A Stimulating Life Ch. 07


At age forty-two, Miriam Canalis had a body that many teenagers would envy. She was svelte and athletic, with a slender waist, tight abs, dancer’s legs and firm, and round breasts that seemed to defy gravity. When she was younger, she had made a name for herself as a model. In my opinion her body was lean, toned, and curvy enough that she could still succeed as a swimsuit or lingerie model.

She had purchased me at a slave auction and treated me like a slave. I was kept constantly naked and given drugs that kept me constantly sexually aroused. My cock was never allowed to go soft for more than a few seconds and the vast majority of the time it was throbbing and painfully erect.

Miriam Canalis had two teenage daughters and about half a dozen servants in her home who could freely ogle my naked body while I was a slave in her home. It was a tactic designed to rob me of my dignity, and it was noticeably effective. I felt objectified and humiliated, and strangely excited. Inescapable servitude, forced nudity, humiliation, sexual abuse, and harsh punishments filled me with a sort of dark, delicious desire. Miriam Canalis kept me as her slave, and I adored her for it.

Each morning, the maids groomed me, making certain that I was shaved smooth all over my body and cleaned inside and out. They spend an inordinate amount of time washing my cock and making certain that it’s devoid of stubble. They claim that they’re only being thorough, but I think they like watching me squirm and moan and they bring me right to the edge of orgasm, but then refuse to let me climax.

In any event, one morning after I had been groomed, Mrs. Canalis appeared in the bathroom. I was standing in the bathtub with my legs spread apart and fingers laced together at the back of my neck. I hadn’t been given permission to break position and I was required to hold that pose until a free person told me otherwise.

“Are you finished with the slave?” Mrs. Canalis asked the maids, “I have an important project planned and I need him for it.”

One of the maids gave me a painful swat on my bare bottom and told me to go with Mrs. Canalis.

“Down to the basement with you, young man,” Mrs. Canalis ordered me as she smacked my ass with far more force than was necessary. I gasped, but obediently walked forward without looking back. Everyone in the house had permission to spank me and my ass was constantly sore. I had been conditioned to endure it.

Mrs. Canalis had me walk in front of her so she could admire my shapely buttocks and to smack them if she felt so inclined. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, it seemed to me that the basement had been converted into a dungeon.

There were multiple whips hanging from one wall and a number of bondage devices located in different parts of the room. I was naked and surrounded by things that could hurt me. My cock twitched and my heart pounded urgently in my chest.

“Get on that bench,” Mrs. Canalis ordered.

Naked, I climbed up on the padded bench. It bore some resemblance to a medical exam table, but I quickly noticed the leather straps that could be used to secure a naked victim to the bench and I decided that no doctor would ever secure their patients to an exam table with straps like that.

I was naked and on my hands and knees when Mrs. Canalis snapped, “Humble pose.”

I hastened to obey, lowing my head, keeping my ass raised high and spreading my legs far apart. It was a pose that left my buttocks, my anus, and my genitals all extremely vulnerable. Then my mistress fastened broad leather straps around my wrists, forearms, ankles and knees and buckled them tight enough that I could never squirm free.

“You have a very adorable butt,” Mrs. Canalis informed me as her fingertips brushed smoothly across my buttocks and down to where my anal cleft was yawned apart by my widely spread thighs.

“It seduced me,” she said, “Even when you’re asleep, just one look at your perfectly shaped buttocks and my mind fills with deliciously, evil thoughts.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I replied, not certain if that was the right response. Slaves can be punished for saying the wrong thing, but I was being deferential and polite. That was usually the way to go.

“That young, male slave seemed to enjoy fucking your ass intensely,” she continued, “As a woman, I don’t think I can get the same enjoyment out of it that he did, but I intend to try it anyway.”

After she said that, I wasn’t too terribly surprised when I felt her fingers stroking my tight, hairless asshole and then the sound of a plastic cap being popped open. I was experienced enough in anal sex to know that she was about to lube up my anus.

Because my legs were spread pornographically far apart, Mrs. Canalis had easy access to my asshole. The way I was bound, I couldn’t see what she was doing, but I soon felt her fingers touch the sensitive flesh of my anus once again. This time they were cold and oily with some sort of lubricating gel.

“Relax fikirtepe escort your sphincter muscle, Scott,” Mrs. Canalis said softly, yet firmly as she pressed her lubricated fingers against the pink flesh of my asshole, “I know this isn’t your first time, You’re not an anal virgin and you know that if I have to force my way inside, it’s just going to hurt.”

That got my attention. I was filled with tension, but I relaxed my sphincter muscle as much as my strained nerves would allow. And as soon as my anal cleft became less of a barrier, I felt two, firm, solid fingers begin to impale me.

Her fingers speared me, and she slowly applied pressure, working her fingers deeper and deeper into my ass. I felt her fingers probing around inside me, stimulating forbidden, magical nerve endings and I ended up moaning as her fingers wriggled and explored.

Eventually she located my prostate. I shivered and gasped and she decided to play with that part of my anatomy some more. She rubbed her fingertips across the surface of my prostate gland and delighted in my reactions. She plunged her lubricated fingers deep, finger-fucked my ass and got me to squirm, gasp and pant.

I felt helpless as Mrs. Canalis raped my ass with her fingers and that feeling of helplessness excited me. Being naked, helpless and abused by a dominant man or woman filled me with a dark sort of sexual excitement that made my cock throb and my heart pound forcefully in my chest.

“Well, you seem to be enjoying that,” my mistress said as she worked her fingers deep inside my ass, “but I’ve got other fun activities planned.”

Then she walked into my line of vision, peeled a latex glove from one hand, proceeded to strip naked and deposited most of her clothes on a metal folding chair. She looked spectacular, all lean muscle and graceful curves. I wanted to reach out and touch her, but I was bound and helpless.

“You like my body, I can tell,” she said when she caught me watching, “I work hard to keep my body looking like this. Brigitte puts me through strenuous workouts six days a week to make certain I stay toned, taut and limber.”

Then she ran her hands up and down the curves of her own buttocks. Her ass and thighs were sculpted works of perfection. And while my eyes were riveted on her, she ran her hands across her flat, taut abdomen and I sighed.

“You can look, but touching is a privilege reserved for masters and mistresses,” Mrs. Canalis said as she picked up a double-headed dildo and held it where I could see it.

I could easily guess the purpose of the double-headed dildo. While I watched, she rubbed and fingered her own pussy. And once she was wet enough took one end of the dildo, placed it at the opening on her vagina and worked it inside of her. The shaft of the dildo was thick, but she was persistent and impaled herself deep.

“I think you can guess where the other end goes,” she said as my eyes went wide, “But don’t worry, I’ll add some more lube before I fuck you with it.”

The end that went inside of me looked bigger than any cock I’d ever taken in the past and I groaned in helpless apprehension.

Then she grabbed a collection of long, thin straps and proceeded to buckle and secure them around her hips and pelvis. I soon realized that it was a harness for strapping the dildo in place. Mrs. Canalis was slow and awkward as she put the contraction together and tightened everything into place. I assumed that it was the first time she had every used a strap-on harness, but I wisely said nothing about her obvious inexperience. Slaves who comment on the shortcomings of their owners typically get punished.

My feelings of helplessness amplified when she stood behind me once again and I felt the tip of her fake cock press against my exposed anus. I trembled in response, but she just laughed and pushed at my pink, delicate asshole even harder.

“It’s one thing when a man sticks his penis inside a woman,” she said, sounding smug and triumphant, “but when a woman sticks her cock inside a man, men get nervous.”

I was naked, bound, my legs spread obscenely wide and helpless, there was nothing I could do as she pushed her fake cock against my delicate anal cleft and gradually forced her way deeper and deeper into my ass.

I was impaled on her phallus and I panted as I felt it invade and slide in deeper. It felt much larger than it looked as it stretched the ring of my anus wide open. With resistance to her being futile, I felt both excited and terrified. She shoved her fake cock in as deep as anyone had ever been inside of me. Then I gasped and felt utterly at her mercy.

“That’s my beautiful slut,” she said in a voice that sounded strangely sweet and affectionate, “Take it, take it all. I want you to feel me inside of you.”

Feeling her inside of me was not a problem. Her phallus was remarkably thick and by my estimate the part that she had thrust inside of me was nine or ten inches long. My legs were spread gebze escort wide and her shaft had speared me impossibly deep. I shuddered as she proceeded to rape me as forcefully as any man.

She enthusiastically slid the dildo in and out of my ass. Her thrusts were deep and hard, and the leather straps fastened around my wrists, forearms, ankles, and knees made certain there was nothing I could do to stop her. My young body was hers to play with and abuse in any way she chose. She could rape my ass all she wanted, and I was powerless to prevent it.

At some point, Mrs. Canalis seemed to change the way she was thrusting into me and the tip of her fake cock seemed to be pushing directly against my prostate, rubbing it, deliberately stimulating it.

I moaned and whimpered as she fucked me, feeling my sexual arousal intensify. I felt as if I utterly belonged to her. I was her submissive sex slave who delighted in being raped by her large, intimidating cock. All thoughts of dignity and self-respect were abandoned as I embraced my submissive nature and surrendered completely to this strong, self-confident, domineering woman.

Mrs. Canalis manipulated my body, pumping my prostate as she raped my ass, making me wild with sexual arousal. I felt utter submission and sweet shame as she fucked me. And the fake cock inside of me continued to rub my sensitive prostate, making my feel like a slut as my hard cock throbbed in sync the dildo inside my ass. Every time her thick dildo slid across my prostate there was a corresponding and potent pulse in my erect cock.

She grabbed my helpless, naked body by my hips and intensified her thrusts. She pumped my ass harder and harder. My anus felt sore and roughly used. My hips were pushed and bounced as her thrusts become much more frenzied and my body became slick with sweat.

I had forgotten that part of the fake cock was inside my owner’s sex and as she fucked me, she was driving herself closer and closer to orgasm. Then there was a loud cry from her lips and her cock thrust deep into me. She placed one hand on my buttocks and another on the small of my back as she shuddered and panted, reveling in orgasmic bliss.

“Oh,” she said, when she had regained her voice, “Fucking your pretty bottom was so much more fun than I thought it would be. Who knew that fucking a boy’s ass could be so enjoyable?”

I refused to answer that question. I knew a few gay and bisexual men who found my ass to be alluring and who loved to fuck it, but it didn’t seem like the thing to say at that moment.

“It seemed to me as if you enjoyed that, Scott,” she said as she removed the instrument of rape from my ass, “Did you enjoy that?”

My naked body was limp, utterly conquered, my anus feeling stretched and abused. I was emotionally and physically exhausted and felt it would be wonderful if I could just drift off into unconsciousness.

Mrs. Canalis was utterly opposed to the idea of me losing consciousness, she gave my naked ass four or five firm slaps and sharply said, “I asked you a question, slave! Did you enjoy that?”

“Ow,” I exclaimed as she proceeded to swat my ass again and again, even harder than before, “Yes, Mistress! It made me feel used, helpless, and displayed! It was delicious and exciting!”

“Good to know,” she said delightedly as she leisurely fondled my bare buttocks, “I suppose I’ll have to attend to this fuckable little ass more often.”

Then she proceeded to ask me if there were other things that I would find to be sexually exciting that she hadn’t done to me yet. I was only going to be her slave for ten days and she wanted to do as many delicious and sexually exciting things to my helpless, naked body before our time together ran out. I was a naked submissive and she was my owner, so I told her everything.


One of the things I told her about was my pony fantasy.

A few months back, Nari had loaned me some erotic slavery books by Anne Rice. They described a pre-renaissance nation in Europe where men and women were kept as naked slaves, spanked, whipped, objectified, sexually assaulted, and displayed naked in public.

In her books, the pony slaves were the most harshly abused and demeaned of all the slaves. Once I read about the helpless slaves who were forced to serve as ponies, it just spiked my libido and inspired a whole mob of masturbatory fantasies. Of course, the manpower, infrastructure and planning to get me trained as a pony-slave was prohibitive. I knew there was no way Mrs. Canalis could have me trained or displayed as a pony-slave, especially not in the short period of time that I would be her property.

It turned out that everything I knew was wrong.

The next day I was transported, naked, bound, collared, blindfold and gagged to the estate of Victoria Wellington. Victoria lived in a massive Gothic home which rested on approximately four or five acres of land. I have no idea what the grounds looked like when she had first bought içerenköy escort the land, however, she converted much of her property into a venue for training naked humans to be objectified and treated like ponies. Here they would be punished with riding crops and trained hard, forced to canter, trot and gallop until they dropped from exhaustion.

“Victoria, this is Scott,” Mrs. Canalis said as she presented me to the owner of the estate. Victoria carried a flexible riding crop and wore leather riding boots, riding leggings and a shirt unbuttoned low enough that I could see the top swell of her breasts.

By contrast, I was barefoot, utterly naked and my wrists were chained to the back of my slave collar, thus preventing me from covering myself.

“He’s quite beautiful,” Victoria said as she assessed my naked body with an appraising eye, “Young, slender and athletic, with well-defined muscles. His legs and abs look to be especially impressive.”

“He’s a ballet dancer,” Mrs. Canalis explained, “He needs strong legs and a strong core to perform the sorts of feats that the choreographers demand from him.”

“How perfect,” Victoria exclaimed, “As a professional ballet dancer, he must have had plenty of experience being ordered to do difficult tasks with flawless perfection by demanding taskmasters! He’s the ideal candidate to become a pony!”

Then Victoria examined my naked body more thoroughly, touching me all over, feeling the smoothness of my skin and the firmness of my muscles. She ran her hands across the smooth expanse of my chest, pinched my nipples, rubbed her fingertips across my well-defined abs and then moved down to my cock. She cupped my balls, squeezed the hard shaft of my cock and pinched my glans, first the underside and then the tip, causing me to whimper in pain.

“Spread,” she said, smacking me on the inside of my thigh and I obediently moved my legs far apart. Victoria examined me as if I were being sold at a slave market and she was thinking of buying me. She felt my calves and thighs, testing them for firmness and then she squeezed my buttocks roughly before forcing a finger deep into my anus and exploring mercilessly.

I wasn’t prepared for anal penetration and her fingers were rough. She didn’t use any lubricant and just forced her way inside. One finger became two and she roughly probed my tight anal fissure, hurting and twisting until I began to whimper and moan.

“Your boy is adorable,” Victoria enthused, “He’s a fledgling, but he tries so hard to be obedient.”

“He wants your approval,” Mrs. Canalis suggested.

“Well, he’s eager enough,” Victoria said, “Let’s get him properly outfitted and put him through his paces. I want to see him gallop before I tell him he’s a good pony.”

I was sent to Victoria’s husband to be properly outfitted. Her husband was named Tom and he was about my age. That hardly seemed surprising, however, I was stunned when it was revealed that Tom was receiving the same dehumanizing pony training as me.

“Ours isn’t a very conventional relationship,” Tom admitted as I was taken into his custody, “I’m too submissive for a traditional marriage. Victoria understands that and she keeps me naked and under her control.”

Tom was a slender, athletic youth with a slender waist, impressive legs, high, firm buttocks, tight, taut abs and a cock that was hard and conspicuously erect. His youthful body was glistening with sweat and his ass was blushing a deep pink with painful splotches of red. It looked as if someone had recently spanked his ass with a leather strap or a leather belt.

“I function best when given strict orders and painful punishments,” Tom explained, “I suspect you do as well. Otherwise, why would you be here?”

Tom led me to a pickup truck that was parked near the main house and dropped the truck’s tailgate. Then he unbuckled my wrists from my collar and freed my hands. It felt odd being totally free and I had a crazy thought about escaping. Not that I could get far. I was naked and had no idea where to go. I had transported while wearing a blindfold. I had no idea where I was.

The bed of the truck was filled with a myriad of supplies and Tom reached into the bed and began to remove things that I would need for my pony training. Then I was ordered to bend over and place my elbows on the tailgate of the truck.

My gaze was downcast as I obediently remained bent over, however, I was aware of Tom as he snapped on a latex glove and coated his fingers with a huge blob of lubricant. Tom told me to spread my legs and I let out an involuntary gasp when I felt his fingers prodding at my anus and trying to force it open.

“Open up for me,” Tom insisted, “I have Victoria’s permission to pry you open by force if I have to, but you wouldn’t like that. It’s much better if you just relax your sphincter muscle and let me in voluntarily.”

I was naked, bent over and in a very vulnerable position with my legs pornographically wide as Tom massaged my bottom with one hand and pushed against my tight asshole with one or two lubricated fingers with the other hand. Tom was patient and waited for me to relax my sphincter muscle enough that he could slide his fingers to slide into my anal cleft without hurting me.

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