Angel Rhodes Files: #2…


Angel Rhodes Files:

– The Husband Strikes Back

Hi all. It’s Angel Rhodes, Private Investigator here again. I got such a great response to my last case notes that I put on-line that my faithful scribe, Alex, has convinced me to tell you all about another ‘case’ I was on. He tells me that one day we’ll get around to recording for posterity a case where I actually did some real detective work, but this isn’t it.

So, if you haven’t caught up, I’m a bisexual private detective (who prefers women, but will take men brave enough to take me on) with a big gun and even bigger tits. I love sex and the thrill of solving a mystery. In that order. I’m the original Amazon Queen, tough enough to take on anyone, as you’ll find out soon.

One of the best things about working for myself was that when it was my week with my daughter, I could knock off early and come home to spend some decent time with her. We were in our robes, eating chocolate ice-cream and watching Buffy. I was entertaining mild fantasies of having some one-on-one rough and tumble with the lovely young Buffster. She’s not normally my type, I usually prefer the bigger, bustier type of woman but for Sarah Michelle Gellar I’ll make an exception. I couldn’t decide whether I’d rather have those wonderful legs wrapped around my head or whether I’d be suckling away on her perky little tits when the phone rang, shattering all my images and leaving me wet and unsatisfied.

“I’ll get it,” Clare said, heading off into the kitchen.

A few seconds later she was back, thrusting the phone at me.

“It’s for you,” she said, sounding a trifle miffed. I think she was expected one of her many admirers to be calling.

“Angel Rhodes,” I said into the phone.

No response.

“Anyone there?” I asked. Sometimes clients hear you on the end of the phone and can’t decide whether they really want to hire you.

Heavy breathing.

“Fuck you,” I said cheerfully and hung up.

“Prank caller?” Clare asked.

I was about to let loose a diatribe when I heard a noise upstairs. A definite footstep. And unless Clare was hiding a guy up there, whoever it was wasn’t meant to be there.

Clare squeaked.

“Shhhhh,” I said, “I’m gonna go take care of it.”

I’m a bad-ass bitch, I take care of my own problems. So off I go, tiptoeing up the stairs. A figure dressed in black was backing out of my room.

“Hi,” I said.

He turned around.

I punched him in the face.

And oh God, what a face.

“He’s gorgeous,” Clare said, giggling a little. “Who the hell is he?”

I was already rifling through his wallet.

“I think he works for Joe Wynn,” I said. “And I think Joe’s mad because he found out I fucked his wife.”

Clare looked at me, her eyes sparkling.

“What do you say we have some fun with him, Mom?” she asked. “Can we?”

“You get horny from watching Buffy too, huh?” I laughed.

“Fuck yes,” Clare said, dropping to her knees. “That sexy little minx just begs for it.”

She was already undressing him, tugging his jeans down. The girl inherits more from her mother than a fantastic rack.

I wasn’t sure whether or not it was the best idea to seduce a guy who was coming to punish for me for seducing his employer’s wife. Then Clare pulled down his boxers and I thought, fuck it, what’s a girl to do? His cock was magnificent. There’s no other word for it. It was semi-hard, like he’d been getting off on sneaking through our house. It was circumcised and huge, with a lovely big cockhead. Clare was already licking it, running the tip of her tongue up and down the length of his shaft.

It didn’t take him a very long course of that particular treatment to rouse him. God knows what he must have thought. Last thing he sees is my fist travelling towards his face, next thing an improbably busty teen is slobbering all over his prick.

“You fucked with the wrong woman,” I said to him.

“And now we’re going to fuck with you,” Clare said, half unintelligibly because her mouth was wrapped around his thick cockhead.

“After this, you can go back to Joe and tell him to go fuck himself,” I said. I let my robe fall free and watched his face as he stared up at my body. I cupped my soft mound in one hand, my middle finger slipping between my pussy lips and probing inside me. He didn’t know where to look, at me fingering myself or at Clare rubbing his cock in between her beautifully firm teenage tits.

“Who gets to fuck him first?” Clare asked.

“You do, baby,” I said, smiling at her. “I’m not going to, I’m going to let you have that big cock all to yourself. Just make sure you put a condom on him.”

“Well, what are you going to do?” she asked, her beautiful eyes upturned to mine.

“I’m going to have my pussy eaten by my daughter,” I said, grinning at her.

“That’s it, I’m too horny to wait any longer,” she said, panting, “I want him now.”

Clare and I have always çekmeköy escort had a very close relationship. A few years ago, I was going through a really rough time, drinking way too much and she helped pull me out of it. Somewhere in the middle of that, we started getting physical with each other. We both love sex, we’re both tall, big, beautiful women who love tall, big, beautiful women and well, it just happened. We decided that we couldn’t let it rule our lives, though. So we ration ourselves. We save it for special occasions, although it’s no secret that we both want it more often. Tonight, with this gorgeous hunk powerless and at our command, I thought my lovely Clare deserved a treat.

I almost came watching her lower herself onto the thug’s big throbbing cock. It looked so huge as it slipped inside her and I loved the gorgeous expression on her face as she felt her pretty little pussy being thoroughly filled. I bent down and kissed her and she raised one hand to caress my breasts, stroking the enormous orbs. I spread my legs, straddling the intruder’s body and my darling daughter leaned forward, kissing my thighs tenderly, her tongue inscribing little patterns over my skin. I felt like I was melting, all the heat and sensation rushing down towards my cunt, my pussy lips all puffy and swollen, my clit aching to be bathed in her deft touch. Her tongue nuzzled its way from my warm, inviting hole, lapping at me, sliding up my slit to circle my hard bud, sucking lightly, then biting the way she knew I loved it, wanted it, needed it.

I moved with my girl as she rode him, watching those incredible big tits bounce and jiggle as she rammed her slippery cunt up and down on his thick pole. She was rotating her tongue inside me, sucking my whole cunt into her mouth so I almost screamed with how incredible I felt, I couldn’t feel anything it seemed, except for her tongue on me, in me, tasting me. I could see her gorgeous face sticky with me, I could see her love for me as I ground myself against her tongue, wanting her to fuck me with it, wanting her to love me with it.

“Cum for me, Mom,” she whispered, “I want you to cum when he lets go inside me.”

I’d forgotten there was someone else there, everything had narrowed down to the point where she was against me, her tongue sending fire and ice through me, nobody can make me cum like my baby, nobody knows how to make my body burn like this and oh yes that’s right suck my clit my love, suck it, bite it, suck it, bite it oh fuck yes and then inside for oh god that’s so beautiful my love, you make me explode…

And then two nights later, it happened again. Another intruder in the house. Never being one to shrink from a challenge, I took him on. Except this time it was a her. A lithe, young, extremely buff her. And she was gorgeous, she looked startlingly like Sarah Michelle Gellar and when I saw her face by the moonlight I almost thought I was dreaming, the resemblance was so strong. But no matter how sexy she was, she was still in my house and she was going down.

She was strong and fast, but I was stronger. I pinned her to the floor, straddling her body. I could see her breasts straining against her top as she struggled to get free. She was so hot it was driving me nuts. Her breasts were around a B or a C cup, all firm and lusciously shaped, so fucking perky and just begging to have them sucked into my mouth.

I could feel the heat of her body against me. She thrust her hips into the air, trying to throw me off her but I was too sly to fall for that trick. I dropped my body right down on top of her, so her tits were crushed under my huge ones.

Then she thrust her tongue into my mouth.

We rolled around on the floor for a bit longer, she was on top of me, grinding her groin against my pelvic bone, kissing me with the adrenaline lust that comes after fighting.

I ripped her vest off, actually tearing the material right off her body. I tugged off her sports bra and finally got a proper look at her. She was how I’d always imagined Buffy to look naked. Thin without being waif-like, with breasts that just sat up and begged to be licked. I was obsessed with her breasts, I’d never really been attracted to anyone below a C cup before. I must have been staring for too long because the next thing I knew, I was topless as well and she had her face buried in my ample cleavage.

“God, your tits are fantastic,” she moaned, her expert fingers tweaking my nipples as she sucked and kissed my hot flesh.

“So are yours,” I whispered, taking them in my hands and stroking them, cupping them, weighing them.

“My nipples are so sensitive,” she said, whimpered as I gently rubbed them.

“You want me to suck them?” I asked.

“Please,” she hissed. “Suck them so hard, make me cum.”

What the lady asks for, the lady shall have.

I nuzzled them gently at first, kissing softly, my tongue sliding across her flesh, tasting her sweat. cevizli escort When I reached her nipples, her hands dug into my back and the most erotic noise I’d ever heard. I sucked her nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, biting down gently.

“God yesssss, suck my fuckin’ tits, suck them.”

I pinched her other nipple, twisting it between my thumb and forefinger, sucking almost her whole breast into my mouth, my throat working around her nipple like I was giving it head.

She grabbed my hand and pumped it into her crotch. She was desperate, forcing my hand into her silk panties, my fingers questing for her clit, pressing down and I felt her body jump like I’d given her an electric shock. I kept tonguing her nipples as she came down, her body shaking and little moans escaping from her throat.

“That was so incredible,” she said, nestling her body in against mine. “I have to make you cum so hard for that.”

I ran my hands along her smooth skin, loving the way her body curved, subtle and intoxicating.

“What would you like me to do?” she whispered in my ear, her tongue snaking out to tease my earlobe.

“Taste me,” I asked her, “drink my juices and make me scream.”

She snaked her way down her body, her lithe form so beautiful in the moonlight. Her hard little nipples grazed my stomach as she got distracted by my enormous jugs for a little but then she continued on down. She spread my legs wide, her fingers tentatively brushing over my mons, making me shiver, making me feel like I was melting, spilling all over you.

“You’re so beautiful,” she said. “I should probably introduce myself before I do this, shouldn’t I?”

“Just do it,” I begged.

“Hi Angel,” she said, her tongue lashing out to touch my clit so briefly I would’ve thought I’d imagined it if it wasn’t for the fact that I could feel myself dripping even more. “My name’s Sarah,” she said, moving back to my clit, spreading the folds to make it stick out even further and suckling on it. “It’s so lovely to meet you,” she said with a smile, spreading my pussy lips open and thrusting her tongue deep, so deep it felt like I was being fucked.

I always maintain you can tell when someone loves going down on you, and when they’re going down on you because that’s the done thing. Whether its guys doing it because they want a blow job, or women doing it because they want rheir pussy licked and they have to do yours first. Sarah was one of those who loved it, who loved the taste, the smell, the sensation of having a beautiful woman’s pussy, the center of their body, the center of their desire against your face. The pure intimacy of having your tongue inside them and feeling the delicacy and beauty of their body’s responses. Sarah understood it all, she understood how I wanted to be made to feel, so beautiful and sexy and alive and overflowing with passion and desire.

She suddenly turned around on me.

“I need to feel you doing this to me while I do it to you,” she said, “I need to know that you want me this way too.”

It was like I was lost in the desert and she was offering me water. I kissed her lovingly, my soft lips meeting her beautiful pussy lips, spreading them with my tongue and entering her. I felt her body move against me, like a wave, riding me to the shore. She was so wet, the delicious moisture of her passion coating my tongue, my lips, my face. I licked her like we were in a dream, our bodies moving together in perfect rhythm, our passion building together, our love overflowing as our tongues darted and flickered in and out, meshing and melding our bodies together and I loved her so desperately in that moment, I felt so connected as she came for me and I came for her, crying out into each other, her pussy quivering around my tongue.

She ended up staying all night, the next night too, and the night after that. She made love to Clare one afternoon and then when I came home the three of us stayed up all night, talking, laughing and loving. Two days later, Clare went back to her Dad’s and it was that night when it happened again.

We were lying in bed, playing with each post-orgasm when a noise came from downstairs.

“Fucking hell, not again,” I said.

“You think Joe sent someone else?” Sarah asked me.

“I’d bet my life on it. That uptight prick doesn’t let his petty little grudges go once he gets hold of them.”

“Shall we both take him?” she said with a wicked grin.

The poor guy didn’t stand a chance. Only this time, he was a plug-ugly bastard. We tag teamed him and perhaps we went a little too far because he didn’t come to in a hurry.

“I’ve had enough of this,” I told Sarah. “I’m going to tell Joe where to get off.”

I dragged Thug

‘s prone form out onto the sidewalk outside the neighbours. Then I kissed my Sarah goodbye, hopped into my car and drove straight over to Joe and Clarissa’s.

I almost woke up the whole neighbourhood erenköy escort banging on his door at two in the morning. He came to the door in mauve boxer shorts. If that wasn’t the final nail in his coffin, I don’t know what was. I shoved him hard with both hands in the chest, and sent him flying backwards into the house.

I dragged him upstairs, into the master bedroom, where Clarissa was waiting in bed. She’s so pretty, but so fuckin’ dumb.

“So, you finally let it slip, huh?” I demanded.

“I didn’t tell him, Angel, honest I didn’t,” she protested. “He’s been taping my phone calls. I was talking to Louise West about you and he heard everything.”

I got one of Joe’s belts out of the wardrobe and tied him to one post of their four-poster bed.

“You’re a sneaky fucker, aren’t you Joe?” I said, slapping him a little, trying to get him to wake up.

Clarissa put her arms around me from behind, squeezing my breasts gently.

“Are we going to give Joe a show, Angel?” she asked with a giggle.

She may be dumb as a post about everything else, but when it comes to sex, Clarissa has a sixth sense.

“Best show he’s ever seen,” I answered.

Which is why, when he finally came to, he saw his wifey’s curly blonde head between my thighs.

“What the hell are you doing?” he croaked.

The anger was all very well, but his cock was bobbing around, fully hard.

I suddenly realised what his problem was. I moved over the bed to him and flicked the head of his cock with my fingernail.

“What the fuck?” he said in a voice that was almost a squeal.

“I’ve figured this out, Joe. It’s not that you’re pissed off that Clarissa’s been fooling around with me. You know Clarissa’s a slut, you’ve known that since before you guys got married. The reason you’re really pissed off is that you think you could handle the both of us and you’re mad that we didn’t let you join in.”

“Awww, Joe baby,” Clarissa cooed, “were you grumpy that you were left out?”

I leaned forward, my left breast an inch from Joe’s head. My nipple was so hard it was almost brushing his face. He tried to touch it with his tongue but I moved back just out of reach.

“Naughty, naughty,” I said, “the girls haven’t given you permission to do anything yet.”

We went down to the garage and got some more ropes and managed to tie Joe to the four-poster bed, an arm and a leg to each post. Now we could really drive him wild.

Clarissa lowered her pussy down so it was almost on his face. He was straining against his bonds, the tendons in his neck standing out. I started fondling her lovely soft breasts, flicking the nipples and making her squeal. She was getting so wet, a drop of juice from her pussy dripped onto Joe’s face. He licked it off his lips, his tongue going around and around trying to get even the faintest taste.

She dipped down, her sopping little cunt brushing across his face, making him grunt with pleasure. I left her to her game and moved down, taking his cock in my hand.

“How long have you wanted to fuck me, Joe?” I asked.

“I haven’t wanted to,” he grunted.

I squeezed his balls, just a little but enough to make him yell.

“How long did you say, Joe?”

“I saw you naked one day when you were here swimming. You were taking off your bikini and I wanted you from then. I wanted to suck on your big tits and…”

Clarissa lowered herself down onto his face, silencing him with her pussy. She pulled off.

“Did you fantasise about me and Angel, hon? Did you picture us together, touching each other, tasting each other?”

“All the time,” he groaned.

“Did you jack off thinking about us?” she continued.

“Yes yes yes.”

I started sucking his cock, I couldn’t help it. I love knowing that guys jack off thinking about me. If you jack off reading this and thinking of me, I love thinking about that. It makes me so fucking wet knowing guys want me. So when Joe was telling us about how many times he came thinking about us, I couldn’t help but take him in my mouth.

Joe must’ve thought all his dreams had come true at once. Clarissa with her pussy on his face, me with my mouth around his cock. It didn’t last for long though. We both stopped and I started to lick Clarissa, exploring her right in front of Joe’s face. He could see in every explicit detail the way my tongue moved over, around and inside her.

“See Joe,” Clarissa said, “this is the way I need to be licked. Just like this, oh Angel, fuck yes, just like that oh yes do my clit like that.”

“So, Joe,” I said, leaning over him. “If Clarissa needs to go elsewhere to get her cunt licked out decently, you’ll either have to learn or shut up.”

We left him there till the morning, and the two of us went back to my house where Sarah welcomed us with open arms and open legs. In the morning, when we went an untied him it was a very chastened Joe who was released from his bonds.

So we threw him a mercy fuck.

See, I’m not heartless, am I?

So that was how I cemented my reputation as the toughest private eye in town. And how I met my long-term lover, my angel Sarah. And maybe next case I write about, I’ll actually have solved a crime.

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