Almond Eyes


*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: Yes I need an editor; no, I do not want an editor. Yes, it jumps around too much. Yes there’s too many people to keep track of. Yes it’s too long. Yes it’s too short. Yes it’s stupid shit, and yes, I suck.

For those of you that have not hit the backspace key, I hope you enjoy this little tale.


The new school year was fourteen minutes away from officially beginning. Daniel Couvillion stumbled over his own two feet as he stepped into the cool interior of St. Thomas Aquinas High School. He’d been a student at the Bender, Louisiana parochial school since the eighth grade, since graduating from St. Richard’s Elementary School.

This was his senior year. Many of his peers were exuberant, excited. They were finally seniors, the ruling class of St. Thomas Aquinas.

But eighteen year old Daniel knew it would just be more of the same. Taunting, bullying, tormenting.

He stepped into Room 212, the senior homeroom, and stopped in his tracks.

There, in the first seat, in the front row sat an exotic beauty. She had golden skin, dark almond eyes, shoulder length black hair, framing her beautiful face. Her chest was a little on the small size, but Daniel did not notice this; he was mesmerized by her smile.

“Hello,” she said in a soft voice.

“Hey, um, hi, I’m uh you’re new huh?” Daniel stammered.

“I’m Moalualoa Kuterin; I’m from American Samoa,” the girl said, offering him her dainty hand.

“I um, I’m Daniel,” he said, taking her small hand in his. “Uh, Daniel Couvillion.”

Then Troy Manzella shoved Daniel out of the way. Todd, Brent, and Barry, Troy’s entourage guffawed as Daniel almost fell to the floor as he plowed into a desk.

“Watch where you’re going, Loser,” Troy sneered and strode toward the rear of the class.

“Are you all right?” Moalualoa asked.

Daniel couldn’t help it; his warm brown eyes filled with tears.

“No, no, oh Sweetie, don’t cry,” she whispered, using her thumb to wipe away the moisture. “No, no, they’re just not worth it.”

The first buzzer sounded and Daniel took a seat directly behind the kind girl. She smiled sympathetically at him and he tried to smile.

A group of girls came in, giggling, and joined the goons in the rear of the class.

Steadily, the class filled up, then when the final buzzer sounded, Sister Andrea strode in, closed the door, and launched into her lecture; the same one she’d given year after year. Senior year was an exciting year, a time of celebration. But it was also a time of serious planning, a time to really buckle down.

“A football player can run ninety nine yards, but not cross the goal line,” she suggested. “He doesn’t cross the goal line? It’s not a touchdown, is it?”

Then she took attendance.

“Mow, mow, you are going to have to tell me how to pronounce this,” she admitted.

“But you can pronounce Domingue, Gremillion and Hebert?” Moalualoa teased as she stood up.

“Those are easy,” Sister Andrea had to smile.

“Mow ah, loo ah, low ah Cue, ter in,” Moalualoa said slowly. “Exactly as it is spelled.”

“What kind of name is that?” Troy asked, sneering.

“It is Samoan; I am originally from American Samoa,” Moalualoa said.

With some prompting from Sister Andrea, the girl told of her family coming here, to Bender, Louisiana so that her father could begin work at the St. Elizabeth Distillery.

“I was supposed to begin here last year,” she stated. “But two days before the school year started? A drunk driver hit our car. My parents were killed immediately, but I was trapped in the back seat.”

She took a moment to compose herself.

“I was in the hospital, felt like forever, then I went to rehab. It took many months before I could even walk again,” she said.

She gave the silent class a wry smile.

“And believe me, the irony is not lost on me,” she said. “My father? Is going to work at a distillery? And we’re hit by a drunk driver?”

“What irony?” Troy asked.

Moalualoa stared at him for a long moment.

“What?” he asked.

“You must be very skilled at the football,” she said. “But do yourself a favor. When they ask you if you want a helmet? Take it.”

Troy scowled as his classmates laughed.

“Got to wear helmets; it’s the rules,” he spat.

“But I kept up with all my school work while I was in rehab and now I’m just so happy to be here,” Moalualoa concluded her tale. “Go Avengers!”

“Go Avengers!” many in the class agreed.

Sister Andrea suggested to Cheryl Leblanc, Troy’s girlfriend that she be a ‘buddy’ to Moalualoa, help show her around.

“Oh, but I already have a buddy,” Moalualoa interrupted. “Daniel and I have many of the same classes together; he’ll show me around.”

“Ooh!” many of their classmates teased and Daniel flamed bright red.

Moalualoa smiled her sweet little smile. Despite his embarrassment, Daniel smiled.

He did show her to her next class, World History, then promised as soon diyarbakır escort as he finished with his Physical Education class, he’d be back to show her to their Physics class.

“God, why you even like that shit?” Cheryl sneered as Moalualoa took a seat.

“Oh, but I don’t like Troy, girlfriend,” Moalualoa said easily.

“No, no, that Couvillion,” Cheryl corrected.

“He’s smart, he’s got beautiful eyes, and he’s sweet,” Moalualoa admitted.

“Plus that, if it’s true what they say about big feet…” she thought to herself, but pushed that thought aside as she felt herself getting excited.

By the time Friday rolled around, it was understood that Moalualoa and Daniel were a couple.

“You doing anything tonight?” she asked as she prepared to unlock the door of her 2014 Midnight Blue Mustang.

“I uh, well, I can probably get my dad’s truck, I uh, you want to go uh, the Courtyard? They got this movie place,” Daniel stammered.

“You like Sushi?” Moalualoa asked, taking pity on him.

“I uh, I’ve never had it,” Daniel admitted.

“There’s this place in Flowers, August Moon? Best Sushi I’ve ever had,” Moalualoa said. “Pick you up at six?”

Daniel didn’t walk, he floated to Bus 144. He got off the bus and walked the two blocks to his house, feet never touching the ground.

Grady Couvillion looked at his pathetic excuse of a son and sighed. Wordlessly, he took two twenty dollar bills from his wallet and slapped them on the table.

“Thanks Dad,” Daniel said.

“Uh huh,” Grady said and wondered for the millionth time why his son Dennis Couvillion had died and yet this pathetic worm had lived.

He also wondered just how pathetic this girl had to be if she was willing to date his pitiful excuse of a boy.

Dennis would be twenty, almost twenty one if he had lived. If only Melinda had been more diligent, had kept her eye on the three year old boy.

He almost misted up as he thought back to when he had received the horrible phone call; Dennis had wandered into the street and…

Grady sighed and again looked at his eighteen year old son.

“Melinda; I’ll be back,” he spat.

Ever since joining that church of hers, right after the death of Dennis, she wouldn’t allow alcohol in her house.

That was fine with Grady; the strippers down at Club Fantastic’s were pretty willing to suck cock for twenty five bucks. For whatever reason, Melinda now believed that sucking cock was a sin, drinking beer was a sin, having fun was a sin.

Before she could object, before he could yell at her, before he could walk out, the doorbell rang.

“Oh, hello,” Melinda said.

“Hi, I’m Mow-low; Daniel ready?” Moalualoa politely asked.

“He’s not, but I am,” Grady joked and the exotic beauty smiled.

“Hi, uh, Mom? Dad? This uh, this is Moalualoa; she goes to my school,” Daniel introduced the girl to his parents.

“No shit? No fucking shit?” Grady thought to himself as he watched the cute Asian girl link her arm with Daniel’s. “He has a date? With this?”

He stood and watched as she pulled him to her Mustang. Through the window, he saw her lean over her console and give his pathetic little worm of a son a kiss, directly on his lips.

Daniel had been thrilled when the exotic beauty asked him on a date. He had been thrilled when she linked her arm with his. But her kiss practically had him swooning.

“Never understood what that stupid word meant until now,” he said.

“What word?” Moalualoa asked as she started her car.

“Shit!” Daniel said, realizing he’d said his thought out loud.

“You never knew what ‘shit’ meant?” Moalualoa asked, amused.

“No, no, ‘swooning,'” a red faced Daniel admitted.

“I love you; you are just so perfect for me,” Moalualoa giggled and backed out of his driveway.

Daniel enjoyed some of the dishes they ate, some he would never put in his mouth again, even if his life depended on it, and some made him shrug his shoulders.

“Let me, I want to show you my house,” Moalualoa said as they stepped outside into the early twilight.

“Sure,” Daniel said, resisting the urge to wipe his tongue.

He’d really not liked that last dish they’d eaten. And the hot wasabi sauce did not make it any more palatable.

She drove quickly, then pulled up to a modest home.

Daniel remembered that her parents had been killed in an automobile accident, so was genuinely surprised when an Asian woman greeted them.

“This is Muitoto, my housekeeper,” Moalualoa said.

“How you do?” the woman asked in an accented voice.

“When I got out of rehab, I needed a guardian,” Moalualoa explained. “And my aunt knew her sister and here she is.”

Moalualoa and Muitoto spoke in rapid Japanese and Muitoto giggled, covering her mouth with her hand.

Then Moalualoa pulled Daniel up the stairs.

“What was that all about?” Daniel asked.

“Hmm?” Moalualoa asked as she opened her bedroom door. “I told her I am in love with you and we’re going to get married as soon as we can.”

“What?” Daniel laughed, edirne escort thinking Moalualoa had to be joking.

Her almond eyes looked into his brown eyes.

“What? You think I’m joking?” she asked.

Before he could answer, she kissed him.

Her arms went around him and she pressed her body against his.

Her tongue entered his mouth and she sucked on his tongue for a long moment.

He blushed hotly; he could feel his cock begin to stiffen in his jeans.

Once, at a party, he’d kissed Bernice Gernaud, and had even felt her pneumatic breasts. And his erection had tented his jeans. Bernice had noticed; her yelp of shock made sure everyone else saw it too.

“Got to be a sock,” Troy had guffawed.

“A hard sock?” Matt Prejean had asked.

Which earned Matt a hard shove from Troy.

Now, Daniel tried to hug Moalualoa while pulling his crotch away at the same time.

“That for me?” Moalualoa asked, rubbing her belly against the hard lump.

She kissed him again, then reached down and cupped his testicles in her small hand.

“I sure hope so,” she said.

She gave him another kiss then pulled away.

“Be right back,” she said and walked to a door.

Daniel could see that it was a bathroom when Moalualoa opened the door. She smiled at him then closed the bathroom door.

There was a footlocker with a pillow top at the foot of her large bed so he sat there. There was a small chair at her vanity, but Daniel didn’t feel like sitting at her make up table.

He heard running water, then silence. There was a large screen television attached to the wall, but he didn’t see the remote control. He also didn’t feel right turning on her television without permission.

A long moment passed, then he heard a toilet flush. Then he heard more running water.

The door opened and Moalualoa smiled, then exited the bathroom, dressed in only a pair of very skimpy black panties.

Daniel goggled at the sexy golden goddess standing in front of him.

Her breasts were small, capped with small dark nipples.

Her belly had just a hint of a paunch to it, her belly button was a dimple in her golden skin.

Her legs were sleek, muscular. He could see some faint scarring on her left leg from the automobile accident. But this scarring actually made her seem all the more perfect in his eyes.

She smiled at his open mouthed gaze and approached.

“Hi Baby,” she whispered and straddled his legs.

She sat down and kissed him. Then she took his immobile hands into hers and pressed them against her breasts.

“Hi,” she said again and shoved her tongue into his mouth.

Daniel’s brain finally kicked into gear and he began toying with her 30B breasts, lightly pinching the small hard nipples, squeezing the small globes of flesh.

She kissed him hotly and began unbuttoning his shirt.

When she had more than half of his buttons undone, she pulled her mouth from his and bent her head.

“Oh!” he grunted as Moalualoa’s mouth nibbled on his nipple.

“Like that?” she husked and sucked on the other nipple before Daniel could respond.

She wiggled out of his lap and stood up. She pulled him to his feet and again hugged him tightly, pressing her body firmly against him.

“Let’s take this to the bed, Baby,” she husked.

She walked away and Daniel hurriedly kicked off his shoes, without unlacing them, struggled out of his shirt and jeans. He turned and saw that Moalualoa was already in the bed, beautiful body covered from waist down by the heavy comforter.

“Nuh uh,” Moalualoa said.

She dropped her skimpy black panties to the bedroom floor.

“No underwear in my bed,” she ordered and Daniel hesitated for a second, then wiggled out of his briefs.

“Son of a… Oh Baby! Mow-low likes, Mow-low likes!” she enthused as his eight and a half inches of fat cock came into view.

He clumsily got into the bed and she slid over and embraced him.

“You ever, you a virgin?” she asked, but stuffed her tongue into his mouth before he could answer.

“I, uh, yeah, I I’ve never,” Daniel stammered.

“With those pretty eyes? I think you are fibbing to me,” she said, then kissed him again.

“But listen, this is our first date,” she said. “So, it all right? I mean, God, I want to, you know, but tonight, it all right if we just…”

She put her mouth to his ear, even though they were all alone in the bedroom.

“We just you know, just have oral sex?” she suggested.

“Uh, yeah, I mean, I uh, yeah, that’s fine,” Daniel agreed, his hard cock twitching at the thought of this beautiful girl performing oral sex on him.

“Now, let’s see,” she teased, grabbing his cock in her small hand and stroking it. “Exactly how does one perform oral sex?”

She looked at him, smiling.

“Do you know?” she asked.

“I uh, I guess you put your mouth on it,” he suggested.

“Like this?” she asked and slithered down, making sure her lower half was still encased in the comforter.

“Erk!” Daniel gulped out loud as her hot, wet mouth elazığ escort encircled the head of his cock.

“Erk!” he squeaked louder as her tongue flicked all around the sensitive head.

“Ugh, o God,” he moaned as she sank more of his cock into her mouth.

His cock tasted clean, of soap, and only a small hint of sweat. Moalualoa stroked the length of his cock that was not in her mouth.

She allowed a little of her saliva to slip out of her mouth, to lubricate his cock for her hand.

“Oh,” Daniel moaned.

The feeling was bliss. He had often fantasized about what it would be like to have someone suck his cock. Cheryl Leblanc had been his favorite fantasy.

But he’d overheard Sammy and Timmy talking; repeating what they’d heard this guy say about a friend of his had a cousin that had a friend that had gone into the park bathroom and had gotten a blow job from a guy.

“No way!” Timmy yelped.

Then he lowered his voice.

“Dude, would you do that?” Timmy asked.

“Depends on how desperate I was, and how dark it was,” Sammy laughed.

“Faggot!” Timmy playfully accused.

But since overhearing their conversation, Daniel often wondered what that would be like, having a man suck his cock.

“Mow, Mow, Moalualoa, I’m getting,” Daniel grunted as his balls tightened, that familiar feeling began to bubble up.

“Mmm hmm!” Moalualoa agreed and increased her suction.

“Ugh! Oh!” Daniel cried out and began pumping a stream of semen into Moalualoa’s sucking mouth.

When he finally finished grunting and groaning, Moalualoa pulled her mouth off of his heavy cock and sat up.

She then kissed Daniel passionately.

Daniel was inexperienced; did not know he was supposed to be disgusted that his girlfriend was putting her tongue into his mouth right after swallowing his semen. He put his arms around her slim body, hugged her, and returned her kiss with passion.

“Now, you do me?” Moalualoa asked hopefully.

“I uh, yeah, but I uh I really don’t know how,” Daniel admitted.

“You just do what I did to you,” Moalualoa said.

She then grabbed Daniel’s face in her hands. Her dark eyes looked into his eyes.

“I uh, I’m about to show you something,” she said softly.

Daniel assumed it would be more scarring from her accident.

“Whatever it is, its fine,” he assured her.

“I, Daniel, I really hope so,” she said, no smile on her pretty face.

She kissed him softly.

“Because I really, really think I love you,” she whispered.

“And I uh, I’m pretty sure I love you too,” he admitted.

She wiggled, letting the sheets fall.

Daniel goggled. Where there should have been a pussy, a pretty triangle of black fur, or a bald pubic mound, was a thatch of black pubic hair, and a hard, fat cock and two heavy balls.

“That’s a, you’re a…” Daniel gasped.

“I was born Manoli Kuterin,” Moalualoa softly said, hard cock beginning to wilt as Daniel sat, mouth open.

She softly touched him and he jerked as if she’d slapped him.

Her cock wilted completely at this reaction.

“But I have never ever felt comfortable as a boy,” she said, tears beginning to form in her almond eyes.

“In fact, that’s what we were arguing about,” she sniffled. “The day, that day that…”

She broke down in tears.

“…my mother and father were killed,’ she managed to choke out.

Daniel put his slender arms around her and hugged her. She leaned heavily against him and sobbed for her loss.

“My father was screaming about I was an embarrassment and my mother was telling me I needed to grow up, quit playing these silly little games, and then suddenly I was in pain,” Moalualoa sobbed, clinging on to Daniel.

Daniel didn’t know what to say, what to do, so he just rubbed her smooth back.

“So much pain, I was screaming, begging God, please, please make the pain stop,” Moalualoa sobbed, remembering that horrible day.

She sobbed, leaning heavily against him.

“When I came to, a very pretty nurse told me the truth; my parents were gone,” she whimpered. “And I knew, I just knew it had been a judgement from God.”

“God’s not like that,” Daniel protested.

“I know that,” Moalualoa smiled sadly.

She touched his face softly. He did not flinch, did not pull away.

“I know that now,” she affirmed. “My God? He made me like I am. And He made me like I am because He loves me.”

She continued softly touching Daniel’s face. She looked into his eyes, then leaned up and kissed him softly.

“I love you,” she whispered and kissed his lips again.

“And I lo… I love you too,” Daniel said.

They kissed and snuggled some more, but did not go any further.

“Come on, Sweetheart, I’ll take you home,” Moalualoa finally said.

Daniel’s cock was very quick to respond when Moalualoa bent over in front of him, bent to retrieve her panties from the floor.

Daniel saw her fat cock, heavy balls, and just above that, her sweet looking anus. His erection was quick.

“Oh, no sir,” Moalualoa smiled when she saw his hard cock. “Mr. Couvillion does not get another blow job from Mow-low until he gives Mow-low one.

Daniel’s cock actually twitched and throbbed at the thought.

Grady was home, watching a sports program when Daniel let himself into the house.

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