Depravity Ch. 06


The final chapter.

I didn’t have a funeral for my son as I don’t like them. Instead, I had a memorial at my home. I was really surprised at the number of people that showed up. Especially, the parents of the kids from Lawrence’ school.

Cheryl and her family were of course there as was shy Steve and his parents.

I was glad it was over, both the illness and the memorial. Afterward, I carried my son’ ashes to my bedroom and placed them next to his father’. I couldn’t stay in the house, so I packed a bag and went to a motel.

I didn’t return home for three days and found Steve mowing my lawn. Finding Steve mowing my lawn, blew me away, it was totally unexpected and nice. I tried to pay him but he refused and said he would be back to help with anything else I might need, and so started a new phase in my life.

Steve came by every three or so days to do something I needed and would pester me until I gave him something to do, without pay, all while working a full time job.

Cheryl also came by often, to talk or help with whatever I was doing. A couple of weeks after my son’ death, she told me why she wanted to be alone with him that night. She was pregnant and wanted to tell him, but she didn’t have the nerve with me there. She told me she wanted to have the baby and asked what I thought. I told her that it was entirely her decision and I was delighted to be a Grandmother. That’s when she dropped the bombshell that her parents wanted her to have an abortion. I asked her not to have an abortion and told her that if she didn’t want the baby, I would adopt it, no questions asked.

“My God! Of course I want the baby! I Love Lawrence!” She sobbed.

I held her and let her cry it out.

The next day she showed up after her mother had kicked her in the stomach and I told her to move in with me, she was after all old enough to live on her own.

I went with her to her house for her things and her mother started to get out of hand so I told her, “Cheryl has a nice bruise from your foot on her stomach so you’re lucky she doesn’t make an assault charge. It would be best for you to shut up and let her get her things. Otherwise, I’ll call the cops and let them decide what happens.” Pam didn’t say another thing, she got in her car and left. We then loaded Cheryl’ computer, clothes, and some other things in my car and left, as it turned out, for good.

Since Steve worked nights and Cheryl worked days they never ran into each other at my house, until the day after Cheryl moved in with me.

Cheryl came home early because she had a Dr. appointment that day. Steve had been here mulching my flower beds. And as he had done many times, was using my shower to get ready for work.

Cheryl heard the shower, and looking at me with a very quizzical look, asked, “Who’s that?”

“That’s Steve.” I answered.

“Steve! I didn’t know you had a boyfriend!” She exclaimed.

“Boyfriend,” I chuckled, “He’s not my boyfriend. He went to school with you and Lawrence.”

Her eyebrows scrunched, and she said, “You mean Stephen, the quiet kid Larry liked?”

“Larry!? Uh, yes, I guess. Larry? You called him Larry?” Completely confused, I answered. You see, Cheryl always called my son Lawrence around me, and I had never heard Steve called Stephen, and Steve had never told me his name was Stephen.

“Does, me calling him Larry bother you?” She said kind of apologetic.

“No, not really, it’s just to me he is Lawrence, like his father. If Larry is what you want to call him, then you call him Larry.” I said as reassuring as possible. There were several seconds of silence as we looked at each other.

“Stephen, his name is Stephen, Stephanie.” Cheryl said, breaking the silence.

“What does he like to be called?” I asked.

“Gee, I don’t know, I never thought about it, we all called him Steve or Stevie, at school.” She said looking deep in thought.

Steve came out of the bathroom, combing his hair, and turned beet red when he saw us sitting on the couch.

“Uh, Steve, which would you rather be called, Steve, Stephen or something else?” I asked.

He gave me a great big smile, and said, “You’re the first one that’s ever asked. Actually, I like Stephen better than Steve. But, I understand that it’s easier for people to just say Steve.”

“Well, Stephen it is.” I said.

“Cheryl has moved in with me, due to some family problems, so she’ll be here now too.” I said.

He looked down and with a sad voice said, “Does that mean you don’t want me coming around?”

“Oh my no, I love having you around.” I said reassuring and took his hand. “You are welcome here anytime.”

He smiled, and said, “Oh, wow, good, cause I like being here.” He quickly looked at his watch, and said, “I gotta get to work.” And he hurried out.

Cheryl looked at me with a ‘Cheshire Cat’ grin, and said, “You’re in love with him. You are! You’re in love with him aren’t you?”

I was flabbergasted, I knew I had feelings for him, aksaray escort but didn’t think about love.

“You’re blushing. And, you are in love with him. And, you know what else, I watched and listened to him and he’s in love with you too.” She said, softly and firmly.

“This is too much; I’m going to start supper.” I said as I got up. Cheryl didn’t say anything more about it; she would just smile at me all evening. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, getting more turned on with every thought. That night was very restless with all of the thoughts going through my head. At first I thought that I was just trying to replace my son with another boy. That I had sank to being a pedophile and needed help. I told myself that I could not use Stephen to replace my son and would have to control myself.

When morning came, the realization of it being Saturday and Stephen would surely be here all weekend, I became very nervous about myself. Fortunately, Cheryl corralled Stephen all day helping her with her things and taking her shopping. I didn’t know it but Cheryl questioned Stephen about things, and after thinking about it started encouraging him to be with me.

My boss helped me break the law after I told him about Cheryl and Lawrence. He knew a Judge that would marry them even though Lawrence was deceased. “The only thing is, he said, “The Judge insists that he actually marry two people. So, someone has to stand with Cheryl, before the Judge. And, you and Cheryl will have to tell the Judge your story. If he accepts your story he will marry them and post the date before Lawrence died.”

When I asked Stephen to pose as my son for Cheryl, he didn’t even hesitate before saying, yes.

My boss set up the appointment, and we all went to talk to the Judge. He listened first to Cheryl, then me, and then asked Stephen if he were sure about his role as ‘Proxy.’ The Judge asked me for a date and I chose my son’ birthday. He checked and said that was acceptable, and since it was so close it would be easier to get the record slipped in.

He had Cheryl and Stephen stand as he went through the vows; he ended with, “You don’t have to kiss the bride. But, for doing this, I’d say she owes you one.”

Cheryl smiled and laid a big one on Stephen. The Judge said it would be a few minutes and he called his clerk in to get the papers. After she left, I asked the Judge why he did this. He said, “There are a lot of people out there in similar circumstances, being hung out to dry by the law, denied benefits and help. In your particular case they surely would have gotten married if he hadn’t been taken so suddenly by something he couldn’t control. My job is to help people by doing what is right, and since the law doesn’t make allowance for this, I do what I can.”

I asked the Judge about the fee, and he said, “It’s the normal marriage fee. I don’t charge extra for helping people.” And, so, now Cheryl had my son’ name.

Time went on and they both started school, Cheryl attended the private college on the other side of the city and Stephen attended the University I worked for. Since we were going to the same place, we started riding together and he would drop by between classes or for lunch.

My tattooed coworker became very interested in ‘my relationship’ with ‘my young man.’ She was really beginning to annoy me and that caused me to back away from Stephen for a while. But, good old Cheryl was right there to maneuver us back together.

To keep some of my impulses in check, I was using my penis quite a bit and Cheryl caught me at it one night. I guess I was moaning a little too loud and she came to check on me. I had strapped it to a chair and was lying with my ass on the edge of the bed as I fucked myself with it.

She had watched me for a while, before coming in and whispering, “Having fun?”

I knocked the chair to the floor and scrambled to cover myself up as Cheryl laughed. Soon we were laughing together and we had a long talk. She had heard me more than once, before getting up the nerve to come to my room. And she had watched several times, before coming on in that night.

She was very interested in my cock, how it worked, how it felt and of course, would I share it. I couldn’t turn her down and agreed to let her have it when asked. We did not develop a lesbian relationship; however, we did fuck each other several times, because the way it is made, we are fucking ourselves as we fuck each other.

My feelings for Stephen were getting stronger and I realized they weren’t the same as the ones for my son, but, Stephen, while always there, was the perfect gentleman. Always doing things for me, while never acting inappropriate.

I didn’t want to be the old slut seducing a young man into her bed. I had to know if he felt the same way I did or if I needed to break away.

Stephen was almost living with me, he spent every bit of spare time when not at school or working at my house. He even slept in the spare bedroom many times or on the couch.

Christmas was approaching and shopping for my two loved ones was making me almost desperate. Especially since Cheryl had convinced me to let Stephen move in with us, to share expenses, of course. His ever present being in my house brought me to act on Christmas Eve. I used Cheryl to express my feelings as though I thought Stephen weren’t there. I knew full well, he was in the next room and could hear me. I told her that I had acted on my feelings, at my son’ birthday party, but not what I did, and how he never said anything about it or acted like it happened. How, I kept letting him come around for months, hoping he felt the same way. I told her how happy I was to let him move in because I wanted him, but couldn’t act like I did. I told her how having him here was breaking my heart because while he was so nice and attentive he just didn’t act as though he felt the same way about me. I was so emotional, I was softly crying as I said all of it.

Just as I finished talking, Stephen quietly entered the room. I quickly wiped my tears as he walked over to me and knelt down taking my hands.

Looking into my eyes, he quietly said, “I have been in love with you since we first met. Long before our intimacy in the closet, which was, absolutely, wonderful! You are my best friends’ mother and I was afraid of betraying that friendship and of being a young fool. Ever since I met you, I have tried to be around you as much as possible. Hoping to be what you want and need. Hoping that it would be you and me. I LOVE YOU!”

I was crying again, as I listened to his words. I slid forward on the seat, took his face in my hands, kissed him passionately, then slid to my knees, embraced him and said, “I LOVE YOU! And I wanted to hear you say that you loved me so much it hurt.”

Slowly I stood, pulled him to his feet, hugged and kissed him some more, and led him to my bedroom. I didn’t know if Cheryl was still sitting on the couch or not.

We made out for several minutes until I started undressing him and he matched my moves in return. His actions were slow, soft, and gentle, not the heated rush of youth. I let him touch, kiss and look anywhere he wanted because that’s what I wanted. My body was in a slow building state of orgasm until his mouth closed on my nipple sending me over the top. His cock was pressing into my stomach and I wanted it inside me. I wanted him to fuck me and fill me with his hot cum, but I wanted even more to have him do it his way.

His hand moved down my side, over my hip, to my pussy, finding it dripping. I slid my hand down to his cock and took it gently in my hand.

He raised his head and said, “You’ve tasted me, now it’s my turn to taste you.” Slowly, he sat me on the bed, I quickly licked the cum from the end of his cock before he pushed me to my back. Kneeling he took my ankles in his hands and raised my feet in the air to kiss them before putting my ankles on his shoulders and running his hands up my legs. Slowly he pushed forward, kissing and nibbling up the inside of my legs, sending waves of orgasmic pleasure through me.

I almost passed out having an orgasm, when I felt his hot breath on my pussy, and shook violently. When his lips touched mine, I went into another orgasm and could feel my juice leaking from me. His mouth felt so good, he was even better at eating pussy than my son. His hands were caressing every inch of me, increasing the intensity of my pleasure. As my orgasms increased, I grabbed his head and fucked his face while reaching the level of pleasure I so much desired.

Wanting his cock inside me I started pulling on his head and begging him, “Fuck Me, Please Fuck Me, Fuck Me Please!”

Tortuously slow he moved up my body kissing and nibbling as I continued to urge him upward. Finally, I felt his cock at my pussy and squirmed trying desperately to get it inside, but he held back and whispered in my ear, “I want you to tell me what you want.”

“Oh God, I want you! I want to give myself to you. I want you to fuck me and I want you to fuck me now!” I wailed.

As I finished saying it, he entered me slowly. I grabbed his back and pulled his ass with my heels in an effort to get all of him inside me. His hot burning cock was what I wanted, what I needed, and finally it was in me filling me with burning desire. Locking my mouth to his I matched him movement for movement as I rolled through waves of orgasm culminating in absolute ecstasy as his hot burning cum filled me.

More, I wanted more and kept fucking him, spurring him on. He didn’t soften completely, keeping his cock sliding in and out of my sopping pussy as it grew once again. I pushed him sideways and quickly rolled on top of him so I could rotate his cock in my pussy as I pushed my clit against the base. He reached up to play with my tits and my hands helped his hands.

I saw him try to say something but nothing came out due to his dry mouth from heavy breathing. He licked his lips and tried again, “I want to try something.”

“What honey, what do you want to try?” I gasped.

“Standing up, I want to do it standing up.” He once again barely got the words out.

I tried to move sideways to get him on top, so he could lift me, but he was to out of breath to move fast and we uncoupled.

Expecting him to quickly mount me, I was completely surprised when he pinned my legs to my chest and started eating my pussy. I didn’t mind because I love it when a man eats my cum filled pussy.

I was on another orgasmic crest and didn’t notice he quit eating me and entered me with his cock again, until I felt its wonderful heat as I came off the crest.

He told me to wrap my arms around his neck and hold on tight, his arms were under my legs, his hands holding my ass as he stood up. The pressure on my clit pressing against him from my weight pushing down was intense. This is the best ever position, and I don’t know how he can fuck, holding me up like that. I am ever so glad that he can.

I held on tight, sucking on his neck and trying to wiggle against him as he moved me up and down on his cock, mashing my clit hard each time. Oh my God, the pleasure was the most intense I ever felt, making me pass out and almost falling away from him. I didn’t and he was still sliding me up and down his cock sending me into another glorious peak. This time, however, I passed out enough that my arms fell away and he guided me to land on the bed. I came to, just as he was thrusting wildly into me as his hot cum once again flooded my pussy.

This was, without a doubt, the best fucking I had ever had, and my man was going to fuck me like this from now on.

He collapsed on top of me and I wrapped my arms and legs around him squeezing him tightly as he regained his breath. I could feel his cock softening inside me and I told him I wanted to suck it. He rolled off of me and I hurriedly went after his cum covered cock, giving it a thorough licking and sucking.

He told me he had read about women doing that, and wondered what it would be like, and now that I’ve done it, he really likes it.

I snuggled up to him and kissed him before I said, “Merry Christmas, Lover.”

“Merry Christmas, My Love.” He responded, and pulled me tightly against him.

We lay like that and almost fell asleep, before getting in bed the right way and sleeping in each others arms.

When I awoke, Stephen and I were facing, arms draped over each other, legs intertwined. I softly kissed his chest and wondered why I waited, and then I slipped out of bed to take a shower. As I came out of the bathroom, I smelled breakfast, suddenly remembering Cheryl, I felt guilty about what I had done in front of her the night before, and so I quickly dressed and headed to the kitchen.

As I entered the kitchen, she smiled and asked how my night was.

“I’m so sorry I did what I did, in front of you last night!” I said, apologetically.

“You didn’t. As soon as Stephen knelt down, I slipped out and left you two alone in the house. I just got back a while ago and found you in the shower. So, I started breakfast.” She replied. “Besides, no apology necessary, you two belong together. I just hope I can take not getting any. When you two are.”

I hugged, kissed her, then I whispered in her ear, “Give me a couple of days and I’ll see if I can fix that.”

“It’s not nice to tease people.” She said as she stepped back. “Breakfast will be ready in a few; you have time to wake up Stephen.”

I went back to the bedroom, gave Stephen a light kiss and uncovered him. I lay my head on his stomach, cupped his balls in my hand and started kissing his cockhead. He hardened quickly and his cockhead slipped into my mouth. I began running my tongue around the head of his cock as I massaged his balls, within seconds he was lightly thrusting into my mouth. Easing my head down a little more of him gained entry and I sucked greedily. ‘One more move, forward,’ I thought, ‘and shortly he’ll cum for me.’ I shifted down again and also started rocking my head. I was right, he thrust, throbbed, and filled my mouth with delicious hot cum. His cock softened, and I opened my eyes as I let it slip from my lips, to see Cheryl smiling from the doorway. She stepped back and I slid up into Stephen’ arms for a long kissing embrace. I told him breakfast was ready, and returned to the kitchen.

Cheryl was pouring coffee as I entered and said, “You won’t last long at all if you watch.” She just smiled.

“Hi!” Cheryl beamed as Stephen walked in. “Have a good night?”

“Ah, Um, Great.” He said, looking back and forth at her and the floor.

“Let’s eat.” I said cheerfully.

We settled into small talk during breakfast and Stephen loosened up. We decided to open our gifts after we ate and seemed to hurry up at that point.

I gave Cheryl her gift, a new cell phone; Stephen got a GPS unit for school. They gave each other video games and me a day at a spa.

We just messed around for a little while before I suggested we go out to the mall and goof off. We spent almost three hours at the mall, just shopping, being silly, and enjoying each other.

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