Her Need for Submission


She glanced up to see him staring at her from across the room, his gaze assessing her. Oh she knew that look, and felt her stomach do a little flip. She gave him a questioning look back, her head slightly tilted up and did a small shrug. It was one of those days where she had felt off centered and slightly out of control, where every little thing made her more tense. It didn’t really surprise her that he had picked up on her mood or that he was tired of it, because she was tired of it. She didn’t like to be this way, especially with him.

“Why are you over there, and not by me?” His eyes dropped to the floor in front of him and then looked back at her pointedly.

She was curled up in the chair reading a book or trying to read a book. She didn’t doubt for a second that he already knew why she was across the room. She gave him a shrug again, not able to help herself.

“Girl, when I ask you a question, I expect an answer. Now answer me properly,” he warned her, his tone firm.

She loved it when he called her girl, and she wanted him to say it again. That deep longing to submit made her want to get on her knees and crawl over to him. But she was feeling too out of control to do it right now.

She tossed her book down and straightened up in the chair to look at him. “I’m sitting over here because I wanted to, and because I feel like it.” She knew it was the wrong thing to say, but her mouth wasn’t listening to her brain.

He pointed the remote at the tv and turned it off, the room going silent.

“Come here now, girl” His command made her want to obey instantly, it always did.

Part of her wanted to run over there and the other part wanted to say no, push him further. She knew that the consequences would be much worse if she did. Pushing up out of the chair, she walked over slowly to him.

“Kneel now girl,” he ordered.

Slowly she slid to her knees, her eyes not breaking contact with his. There was no anger in his eyes, he was calm but she could see that steel that she always loved in them. Adjusting her legs, she straightened her shoulders and clasped her hands behind her back.

His foot came out to tap her legs farther apart. When he seemed satisfied with her position, he leaned back and flipped on the tv again. She wanted to protest and opened her mouth to do so, but he gave her the look and she closed it again. That was his look, the one he gave when she was treading on thin ice. For an hour she knelt there while he watched his show. Once in awhile if she fidgeted too much, he would glance at her but otherwise he seemed content to just have her kneeling there. She couldn’t see the tv, so it gave her plenty of time to think about what was coming.

Finally he turned the tv off and stood. “Come girl, it seems you need to be reminded how a young lady behaves.”

Her legs had gone numb from kneeling for so long, but she stood and followed him to their bedroom. An hour of kneeling had subdued her urge to be defiant and she was sincerely regretting her moodiness already.

She stopped when they reached the middle of their room and waited. He went to the closet and pulled out the tub that held all his weapons as she often called them. Why did she have to get herself into this. Why did she always forget just how badly punishment hurt. A part of her wanted it and the other part was screaming that she was such an idiot.

“Panties off,” he said from over his shoulder.

She slid the panties down from under her skirt and waited for him.

He turned towards her with a small flat wooden paddle, it was similar to a hairbrush but without the bristles. She hated that paddle, it stung so badly.

Shaking her head at him, she backed up until her legs hit the padded bench at the foot of their bed. “I’m sorry, Sir. I am over my attitude now, I don’t need a spanking,” she said softly, a slight tremble in her voice.

He grinned at her, which was never a good sign. “I’m glad you’re sorry but you’re going to be even sorrier when I’m done.”

Taking a seat on the bench, he moved his arm away from his lap. “Now girl!”

She closed her eyes for a second and then moved to kneel over his lap. Her hands braced on the floor, leaving her in a humiliating position.

His hands pushed her legs straight as he slid them up her thighs, pushing her skirt up over her ass to bare it to him. The feel of his hands running over her ass made her moan. She craved that skin to skin touch, craved the feeling of being over his lap because it helped her to feel like he had control. The second his hand left her, she bit her lip and braced herself.

He first slap was a sharp reminder why she usually avoided this, and he didn’t stop. Every time his hand left her skin, it came back harder. It took everything she had not to beg for him to stop, but she was still feeling stubborn kuşadası escort and didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of giving in yet. She lost count of how many times his hand connected and was about to beg for it to be over, when he stopped. His hand gently rubbed over her bottom, soothing her.

She glanced back over her shoulder and saw him pick up the wooden paddle. Closing her eyes, she dreaded what was happening next. Her ass already felt like it was on fire, this was going to hurt horribly.

His left arm came down to hold her back, and she relaxed a little. Just the feel of him holding her down helped to center her. The paddle connected with her skin and it stung as badly as she remembered. Each quick swat felt like a sharp sting, and she couldn’t take any longer. Without thinking, she moved her hand back to cover her ass cheek. “Please Sir, please stop,” she cried out.

He stopped and his voice came out low, “Give me your hand, now.”

Slowly she moved it away from her ass and up towards her back. Strong fingers wrapped around her hand, holding it firmly.

“Are you regretting your snarky attitude, girlie?”

“Yes, Sir, I’m very sorry Sir,” she replied quickly and sincerely.

“Good.” There was a grin in his voice, as if he was really enjoying this, and she looked over her shoulder to see that he was in fact smiling. She gritted her teeth.

“Problems?” His eyes connected with hers, telling her that he knew full well that she didn’t like it.

“You don’t have to enjoy it so much,” she bit out.

That was the wrong thing to say.

“You. Will. Learn. Girl.” The paddle connected again and again, much harder this time. She couldn’t help but cry out with each swat. The more it hurt, the harder it was for her to keep still. Kicking her feet, she struggled to get away. “Please Sir, I’m so sorry.”

He swung the paddle down hard on her thigh, making her cry out louder.

“Stay still, girl and stop your kicking.” The humor had left his voice.

She tried very hard to stay still because getting hit in thigh was awful, it hurt so much worse.

“Please Sir, I’ve learned my lesson. I’m very sorry for my attitude today. Please, Sir,” she pleaded with him.

He spanked her a dozen more times before it finally stopped. His hands caressed over her the reddened painful skin, helping to take the sharpness of the pain away.

“You may get up now, girl” He helped her stand, her legs were feeling weak, and instead of looking at him or sitting, she walked over and crawled up on the bed, laying on her stomach and burying her face in the blankets.

Oh girlie, you aren’t done,” he said from behind her.

She shook her head and let out a muffled no into the blankets. Her ass had to be beyond red by this point and it burned so bad that she wasn’t sure she wanted to sit on it for a week.

“On your knees, center of the bed. Now!”

She scooted over to the center of the bed and dragged herself up to her knees.

A stinging slap make her jerk her head up.

“How do you answer properly, girl?”

“Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir,” she murmured.

He knelt on the bed by her and she glanced up to see his face. He gave her a reassuring look and ran his hand over her cheek. She turned her face to kiss the palm of his hand, wanting him to know that she needed him.

“That’s more like it girlie.” His voice was comforting and soothed her as if he was caressing her with his touch.

He moved his hands down to her shirt, tugging it up and off, tossing it to the side. Unclasping her bra, he toss it away too. Red leather cuffs were soon being buckled on each wrist and ankle. He pressed his lips to her forehead before pushing her down onto her hands. He put a blindfold over her eyes, making it impossible to see what he was going to do next. She could feel and hear him messing with the cuffs, tugging her legs farther apart, and presumably tying her the way he wanted her. His hand was always coming back to run over her skin, keeping contact with her at all times. It always helped her when he did that, he never left her when she was vulnerable.

“You can’t fight me now, girl,” he whispered in her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

She tried moving but she couldn’t, not even a little. He must have put some type of spreader bar in between her hands, because she couldn’t even move them outwards. This is what she wanted more than anything…this absolute restraint to where she had no say, no power to move. He was in total control of her, her pain and her pleasure.

His hand left her and his disappeared for a second, until she felt a heavy piece of wood lay across her lower back, like he was just letting her know what was coming. She groaned and shook her head, “Please Sir, not your big paddle, pleaseeeeeeee.”

His kuşadası escort bayan big paddle was thick, wide, and heavy, with holes in it, and he normally didn’t bring it out.

“I’m afraid so, girlie. I don’t think you quite remember who owns you, all of you, even that smart mouth of yours.”

Fuck. She was in so much trouble. Once he decided to do something, there was no changing it. “Please be gentle, Sir,” she pleaded, “it hurts too badly.”

He ran his hand over her ass, squeezing it. Reminding her that it already hurt. “I know it does girl, and I’ll do as I please.”

The paddle moved from her back and she put her head up, every muscle tensing.

“Every time I swat you with this, you will count, say thank you, and tell me one thing that I own of you,” he ordered from beside her. “Do you understand these directions?”

“Yes, Sir,” she squeaked out, too breathless from fear of what was about to happen.

Nothing prepared her for the first swat. It hit her ass and would have pushed her forward if she could have moved at all.

“Owwwwww,” she cried out. His hand immediately rubbed over her skin to ease the pain.

It took her a second to breathe through it and remember to say what he ordered.

“One, thank you Sir. You own my ass, Sir.”

“Yes I do girl.” He squeezed her ass to emphasize his ownership, his fingers spreading her cheeks to rub over her tight hole. Then his touch was gone.


She cried out and bit her cheek, tears stinging her eyes.

“Two, thank you Sir. You own my pussy, Sir.”

“Yes I do girl, it’s only mine to fuck.” His hand moved from running over her bottom to rub over her pussy.

Moaning, she forgot the pain for a second and tried to move back against his hand. She couldn’t move. “Please Sir, please touch me,” she begged.

His hand moved away and then Slap, the paddle hit her ass again.

A sob escaped and her head lowered slightly.

“Three, thank you Sir. You own my…my mouth.”

His hand ran over her burning ass, and then he trailed it up over her body as he moved with it. His hand gripped around her neck, bring her head up and his lips were suddenly on hers, taking possession and swallowing her moans. The feel of his tongue melted her, everything inside of her growing hot and needy.

When he pulled away, she groaned in protest. “Please Sir, please kiss me again.”

He didn’t answer, just moved away from her.


It hurt so bad, the pain becoming almost unbearable. She couldn’t hold back the sobs, lowering her head completely.

Sobbing out the words, “Four, thank you Sir. You own all of me, every part, Sir.”

“Good girl. I do own of ALL of you. You are mine girlie.”

He laid over top of her, his heaviness on her, surrounding her, and she let the tears fall. This is what she needed. He was in control, not her. He had her, she was safe. Everything centered inside, and she let go of all the tension and control she had been holding onto. She was his completely.

He stayed that way for a few minutes, kissing the back of her neck, his hand around her throat squeezing gently.

When he moved away, she whimpered in protest. “No Sir, please don’t go, please Sir.”

“Sshhhhh girl, I’m right here,” he said from behind her. A minute later his hand was back on her ass, spreading her cheeks apart. The feel of cold lube being massaged into her asshole made her tense.

“Sir?” Her voice sounded shaky even to her.

“Relax, girl,” he said, as he pressed the tip of what felt like a plug, slowly easing it further until it was all the way in.

Groaning at the intrusion and discomfort, she tried to move her legs to adjust better, but she couldn’t move them at all.

Her arms were starting to shake from holding in this position, and he must have noticed because he was beside her messing with the ropes to her wrists. It always amazed her how much he watched her body signals or how aware of her needs or weaknesses that he was.

“Chest on the bed, girl,” his voice close, as he helped her lower down to rest on the bed. His hands massaged down her arms before easing them behind her back to tie them together.

This position always made her feel more vulnerable, everything exposed to him and no power to hide herself away.

She could hear him undressing beside the bed, and a thrill of anticipation soared through her. She wanted him, wanted him inside of her. Wanted him to use her and take his own pleasure.

The bed moved and then he was in front of her, his hand running over her face and moving to grip her hair tightly. He yanked her head up and struggled to keep her balance as she lifted her chest off the bed.

“Open your mouth. Now,” he demanded, his voice sounding harsh.

She instinctively escort kuşadası obeyed and opened her mouth, licking her lips to wet them. The head of his cock was pushing in and he didn’t give her time to adjust, just pushed in further until he was at the back of her throat. She tried to shake her head in protest but he just gripped her hair harder and held her head still.

“Stay still and let me fuck My mouth,” he growled out.

His words and tone sent shivers down her spine and she concentrated on her breathing and letting him deeper. He wasn’t going to give her a choice, as he pushed deeper yet with each push into her mouth. Pressing her lips tightly around his hard cock, she moaned around him as he moved in and out. He was so deep her eyes burned and she struggled not to gag. He wasn’t gentle, he totally dominated her mouth. Pushing in deep and pulling out again, over and over. This wasn’t for her pleasure, it was for his…all his. When his pace was slow enough, she sucked and ran her tongue around the head of his shaft. His responding groan only made her want to give more. After that he didn’t give her a chance to do anything, pushing so fast into her mouth that she could only hold still and let him fuck her mouth.

She could taste him and hear his breathing, but wished that she could see his face. Nothing made her more needy and hot, than seeing him turned on.

Suddenly he pulled out and moved away, she let herself rest her chest on the bed again, turning her face to the side. His hands ran over her back as he moved on the bed. When they touched her ass, she grimaced at how much she still hurt from the punishment.

His fingers trailed down her ass to her pussy, lingering over clit to rub lightly. And then they were gone and he was pushing inside of her, slamming deep. She couldn’t hold back the moans at feeling him inside of her. This is what she wanted, and she didn’t want it gentle or soft. Sheer pleasure rolled over her, but also pain as he rubbed against her ass.

“Is this wanted you wanted, girlie?” He moved, making her gasp as he pulled almost the whole way out, only to push in again hard.

“Yes, Sir,” she moaned out.

He stilled. “Tell me what you want. Say it clearly.”

Trying to think with him inside of her was difficult, but wanting him to move motivated her. “I want you to fuck me, Sir.”

“Like this?” He moved slowly in and out, not even going in all the way.

“No Sir, I want you to fuck me harder, deeper…please Sir,” she pleaded.

And he did, he didn’t hold back, thrusting deep inside of her over and over. Every movement sent pleasure through her, building up in this taunt need for release. He leaned over her and ripped off her blindfold, then moving his hand down to wrap around her throat…guiding her to look back at him.

“You will not cum, girl,” he ordered forcefully, his blue eyes connecting with hers.

“Nooooo please, Sir,” she begged him with her eyes.

She was so close, she didn’t know if she could even hold back. He felt too good inside of her, and when he looked at her like that, she wanted to cum right there.

He shook his head at her, like he knew what she was thinking or about to do. “No girl, you will NOT cum.”

She closed her eyes and tried so hard not to let go.

“Open your eyes now, and look at me,” he growled at her.

Her eyes flew open as his hand tightened on her throat slightly. She could feel the tears pooling in her eyes as she tried not to cum. “Please Sir, please…I can’t hold back.”

Her muscles quivered deep inside of her, all the pleasure of him sliding in and out was too much. She bit her cheek hard and tried to hold on. He was so deep, consuming her and making her moan and beg. “Oh god…please Sir, please.”

He released her neck and grabbed both of her hips, slamming in deep and groaning out his own release.

When he was finished, he stayed inside of her as he ran his hands over her body. “Good girl. I’m going to go get a snack and do some things. When I get back, you may have an orgasm if you beg properly for me to fuck you here…,” his fingers pressed on the plug in her ass. “This will give you more time to think about what happens when you can’t control that smart mouth of yours.”

He pulled out, making her whimper in protest at the feeling of loss without him. Her hands were being released and moved to her sides, he was undoing her ankles too. Once she was released, she eased down on the bed and buried her face.

A sharp slap to her ass brought her head around to look at him.

He grinned at her, “The plug stays in girl, while you decide.”

She wanted to beg and plead for him to reconsider, but she knew it was no use.

He paused before leaving the room, “What do you say to me?”

It was always humiliating when he made her do this, and she swallowed hard and tried to find her voice. “Thank you for punishing me, Sir.”

His grin widened because he knew how much she hated saying it, and he left the room. She groaned and buried her face back into the bed, trying to decide how badly she wanted that orgasm.

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