Backdoor Bukakke Bride Ch. 01


Jim Davidson plopped down into the barely comfortable hotel chair, and hurriedly opened a package from his beautiful new wife, Kimi. It looked like a DVD, so he put it into his laptop. On came the media player, then a shot of their living room and sofa.

Kimi ran from around the camera and jumped into the sofa, crossing her legs. She beamed at her husband from half a world away.

“Hey, baby,” she smiled. “I miss you so much already, even though I only now got back from dropping you off at the airport.” Kimi blew Jim a luscious kiss. “But you are sorely mistaken if you think that quickie in the back seat of your Escalade is going to keep me satisfied for two months. I’m already dripping-wet horny! James, how dare you go off to god knows where to further your career when it’s coming up on our anniversary?”

Jim hung his head slightly; he felt horrible about leaving his young wife so early into their marriage. But the business trip he was on was going to provide for their future greatly. He looked back at the screen and smiled at what he saw.

Kimi was playing with her hardened nipples through her shirt and smiling at the camera. “I’m sure you remember our first time? I still think about it, mmm… thinking about it right now…” Kimi pinched harder, slid her hand to her crotch, and massaged her pussy through her silk sweats.

“You were so hard and rough… so deep… ungh, and so nasty! I can still taste you…” Kimi winked and slid her hand under her sweats. Pinching her nipple and rubbing her clit, Kimi closed her eyes and bit her lip as a sweet electric ripple surged through her body.

She brought her sweet wet fingers to her lips and sucked them clean, always looking into the camera. “I’ll try to send you a new video soon, but with school and work it’ll be a little tight, he he.” Kimi giggled at her pun and blew Jim a kiss before shutting off the camera.

One week later, a similar package arrived at Jim’s mail-slot. He quickly got into some comfortable clothes and sat down to watch the show.

The screen faded in with Kimi on their bed, surrounded by school books. She looked tired and flustered. “James, baby, this is getting to be very difficult for me. I’m used to getting all the cock I want and more! It’s hard to sleep at night, and I think about you all the time. So far my studies haven’t slipped, but if I don’t think of something soon… I could get an A-.” She smiled at her silliness, and shoved and kicked the books aside.

“It’s a good thing I thought to stop off at my new favorite store.” Bringing a large bag to her lap, she peered in happily. “Ooh, sweetie, I got some goodies.” Kimi reached her hand in and brought out a frighteningly huge black dildo, complete with a fat nut sack. “Not quite as big as yours, but it was the biggest they had. Also, I got one of these.” She pulled out a very long double-headed dildo. “I think I’m going to use this one right now.” She cocked her eyebrow at the camera and grinned.

Within moments she was naked and slathering lubricant over the veined surface. Jim started stroking his hardening cock through his shorts, and smiled to himself remembering every curve of Kimi’s delectable little Asian body. He got closer to the screen and saw something shining on her tiny brown nipples.

As Kimi leaned back, she looked at the camera and said, “Do you like my new nipple rings? They hurt a little at first, but now I love them. They make me tingle all day.” While saying this she spread her legs wide on the bed and started fitting one end of the dildo into her moist, shaved pussy. Minutes later she had worked nearly half of its twenty-four inches into her hot hole, humping her hips up off the bed to meet the solid rubber invader. Twisting her nipple rings only made her more frantic on the fake dick, and she started moaning loudly.

“Mmmm, Jimmy, give it to me, you fucker.” With both hands she plowed her sweet pussy with the dildo, her hips gyrating upward with every thrust.

She slowed down, “Ooh, baby, I almost forgot the best part!” Kimi faced away from the camera, got on her hands and knees, and squirted some lubricant onto her fingers. She reached back and applied the cool gel to her tight little pucker. She slid in a slippery finger, then two.

She smiled coyly back at the camera, “Our favorite place, sugar… ahhh yeah! I’ll never get tired of that.” While her two fingers were sliding deeper into her backdoor, she reinserted the dildo into her pussy. A few strokes later, she reapplied some lube to the free end of the dildo and aimed it at the slightly opened chute. It took some maneuvering, but she got it in.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Kimi screamed as the head of the dildo hit home. She relaxed, and slid more of it deeply into her dark tunnel.

Jim had his shorts down and was avidly stroking his meaty shaft while watching his petite Japanese teen wife plug both her holes with the slick faux dick. One arm reached behind her, fucking the rubber cock into her ass; feriköy escort the other arm underneath kept the opposite end planted deeply into her twitching pussy.

He could see the ecstasy on his young wife’s face. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was hanging open, and she even had beads of sweat on her forehead! He watched as she screamed like a teapot, her tiny body jerking violently, then finally fell down onto the bed exhausted.

“Whew! Oooh, if only you were her right now, James, I would thank you for that incredible orgasm by cleaning your cock just the way you like!” She languidly reached for the huge black dildo and brought it to her open mouth. She slid her body away from the camera and faced it, lying on her stomach. Looking into the camera she licked every inch of the monstrous black tool, even heartily snacking on the fake nut sack.

“This is something that is just not going to be the same until you get back, baby. I’m soooo hungry for your dark meat!” Kimi tried satisfying that hunger by stuffing the cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head on the plum sized tip a few inches at a time, moaning and closing her eyes. Her lips stretched across its girth as she slid more length into her tight throat. She gagged a little for show, her watering eyes opened, and she looked across the empty miles at her frantically stroking husband.

Kimi kept gagging herself on the dildo until she realized nothing else was going to happen. No sudden swelling! No animalistic grunting from her man! No hot and tasty liquid snack flooding her hungry mouth! She stopped sucking but kept licking the length to clean her spittle off.

“James, I love you baby. But this is just not going to do!” She looked directly into the camera, very sadly. “I’m doing what I can to satisfy myself, but I’m not getting exactly what I crave…”

The phone rang, cutting her off. Kimi raised herself a little to pick up the phone.

“James! Baby, I miss you so much! …mm mmm… oh, nothing, just thinking of you… yeah, me too…” Kimi giggled then reached toward the camera to fade out.

Jim was having a bad day. The prospective buyers were being difficult on the price, he got into an argument with his partner, and he was getting very tired of spending his semen into a faceless tissue every day. Kimi’s videos were played every evening, sometimes twice. But she hadn’t sent one in almost two weeks. His nightly phone calls to her were very pleasant with some genuinely torrid moments, but he was missing her tight wetness and her very agreeable willingness.

Only one more week, and he would have this deal buttoned up and be back at home banging the back of his wife’s box. He stopped at the desk for his mail and noticed a familiar shaped package.

“Yes!” he shouted. Noticing the quick annoyed glance of the desk manager, he tried to regain his cool. “Uh, thank you, ma’am. I’ve been waiting for this.” Jim nearly ran to his room, extremely eager to put in his new DVD of his wife doing god knows what.

He stripped down, not bothering to put any comfortable evening clothes, and made sure he had plenty of lotion. This was going to help out his bad day tremendously.

The screen faded in to Kimi sitting at their kitchen table, wearing a shear black bra and panties, making herself a salad. She made a simple vinaigrette dressing with some balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, which she left on the table. She took a few bites, then looked at the camera. She smiled sweetly, but Jim could tell she wasn’t happy.

“Hey, sweetie, I’ve had a hard day today. My new boss was being a complete fucking cunt, and school was way too intense. To top it off, I noticed a weird guy following me around today. I think I ditched him, so I’m not really too worried about it.” She wiggled in her seat slightly while she poured herself a glass of white wine.

“So anyway… I’m sure you’ve forgotten, but it’s my birthday.” Kimi sipped at her Riesling.

“Goddammit!! Those bastards! They promised they would get the flowers there on time!” Jim was furious.

“It’s O.K., sweetie.” Kimi knew he wouldn’t dare miss the special occasion. “I’m sure whatever you sent will get here soon… just not today,” she trailed off under her breath.

“Do you remember your birthday?” She reached up to pinch an excited nipple, and laughed to herself while she remembered. “I slaved over your cock for more than an hour, giving you the deepest, wettest, most intensely luxurious five-star blowjob… mmm! You said afterward you thought that if you died right then, heaven would be a serious bummer.” Kimi closed her eyes and ground her pelvis into the kitchen chair and pinched both nipples vigorously.

“I’ve got a very special treat for you I’ve been working on for days.” Kimi drained her glass, pushed herself away from the table, and pulled her chair close to the counter. She turned her back to the camera and bent over, running her hands slowly gülbağ escort up her legs to the full globes of her ass.

Kimi hooked her fingers into the waistband of her flimsy panties and tugged downwards. She slid them down and kicked them away, spreading her muscular legs for the camera. She stepped one leg into the chair.

“Do you like my new buddy, James?” Kimi reached back and tapped on an oddly shaped piece of clear acrylic protruding out of her asshole. “I never thought I’d need a butt plug with you around, but I’ve really hit a low spot, sweets.” She brought her left hand to her shaved pussy and rubbed her clit as she played with the butt plug.

Kimi started to pull it out, then pushed it back in. Jim watched her asshole repeatedly stretch and collapse around the large transparent cone. She rubbed her clit harder, and pumped more vigorously with the plug. After only a few minutes, she gently removed her rectal buddy with a happy squeal. Reaching over to the olive oil bottle, she lightly poured the slick liquid over her right hand. She gave the camera a sensual kiss and a wink.

Jim had been molesting his tool savagely; now he watched slack-jawed as his tiny wife brought her oily hand to her opened asshole. Two fingers slid in easily, then three. Her left hand was turning circles over her clit as her little finger joined the other three in her tight backdoor.

With a slight shift of her little body, Jim could see her thumb close in for the final plunge. “HOLY FUCK!” Jim said out loud as he started pumping his piece again.

Kimi gently inserted her tiny fist into her ass. Blinding pain swirled chaotically with the sudden thunderous pleasure, creating flashing circles behind her closed eyelids. She could feel each of her fingers, and every slight movement made her shudder. After a few moments, she figured out how to arrange her hand and started moving it ever so slowly.

“Look what you’ve done to my poor little asshole, James. It will never be the same again…” Kimi chided. “But fuck… that’s hot!” Kimi was getting the hang of this now. She was flexing her wrist just right, sending her fist in perfectly. Her clit was getting a good strumming as she started to circle her sloppy wet hole with her other fingers.

Finger by finger, Kimi put her pussy through the same paces as her once tight pucker. Both fists were now plunging into her alternately, bringing her to a plateau of unimaginable bliss…

There was a loud knock at the door! KNOCK, KNOCK!

“What the fuck?!” Kimi removed her hands as quickly as possible, but not before another deafening knock threatened to break the door down. She pulled her panties on and went to the door. She was out of camera range for just a second when…

“Oh god! No! NO!” Kimi ran screaming back into the kitchen, followed by several large threatening men! The camera was positioned so only their bodies could be seen from the neck down.

Jim’s heart stopped beating. He watched helplessly as nine scary-looking dudes surrounded his nearly naked wife in his own kitchen! He reached for the phone to call her… but then, logic called.

Wait a second, Jim thought. She sent this to me AFTER this happened. And I talked to her last night… She didn’t mention this!

He returned his attention to the camera, his heart catching up with a warm rush of fresh blood.

“This the bitch that dissed you at the park today, man?” One voice was heard asking.

“Yep! Shook her sweet little ass right in front of my face, then rolled her eyes at me when I asked for her name.” This one stepped up to Kimi and grabbed her by her pony tail, pulling her away from the counter towards where the camera sat on the table.

“You think you got such a sweet ass, huh bitch?” The thug pushed Kimi’s face down onto the table, and gave her ass a very loud smack. “It does jiggle a lot, don’t it fellas?!” SMACK, SMACK! The room filled with shouts as the stranger pulled her panties down to her ankles.

“Oh god, don’t, please…” Kimi cried. The camera caught the anguish on her face as the thug pulled his pants down behind her. Kimi looked back gritting her teeth, “You don’t have the balls to fuck me with that tiny dick, you coward!”

The room went silent, then filled with insidious laughter. “Will you listen to this bitch? Not only do I have the balls, sweet thing, I got the dick too! And you’re going to feel exactly how tiny it is, when I stuff it up your sweet little ass!”

The thug brought his hand down on her cheeks with a loud SMACK, then spread her buns wide eyeing his prize greedily. He reached for the oil and lubed his huge hardened cock. He aimed his bloated head at her slippery anus… and stuffed it balls deep in one quick thrust!

“You FUCKER! Oh yeah! I bet you can’t keep that skinny dick up for long though. My husband has a much bigger cock, and he can fuck all night!” Kimi started to back her ass into her attacker.

“Someone kağıthane escort wanna shut this bitch up?!” The stranger grabbed her hips and started his anal assault in earnest.

His voice sounded strangely familiar to James, but he was too distraught to worry about that now.

One of the leader’s homies dropped his pants and sat down on the table in front of Kimi. With one hand grabbing her hair, the other hand tried shoving his huge black cock into her mouth.

She put up a good fight and kept her mouth closed. But she needed to scream and moan, so it didn’t take long for him to pry it open with his meaty crow bar. He then picked up the camera and captured Kimi swallowing his tool with vigor, with a little help from his hand on the back of her head.

The room filled with sounds of high fives from the remaining thugs, who loudly goaded their pals into banging the tiny Japanese girl even harder.

Kimi kept bucking forward from the backdoor gangster banging her butt, causing more cock to fit into her tight throat. Squelching bubbles seeped past her lips as she bobbed her hot mouth over the slick veined blackness.

The owner of the cock kept trying to get Kimi to choke on it to get a laugh from the other fellas, but after a year of being married to Jim, Kimi was just too practiced a pole smoker to fall for that trick. Every inch he stuffed into her mouth, the hungrier she got for it. She closed her eyes and groaned happily.

Kimi looked directly into the camera and smiled around the fat cock in her mouth. She pulled away, “Happy birthday to me! Sorry for the heart attack, James, but I really, really needed some ….ungh mmm, cock.” She went back to slobbering on the stranger’s dick, but kept her eyes glued to the camera lens. The cameraman then raised the shot up to view the man skillfully plowing Kimi’s shaking buns.

James’ jaw dropped as he saw Andre, his best man and oldest friend, behind his tiny bride with a big grin on his face.

“Kimi begged me, dawg; she said you would understand. Hope you don’t wanna bust a cap in my ass!” Andre allowed himself a laugh, knowing Jim would never use a gun on him under any circumstances.

“You do understand, don’t you, sweetie?” Kimi licked at the piss slit of the monster in her mouth. “This is turning out to be so much fun, I just might want to keep doing this when you’re home!” She filled her mouth with his big hairy nuts and didn’t come back up.

James wasn’t sure what to think. This certainly changed things, but watching his beautiful wife wantonly being used by his best friend and several strangers was strangely exciting. He looked down and noticed his cock was at full attention. Knowing she wasn’t in any danger, and certain they would talk about this when he got home, he decided to enjoy this hot gift from his young nympho wife.

Meanwhile, Kimi was being savagely black-balled at both ends. Her nose was pressed into pubic hair with a huge slab of throbbing meat lodged deeply in her throat, and her tiny little asshole was being mercilessly mauled, harder and faster, by a relentless steely shaft.

As the cock in her mouth started to jerk, the owner pulled her head away and aimed his cannon at her opened mouth. He focused the camera just in time to see several white hot blasts crisscross her face, leaving it a dripping mess.

“More… Oh god, I want more!” Kimi shouted as she fingered some salty cream into her insatiable mouth. Behind her, Andre started pumping wildly, then pulled out quickly. Kimi sat back on her heels, closed her eyes and opened her mouth. “Give me your hot spunk, you fucker!”

Andre stuffed his soiled cock into Kimi’s mouth and grabbed her head in both hands. He used her tight mouth to fuck his cock, sliding it deeper and deeper until he exploded with a yell! He didn’t pull out, but kept his cock planted firmly halfway down her throat.

Kimi swallowed as much as she could but soon found there was just too much to handle. She learned from experience not to breathe while she was swallowing her man’s hot love, but she was so uncontrollably horny she did anyway.

She choked and coughed up cum like a rookie! The rest of his sweet spunk exploded out from her mouth and dripped down her chin. She tried desperately to catch the salty slime in her hand and scoop in into her mouth like she was drinking from a stream.

“Dammit!” Kimi whined, trying to catch her breath. “I wanted to swallow all of it,” she pouted. She bent down to lick at the cum on the kitchen floor, slurping up as much as she could find. But Andre was eager to get the party started. He grabbed her pony tail and pulled her up gently.

He started running his finger across her cheeks and forehead, scooping the stray cum into her hungry mouth. “Don’t worry baby, there is still plenty o’ nut for you,” he gestured towards the seven remaining strangers in the kitchen.

Kimi looked around through her bleary eyes and realized she forgot all about the others. She smiled when she realized the fun was only beginning.

She had been feeling incredibly gloomy two days ago, so she went on a walk to clear her mind. She found herself at the local park, and sat down watching people walk by. As she was getting up to leave, a familiar voice called to her.

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