Adesuwa, the House girl Pt. 01



Note to readers — in my motherland, a house girl is someone you will call a maid. She is usually a young girl, and lives with the family. She helps around the house by cleaning, cooking, and doing other housework. Most house girls are brought in to help busy wives to take care of the house as well as young children.


Adesuwa was this cute nineteen-year-old girl my mom hired as a house-girl to help run things in the house a couple of years back. Though not too smart as she could sometimes be an airhead, she more than made up with her looks. This babe had the body of a goddess. I always had fantasies and illusions of taking this girl to bed and banging her senseless anytime I saw her around.

My mum brought her into our home to help an old friend who had come into hard times. Her husband was a retired police officer and a staunch alcoholic who barely had the time and resources to train his children. Recently he had decided to take another wife (apart from the two he already had) and had informed his older wives to find ways of training their kids. With the little amount she made selling foodstuff in Karimo market, there was no way this woman could afford to send any of her kids to school and they all had to drop out.

My mum had met her one evening when she had gone to buy foodstuff for the month. For some reason known to only her, she struck an accord with the woman (maybe because she found out they were from the same place, as my mum is from Edo State, though she lived all her life in Lagos), but she found herself listening to this poor woman’s plight. She took pity on her, so every now and then when she went shopping, she would give this woman some money for her upkeep.

One weekend my dad hosted a meeting for his old classmates. I happened to be home that weekend and since I was a 300-level student in Nasarawa State University which was about an hour-and-a-half away in Keffi, I came home very often. Besides that, being the only boy, my dad always wanted me around to curb the excesses of the women in the house as my two sisters and our mum had their ways of getting away with things they did to him and he needed another man in the house every now and then. I was supposed to have gone back to campus that day but I decided to stay back to enjoy some food and take some along to school, which would have saved me the stress of cooking and spending money on feeding. That was when I first met her.

My mum had given me some twenty-five thousand naira to buy another large goat when she realized the one we had procured earlier wasn’t going to cater for the large crowd of people we were expecting. As I was about to head out, one of the women who was helping her out to cook (who I later found out was the woman in question) told my mum she knew someone in Dei-Dei market where I could get it cheaper and called her daughter to take me there. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets when I saw the daughter.

I tried so hard not to stare at her in lust as her mum explained to her where we were to get the animal. Though she was not that smartly dressed, her clothes could not hide the hot body that she had. Picture Cassidy Banks in a faded, well-worn knee length dress and you would not be too far off – her well rounded breasts, a perfect figure, smooth light-complexion skin, and as I observed later, a killer smile which showed off the beautiful diastema. Her shapely arse swayed seductively when she walked, and her boobs bounced anytime she moved. I tried to keep my eyes on her face as her mum finally finished and she turned to me. I quickly led her to my mum’s Tacoma Truck before she could see the growing bulge in my jeans.

On our way we engaged in small talk. I got to know her name was Adesuwa. She was the one who told me about her mum and her family, as well as how my mum helped them occasionally. She told me due to financial difficulties, she and her younger siblings had to drop out of school. She was in SS2 when she had to stop going and for the past three years, had been helping her mum out in the market while they tried to figure out how they would return to school. She had once suggested to her mum that she should just go ahead and get married so that the burden will be less on her but was rewarded with a resounding slap. All the time I tried to keep my eyes on the road and not on her generous chest, as well as keeping my growing erection from exposing my lust. I told her not to worry and that things would work themselves out eventually. I did not know at that time I was prophesizing and that it will lead to all what would happen between us.

About five weeks later I came home for another little stay and some more of mummy’s yummy food. Immediately I got into the kitchen to greet her, who would I see with her but Adesuwa. I stood rooted to the spot gaping like an idiot. I did not even hear her greet me as I stared at her. I finally got my tongue back and greeted my mum with a hug.

Though kaynarca escort I heard the full gist later from Adesuwa, my mum told me that evening that she had decided to bring her into the house to help as her maid. Her mother had decided to return to their village in Edo state to start afresh since her husband was practically useless in terms of catering for their needs. Besides, she needed help in the house since we (my sisters and I) were away in school. In return, she enrolled her in evening lessons at the school nearby to at least finish up her secondary education. She was pretty much quiet, obedient, and hardworking, and everyone treated her like she was part of the family.


Adesuwa’s presence in the house made me come home almost every other weekend from then on. I do not know why, but the thought of her always crossed my mind all week I was in school. Even my parents were rather surprised at my frequent home comings, though they were often happy I could come home regularly since I schooled not too far away. Adesuwa too was rather glad to see me the times I came. I think she had begun to take a sudden liking towards me. She had a friend called Ireti that she went to classes with. The two girls usually left around two in the afternoon and got back around six just before my mum got home for the day. Both called me “broda” playfully, and they showed me a lot of respect. Adesuwa in particular always insisted I bring something for her anytime I came home, and whatever it was I got her (usually chocolates, a hardcover exercise book, ballpoint pens, etc.) she cherished a lot and thanked me profusely.

Maybe it was my imagination, but there were times Adesuwa seemed to secretly flirt with me, as if she knew the effect she was having on me. She would bat her eyelids sexily at me anytime I ran into her and anytime she caught me staring, she would sway her waist or caress her boobs with a seductive gleam in her eyes. She was careful not to get too carried away and make my mum notice. I think the grooming tips she got from my sisters helped a lot. Gone were the drab looking blouses and dresses. She now wore some nice tops, leggings, jeans, denim shorts, long shirts, and some light touches of makeup. Gone were the plaited hairs and ugly scarves. She now did some nice crochets, braids, perms, and styles. Her articulation had improved. If anyone came visiting, you would not know she was the maid. We all treated her like she was one of us and I know she was grateful for that.

All these subtle changes in her made me notice her more and fueled the yearning in me. I ached to grab her by the waist and kiss her senseless, and most of my wet dreams during the week in school were all about her. I told myself that no matter what it takes, I had to do something with this girl.


By this time Adesuwa had been with us for about nine months, and seriously, she had come far from the local Edo girl my mum brought in all that time ago. My mum and sisters had really done a good job on her and she now moved with poise and grace. All this while I had put my cravings for her on simmer, biding my time carefully and hoping not to do anything that would eventually betray the respect she had for me, but it seemed she herself wanted me to make a move on her. Her subtle glances, her “come and get me” look I thought I saw in her eyes – I was not too sure and I did not want to do something I would later regret.

I did not get the chance until much, much later. The semester had just rounded up and I been home for about a week. My parents had gone for a wedding in Ibadan that Saturday morning, and were not going to be back home until much later in the evening. My sisters were not back from school as they both studied in Ife. The only other person around was Adesuwa. On a normal day she would have gone to the wedding with my mum as well (that’s how much we had taken to her — she treated her like her handbag and always took her out to any occasion she went) but she had a test in her school that morning. My dad had told me to clear some of the stray weeds in the compound before they left, and I decided to start before it got too hot.

Around midday, just as I was almost finished, Adesuwa and her friend returned. Both came to where I was and chatted with me as I rounded up my work. I noticed Adesuwa staring at me with a sultry glint in her eye as I stood there shirtless, the whole top half of my body dripping with sweat, my muscles and abs glistening in the sun. I asked her to prepare some food for me and call me as soon as it was ready. She smiled seductively and said it would not be more than twenty minutes. She and Ireti went inside and I returned to my hoeing.

About thirty minutes later, I decided to stop. It was beginning to get too hot and the sun was starting to burn my bare back. The whole place was awfully quiet, and I began to wonder where both girls were. The food was supposed küçükyalı escort to have been ready by now. Sweating heavily, I walked towards the kitchen, where I hoped to find my grub waiting. I got there, and saw it was still on the stove, and it was almost burning.

“Where the hell is this girl for her to forget my food,” I wondered angrily as I switched the cooker off. The sweat was dripping off my body and I went into the house to have a cool shower. I got to my room and removed my filthy shorts and tying a towel around my waist, I headed to the bathroom.

Getting to the bathroom, I had to face Adesuwa’s room. As I was about entering, I heard some silent moaning coming from inside the partly open door. My curiosity got the better of me and with my heart beginning to thump, I peered round the door.

What I saw stunned me. Adesuwa and her friend were in there all right. Adesuwa was leaning back on the mattress against her arms with her legs open, her short skirt bunched around her waist. Her panties were lying beside her on the floor and her friend had her face buried in-between her legs. She threw her head back and moaned as Ireti continued to eat her out.

“What’s wrong with you?” Ireti laughed as she got up and proceeded to take off her own panties.

Watching this spectacle, I felt my dick grow. I dipped my hand into my boxers and pulled it out, rubbing and stroking it until it was rock hard. Ireti’s arse reminded me of some of the black girls in the occasional X-rated movies I watched. My dick throbbed in mutual agreement.

“God, your tongue is something else…” Adesuwa’s voice brought me back to the present. She was now lying flat on her back and her friend had crawled over her in the 69-position. They had by now discarded all their clothing. The sight of their naked young bodies only made me much harder and I felt tingles in my spine. By now Ireti had positioned her cunt over Adesuwa’s mouth and moaning loudly she also buried her face between her thighs.

I heard a moan-like gurgle from Adesuwa before her mouth also got busy. I could not imagine the pleasure they were getting from eating each other out but I knew it must be heaven. Ireti’s head was going in circles between Adesuwa’s thighs and I could hear the slurping sounds coming from both girls as they ate each other out.

I watched them and rubbed my very hard dick until unfortunately, my arm hit the door by accident. Startled, Ireti looked up and saw me standing there. She quickly sprang up as Adesuwa looked back and saw me too. Both girls scampered to cover themselves up. I quickly tucked my hard dick back into my boxers and wrapped the towel tightly around my waist as I walked into the room and glared at them.

“Haa, Broda Ayo…w-w–When did you get here?!!” Adesuwa managed to stammer after covering herself up with a pillow. Ireti on the other hand had landed on the other side of the mattress and tried to hide in the corner.

“So this is what both of you do when no one’s around abi?” I barked.

“N…No sir…this is the first time…we…”

“I told you to get me some food, you left it to burn, and came here to have lesbian sex with your friend abi?”

“Please, Broda AY, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…” she said.

“I have been standing there for five minutes…”

“So, you have been peeping since. Broda Ayo, you no dey shame(are you not ashamed)?” Ireti gained some confidence after the initial shock and went on the offensive. I was caught unawares and for an instant. My heart pounded in my chest and I could feel some guilt creep into my mind. I subconsciously stared at the floor. This was not going to plan.

“Agbaya ofo ni yin(you are a big for nothing individual),” Ireti continued defiantly, “as old as you are, bros like you dey peep at small small girls. See as your prick dey rise(see how hard your dick is). Other better men dey para dey vex with correct women. You dey peep at us like small boy. If you know say you wan watch women dey fuck, go watch mojo(porn) or better still, if you wan release(cum), go play with your prick for bathroom.”

That was the last straw. Who was she to insult me like this? I should be the one attacking her, not the other way round.

“Ehen?? I was peeping. What were the both of you doing?!” I bellowed back at her. Both girls were surprised at the sudden burst of anger from me. I did not understand where it came from, but it worked as Ireti seemed confused. Neither of them could find a good reply and I took my offensive further. I turned to Adesuwa.

“I told you to get me some food, you left it to burn, and came here to have a sex with your friend abi? And you,” I turned to Ireti, “you have the effrontery to insult me, IN MY OWN HOUSE? How dare you?!”

I could see the fear creep back into her eyes. “You accuse me of peeping. Is that worse than what you do with the useless guys in the area, you area bitch?”

“Haaa, broad Ayo!!!” Adesuwa exclaimed.

I attacked further. “For your information, sancaktepe escort in case you do not know, everyone knows what you are. So don’t you dare act all righteous with me.”

I could see I hit Ireti where it hurt her most, judged by the sad look on her face. It was secret knowledge among the guys in the area that she was a bit free spirited and would open her legs to anyone who came along with the right words and naira notes.

“Please, Broda AY, I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to…” Adesuwa was meanwhile pleading in the background.

“Sorry for what? I catch you doing stupid stuff and your useless friend here has the guts to even talk back? Is this what you do when no one is at home? How do I know you don’t bring guys inside when no one is around?”

“No, Broda Ayo, we don’t. Please…” she said, a worried look on her pretty young face.

I smiled to myself. I was back in control.

“As for you,” I said, turning back to Ireti, “just know your secret is out. I will make sure everyone realizes who you are. You think you know how to talk abi? I will show you who I am. Useless prostitute! When Mummy gets back, I am surely going to report this to her.” I spun around to head out of the room.

“No o! Noooooo, please!!! Broda Ayooo!!!” Adesuwa shouted and rushed towards me, forgetting she was naked. She held onto my arm, pleading seriously. I stood there as she knelt before me.

“Please…I promise we will not do it again…” Adesuwa pleaded.

I looked at Ireti. She looked sweet too. Darn, clean her up a bit and she would look like any other girl I saw in school every day. Her boobs were average in comparison to Adesuwa’s, but her wide hips were well complimented by her round arse. This was too good to be true.

“Please, Broda Ayo,” Ireti pleaded, tears beginning to form in her eyes. She also approached and knelt. “I-I’m sorry I insulted you. We will not do it again. Do not tell anybody. Please cover my shame. Ejoo. Please.”

I chuckled. I was going to enjoy this. I could do whatever I wanted. And to imagine I had two of them for the taking. It was going to be worth it.

“So you agree that you’ve both been naughty girls right?”

“Yes…” they both chorused.

“And you don’t want me to say anything?”

“Yes…I mean no…please…don’t tell mummy.” Adesuwa blurted.

“And you will do whatever I say?”

“Y-yes.” Ireti replied sadly.

“Ok I won’t say anything to anyone…but only on one condition.”

“What condition?” Adesuwa asked eagerly.

I paused. My heart raced. “I…ahem…I must join you in what you two were…erm…doing.”

Both girls exchanged stunned glances.

“B-broda Ayo, y-you want to…join us?” Ireti inquired, a look of bewilderment on her face.


“But you can’t. If you join us, you will later want us to…to fuck.”

“Do you have a problem with that?” I glared at her.

“N-no but…you’re our big bros. You cannot fuck us.”

“Big bros indeed. I am not your big brother. I’m just like any of the other guy you’ve sucked and fucked in the past.”

That shook her a bit, but Ireti still persisted. “What even makes you think you can handle two of us at the same time?” she argued.

“For your information I’ve fucked three girls in one day before, so what makes you think I can’t handle the two of you together?” I hissed at her in response.

The two naïve girls exchanged glances once again and were unsure of how to reply. My dick was now a hard tent beneath the towel. They both glanced at it, trying to make up their minds. Adesuwa still had the fear in her eyes. She knew she had more to lose in this than Ireti, who was shaking her head, still trying to prove stubborn.

“I see you don’t want to cooperate. I guess mum will hear about this after all.” I made to turn and leave again.

“No, please!!!” Adesuwa responded, moving forward on her knees and grabbing my leg. Her breasts pressed against my thigh as she gripped me tight. “We will do whatever you say!!”

“Adesuwa, no! We can come to another agreement.” Ireti exclaimed.

“Shut up! You think I want to them to chase me away? I cannot let them kick me out oh! Let us do what he wants biko!”

After some more back and forth between them, Ireti finally accepted there was no way out of her current predicament and reluctantly resigned herself to her fate. She reached out and touched my towel, her eyes staring at the outline of my shaft, and her fingers loosened and pulled it off my waist. She pushed her hand into my boxers and brought out my hardness.

“Hmmmm Egbon, eyin naa ni kini yi die oh (you are well endowed),” she commented as she held onto it. She and Adesuwa stared and smiled. I grinned at the knowledge that the girls appreciated the size of my manhood. Ireti leaned forward and kissed the head, sending a shockwave right up my spine.

Adesuwa preoccupied herself with pulling my boxers down to my ankles as Ireti started sucking me. She kissed and slobbered around my head while Adesuwa played with my aching balls. I had not cum for almost three weeks and the pressure was building up. I had to move back and lean against the wall as Ireti fed my rod to Adesuwa. She sucked and slobbered and they both took turns to suck the blessing out of me.

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