Dirty Girls


No one under the age of eighteen, work of fiction, any resemblance is purely coincidental. Flash story. Just a bit of fun. Commenters be nice. It’s a fantasy.


Two young girls celebrate their high school graduation. Eighteen year old Debra and nineteen year old Rachel are at Debra’s father’s house. Deb’s Parents are divorced. Her dad, Wayne, has a hot tub. The two grads swiped a bottle of Wayne’s whiskey and got drunk. He got home at 6 am. He has no idea the two teens are there. They are supposed to be with his ex, Karla, going shopping and other girl stuff. Wayne is very tired, and his back hurts. He had driven 459 miles in the truck. Up and down I-95. He took two Ambien for his aching back. He washed it down with some tequila. He needed sleep. He didn’t know the two young girls were in his home. He got naked and he passed out.

The girls got up. On their way to the bathroom, both teens looked in his open door. They both saw him sprawled out naked. Deb called out loud, “Dad, wake up, put some clothes on. Wake up!”

But he was dead to the world.

Her friend was throwing up. Half a bottle of whiskey and fast food did not sit well. She was really heaving.

Deb’s mom, Karla, his ex, showed up. Karla was about five six, slightly overweight, but not obese, she had really big tits, but she was almost embarrassed by them. She wore a minimizer bra, and bulky clothing. Likewise, her ass was kinda big, but men just adored it when they saw it. She hated her ass. She worked out tirelessly to get slender, but it seemed short of liposuction, she was stuck with a body men loved, and she herself hated.

The end to her marriage was when she cut off her husband, and he went elsewhere for sex, after a six month, wife enforced abstinence.

It didn’t matter today. She was there only for her daughter. She would take her and her bff out for a girls day. Karla did have feelings for her ex, but she was very conflicted. The idiot had let the girls get some of his booze, and they got drunk!

Rachel was hung over. She asked to just lay down.

“Mrs. Powers, would you please not tell my parents about our uhh, party? And the part where I got really drunk. I feel like death, I just want to lay down.”

“Ok Rachel, I won’t say anything. You can sleep it off in Deb’s bed.” Karla knows this will make her think twice next time alcohol is offered.

“Thank you. I just need to sleep.” She can’t keep her eyes open. She lays down, and out like a light.

Karla and Debra are scheduled for mani and pedi, then lunch, then shopping. So they get going. Rachel throws up one more time before they leave.

“Do you want me to stay?” Debra asks her friend.

“No, no you guys go. I just want to rest. I’ll acıbadem escort be fine. My own fault for drinking too damn much booze. I’ll be fine.” Rachel actually felt a little better, but still very queasy.

She cleans up, drinks a glass of water and takes two Tylenol. She lays down for a while.

Mom and daughter are having a great time, they meet up with another mom and daughter from school. They head to lunch. Debra tries Rachel’s phone. No answer. She’s probably still sleeping. Too much alcohol.

Rachel is curious about her friend’s dad. Actually about his dick. She tip toes into his bedroom and accidentally knocks his body spray off the drawers. Lots of noise. He never moves. She’s amazed he sleeps like a rock.

He is laying naked on his back, and his dick has a semi erection. She is fascinated by his penis. She touches him. He doesn’t move. She touches his dick. It’s hard and long and thick. She is fascinated. She puts the head in her mouth. He is still sleeping. She sucks up and down. Now he is really hard, precum comes out of the tip. She licks it up. She decides she likes the taste. She starts sucking his dick in earnest. Her head bobbing up and down. She feels wicked and dirty. She loves that feeling of being his slut, even if he doesn’t know it!He cums in her mouth. She wasn’t expecting the explosion in her mouth, and she choked a bit, some comes out her nose. She loves the hot cum in her mouth. Kinda salty and she swallows it all. She decides she is going to be his personal cocksucker. She would drain his big balls daily for him.

He was still asleep. She sucked him hard again and this time she was determined to fuck him. She noticed he had lube on the night stand. She wanted to save her virginity for her wedding night, so she lubed up her asshole. She had seen plenty of porn, so she knew she could take his dick up her ass. She played with her pussy and clit. She took his big cock and she sat down on it, pressed it into her tiny asshole. She was very determined. She has seen this on porn many times, so she knows it can be done. She finally gets him in her rectum. She felt a dirty triumph! She felt so naughty and bad assed! She loved the feeling of being so full of his big dick. She was concentrated on her clit now and his big dick, as she went up and down the shaft. His eyes opened and he saw her on top of him, with his dick in her ass. He said, “I must be dreaming, ” closes his eyes, and cums hard in her tiny butt.

She is loved it. She comes analy again, and again on his still hard dick. She feeds him her nipples, one at a time. He sucks like a baby. She never wants to stop!

She hears a noise. Her mom, Laura, is standing in the doorway! She has akbatı escort a look of incredulity on her face. Laura cannot believe her daughter was behaving like such a dirty little slut.

“Hi Mom. What are you doing here? I saw his perfect cock, and I just couldn’t resist. I sucked him off, and I shoved that big bastard up my asshole. I saved my vagina for my wedding day. Ohmygod I have cum so many times on this man. I am so happy.”

“You let him buttfuck you.”

“More like I used him to buttfuck me. He is out cold. But his dick still works perfectly. He has such a great cock Mom. You should try it. Look at the size of this thing! It’s so nice.”

“It looks like he fucked you.”

“Mom, he took two Ambien, and it looks like tequila too. I fucked him, not the other way around. Look at his dick. It’s beautiful. And it is still hard. He’s come twice and look!”She fisted his dick. It was still hard and thick. They both looked at it with fascination.

Laura came closer. “If you ever tell your father, I’ll kill you.”

Her mom leaned over and sucked the hard dick, she pulled off her shorts and panties and next thing, She was on top, with his dick in her tight pussy. Laura came almost instantly. She kept riding him.

“Your father hasn’t touched me in three years. I caught him sucking his friend’s dick two months ago. I’m afraid your dad is either completely gay, or maybe bisexual…I really need this fantastic dick. You are right, it’s a perfect cock!”

Laura fucked him silly, she pulled off her shirt and pushed her nipples into his mouth. His eyes opened. He said, “Holy shit I’m fucking an angel. So so beautiful!” He passed out again but he came hard in her pussy.

She lurched off of him. Her daughter licked his dick, and she savored the taste of her mom and his sperm. She loved it. She said, “Fuck it! I want him so badly!”

Rachel pressed her pussy down and broke her own hymen with his big dick. There was a sharp pain but also intense pleasure, she came like a rocket. She came again, and then a third time.

“I thought it wasn’t supposed to be good the first time. That was wonderful!” She said to her mom.

“You are lucky. My first time was awful. And the second time too. With your uncle Mike.”

“Your BROTHER?!”

“Yes. And he is built. What a man. Great dick. Not as good as Wayne here. That is a great big dick. I might move in. Did you come good?”

“Oh mom. So good. He is fantastic, even dead asleep. I got a little blood on him. I’m gonna clean him up.” She got up to get a washcloth.

“I got it.” Mom licked his dick clean, blood and cum from all three people. She loved it. She felt so damn dirty!

“Mom, you aksaray escort are a very dirty girl. A dirty little cocksucker. And I’m going to be one too.” She sucked his dick right after her mom. They both giggled.

He wakes up. “Laura?” He looks down “Rachel, why are you sucking my cock? I must be dreaming.”

“Wayne, can I sit on your face as my mom fucks you? Will you suck my pussy? There is a bit of blood.”

“Sure dream girl, let me lick your clit.” She had wrapped both legs around his head. Her mom was on his dick again, and she meant business. She clutched him with her cunt. She came, he came, her daughter came again and again. Hard orgasms all around!

“Wayne, you are the best!” Rachel told him.

Mom and daughter switched ends, mom perched on top of his face and his tongue in her cleft. Rachel had put his dick back in her pussy. She then had a huge orgasm. She said “That was wonderful. I’m going to give him a treat.”

She put him back in her anus and he fucked Rachel’s ass, and sucked her mom’s cunt. They all came again. Mom jumped off, and started sucking his dick. “Mom, I just had him in my pussy and my asshole. We should clean him.”

“I am cleaning him. I love being dirty. I’m giving him my ass too. Give me the lube.” She lubed her heiny and his dick. She sat on him, and forced his hard on into her tight sphincter. She came again and again. He filled her completely. She never felt so full of cock! She loved it. She came as he spurted into her rectum. Rachel came on his face and squirted all over!

They heard a car in the driveway. They all got dressed in record time, but mom in daughter’s shorts, and vice versa. Oh well.

“Do you think they will notice?”

Rachel asked her mom.

Wayne went back to sleep, his work was done. He smiled. He had just fucked the living shit out of a mother and daughter. One more thing off his bucket list. He was damn sure they would be back for more.

Karla, Wayne’s ex did notice.

She also saw some cum on Rachel’s cheek and some more fun on Laura’s leg.

“Did you both fuck my husband?” She demanded.

“Yes Karla, we both fucked him. He was fabulous. What a nice cock! I am sorry.” Laura was going to be honest with her friend, she owed her that.

“No, it’s ok. He is my ex. He couldn’t keep his hands off women, and both of you are very beautiful.” Karla looked dejected.

“He never woke up. He took some Ambien and washed it down with Jack Daniels.” Said Rachel. “He was out the whole time, except when we made him eat us out.”

“Dumb ass. It says not to do that right on the label. So he fucked both of you?”

“He thought he was dreaming.”

“That fucker. I’ll bet he was awake and just faking it.”

“I don’t care. He was great!”

She looked at her friend. “Why don’t you go get some. His dick is still hard. We gotta go. Please don’t tell Sam. Bye!” they hugged.

After they left, Karla said to herself, what the fuck? Why not. She went in her old bedroom and locked the door.

Wayne was in for a workout.

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