Briefly Encountered


I had business in the Middle East and this required frequent trips between the UK and various middle Eastern capitals. The routing of my flights was my choice and I often used to transit via Amsterdam; I would ensure that there was a good long transit time between my flights and this allowed me to make leisurely visits to Amsterdam’s city centre. It’s a short train ride from Schipol into the main town station and Amsterdam has a lot to offer; canals shimmering in the sunlight; busy bustling squares; crazy cyclists crossing countless bridges and oh yes the cafes.

I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t see a lot of Amsterdam; I’m sure there are many lovely places to go and lots of interesting sights to visit but I have a one track mind and when I am away from my wife I have only one purpose in mind “Sex”.

So it was to Canal Street that I was drawn each time I visited. This is a totally fascinating area of Amsterdam where the streets are lined with display windows where women of every description can be found. It provides a feast for the eyes and always used to fire my imagination; to have several hundred women all trying to attract your attention is a delight for any self respecting sex maniac.

Over the years I screwed every variety of female on offer and I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one. I had more fun than any one person should be allowed. Things took a strange turn one night; I wanted an element of bdsm in my next encounter but none of the girls seemed to be equipped to satisfy my needs. I finally found myself in a side street where one of the girls had a pair of handcuffs adorning the wall beside her. I took the plunge, entered her room and handed over the cash. To cut a long story short there were no keys to the handcuffs and they couldn’t be used so we got down to the matter in hand, sex.

Like many men before me I had been conned; this was no woman this was a ladyboy. She must have been shot through with hormones because there seemed to be no chance of her getting an erection. We did a bump and grind and I got the relief that I had been seeking but it really was a disappointing affair.

Away home I went and back to business in the UK. And I got to thinking; I must have been naive because I had no idea that there were TV’s and TS’s in Amsterdam and now there was a deep rooted desire in me to go back and seek out a ladyboy; surely some of them could give me what I so desired; what I had imagined a hundred times but never dared to enact.

Months passed before I finally found myself once again boarding çekmeköy escort the train to central Amsterdam; I was in a state of extremely high excitement and realised that I was shaking. I couldn’t sit down for the twenty minute journey and just paced the aisle until we drew into central station. On arrival I quickly left the train and walked at a brisk pace across the square to the start of Canal Street. I ignored the jostling crowds; I missed the fact that it was a beautiful spring day in the heart of Holland and if there were tulips on the flower stalls then I sure as hell didn’t see them.

I had sense enough to slow down once I reached the area where the girls were displaying their charms. I knew where I was headed but there was no reason to miss out on the visual display. My cock hardened as I took in the truly lovely sights of Amsterdam; every girl tries to grab your attention but as my eyes meet theirs for the briefest of moments I switch straight away to their crotch. I’m worried; how am I going to tell; will it be obvious? I know that some of the boys hide their cocks between their legs so that for all the world they appear to be girls. I decide that my gut instinct will save the day.

Half an hour of visual bliss passes and then as I am walking on the far side of the main street my attention is grabbed by the most beautiful looking girl; young, slim and so very attractive. Our eyes meet and it seems that she looks straight into my soul; in the briefest of moments she had hooked me. I hurried by and stopped 50 yards down the road.

I needed to collect my thoughts. I felt sure that she must be a girl; no boy could be this good looking. Then I remembered a saying that I had heard many a well travelled man use, “If a girl looks too good to be true, then for sure it’s a boy”.

Slowly I walked back; I stood facing the object of my desire with my back to the canal; there was a window and four yards of pavement separating us. Once again our eyes met and I realised I could hide no secrets from this temptress. Now her eyes dropped and she looked down at her crotch, automatically my eyes followed; I saw pretty panties but no sign of a cock (for sure it was a girl). And then, to my utter delight she made the motion of stroking a cock in the place where her cock should have been.

I moved forward straight away to the glass door beside her window; she opened the door a few inches. In the normal world this is the point where negotiations take place but I just said “Yes,” and went straight in.

I guess she was about 5′ 8″ cevizli escort tall, beautifully slim and a red head. She had a lovely skin tone and seemed to be of mixed race as her skin colour was a gorgeous light brown. She had on skimpy white panties and a suspender belt of the same colour, her stockings were sheer black and she wore a pretty white lacy bra. My doorstep mumblings had alerted her to the fact that I was an English speaker and she looked at me and said. ‘Clothes off pretty boy, put on chair and come to me.’

Who was she kidding? I was no pretty boy but I sure as hell was a stiff boy. In seconds I was naked and moving towards her; she allowed me to hug her and she returned the embrace. She turned me round and gently pushed me down so that I was seated on the edge of the bed; she stayed standing in front of me.

‘Pretty boy, you want to see what I having for you,’ her English was good but not perfect, her voice was sultry and inviting.

‘Oh yes pretty baby; show me what you’ve been hiding.’

Because her tail had been tucked between her legs I expected something quite small but as she dropped her panties and released her tackle I was shocked to be confronted by quite a large uncut cock. Large in length that is but not in girth; after its confinement it was crinkled and scrunched up, but not for long. Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis stage it began to grow and fill out and right there in front of my eyes, it came to life.

‘What your name,’ she asked.

‘Joe,’ was the first name that came to my mind.

‘Ok Joe, you want to suck?’

‘Oh yes,’ I replied; but I was a little confused. This was the first time I had come face to face with a cock; I knew how to work mine but mine was cut and I wasn’t sure what to do with an uncut version. She sensed my confusion and said.

‘Ok, gently you pull the skin back; like this.’ Saying this she slowly pulled the skin back to reveal the most beautiful cock head. I put my hands on her hips and guided the cock into my mouth. After all the years of dreaming about this forbidden moment it was finally happening. I embraced the moment; I savoured the experience; I wanted to remember this moment forever. I moved it in and out, I sucked on it, I licked it and I revelled in the sheer delight. I slid off the bed so that I was on my knees in front of her; it seemed just then that I wanted to spend the rest of my life here, kneeling in front of a stunning shemale with a cock in my mouth.

I thought of the years I had wasted pursuing females, when all the erenköy escort time it was cock that I needed; pretty cock, cock in panties, ladyboy cock. For 10 minutes I explored and experimented; several times I went too far and her cock hit the back of my throat causing me to gag. I made a mental note to practice deep throating sometime in the future; I had a need to get the whole thing into my mouth.

‘Joe, you want to fuck me?’

I was reluctant to leave the cock but realised that things had to move on. She lay back on the bed and I kneeled over her. I reached behind her back and unhooked the padded bra, I slipped it off and dropped it to the floor. There was no hind of breast tissue just a flat hairless chest with cute little brown nipples. I worked the nipples with my tongue for a while, this was one very beautiful body.

‘Time to fuck now Joe,’ she whispered. Deftly she reached for a durex and some lube and with practiced skill she had me ready for action within a minute. She turned over and raised herself onto her knees. With a little effort I was able to penetrate her; I tried to control my excitement as I slowly pushed all the way in. I stayed still and gently caressed her supine body; I reached round and toyed with her nipples; then slowly I started to fuck her.

How many strokes? I don’t know, not many I think. The climax built until I could hold out no longer. Ah! My mind seemed to explode, my cock exploded and I went off into raptures of delight.

‘You like it Joe?’

‘Oh yes, oh yes, I like it a lot.’

Within minutes I was hustled out of the door and she was once again on show for the next punter. I was on the pavement and in a daze. How could something be that good, I wondered. The whole event was etched into my mind; it needed to be there for instant recall for many years to come. I’m pleased to say it has been; it’s an event that I will remember to my dying day.

I wandered off paying scant attention to the other girls on display until something caught my eye. This time it wasn’t a pretty girl; it was a man doing a good impression of a girl. As I looked down at the panties I could see quite plainly that there was a huge cock inside them; I wanted so much to get inside those panties but time did not allow and resources did not allow. I moved on; another day, another trip, who knows.

There were other days and other trips but one thing was always lacking. No spunk! Every one I visited had a need to get hard for the next client and that meant no climaxing. So now I have this desperate urge to taste spunk; I wanted it to be from a tv or a ts because I’m not sure that I can get excited for a man who isn’t in drag. But who knows; maybe if I’m on my knees in front of a guy I could suck him off. For sure it would help if he at least wore panties, suspenders and stockings!

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