Amy the Exhibitionist Ch. 01


Author’s Note

All characters in this part of the Amy the Exhibitionist series are over the age of legal consent.

This part is actually the fifth part of the Amy the Exhibitionist series. Parts one to four are about how Amy discovered her passion for Exhibitionism at the age of thirteen. As Literotica only permits stories about characters over the age of consent I have had to rename part five as part one. It is quite easy to find the original parts one to four by searching the internet.


Part 1

This fifth part of the Amy the Exhibitionist series is about my last year at school.

But first a few basics about my body and my best friend.

My body I’ve grown a little taller but I’m happy to say that I’m still quite slim. My breasts are still a ‘C’ cup and still as solid and pointy as ever. No droop whatsoever, which is a good job as I haven’t worn a bra for months.

I’m still plucking out every pubic hair that gets long enough for my tweezers to get a grip on.

Katie Katie still isn’t quite as brave as me when it comes to her exhibitionism. But she’s getting there. When she’s with me she’s great and we have lots of fun; but when she’s on her own she sometimes chickens-out. Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but Katie has stopped wearing underwear, trousers and shorts as well. We often wear each other’s clothes.

Katie’s breasts seem to have stopped growing as well. They’re the same size as mine, but not as ‘solid’. She openly admits that they have rounded lower halves, unlike my ‘cones’. They’re very nice to play with.

School Our school has a rule that pupils in their last year don’t have to wear school uniform, so you can guess what I’ve been wearing. Yep, short, miniskirts, and tops that have had the male teachers and older boys staring at me. I love it. Katie has been wearing similar clothes for school and she tells me that she’s almost permanently wet with all the attention she gets, just like me.

Even though History has never been one of the subjects I chose to continue it, I still went to the classes. The first time that I went after we chose our subjects the teacher looked surprised that I was there, and told me so. I told him that even though History wasn’t one of my core subjects, I wanted to keep ‘showing’ my interest in the subject. I emphasised the word ‘showing’ and the teacher smiled and asked me if I would be using the same front row desk. I smiled back and went and sat at the same desk. I don’t know how that man managed to get through the lessons with him staring at my puss most of the time.

PE is one of the subjects that both Katie and me opted-in for. Three reasons, firstly for the exercise, secondly it was an opportunity for flashing, and thirdly, it was an excuse to be in the girls changing room and therefore the showers (see Part 1 – The School Gym) after the girls gym classes had finished.

At first some of the girls were a little shocked that I wasn’t wearing anything under my PE skirt, and I got a few snide comments; but as the weeks went on, first Katie, then another, then another of them started wearing PE skirts and a few of them stopped wearing knickers as well. By the end of the last year there were 14 girls in the class and 10 were wearing PE skirts and 7 of us went commando.

Sometimes when we were playing hockey, some of the boys would come and watch. When they did, Katie and me would ‘accidentally’ trip up near where they were standing. For some strange reason we always ended up on our backs with our legs wide apart. Katie told me that she had a little orgasm one time when one of the ‘hot’ boys was staring at her bald puss. Windy days seemed to distract some of the boys from their football and rugby and we often had an audience watching our game.

We had a new PE teacher for our last year, another young woman in her early twenties. When she realised that I wasn’t wearing knickers she stared at me, probably a bit of a shock. At the end of that lesson she called me into her office. She told me that as long as she didn’t get any complaints I could continue going knickerless. I thanked her and told her that I was happy because I no-longer owned any knickers. She told me to be careful if I was going around the school in short skirts and no knickers. As I walked out Katie was outside the door and she told me that the teacher had a big grin on her face.

During those Gym lessons we frequently ended up in positions where our skirts were up round our waists. Just about every time, the teacher would be close by and watching. Both Katie and me are convinced that she’s a lesbian.

School Cleaners. One day Katie and me were wasting some time in the school library when a cleaner came in. Katie said that she wondered if male cleaners went into the girl’s gym changing rooms. That set us thinking and planning.

We knew that there was only one cleaner at school during the day and that others came in just after the kids left. We’d seen them.

We fikirtepe escort tried to think of an excuse for us to stay back after school and finally decided that we could pretend to want to join one of the after-school clubs if anyone asked. When school ended that day we went to the girl’s changing and discovered that it was empty and that the gym teacher had gone home. We went in and worked out what we were going to do next. We decided that since the gym was empty we would get changed into our PE kit and go and have some fun in the gym. It was easy to get the big rope out.

As we got changed , walked into the gym and as I started climbing the rope we worked out that if a cleaner came in, great, if none did, then still great, we would have a few orgasms on the rope and leave. Our plan never got any further than that.

I was at the top of the rope when this middle aged cleaner came in with a big brush. He stopped and stared at us. Katie said that we were just getting an extra workout and that it was okay for him to continue. He grunted and continued to the other end of the gym. As he got closer to us I had an idea. I quickly undid my wrap around skirt and let it fall. As it started to fall I screamed and shouted “Oh shit!” As the man looked up at me I started sliding down the rope with it pressed hard against my pussy. My clit bounced along the knobbly bits and I came before I reached the ground.

I lay on the ground still shaking with my legs open, my skirt a couple of yards away and the man and Katie staring at me. After a minute or so of no one saying anything or moving, I got up and said, “I’m okay, thank you for asking,” and went to my skirt and put it back on. The man walked away.

Katie went up the rope next. As she orgasmed coming down she screamed. I guess that the man thought that it was because she was coming down, not because she was cumming.

We had a little think and decided that it would take the man about 10 minutes to sweep the gym. What could we do to fill that time was the problem until Katie thought of handstands.

Well, we were both knickerless and wearing skirts that we knew would end up round our bodies if we went upside down; and loose fitting T-shirts.

We pushed the rope back against the wall then had a competition to see which of us could walk the furthest on our hands. Up we went and down came out skirts and T-shirts. We were laughing and giggling as we set off down the gym towards the man. I think that I was the first to walk out of my T-shirt, but Katie walked out of hers shortly afterwards.

The man was trying to ignore us but he kept looking over towards us.

Katie fell down first, then I did, into the crab position. We got back up and continued. Then I remembered that I can balance better if I open my legs wide. My gaping pussy pointing to the ceiling as we passed the man. He even turned round to watch us.

Katie got to the wall first and we lowered our selves down and stood up. I bent over and put my hands on my knees as I got my breath back. My naked breasts hanging down.

Then Katie said, “Race you to the other end – on our hands.” Up we went and were off. Katie had seen that I was balancing better by keeping my legs wide apart so she did as well. We went either side of the man whose eyes quickly darted from one to the other of us.

I won that race and we went to get showered straight afterwards. We walked out topless, forgetting our T-shirts.

We took our skirts and trainers off and went into the shower. We were still there, kissing actually, when the cleaner came into the changing room carrying our T-shirts. He shouted hello but we ignored him and carried on kissing and caressing the others buns. We heard ‘hello’ again, this time louder. I looked over to the doorway and saw the man holding our T-shirts. I broke away from Katie and we both walked over to him without covering-up at all. We took the T-shirts from his outstretched hand, thanked him and Katie gave him a kiss on his cheek.

We put our T-shirts on a coat hook and went back to the shower. I looked back and saw that he was still watching us. Still looking at him I rubbed my hand down over one breast and over my pussy and loudly said that he could watch for as long as he wanted. He turned and walked out. We never saw him again.

Student Gym Teachers. About two weeks before the end of the year, the teacher came into the changing room as we all arrived and told us all that the lesson was going to be different on 3 counts. Firstly, because the maths lesson after PE was cancelled because the teacher was off sick and that there were no other PE lessons that day, those of us who wanted to could stay for a double lesson. Secondly the lesson would be run by 3 student teachers; and thirdly, the student teachers would be running a series of exercises to record how flexible and nimble girls our age were. I asked if it would be a fair sample as all the over-weight girls had opted-out gebze escort of PE for their last year. I was told not to worry about it.

One of the other girls (Maddy) that had started wearing a PE skirt and no knickers asked the teacher if she could sit out of the lesson. When asked why, she said that she didn’t have any knickers with her. The teacher got mad with her and told her that she had to be in the lesson and that it was her fault if she was ill-prepared.

Shortly after that a young woman came into the changing room and went to talk with our teacher.

Watching the other girls get changed I saw that 2 of girls that had stopped wearing knickers kept their thongs on and the 5 others (including Maddy, Katie and me) were commando.

When we went into the Gym there were 2 young man there dressed in gym kit. Maddy again asked our teacher if she could sit out and was told that she couldn’t.

One of the male student teachers told us all to sit on the floor while he explained what we were going to be doing. As we sat crossed legged Indian style I made sure that my little skirt was up and my bare pubes was visible. I noticed that Katie did as well.

The man was nearly at the end of his talk when he suddenly realised that he could see my bare pubes. He went bright red but continued talking. I’d been watching all 3 of the student teachers during the talk and the other man got a tent in his shorts too. The woman hadn’t seemed to notice our state of dress.

Our normal teacher had been in the gym with us during the talk and at the end she asked everyone if everything was good, then left saying that she might check in on us later.

The 3 student teachers then put us through a whole load of tests / exercises and made notes on their clipboards. The male student teacher had already explained that some of them might seem a little child-like but necessary. But if we got into the spirit of it all then we would have some fun.

The more interesting of the exercises were: –

Bending and touching our toes without bending our knees. This was the first exercise and all 3 student teachers were confronted by 7 bare teenage girl’s backsides. 2 thongs – remember. All with legs spread a bit. The 3 student teachers got together behind us and had a little discussion. I could over-hear bits of what they were saying and it was obvious that what they were talking about. I over-heard ‘lock’ and ‘doors’ and one of the men went out of the gym and came back a couple of minutes later and told the other that our teacher had told him that she knew about our state of dress and that everything was okay. We were then told to stand up straight.

Running on the spot for 2 minutes. No problem except for the ‘big’ girls and those (like Katie and me) who weren’t wearing bras. My nips had gone rock hard as soon as I walked into the gym and seen the 2 men, and the running was making them even harder and a little bit sore.

Star jumps. That certainly opened our pussies.

Running to the other end of the gym and back. We were all timed for this, and by the end, my T-shirt, and most of the other girls were sweaty and clinging to us.

Crabs. We were all told to lean over backwards and land in the ‘crab’ position. Those of us wearing short PE skirts discovered that this left our pussies exposed and wide open because our feet were apart. The 3 student teachers walked in amongst us making notes and looking at us.

By that time my puss was VERY wet and very swollen. I could feel my clit poking out. None of the 3 could have failed to notice. From my head upside-down position I could see 2 tented pairs of shorts and 3 flushed faces. Was the young woman enjoying the sights as well? I was certainly wondering.

Cartwheels. We all had to take it in turns to do 3 cartwheels in one continuous run down the gym. The inevitable happened and by the time we got to the end all of the skirted girls had their skirts up round their waists.

Headstands. Now this was fun. We were split into groups of 3 and took it in turns for each of the groups of 3 to do the headstand. The other 2 had to stand close by and help the girl doing the headstand get up straight.

When we were told what we would be doing I quickly realised the one group of girls would be one person short. I quickly grabbed the nearest girl, Maddy and pulled her over to the nearest male student teacher and asked him to make up our 3. He looked around and soon realised that one of them would have to join us. He said he would and we moved into an open area.

When we were told to start Maddy said that she would go first. Now both Maddy and me were wearing loose fitting T-shirts that weren’t tucked into the waist band of our skirts, without bras. I don’t think that Maddy realised what would happen. As she went up her skirt fell to her waist and her T-shirt went round her neck and over her head. Her skirt didn’t slide past her breasts so they were on display as well as içerenköy escort her pussy. She let out a little squeal and started to drop her legs but both the teacher and me grabbed an ankle each and kept her upside down. As she tried again to drop her legs I started to pull her legs apart. I think natural instinct got the better of the teacher and he pulled outward as well. We both got a great view of her wet bald pussy. Maddy struggled again and we slowly let her down. Her face was bright red.

It was my turn next and I was upside down in a second. My T’shirt dropped and covered my head and my short skirt went inside out. Fortunately it wasn’t long enough to reach my breasts so all my goodies were on display.

Now I’ve always been good at balancing so standing on my head was easy. I even opened my legs wide the back and front almost into an inverted splits position. The male student teacher and Maddy just stared at my shinny, aching, swollen pussy. After a couple of minutes I realised that everyone else was standing up looking at me. I dropped my legs to the floor and stood up letting my clothes drop back into place. The teacher said ‘very good’. I think that he was talking about my balance.

Next was the turn for the third person in each group to do a headstand. The teacher was reluctant to do it at first but after a bit of persuasion up he went. His shorts went up a bit, but not enough for me to see his balls. I did see a wet patch on the front, near his waist band.

When I realised that I wasn’t going to see anything I looked round the room. There were 2 more pussies and 6 tits on display. One of the pussies was one of the girls that normally goes commando but had decided to wear her thong today. I could see all of her pussy as the thong had disappeared inside her pussy lips. I wondered if she realised.

Handstands. Another one that I enjoyed. One by one we had to stand on our hands then see how far we could walk on them. All 3 student teachers watched and timed us. I don’t know why they couldn’t have got 3 of us go at once, but I wasn’t complaining.

As we lined up to start Maddy whispered that she didn’t want to do it because the 2 men would see her pussy again. I whispered back telling her to enjoy it, that I knew that I would.

The 10 girls that were wearing PE skirts all showed what they weren’t wearing underneath their skirts for varying lengths of times, although Maddy and 2 others fell over after only a few seconds. 7 of us had our pussies on display, even the 2 who were wearing thongs because they had both turned into wedgies with the little triangle above their slits and the strings hidden in between their pussy lips.

Out of the 14 of us, 8 had loose tops on and these fell over our breasts. 6 of the 8 were not wearing bras and 2 of us (Katie and me) were wearing skirts that didn’t fall far enough to cover even part of or breasts.

All 14 of us kept our legs apart to some degree for balance but all were enough to give everyone a good display. All 7 of us had completely bald pussies.

As I said earlier, I’m quite good at balancing things and I was able to stay walking on my hands for ages. After all, I’d done it before in the gym.

As soon as I was upside down on my hands my skirt went towards the ground and my T-shirt followed it as far as it could go. The movement of walking on my hands soon had it round my elbows. This was restricting my movements so I walked out of it leaving it in a pile on the floor.

As I walked around I opened my legs quite wide to get better balance. I even walked right up to the student teachers with all my goodies fully on display.

Eventually I decided that I couldn’t stay up any longer and went right over into the crab position right in front of the teachers.

Someone threw my T-shirt to me and I put it back on.

Rope climbing. The best of all. I suppose they were testing our arm strength. One of the thick ropes that are suspended from the ceiling was pulled out and we each had to see how far we could climb up. We lined up. I was about fourth and Katie about tenth. The 2 male student teachers stood at the bottom of the rope to catch any girl that fell while the woman took the times and heights.

I did quite well and got very close to the ceiling. I enjoyed the men looking up my skirt as I went up. At the top I needed a rest and wrapped the rope round one leg for extra support. As it went round that leg it went between my legs and was pressing on my pussy. I quickly realised that by easing the grip of my hands there was more pressure on my clit. I was experimenting with this when the woman teacher shouted for me to come down.

I slowly slid down the rope letting the knobbly rope rub against my clit. Because of all the earlier exposure I was close to having an orgasm and that rope was just what was needed to take me over the edge. When I was still about 2 yards off the ground it hit me. I screamed, lost my grip and fell. I was still in mid orgasm as 2 sets on men’s arms caught me and lowered me to the ground. I was still shaking as they stood up and looked down at me. My skirt was still up and my throbbing pussy staring up at them. They didn’t know what to do and just stood there looking at me.

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