at least two more.”

She looked down, blushing, staring at the ice cubes floating in the amber liquid. “This can’t be happening,” she whispered.

“This,” I said, waving slightly around the table, “is happening. When we’re done, something else will happen. That’s up to you. Let me fill you in on a few of the ground rules, in case that makes your decision easier.”

I told her what would be expected of her to earn her fantasy — the training period; I stressed the importance of safety, that her submission to me would be rewarded, and resistance punished. I told her that ‘training’ was not limited to her learning proper obedience: she needed her holes trained to accept the cocks that I would be providing. I suggested she’d be orgasming more frequently, with greater intensity and for longer durations than she’d ever experienced with Car. I explained how, at school, she would be expected to keep things completely as they had been and reminded her what would happen if she strayed from that path for even a moment. By the time I had finished, our glasses were empty.

“And now,” I said, putting my hands on the table. “Your decision, please.”

The alcohol had definitely hit her brain. Shirley and I had an agreement — weak for me, strong for the girls. She was feeling the effects of the first one I was certain, with the second one riding along behind. While I wasn’t too concerned she would bolt after sitting through my proposal, kuşadası escort bayan a little social lubricant and judgement reducing chemicals stacked the odds.

“Holy shit,” she cursed, looking at me, her face flushed from the booze and my explicit descriptions of what would happen to her. “I can’t believe this is actually happening. I have so many questions…”

“Decide to submit and you can ask away, tonight.”

She licked her lips and looked down and back up. “Okay. Fuck. Okay.” She shook her head. “I agree to your conditions…and be trained.” She tried to hug herself to control the shivering.

I ordered another round and let her ask her questions. Mostly typical: when would she be expected to be in training (whenever I set the schedule, but obviously only out of school). Would she wear a collar (eventually if she proved herself deserving). What about Car (Tee would move into my house for the initial training period, Car would understand). She stopped at that one and gulped. How long before it was over (as long as it takes, but at least a month). The shivering had never stopped, but on hearing the time period she jerked and shook her head, looking down. How could she back out (she needed to say her safe word five times in a row, and she would terminate the relationship, immediately and irrevocably, without consequences or further expectations from me). What kind of punishments would she receive (depending on what worked, pain, humiliation, and a variety of other possibilities to be determined).

She closed her eyes and focused on breathing. The alcohol was probably spinning her head. I thought about timing. It was still relatively early. The conversation had made me hard. I wanted her commitment in body as well as mind; waiting to do this another night would give her too much time to think. I ignored the warnings lurking in my unconscious. Something’s not right, Jim. Take it easy. Fuck it.

“Finish that up,” I directed, “and let’s get you started.”

She looked at me, like I was about to throw her in the deep end without any lessons. “Tonight? Now?”

I bottomed up my glass and collected my phone, staring at her. “I really can’t imagine any reason to wait. You’ve asked all the questions. You know the rules. You know how to get out of this, and you know what you’ll get out of it if you let yourself submit to me.” I narrowed my eyes, waiting. She looked away and then down, and mumbling something about being the stupidest something on earth, pulled her bag off the hook and stood up.

“Follow me.”

I walked down the hall leading to the bathrooms, waiting for her to catch up. She was a little unsteady. Three strong drinks can do that to a person her size.

“Hold on, Prof. Can I pee?”

I shook my head and turned away from the restroom doors, wrapping my hand around the knob of an unmarked door across the hall. I opened it. “Through here, Tee. C’mon.”

I knew she thought it was like a spy movie — she’d tell me that later. They all did. And it was. The knob wouldn’t open if the hand wasn’t registered. I sent her through the doorway before me, into a dimly lit anteroom, just big enough for four people to stand comfortably. It was carpeted, the walls lined with locking cupboards. I shut the door. It was quiet, the sounds of the bar shut off. I let her listen to her heartbeat and her breathing. I knew she was listening. They all talked about how the mystery increased their arousal. Her shivers were still there, but not as strong.

“Through that door,” I nodded to the only other door off to the side, “you’re a trainee. You will follow the rules: no talking, unless spoken to. You’ll follow all directions given to you by me, or given to you by someone I designate. Compliance will be rewarded, resistance punished. Do you understand, Tee?”

She nodded.

I shook my head. “No. When I ask you a direct question, you will answer fully and end your answers with ‘Professor’ or “Sir.’ Do you understand, Tee?”

“Yes, I understand, Professor.” She said it softly and with a little reluctance, like she was reading a line. Soon she’d get over her shyness at playing her role. Perhaps in just a few minutes.

“I will no longer refer to you as ‘Tee’ when you are training. You will only be known as ‘cunt.’ Do you understand, cunt?”

She swallowed and looked at me, not believing I was serious. “Yes, Professor, I understand.”

I shook my head. “Full sentences. End them with Professor.”

She exhaled sharply. “Yes, I understand I am only called…cunt…from now on while I’m in training, Professor.” Her face was flushed — probably as much from anger as lust, or maybe the alcohol. Her shivering increased.

“How wet are you cunt?” I reached up to push her gently against the opposite wall. My arms couldn’t extend their full length. I dropped a hand between her legs. “Spread your legs, cunt, so I can feel.”

“I’m sopping wet, Professor.” She inhaled sharply when my fingers escort kuşadası pressed against the fabric of her jeans. There was a cool wet patch there.

“Put your phone away, set down your purse and hang your jacket on that hook.” She fumbled a minute in the tight space, complying.

I reached my hands to the hem of her blouse. “You’ll no longer need clothes when we move through that door, cunt.” I slid the blouse up, exposing her navel, her ribs and those beautiful stiff nipples and those lovely small mounds, up across her face and then off. “Please hang it with your jacket.”

She took it from me, looking away as she felt her privacy being stripped away. She twisted slightly to hang the shirt and turned back to me. She looked like she wanted to ask a question.

“This will be the last, cunt. What do you need to know?”

She started, stopped and started again. “How do I tell you I need to do something, like go to the bathroom or change my tampon or if I’m in an uncomfortable position?”

I nodded, pursing my lips. “It will depend on the circumstances. A sure way is to use your safe word, and you will have a chance to express yourself. Know, however, that I may not honor your request. In general, you will need to trust that I am paying attention to your needs. Do you need to change a tampon, cunt?”

She shook her head no, remembered, and said, “No, I do not need to change my tampon. I’m not on my period, Professor.”

Good to know. “Now your jeans, underwear, socks and shoes. You’ll wear those slippers. By the way, what is your safe word?”

She looked down to see where I was pointing, and she undid her belt, snap and zipper, bending her knees to slide her jeans and underwear down to her ankles, kicking them off as best she could in the cramped space.

“Crème pie,” she started and began again, “My safe word is ‘Crème pie,’ Professor.”

The aroma from her arousal filled the small room, her underwear clearly stained. She folded her clothes and put them along with her jacket and shirt in a cubby, pulling out the slippers and slipping them on. I made sure she saw me taking in her nakedness, top to bottom, my eyes stopping at those tiny breasts, and stopping again at the small triangle of deep black hair pointing to her swollen lips. When I looked back at her face she was drifting in an alcoholic haze, her eyes unfocused, her breathing deep, but regular.

“Your purse and phone, cunt.” It is always a final signal of submission to give over the gateway into one’s personal and private life. She reached down and handed me the strap to her bag. “I am locking this in a cupboard. You will wear the key so no-one can take your stuff.” Pulling the key from the lock, I undid the clasp of the fine silver chain, slipping it behind and around her waist. I positioned the key off one hip. Each time she walked it would bump against her — the only piece of clothing a reminder of her new status.

I pulled a blackout mask and a larger silver chain from a different cupboard. Placing the mask over her eyes, and wrapping the chain around her neck, I explained what was about to happen. “You will be paraded through the room beyond this anteroom. You will follow behind me, your hands on my shoulder as I guide you with the chain. You will be blind and exposed. Others may wish to touch you. Tonight, because you haven’t completed the full intake process, that is all that will be allowed. Soon, though, you may be expected to service others and let others service you. Do you understand, cunt?”

Her shivering increased, her teeth chattering. “I understand I wi..wi..will be paraded, blindfolded and n..n..naked, in the next room, and may be touched tonight, but that in the future, I may s..sss…service or be serviced, Professor.”

I laid both hands on her shoulders to calm her, rubbing across the rounded muscles at the head of each arm, moving across that gorgeous flat chest to feel her soft breasts and her nipples, so hard and warm against my palms. The shivering slowed. I drifted my hands down to the top of her thighs, signaling her to spread her legs by pushing gently inside them. I slid my thumbs into her juicy folds, spreading them open, squeezing her clit between them.

“You are beautiful, cunt. Almost perfect.”

She moaned when I pulled my hands away, drifting my wet thumbs across her mouth to coat her with her own arousal. “In a moment, I will be fitting you with earplugs to complete your isolation. You will be alone with your thoughts, the feelings against your skin, and whatever else I may have in store for you. You know what to do if you need my attention.”

She nodded, not expecting to have to answer as there wasn’t a question. Even if Carolyn wasn’t an expert at domination, Tee understood her role better than many I had brought through this entry-way.

“One thing I need to know, but I think I already can guess, cunt. If you are hoping to be impaled on three cocks, I can assume you are no longer a virgin, or that you don’t care about losing it.”

She licked her lips, nodded and responded. “I am not a virgin, Professor.”

Kids these days. So hard to put in categories. Made it so much more fun than when I was younger! More fun, but harder to figure out what the next move should be.

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