A Hunting Ritual Pt. 01-02


Part 1

She did not know what the paste was made of, but she knew it tasted sweet, and she loved it when he licked it off her body. The thought alone made her knickers wet. She wanted to have a taste, but knew that he would know… he always knew; and she did not want to spoil his ritual by disappointing him.

The ritual was a monthly occurrence. His fingertips glided over her skin, leaving lines of burnt-orange paste in curves and straight lines, arcs and swirls. On the full moon, he would paint her naked body, their only clothes being small strips of fabric to cover their sexual organs. Candles dotted the hard soil around them, dry leaves and twigs blanketing the earth beneath their feet. Then she would run away while he kneeled with his head down. His hands finished wiping her forehead, kissing the symbol he had drawn on it. He would say a few words, in thanks to the feast he would now hunt. She stood and turned and dashed away, all at once, with a beating heart of pure lust and fear. Then he would leap from all fours and chase into the night, after her. He knelt beside a candle,

“Thank you, for your body which I will now taste. Thank you, for your submission, and your undying loyalty to satisfy adana escort all parts of my mind. Thank you. For being mine.” His eyes opened.

She huffed loudly despite her best efforts to remain quiet, and her chest heaved for breath as she ran for her life. She stumbled into a tree, hands against its bark while she stared up at the moonlight. It illuminated the thin dark lines on her face, contrasting to the lightness of her pink lips, and her golden hair was already dirty from having tripped into the dirt just now. She had to get as far away as possible. She saw a clearing up ahead, hoping that with more even-terrain she might gain some speed.

A growl from behind, her hackles rose, and she darted as fast as she could into the moonlight.

Part 2

She was a fool, he thought, for she was easier to see now that she was in moonlight. He locked his gaze upon her, sprinting parallel to her, and she was completely unaware. Unlike her heavy footfalls, he was practically silent. His foot found a stick and it snapped, and then her eyes were fixed on his direction. She turned, started running away from him, but he slowed just enough to turn with a hand hugged around a tree to afyon escort swing him, and he was then back to full speed within two strides.

She had that awful feeling, when you sense something is about to grab you from behind, but she refused to look back. She knew that her fate was sealed. He was an inhumanly-animalistic man when he wanted to be, and she knew that she stood no chance. A claw scraped over the edge of her shoulder and she shrieked with fear, turning away from it and narrowly missing a tree. She used her hands to ricochet away, doubling back the way she had come. She heard him slip and grunt; the equivalent of cursing, if he were still human.

His knuckles sank into the ground and he was on all-fours, charging again and back on his feet within mere seconds. He doubled his speed, powered by the rage of losing her once. He snarled, seeing her golden hair flowing in the chilling wind of the night. Rapidly he closed the gap between them.

She felt a pressure from the fabric that covered her chest. There was a tugging from behind her, slowly beginning to tear the top of the thin fabric, by force alone. He had stopped trying to silence his running, and now she peeked over her alanya escort shoulder to see his bared teeth. She whimpered loudly, still running, and was glad that her bra had torn off. It distracted him long enough for her to gain some ground, and she heard his cry of defeat.

He bent one knee, clenching her tattered bra in his tight fist, and then he straightened his leg, tensed his ankle. His body felt almost horizontal, kicking his weight away from the floor so that again, within two strides, he was bounding after her at top speed.

She could no longer hear him, though she knew this was his intention. Her breasts were now held down by nothing, large and bouncing and making it harder to keep a steady rhythm with her feet. It was cold, and she desperately wanted to hold her arms over her chest. To hold her breasts down and shield some of her skin from the cold. But folded arms meant less momentum, and so she carried on sprinting for her life. He was probably enjoying the sight of her even more now, and that filled her with some relief. He stepped out in front of her and she collided with him.

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