Barbara’s Cuckold Story Ch. 04


This is a true story by a drop dead gorgeous mid-thirties housewife(so I’ve been told) who has been proudly black owned for the past three years. Many of the details may not be as graphic as you would like, but I am putting this together from three years of memories.

It was 5:30 in the morning, and we both dozed off to sleep, with James hand on my full breast, and mine on his now flaccid cock. I woke about noon, and made coffee, cooked James some breakfast, which I would heat in the microwave when he got up, and thought about my needs and wants as far as David and James were concerned.

David would come home one day, and James would receive orders and transfer somewhere else. Things will change, but will it be for the better or for worse.

James got up about 4:00pm, and I served him the warm over breakfast from the microwave. He said wanted to take me out tonight, to meet some of his friends and show me some of his favorite clubs. Then he noticed my computer. He told me to sign on, then he took the seat in front of the computer, and I pull up another and watched.

He told me he was going to sign on to some interracial sites, add them to my favorites list and put his username and password on the side, so that I could log on whenever I wanted. He said, that I would see how popular interracial sex was, and how many wives and their husbands participated in black sexing. He sign-in to Dark Cavern, which had every thing you wanted to see and know about wives gone black, and a few other sites which contained stories and chat sites, and then he returned to Dark Cavern, and told me to browse over the menu and read some of the articles while he watched a game on TV.

Each item on the menu was so very erotic, white wives proclaiming their preference for black cock, and their husbands being willing or un-willing participants in their own cuckolding. Was I going to be like them? Has James already planted the seed, showing me how much better lovers black men can be over white men? He had me begging him last night to make me his slut, his whore and his bitch, while his black cock brought on more and stronger orgasms than I had ever experienced before; and would this be what David wanted, to be cuckolded, while his wife would become black owned by James and used by all his friends. Would he approve to have a marriage in name only, while I only sought out black men, to give me sexual pleasure?

James came up behind me, and massaged my shoulders, and pulled opened the top of my robe, revealing my breasts and hardened nipples.

He said, “It’s very arousing isn’t?” “You never imagined there were so many women out there giving themselves to black men, or husbands giving their wives to black men, to be pleasured by their big, black cocks, did you?”

“No, I never imagined.” I said.

James said, “I’ll give you a week to decide if you want to be my woman, and a slut to my black brothers, or continue to have mediocre sex with white men only.” “Until then browse the web sites on the computer this week, and learn why those women prefer their current lifestyle.”

“Now, get dressed. Dress in the sexiest and most daring clothes you have. Clothes make the slut, so we say, or is it the less clothes you wear? I forget.”

I took another shower, and then scanned my clothes, for something that I assumed he wanted me to wear. Something that showed plenty of cleavage, and short enough to show plenty of leg or ass. Ass was out, but I did have a dress capable of producing the other desired effects. A blue dress, cut about 2″ above the knee, with a slit cut up to mid-thigh, and cut low, exposing more than half of my breasts. I choose a black garter, stockings and thong. When I was ready, I joined James in the living room, and asked for his approval.

He said, “Very nice.” Then walked behind me, placed his hands on my hips, inched my dress up with his fingers, little by little until the hem was 2″ below my cunt, and said, “that’s about right.” Then he raise my dress over my ass, and ripped-off my thong. He then said, “I like the color.”

I then said, “I know you’ll make my pussy wet sometime tonight, and my juices will stain my dress.”

“Oh, you know what will happen already? Then I’ll have to change my plans then.” He laughed.

I took him on base to his barracks so he could freshen up and change clothes, while I waited for him in the parking lot. When he returned, he was Ataşehir Escort wearing a dark sports coat and tie, and his cologne was of a manly scent that made me want hold him in my arms and think of very naughty erotic thoughts. He looked like a man’s man.

He gave me directions to the first club that we would be going to. When we arrived, employees, friends and women alike greeted James inside like a favorite. It was a black club, and almost half of the women were white, escorted by their black boyfriend, or waiting to be picked-up.

The men gave me appreciatory glances, while the women looked on me as a threat or a curiosity. James would introduce me saying, “This is Barbara, her husband is overseas in Iraq, and I’m showing her around, letting her meet some of my friends and where to go for a good time.” He would say, as his hand would caress my bare or covered ass.

It was early yet, and he led me to a booth, which would accommodate 6 or 8 people. He said, “If I introduce you to somebody as Barbara, or I tell you to go dance with somebody, they are a friend, and you could take them home if I was not available. Anybody else, be polite and forget them.

James would finger my pussy, making my pussy wet, and I would tell him to stop trying to get me horny, that I already want him to fuck me tonight. He said, “I know that, I want you to wet your dress, and show the others how hot you are for me.” We both laughed.

A few minutes later, a black man of about 40 and a blond woman about 30.

She wearing a halter top with the word “Bitch” embossed on it came over and said hello to James. He said hello, and told them to sit down, and engaged him in conversation. He asked what my name was.

James said, “Barb, this is Jerome, Jerome, this is Barb.”

About ten minutes later, James asked me to dance. While we danced, I asked him why he asked Jerome to sit down, but I was cued to forget him.

He said, he was on drugs and sells drugs, but passes money around like it was tap water. If he wants to impress us by buying us drinks, I’m not going argue.

I told him, “Please don’t let me get involved with drugs, I may be a slut for some good sex, but drugs are out of the question, under any circumstance.” He said, he agreed.

A young man, who was a borderline “21” walked up to the table, he said hello to James, and although his eyes were fixed on me, he asked James if I had twin sister? James said no, and introduced Sean to me, and me to him as Barbara.

James took me to two other clubs, and he would always finger my pussy, or place my hand on his cock to get my juices flowing, just before having me get up with him to dance, leave or enter a club, to show off the stain on my dress. I met four of his friends. Each of them was, very handsome, clean, and I presume well hung.

“Are you ready to make some lasting erotic memories with me tonight?” James said, when we got back to my house.

“Ever since I met you, I’ve experienced so much, that I’ll never forget. I’ll always think of you when I think about great sex.” I said.

“When you watch a great two hour movie, and have to describe it later to someone else, you describe the best scenes in the movie and condense the two hour movie to 3-5 minutes. If you draw up memories from the past, they can be also be blurred with fact, fantasy and fiction.” He said.

As he led me to the bedroom, and told me to get my digital camera and video recorder. It was now becoming clear what he was talking about. He was going to record our having sex, so that I could watch it later when I was alone.

I got the cameras, and set up the video camera on the tripod, connected it to the TV and positioned it at the foot of the bed and off to the side. I then took the digital camera, adjusted the settings and told James we were ready.

He took the camera and took a picture of me in my clothes, then told me to strip down to my heels, hose and garter belt. He told me to get on the bed, and snapped pictures in different poses for him. He then told me to get on my knees, and he took a some more pictures of me licking and sucking his cock. He then gave me the camera and told me to take some pictures of him and his cock.

When the camera was full, he told me to get on my knees again, positioned me for the video camera and started filming. I began sucking his half erect cock until it was fully Kadıköy Escort erect.

He said. “Pretend the camera is your husband, he’s watching you suck my cock like you did last night, show him how much of my cock you can take into your mouth, show him the lust on your face that you have for my big black cock. Tell him how much you like it, you love it, how much it has turned you into a slut for my black cock.”

It took me a couple of minutes of sucking his cock, for me to get into the scene that James wanted me to portray, that of performing for my husband instead of the video camera. I was soon looking at the camera, as if it was David watching me, and was visually and audibly showing my lust for James black cock, saying it was so much bigger, thicker and satisfying than any other cock I have ever had.

Soon James said he was going to cum, and that he wanted me to take all of his cum into my mouth, until it was overflowing, and that he would cum on my face with his remaining cum. I continued to suck on the first two or three inches of his cock, so that I would have room for his enormous load.

I felt about four jets of his hot cum hit the back of my mouth. It didn’t feel like so much, until I tried to swallow, and then I gagged and tried to keep it in my mouth.

He pulled the head of his cock out of my mouth and began to violently jerk his remaining cum on my face. When he was finished Cumming, he spread the cum on my face with the head of his cock, as my tongue licked the cum around my lips.

“How do you like sucking my cock, compared to other men’s cocks you’ve had?” He said.

“It’s so much bigger, it feels like it’s alive at times, the head has more taste than other men’s, and I feel like I’m worshipping it more than sucking it.” I said.

“What about my cum? Describe my cum.” He said.

“It’s so much thicker that other men’s, and I never had anyone cum so much as you have, and it taste tangy and I can taste it for a long time afterwards.”

He turned off the video camera and positioned it to focus on the bed and said, “That was great baby. Next, we’ll have some foreplay to get your tight pussy loosened up and then we’ll get down to some serious fucking. I want you to say, whatever your thinking, loud enough for the camera to pick up. I want you to say, whatever your thinking, the first thing that comes into your head. If your thinking slut, whore, big black cock, then say it. Ok?” If I whisper something to you, say it.” He said.

I said I would, and he positioned me on the bed, and then he went over to the camera.

He said, “Say, come over here lover, and give me some more of that big black cock, stuff my pussy and bury it deep in my cunt.”

He turned on the camera, and I repeated his words. He walked over to the bed, and lay down beside me. He took me in his arms, and we engaged in a long passionate kiss, our tongues probing each other’s mouths. I was thinking of how erotic this must look on camera. After several minutes, he moved his lips down to suck on my breasts, while his hand kneaded my other breast. Sucking my breasts like a hungry baby. He took first one breast, then the other. I was getting wet, already. He kissed his way down my stomach, till I could feel his breath on my love bud. He took it into his mouth and began sucking on it, just as he had sucked my breasts. I was so hot and feeling so good, that I almost had an orgasm right then. When he stuck that long, thick tongue inside, I couldn’t control myself any longer. I had the biggest orgasm of my life! I thought I was dreaming. All I could say was, Oh God, Oh God, I’m cumming…I’m cumming. That is the tongue that made me cum. No wonder it was so vivid! Usually, a dream fades when you wake up, but mine was still sharply etched in my mind. No wonder! It really happened, and now it was going to happen again.

I came back to my senses, and he was up on his knees with his monster pointed at the opening of my pussy. With the head of his cock waving at the entrance to my cunt, slightly brushing my pussy lips. When it was at my opening, he edged his pelvis forward, so his cock head was buried just inside my cunt. Then he pushed and I felt his massive cock enter me, he had busted through. I threw my head back gasping as the head split me open.

“OHHHH GAWWWD.” I moaned out loud now.

I felt the huge head inside me as he put his arms under Bostancı Escort me, hands gripping my ass cheeks, he held me tight sucking my neck as he started to push in more. I threw my head from side to side gasping as he was moving deeper.

It felt painfully wonderful, a strange sensation. I was catching glimpses of reality; this powerful black man is going to fuck me in our bed. It was a weird feeling, I felt that David was watching, and not the camera filming, as I was clinching his back and then he plunged deeper, I slapped at his back with one hand and threw my head back again.


I felt the lips of my cunt being dragged up the shaft of his cock as he started pulling upwards. He then started driving back in going deeper than before. The girth was so massive that it pulled my clit and the lips inside with it. I never thought of anyone being able to do that. Then suddenly James plunged deep into me, bottoming out in my cunt. His black balls rested on my asshole.


James!” I had never talked like this, and meant it so much, never. James had reached places in my body that had never felt anything before, not even last nights fucking.

He started fucking me in rhythm. Each time he plunged downward pounding my ass in the bed with his powerful cock and body. I could feel his length of his massive black cock along the walls of my cunt, another sensation I had never felt before. My hands grasped at his back as he split me open.

He had his rhythm down pat; I felt each stroke downwards bringing my clit against his cock in my cunt. Sensations I have never felt before while getting fucked. His upward stroke dragging my wet cunt lips with it felt so sensuous. My clit getting worked by a cock, feeling better than my fingers could have ever done.

James picked up the pace and proceeded to power fuck me. Power fuck is what I have come to call what he does. I could feel my pussy splitting open but the sensation and thought of what was happening was overwhelming. Thoughts raced through my mind about getting fucked in our marriage bed by my black lover. I had forgotten all about David as I pulled James head to me and locked my mouth on his. I sucked his tongue gasping moaning while he power fucked me. I loved it!

He broke the kiss and said, “You like this fuck baby?”

“God yessss yes, yes I love it I love it!” I panted. “Oh God I love your big black cock.”

All of the sudden James drove down in me harder. He pounded my ass in the bed and began to grunt. He drove hard in me and stopped, grunted and exploded deep inside me. I knew it was a lot, more than normal because I never actually felt a man explode in me. It is hard to explain the feeling but it was steady gushes I felt spurting forcefully deep inside me.

His fucking became slower but he did not stop. I could feel gobs of cum running over my asshole. James picked up a nice steady rhythm again and plunged deep and then faster. My clit was being worked in and out and then

I started bucking up at him. I felt it coming on.


My feet pressed against the bed and, my toes curled. My hands squeezed and slapped at James back. I felt the strongest contractions in my cunt; the walls of my pussy were contracting, grasping at the length of James cock. I raised my hips up to James, giving all my pussy to him he could get, he drove inside the full length and left it there. I felt the circumference of his dick against the walls of my cunt, expanding to depths that never experienced this sensation, while I myself exploded into the most intense orgasm I ever had in my life.

I had never experienced something so intense. I collapsed. James lay on top of me exhausted. I could feel the wetness underneath my ass.

A moment of silence, and then, James said, “Oh that is some good pussy.”

“You earned this pussy.” I giggled then gave him a kiss on the lips.

I then whispered to him, “You deserve this pussy.”

I was now becoming aware of my surroundings as, James withdrew from me, leaving my pussy gaped open; my legs were almost locked in their position.

My pussy was gaping wide open with the lips of my cunt laid out there like never before.

I could feel semen leaking from me. I felt the soreness and tingle between my legs. I felt the muscles between my legs contract and would feel James cum being forced out.

James and I continued to fuck each other for the next two hours, until pure physical exhaustion took its toll, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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